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Dates Announced For Next Year’s Google I/O

The dates have been picked for every Android lover’s favorite event of the year – Google I/O. April 24-25 in San Francisco, Google will host their famous Developers Conference and of course we will see them unveil more goodies. Last year they showed us Music Beta and told us about Ice Cream Sandwich.

Any ideas on what next year has in store? Here’s hoping their servers don’t crash within 5 minutes of the tickets being on sale.

Via: Google Code

  • J Dub

    What do you have to do to get a student ticket? Might as well save the dough and just buy whatever device they give away. How are the parties for the event?

    • JG

      be…a student? lol

      probably a valid ID and  .edu email you can confirm is still working

  • Anonymous

    Definitely going.

  • John

    free device giveaway!

  • Definitely looking forward to another Google IO. The few that I have been to have been a great experience.

  • I would personally like to see more interaction between my tablet and my smartphone and even my computer.  With NFC becoming more popular, wouldn’t it be great if i could tap my smartphone and tablet together and they share a file, website, ect….  Shared notifications as well. 

    That is what i want!

  • Rob Becker

    I want to see more of the [email protected] project. Low cost Google TV box that doubles as a home automation hub. I expect a lot NFC. A lot of Chrome… it should be the #2 browser globally by then.

  • Anyone know how much a ticket to this event runs?

    • ~150 last year (for a student)
      400 i think otherwise

    • Anonymous

      $150 student, $450 early bird, $550 regular (assuming they don’t sell out in less than an hour again)

  • I will be there again for sure. No stopping me!

  • Anonymous

    We will hear about Jelly Bean and I am going way left field on this one and say the merger of Chrome OS and Android

    • Rob Becker

      Perhaps not “merged” but at least an auto-updating Chrome on Android.

    • Anonymous

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  • All I want to know right now is if they’ll announce if the Nexus is coming to Verizon tomorrow. I don’t even care if they don’t say a release date. As long as we get an official confirmation I’ll be damn happy! What do you guys think? You think they’ll announce the carriers tomorrow or no?

    • Guest

      If they tell us what radio is in it then it will tell us what carrier its on

      • True, if it has an LTE radio in it then I’m sure they’ll mention it (which we know it does have). So if they do say it’s LTE then it’s coming to Verizon for sure considering Sprint won’t have LTE for another 6 months or so.

    • Anonymous

      SCREW THAT… they did exactly that with the nexus one.. then it never came out… I don’t care if they say it is coming to verizon if they don’t give any type of release date…. I’ll believe it when I see it

  • Its during my finals week!!!!! I haz a sad =(

    • Anonymous

      It was during my finals week last year, I went anyway.