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Tip: Make Your Phone Look Like It’s Running Ice Cream Sandwich

Want a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich a little ahead of tomorrow night’s announcement? An XDA member took the time to piece together a whole bunch of ICS work that developers have released and then we threw together a quick step-by-step guide on how to make your phone look like it’s running it. As you can see from the screenshot I just dropped above, my device now looks like it is running some sort of ICS port. And this literally took me 5 minutes to do.  


1.  Grab the ICS wallpaper pack from this post and install it. Choose a wallpaper.
2.  Install GO Launcher, ADW or LauncherPro.
3.  Download this set of icons. Unzip them onto your phone.
4.  Download this dock bar and save to your phone.
5.  In your launcher of choice, long press on the each of the home shortcuts to change the icon.
6.  You should have all of the icons downloaded from the set in step 3.
7.  In the preferences for your launcher, change the dock background to the one from step 4.
8.  Download and install Desktop Visualizer.
9.  Add a Desktop Visualizer 4×1 widget to your desktop.
10.  Press on that item and choose the “google bar” icon from the step 3 set.
11.  For the action, choose “Launch App” and then find Google Search.

Now, there are other icons for camera, market, etc. in there, but I just walked you through the quick 5-minute setup that I ran through. Feel free to download the ICS clock that is in the market as well to give you the full look.

And don’t forget to install the ICS music player, 3.2.0 market and Google+ app to fully round out your device.

Via:  XDA, 2

Cheers Battling!

  • Smee

    I really want that text clock on my phone. any ideas how to get it? couldn’t find it on market

  • Pillar406

    Does anyone know why the dock bar from step 4 is just a blank screen?

  • Which of the following three launchers is more supported and more commonly used? GO Launcher, ADW or LauncherPro

  • Sixohtew

    blank screen with step 4………

    • Anonymous

      It’s actually not blank, it’s the actual .png file you can just barely see the stripe at the top of the.  Open it up on a PC and save the image if you can do it on your phone

  • I think i’ll just wait. Hopefully i get this soon on my Nexus S.

  • Eighterr

    I so  get a blank page, when I attempt to download the 4. Dock bar.

    • Anonymous

      It’s actually not blank, it’s the actual .png file you can just barely see the stripe at the top of the.  Open it up on a PC and save the image if you can do it on your phone

  • Shhon75

    When I attempt to download the 4. Dock bar. I get a blank page. What am i doing something wrong?

  • Ray

    My phone is Halloweened out thanks too u now u want me to switch na im lazy

  • thats WAY too much trouble lol ill pass

    • Grab my all-in-one ICS launcher theme from the market. The only downside is that I’m using Honeycomb icons until I can get HQ versions of the new ones. Check it out http://bit.ly/ics4theme

      • Why not use the icons in the link above?

        • Because they aren’t the proper size and have jagged outlines from where they were cut out from the screenshots. I was going to do the same thing but decided against because I wanted quality.

      • I ran into your theme yesterday and thought the same thing when I saw this article – nice work on the theme!

      • When I attempt to download the 4. Dock bar. I get a blank page. What am i doing wrong?

  • ChuckDz3

    magiclock can transform your lockscreen to look just like ICS too 🙂

  • Dominick DeVito

    How about turning my phone into the Galaxy Nexus?

  • Would love to see a good CM7 (tmobile) ICS theme.

    • babadush

      Lunar UI isn’t too bad

  • Rob Meyer

    omgay wallpapers… Someone needs to put some seriuzly good time into designing wallpapers for these gud damn phones.

  • is it just me or do these icons… SUCK. that blue phone icon is UGLY. looks like horseshit tbh.

  • Jacob

    the icons seems very low quality on my Bionic…. what gives?

    • They were cropped from a screenshot, hence the low quality.

  • Brent Stewart

    How come everytime I see the default wallpaper for ICS I’m reminded of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture poster?


    • Antivanity

      Nice catch 😀

  • Whiteblazer00

    Why not just get kovdev’s ice cream sandwich the for all of the launchers?

    • Whiteblazer00

      Damn auto correct… Meant ice cream sandwich theme**

    • thanks for the +1 🙂

  • jbonics

    Last step, don’t tell your friends what you did,and don’t say its ICS. Not only would they not care, they would think your a tard. Please.

  • Mahercs

    Why does your homescreen clock say it’s 9:12, but your notification bar says it’s 9:24?? LOL

  • Some Random Dude

    mehh, i prefer the real thing.

  • Drummer62

    Why does your clock widget show nineTWELVE when the notification bar shows 9:24 ? That’d odd.

    • Anonymous

      That is odd…damn Clockr can’t keep up in this cold Portland weather. 😛

  • Paul Hounshell

    What about the application chooser?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    no thanks.

    I will take the real thing in the next 30 days.

    • Anonymous

      You can at least pretend you have it until then.

      • guest

        Yeah thats important.

    • Mctypething

      u patient bro?

  • Jordan

    Great, now we will have all these people doing this and posting videos saying “HEY! CHECK OUT MY ICE CREAM SANDWICH PHONE, THATS RIGHT I GOT IT!!!” And so on..

  • Theophilus30

    Does that work if your unrooted?

    • Kellogs

      It should.

      • Kelled

        LMAO kellex then kellogs, I don’t know why but it made me lol

    • Anonymous

      Unrooted or rooted. Works for everyone.

  • You forgot step 12. Film a video of your phone, upload it, then spam Droid-Life about it.

    • Anonymous

      Hah +1 to that.

  • Anonymous