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Friday Poll: Do You Use Google+?

Google+ has had an up and down couple of days this week. First, there was the Google engineer who mistakenly published a massive rant to the public about the failures of the service. And then just yesterday, we heard that it has been nothing but a success from CEO Larry Page and has more than 40 million users. We tweeted out that number and heard back from readers who all seemed to share a similar message:  “They may have 40 million users, but a small percentage actually use the service.” Is that true? Were people initially turned on by G+, but have now returned to their other social networks? Or is it really the next big thing in social partying?

Do you use Google+?

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  • Roog

    Google wants to be the be-all end-all digital/internet service to the world, but I wish they would let go of building a social app. Google Plus may garner some users, hard core ones at that, and adopters can just add their Google Plus feeds to their TweetDeck app, but I believe Plus could end up being a slightly more successful Buzz effort. I wish Google would concentrate their efforts on implementing a better Android experience (less fragmentation) and on their other core business efforts, which isn’t social applications.

  • Anonymous

    Since I saw this poll on my Twitter feed…

  • Anonymous

    I wish tweetdeck supported G+…it would get used way more often!

  • Anonymous

    G+ has become a great platform for photographers.  Most of the posting I read are from them.  FB was never photo-friendly other than crappy phone photos.

  • Anonymous


  • Alan Paone

    I use G+ a lot more than fb even though I only have a handful of people on G+. I find than conversations work themselves out and that more happens there. Plus hangouts are amazing 🙂

  • KRSwon

    Any one else feel G+ will be highly tied into the features of ICS?

    Kinda like the new skin of android? Google has bought companies like Zagat, social grapple, daily deals; and already incorporated g+ and picasa together. The original purpose of MOTOBLUR was to simplify all your outlets into one ( contacts, email, facebook, pictures). Moto has lightened their skin a lot, my main problem with it is it seems to pull to much from the phone at once, always awake in the background.
    It just seems that Google has a specific goal in mind with all the acquisitions and their new social site. I think by the time “Jawbreaker” ( I don’t like jelly bean) gets here, it won’t be an app, but become an integration.

  • Anonymous

    Still use it. There’s an active group of Atrix users that I talk to on there, along with a lot of techies.

  • Anonymous

    I despise social networking of any kind.

  • Trevor

    I would be using it if it was available for google apps users.

  • Anonymous

    No Google Apps support.  No use to me.

  • Still waiting for support for Google Apps accounts before I get fully invested…

  • Prickee

    I like G+ more than FB, but the fact of the matter is FB struck 1st and so naturally FB is going to have a bigger following than G+. I too wish my friends would migrate to G+, maybe if FB ever charges haha

  • Jqussar

    II mostly use it to back up my pics, since it can auto upload them.

  • Anonymous

    Facebook has become the religion of social network. People will not leave what they believe in for Google + just yet.

  • Anonymous

    Is there an option for I’m under 18 so I can’t join?

  • shaneaus

    I primarily use G+.  But, I go back to fB about once or twice a week because most of my friends are on fB and don’t want to leave b/c most of their friends are on fB.  So, as long as we continue to have people trickle over to G+ – EVENTUALLY, my friends will have friends on G+ and more will switch.  I, personally hate fB and can’t wait to use G+ exclusively.

  • Anonymous

    i would use it if they would allow people under the age of 18 to join. im 17, what is the point of waiting a year to sign up for there social network, when everyone is still using facebook anyway? this is why i dont use my real age online anymore. google is doing everything wrong, google plus had so much potentional and now they are ruining it because no one under the age of 18 can join. teenagers use social networks to, why dont they realize that.

  • Pennywise

    I cheered Google + for what I hoped would mean the death of Facebook… Like Saddam Hussein though, I could only hope that Google + would suck and take itself out too lest we be left with an even more foul ‘regime.’  *Raises a glass* Here’s to all of these just ‘going away.’

  • Kiteless

    I loved Google+ when it came out. But after a few weeks, my profile was suspended because I refused to use my real name. I have had my Google account in good standing since it launched 7+ years ago. They say “The name people know you as”, well folks know me by something that is not my real name. Not good enough for them. Just very VERY annoying. Life goes on, I got over it. 

