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Want 4G LTE Service on Your Upgraded XOOM? Use the SIM Card From Your 4G LTE Phone

If you upgraded your XOOM over the past week to 4G but were not interested in adding on a data package to it, feel free to give it a go by using the 4G LTE SIM out of your current 4G phone. That’s right, if you have a Bionic, Thunderbolt, Charge, etc. you can power it down and toss its SIM card into your XOOM to get up and running on LTE in just a few minutes. While I have yet to send mine off for upgrade and could not try it myself, we have had two readers swap with no trouble.

Now, understand that with your SIM out of your phone you will not be able to receive calls. So have fun testing the power of 4G on your tablet, but make sure you don’t leave it in there for an extended amount of time or you may miss out on tonight’s toga party.

Also, we have no idea how Verizon plans to handle this. Tablets were supposed to have tiered data plans that start out at 2GB per month. By swapping over your SIM, this should just pull from your unlimited data plan without problem, but we just want you to be aware of a situation that will like change. Basically, be careful.

Cheers Bjorn and @Puerto_Rican_!

  • Sean

    OK, it’s been 2 months, anybody still doing this? If so, any issues?

  • Jojeeka

    As of Sunday Dec.18, 2011 I am able to use my Bionic SIM in my XOOM.

    See #7 on the following link why I am not afraid to use it in either device…

    • TheAndroid1

      Nice catch!

      I really wish I could trade my iPad for a galaxy tab now.

  • akhi216

    What will happen if the 4G sim card that is tied to the Xoom line gets inserted into a 4G phone? Will they force you to pay for a voice plan on the Xoom line or will calls and texts just not work on the phone?

  • Ken

    Interesting enough, I never activated my cellular on mine and it came back with a SIM card in it. Also cant write to the sd card either… but hey i got a free dock lol

  • Anonymous


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  • Booboolala2000

    I’m hoping that it is a sin card issue because I won’t take my card in for replacement if so. Would be nice to use this feature if I get close to my cap on my xoom. 3gig ain’t much but I’m not spending more than that.

  • Sheriff_passin

    swapping sim from phone to tablet and back is a royal pain in the arse, just use a wireless tether program like Open Garden from the market. I use it for my laptop when Verizon DSL goes on the fritz every now and then. 

  • Ray

    hmm now i just need my G-Nex and i will be all set

  • GotSka81

    Frankly, VZW should have to deal with the consequences (see also: benefits for customers) of going with a SIM card-based system.  Like we’ve ALL been saying from the beginning…”it’s my data, why can’t I use it as I please?”

    eff you and your face, VZW, and your mom.

  • Nerdydesi

    Until I stopped working for VZW back in late June, their intranet stated that if you place a SIM card from an LTE phone into an LTE tablet/mifi/hotspot/etc, you could keep using the unlimited data if you had it on your phone. Too bad I don’t work there to see if they changed this policy.

    • Thom

      This is still the policy.

  • I wish people wouldn’t front page this on major Android news sites… The internet is a terrible place to keep secrets, innit?

  • Anonymous

    i dont get it.. why waste your time doing this, when you can just activate wireless tether from your 4g phone and save a step?

    • Anonymous

      Because Verizon has blocked pirating wireless tethering. (Stealing it)

  • Xoom Xoom

    Oh great now Verizon’s going to block this sooner than I hoped.

  • Guy

    Don’t do this. This will cause you severe overages. I was part of a early upgrade program were I for 4G on my xoom last month…I put my sim from tbolt in xoom I was unlimited minutes data and text. It will show up as roaming data on bill. Had 650 in data charges.

    • T Hall

      Can you confirm this or are you just trying to rain in on everyone’s parade?

      • Anonymous

        i believe this guy is a troll

    • kurttrail

      I never had a Verizon plan on my Xoom. Got it back from Motorola this morning, and I tested my tbolt 4G sim in my Xoom. It wtorked as soon as I turned off WiFi. Even 3g worked. Went to the Verizon website and I still have my same unlimited data plan, and no additional data charges.

  • Sinofue

    Just don’t lose your unlimited data by breaking their terms!

    • AJ

      Can you link to where swapping the SIM card is not allowed. Thanks.

  • I have a spare SIM, what would happen in the situation of both being used?

    • Nerdydesi

      You can only have one SIM active on one number at the same time. The other sim would likely show up as “retired” in their system and not work ever again.

  • akhi216

    Does this work for the 4G LTE Hotspot/Mifi?

  • So when I get my nexus I can just cancel my data line for my xoom and use my unlimited that is raw

  • Anonymous

    Dose it only work on the xoom or all verizon tablets?

    • T Hall

      My guess is it would work on the 4G galaxy tab.

      • kurttrail

        4G galaxy uses a mircosim card, though I’ve read that people cut the plastic on a full-sized 4G sim card and got it to work.

    • Nerdydesi

      It would only work on 4G LTE tablets. So 3G tablets like the iPad 2 would be a no-go.

  • ML

    Now if I can just get that LTE Galaxy Tab off contract for a reasonable price…

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they’ll use some sort of mac address filtering to weed out the xoom’s from the phone’s.

  • Carlito Pr787

    Lol that’s my Xoom Puerto_Rican_ its pretty cool to see it posted here

    • Good stuff nice find

    • T Hall

      You should log on to my verizon and see if there are any interesting charges.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting indeed. I really wonder how VZW will strap this down. I also wonder if this was part of the long delay in launching the 4G for the XOOM owners.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    VZW is gonna be on this like flys on shit

  • DroidzFX

    I need to send mine but I just dont want to let it go.

    • Kortag

      I sent two Xooms in on Tuesday and both came back Friday. Motorola also threw two media docks in the box with a letter saying thanks for being among the first to send it in.

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t anybody tell me about the toga party???

  • Hmmm interesting…I haven’t sent my Xoom in for the 4G LTE upgrade yet, but this may push me to do it sooner.

    • Anonymous

      Proceed at your own risk. As for the official policy of Verizon, they say that as soon as you put your LTE SIM in a MiFi or tablet etc. it changes your plan so you can’t get unlimited data on a tablet or MiFi, and they do not allow swapping them between devices.

      They also say you can’t swap your SIM between phones, but from what I’ve heard it works fine so who knows.

      • I know for a fact you can swap it between phones. Tablets though, who knows. I’m sure they’ll try to put something in place to prevent people from doing this.

        • T Hall

          Yeah I have mine back for Moto, but very afraid to try this out….  Can you people report back a month later and note if anything weird happened to your bill?

      • Xhaxol

        Talked to a Verizon rep lay night, he told me that swapping the sim between phones IS not an issue.

      • The angry inch

        i just got a couple of 4g phones and in the paperwork somewhere there was a statement about moving the phones to another line within 6 months and or the sim card causing a promo to void and a huge charge. i’d just use wireless tether legal or illegal to be safer

    • Same here