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Live – Motorola DROID RAZR Event [Ended]

Motorola and Verizon are about the drop the newest DROID family member in just a few minutes and we are in the building to capture it all. The DROID RAZR is expected to be ultra slim, fast as hell with a dual-core processor and 4G LTE, and give us a first look at the advancements that Moto was working on while they tossed out the Bionic.

The show should start at 9AM Pacific…  

8:42Random pre-event thoughs:  Moto and Verizon paired together with their love for red and black just seems like a great match, doesn’t it? Wonder if our semi-prediction of NFC will come true? Wonder if they will announce an ICS update already? Oh, and I have my Bionic so that we can do a screen compare when this whole shindig is all over with.

8:52 – Commenter just tossed out this link that could be to a live feed if you are interested in watching.

8:54 – Is the ultimate question for this event, “Is the bootloader unlockable?”

8:57 – Eric Schmidt in the building? No way we could get ICS…could we? (via: Engadget)

9:00 – “Silence electronics…” – should be going any minute now.

9:02 – Sanja Jha on stage talking about how important smartphones are these days. We look at them last before we go to bed and again first thing in the morning. He’s right…we’re addicts.

9:04 – Moto Active announced. Looks like that watch we saw a month or so ago.

9:06 – MotoActv is the official name. It’s your ultimate fitness buddy and sort of like an iPod Nano. Heart rate monitor, GPS for tracking, runs Android. It’s like Nike+ on ‘roids.

9:10 – Dean Karnazes a fitness machine is on stage to talk about how he uses MotoActv I’m assuming. Dude runs way too much…or should I rephrase that as I could never run anywhere near as much as he does or I would die.

 9:13 – Bob Harper from Biggest Loser is out to talk about MotoActv. He calls it a “game changer.” Loves the idea that it tracks calories, counts steps, and motivates people that aren’t necessarily fitness gurus.

 9:16 – Available nationwide November 6. 8GB and 16GB models starting at $249. Best Buy. REI.

9:18 – And here comes the RAZR. He’s teasing it as them trying to produce the greatest smartphone on the planet. Looks beautiful. Has a massive processor. But it also has to have new smart tech in it to make your life simpler.

9:20 – It’s the world’s thinnest smartphone. 4.3″ Super AMOLED Advanced qHD display. Advanced? Ooh, first device to download full HD videos from Netflix. Dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB RAM, splash guard for protection, Gorilla Glass, weighs very little, 1780mAh battery.

9:22 – Best battery of all 4G LTE devices. 1800mAh…he said “built in” though. Wondering if that means it’s non-removable.

9:23 – New advanced webtop app that will run on the Lapdock 100.

9:24 – Included Smart Actions which are a bunch of location-based smart features. Should also help save battery by turning off GPS and things like that.

9:25 – MotoCast! Used to be called Zumocast. Allows you to sync and access your files from your PC to your phone whenever and wherever. Handy for business folk. And now he’s showing you how to stream 50 Cent from your computer to your RAZR. Silly. And then another demo of him accessing a business plan.

 9:31 – Now showing that you can take a video or pictures and have them instantly load them back to your home PC. That’s actually all sorts of winning. Sharing between multiple devices is a pretty big deal that as a writer, I would most certainly take advantage of.

9:33 – Really big push by Moto these days to take over the enterprise space. More than any other Android device manufacturer, they produce business-friendly apps and services. Smart move. Still wondering why no one else has jumped in the game.

9:35 – Accessories. Lapdock 500? Did I miss that announcement?

9:36 – 4G LTE confirmed. How’d they do it in such a thin device? Miracle.

9:40 – Pre-order start October 27. Available online and in stores in November. Price is $299 on contract.

9:41 – Press release is out. Android 2.3.5. No ICS, folks.

9:42 – Oh, you can sync the RAZR with the MotoActv. That’s cool. Shows call on your Moto watch or on your phone. If you had a wireless headset, could have just take in there too. Got to give it up to Moto, they certainly like to innovate in this smartphone game.

 9:43 – Available globally as well, but without the DROID name of course.

9:44 – And that’s it. Hands-on time. No NFC.


  • Anonymous

    Bionic owners will be fine. I have to admit this thing is gorgeous 🙂 I am getting it. Where are the trolls lol?

  • Mars
  • Anonymous

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  • Guttatae22

    damn i have a tough decision to make with this POS thunderbolt I am hesitant to buy another HTC phone but this phone really has my attention somebody help me out HTC Rezound or the DROID RAZR i need advise


      Razr definitely….kevlar backcase, splash guard,  diamond cut aluminum, gorilla glass, qhd super advanced amoled, HD front camera…i rest my case

  • Ok now I have 3 choices to make, the Droid RAZR, HTC Vigor, or the G-Nex

  • Anonymous

    This phone looks sick

  • Anonymous

    So, I’m the only one excited about the moto actv? Can’t wait to see the initial reviews.

    The Droid RAZR is an awesome looking phone. I really like the Droid X and it really looks like a stylish thin version of it to me.

    But I’m still drooling over ICS and the G-Nex.

  • Anonymous

    Also curious about Smart Actions.  Sounds like locale which did far more to kill my battery than save it.  Will be curious to see that tested.  If successful no reason it can’t find its way to the other phones. -I’m skeptical.

  • Anonymous

    There’s no burn here. This RAZR is is a quality phone with a different style.  Thinner, lighter, and water resistant.  But there seems to be no removable battery, and I question the battery stats.  My guess is this thing will be awesome for 6-12 months and then the battery will be begging its user to put it out of its misery.  This is a great phone but I wonder if it can survive a 2 year contract?  I simply don’t believe you will gain thinness and not compromise is something else.  The Bionic, though bigger, is an all around work horse built to last. IMO.

  • RedKamel

    none of the accessories was an extra/advanced battery; i don’t think you can change out batteries. that’s a killer for me; so it will likely be the nexus or the *shudder* rezound to replace my og droid.

    • the battery on this is a little bigger than the Nexus though…and it’s got the advanced tech to self-clean apps and make the battery last “30% longer”…if you still have a battery after 9 hours though, contact a doctor immediately 

  • Anonymous

    Is a non-removable battery confirmed? For a 4G phone, that’s a huge letdown, and doesn’t make my Bionic seem so ancient after all.

  • Borgx76

    recently buy the bionic and  still on my 14 days of test!!! really somebody tell me….you retur the bionic or you keep it???  

    • Bionicman

      return return return. if you haven’t experienced any bugs with it yet, you soon will. Moto promises a patch in Nov but who knows if thats true now that they have other devices to focus on (cough Droid RAZR). plus overall the RAZR/GNex/Rezound all are better phones so that alone should be enough for you to return that puppy.

  • Anonymous

    Ha, no NFC but yet they announced NFC pairing headsets. wow, that makes sense….  I mean sure cater to other devices too, but you would think they would want to make it compatible with there own too…. that makes no business sense…