  • Anonymous

    I use it for pictures and talking to my few friends who use it. I would use it more if more of my friends are on it. Its much easier to use that FB and the app works on my phone all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Ill use whatever everyone else is using because that is the whole point of social networking. If nobody is using it theres nothin social there. If Google + becomes the big thing, I will switch, but until then? Facebook FTW

  • eze4

    G+ isn’t as cool as everyone is making it out to be. Facebook is light years ahead of g+. Facebook is where it’s @. Twitter is up there as well. Hell tagged & blackplanet are better than g+. I believe if Google would take their time & market more than they are, they’ll be more powerful.

    • Joseph Moreno

      facebooks new features suck though

  • Anonymous

    google+ got boring REAL QUICK.

  • Jakewoodblues

    I started using it. I sent out invites to my friend list, but few have bitten, so I found myself double posting on FB & G+. My usage of G+ has consequently declined. Too bad. I like G+ better than FB

  • Jon

    both will have to exist.  i check FB to find out what my moron friends are doing…and then check g+ to see what my nerd friends are doing.   i’m on them about equal

  • I left Facebook and use it exclusively for my social media service.

  • Kris Brandt

    I’m scratching my head when I read these comments.  Stop seeing Google+ as a replacement for your Facebook, because that isn’t going to happen.  Instead, see it as a way to connect to people who share your interests, discover information posted by others from the built-in Sparks feed, and have conversations with people who aren’t going to go “LOL DAT 2 FUNIE!”  I spend more time on G+ because my Facebook friends post boring and uninteresting garbage, especially the “Happy Birthdays” or “Go to this party here!”  

    I don’t give a shit about an event going on in DC, and I don’t know you well enough to care about saying “Happy Birthday” to you.  And I don’t want to see posts about a dog that’s going to go under unless I adopt them.  So for me, G+ fills a desperately needed void.

  • Lethalprophet

    for some reason, it doesn’t notify me on my phone for new posts/alerts, etc. so I tend to forget about it…

  • tjmonkey15

    Don’t use G+ much, but don’t use Bookface much either.  I’d prefer to use G+, but don’t think many of my “friends” are using it (not that I know of anyway).

  • I use it not so much as a Facebook replacement (IE seeing stuff about the friends I have) but more of a long form Twitter/blog combo (seeing stuff about the friends I’d want).  Most of the people I have in circles I will most likely never meet.  One of the biggest complaints I’ve seen about G+ is that there isn’t alot of posts in their feed or that they see the same person making the majority of the posts.  I don’t think this is a problem of G+ more of a problem of how they have G+ set up.  If this is the case you need to circle more interesting people imo.  Try http://findpeopleonplus.com/ or http://www.group.as/ to get started.

  • I’d start using it if they supported apps accounts. Seems like we’re always left waiting.

  • I mostly like how it backs up all my pictures and videos online to my google/picasa account and kept private. Seamless cloud storage is a good thing and probably the best feature. As far as a social network.. eh, seldom. I like the service but it hasn’t gained traction with my friends so I don’t have many people to socially network with.

  • I wish there would be a mass exodus to G+ but it just won’t happen. People are too scared of change even if they bitch about Facebook every time they get a chance.

    • If everybody did migrate like you wish, I wonder if G+ would become as lame as facebook has become?  Remember that facebook was clean, simple, and professional when we all switched from myspace… now look what its become.

  • Anonymous

    Even with gmail accounts, people dont seem to bother with G+. I used to use it at launch, now is more like a chore to even check it.

  • CP

    Since it’s not available for Apps users yet, I can’t even try to use it!

  • I was super excited about g+ when it launched. Then after a month, only 13 friends from facebook made accounts. To this day, it’s only been those 13 that have switched and only 2 of them actually use g+. That’s why I went back to facebook.
    I do look forward to the day when I do switch for good, which may be soon!

    • IntlGrizzly

      You managed to get 13? I only got 3.

  • Davros

    i find the google+/facebook comparison to be just like the myspace/facebook comparison. the teens used myspace while adults used facebook. now the kids have migrated to facebook while those of us youthfully challenged use g+.

    • This is very true… but it did take a few years for facebook to kill myspace.  I don’t know if history will repeat itself or not this time.

  • I love G+

  • Dr Sauch

    Here’s the problem with G+.  On Facebook, I have like 400+ “friends.”  When I open my news feed, I see a huge amount of activity, and I can amuse myself for a couple minutes by perusing it.  I comment on statuses, post articles, etc.  I would say that I speak regularly (minimum once per week) with about 20-25 of those people.  The 25 people that I really communicate personally with, I contact through gmail/gchat.  So for me, G+ is kind of useless, because I don’t need a social media page to connect with the 25 people I communicate with on a personal level through gmail/gchat.

  • Garrett

    i got a facebook then didnt touch it for a year as everyone wwas on MySpace. Now I use facebook and look what happened to myspace. I use Google+ now instead of Facebook. Its easier to filter the contention want to see. I don’t care about my friends workday, I care about the issues in our world aand that sort of thing is 10 times as prevelent on G+.

  • rozayyy

    I don’t have the Facebook. I’m a REAL man.

    • Joseph Moreno

      pic? or its not true

      • rozayyy

        Pic of what? My nonexistent fb profile? Or me? & how would that mean it’s not true.

        & what would be my motive to lie??? I’m 28 years old, I’m an adult. Too old for the Facebook.

        Full disclosure : I do have the twitter, because I’m a motherfuckin superstar (amateur recording artist)

        • rozayyy

          But, by all means, feel free to use the Facebook throughout high school and college with impunity. I wont judge you. Its okay to have in hs & college

          • Joseph Moreno

            hey guess what. my mom uses it. I have 4 aunts that use it, i have 6 uncles that use it. I have about 300 friends whose parents use it. And yes i mean a pic of you. if i had a somewhat vague name i could say im a 35 year old man who just discovered a new planet, but nope, im a 14 year old recording artist. And whats your twitter i wanna see it for proof

  • Anonymous

    It’s not so hot right now but I won’t bet against it catching up with time. I personally like it for it’s feature set and cleanliness. I’ve been using it more than Facebook but I won’t say it has taken me away (or will anytime soon) from Facebook yet..

    It’s more grown up and is not for everybody though which I like.

  • Anonymous

    Can we add an option like “Don’t use it,  because I can’t?” I would be using it right now but because of the age restriction I can’t. 🙁

    • Also Google Apps (like Google hosted mail) users can’t use it because Google hasn’t tied their services together correctly yet letting apps users create a “Google Profile” required for Google+.  And since you can’t change your primary email address you set your Google+ profile up with, it seems lame to set up a temp account with a throw away email.

      Many early adopters are not bothering because of this.

  • Kris Brandt

    I use Google+ quite a bit.  I’m following other techies and people who share my interests.  Discussions are much easier and generally more civil.  The privacy options are very easy to manage and if I did a search for my name, you would only get my name, which is public information anyways.  Once you follow people who are quite active such as Casey McKinnon, Cam Meadows, or Casi Lewis, you’ll be checking G+ more than your Facebook.

  • Bob

    I just take advantage of instant upload on Android. That’s saved a ton of room in my Dropbox.

  • Maybe I’m getting old, but it’s becoming too much work to keep up with facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, blogs… I wish one app could do it all, do it well, and everyone would use it. 

  • I had trouble getting a lot of people to come over, but that’s not such an issue now because I have been added to many people’s circles and i have added a lot of people to mine.  I don’t post all of the time, but I enjoy reading what others who have added me post and interact with them.  Makin’ new friends.  Feel free to add me.


  • Joseph Moreno

    Im under 18, they need to open to us

  • Need integration with tweetdeck. Does any app support it yet (e.g. seesmic or hootsuite)?

    • Anonymous

      Not yet afaik, but apparently Tweetdeck has plans for the next release..

  • Biflic

    Google spews your information all over the internwebs the moment you sign up for G+.  A quick search of my name or email address directed to picasa and everything else I had related to google.  I never used my full name in picasa because I used to use it to post images for items on sale at craigslist and other forums where I don’t necessarily want my private information made public.  Since G+ did this to me I deleted all picasa web albums and changed out all personal information from my google account.

    I’m starting to realize just how old school I am as I think it’s a little conceited to think it’s cool to post what songs I listen to on a social media site.  I also enjoy having a little anonymity, or at least the appearance of it, on the web as well.  

    • Anonymous

      You have no one but yourself to blame. You need to learn a thing or two about managing your privacy. Google does not put out anything unless you’ve shared it in public. I’ve been using Google services for over 6 years now and never once had an issue. Manage your privacy settings.

      • Biflic

        I know a little about privacy.  They only way to avoid putting your name out on G+, at least when it was still invite only, was to not use your real name on your Google account.  If you use an alias then Google wallet becomes worthless.  I’ve been on the web since my college days in 92 and the only place my name comes up in searches is state licensing, property searches, those scammer professional review/ratings sites, a few things for my kids school and now anything I had related to google.

        • Anonymous

          There is an option to keep your profile from being publicly visible or appearing in searches. Just sign in to your Google dashboard and go through the privacy settings. Hope that helps.

          • Biflic

            The problem is that it defaults to public and by the time I set it to private the damage was done.  BTW, my information was out within a couple of days and my account was deleted less than 4 days after I set it up and my name and email are still everywhere.  I killed all of my picasa albums and sent a request to remove dead links from G.  All have been approved, a month has passed since the approval and the links still show up when I google my name or email.   At this point most of the damage has been undone and really isn’t a big deal for me but I’m sure many don’t realize just how fast G incorporates peoples information into search engines when they sign up for G+.

            It was also a good springboard for discussion with my teenage kids as to the dangers of putting too much information in the public eye.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like the fact that all the undesirables on are facebook.  I can’t be bothered with all the people who want to be my “friend” on facebook.

    Too many psychotic ex girlfriends on there.

    Google+ is awesomesauce.

  • Use it everyday… pretty much has replaced facebook mostly for me at this point and I am really liking it so far!

  • I can’t get my facebook friends, family, and colleagues to move over to Google+, and since I have a whopping 7 Google+ friends, it’s kind of pointless to spend any time there.  Facebook is where the people are, so it’s where I am going to be.   🙁

    • Kris Brandt

      Don’t do it for your friends and family.  If you’re a techie, there’s plenty more for you to utilize Google+.  Keep everyone else on Facebook, but don’t be afraid to reach out to people who share your interests.

      • I hear what you’re saying…  I just feel a little information overload lately.  I barely have time to DO anything in a day with all of the blogs, news sites, facebook, twitter, linkedin, and google+.  Each has its purpose, but for me facebook and google+ kind of share the same purpose, and since I already have everyone I know on facebook (and they won’t switch to google+, I’ve been trying), I have no real use for it.

        I haven’t given up… I still check G+ every day, I still post on it occassionally.  I’m going to hang in there, but I just don’t see it replacing the behemoth that facebook has become.

    • I don’t have many real life G+ friends either, but I found a plenty of interesting people to follow there.

      • Forever Alone

        I don’t have many real life friends…

        • Still Alone Forever

          I still find plently of interesting people to follow though too.

  • Cory

    There needs to be an option for “I will use Google+ when THEY MAKE IT FREAKING WORK WITH GOOGLE APPS ACCOUNTS!”

    Multiple google account access in a total pain if you use Google Apps for your primary Google Account.

  • Monkeydroid

    I always hear people say that nobody is on it. Or none of their friends are on it so I don’t use it. Well of course non of your friends are on it. You have to show them how nice it is before they’ll try it. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

  • I think even if it never gets as big as FB, it has at the very least carved out a nice little niche.

    I find it a lot more pleasant/easy to use than Facebook, and it also has the Twitter angle where you can basically “follow” people you don’t know by adding them to your circles.  Especially now that people can share their circles– I added a circle of a bunch of scientists/tech people that someone shared and constantly have my stream filled with interesting stuff as a result.

  • I think even if it never gets as big as FB, it has at the very least carved out a nice little niche.

    I find it a lot more pleasant/easy to use than Facebook, and it also has the Twitter angle where you can basically “follow” people you don’t know by adding them to your circles.  Especially now that people can share their circles– I added a circle of a bunch of scientists/tech people that someone shared and constantly have my stream filled with interesting stuff as a result.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like people much, but I find I’m using G+ with the few that I can stand. I like it better than FB because it seems less intrusive and more controllable. Took a small curve to get used to and has worked the way it is supposed to since download. I like the fact that using “nearby” and posting in public, I have the choice to input location or not. The messenger is great and works well. The photo upload is awesome too as I don’t have to worry about transferring photos only off my phone.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t like people either.

  • Tomato Jones

    I would use it all the time if others were on it, but it seems like everybody I know is content with FB.

  • Ezra Byrd

    I think most of the people who don’t use G+ are putting themselves in a bad position. If you don’t use G+, then none of your friends will use G+, and G+ will never get any people, so you won’t go to G+. 

    I just told myself I was never going to post a status on Facebook again. I still have Facebook to respond to comments, and for chatting with people who won’t go to Gtalk, but if anyone wants to see what I’m up to, they are forced to go to G+. (Thus giving them incentive to join.)

    • Anonymous

      But what happens if no one cares what you do?  😛

      • Don’t write about what you do, write about what you think. And if nobody cares what you think… I guess you SOL. 🙂

    • rozayyy

      You incentivize bro?

  • I used it a bunch when it “launched” (if you can call a beta release a launch), but as expected, the limited roll-out really hurt adoption. I still post primarily to facebook rather than G+

  • Anonymous

    I use it everyday. I also have facebook still, but lightly encourage all of my facebook friends to try G+, letting them know that one day soon I will be ditching facebook. Nobody seems to care 🙁 haha!

  • I post on there to the few friends that use it. More than I used to, so I have picked it up a little bit.

  • Aaron Daubman

    I use it way more than I ever used Facebook, however Twitter and Google Reader are still my go-to tools for data consumption (I’m not much of a poster on any service)

  • I don’t use social networking of any kind.

    • Technically you can use G+ as a newsreader and don’t engage into any socializing.

      • Biflic

        Except that G takes it upon itself to plaster your name all over the internet the moment you sign up for G+.  If you haven’t signed up for G+ yet google your name before and after you sign up.  My picasa albums used to just show Joe prior to my signing up for G+, now they show my full name and even non public albums showed up in searches for my name. 

        • I think it’s one of the features that Google thinks people will really appreciate. 🙂

          • Biflic

            I’m clearly much older than the target market.  In the end I set up a dummy gmail account to “play” with G+ but rarely ever do.  OTOH I have less than 25 friends on FB and they are all people who’s phone number I can dial from memory.  I have no problem keeping from my past in the past and certainly don’t want to be pretend friends with someone I don’t really know.

          • It’s not really about friendship, it’s about reading posts from interesting people and discussing stuff with them. Pretty much like this blog, just all under one roof. I wish kellex used G+ more.

  • 1TallTXn

    I check it at least daily. Usually 4-5x/day.
    Spend more time on FB because that’s where all the action happens.

  • Anonymous

    I have it but never really set anything up on it. I haven’t used it at all.

  • Van Hicks, Jr

    Hard to get people to convert or even try it out.

    • Anonymous

      I’m having the same problem, but people are slowly trickling over.

    • Goblueboy

      Sounds like religion. 

      • Levi Wilcox

        What do you mean “sounds like”?

        • Murphy

          You mad bro?

  • I use it all the time and love it. It fun to use. Somehow it’s “clicking” with me while FB never did.

  • Google needs to make a RIM app for those that refuse to get away from that platform.  Then more people will be G+’ing.  Then we can all G+ and forget about Faceblock.

    Or maybe Google will just buy RIM.

    • Buying RIM would be worse than buying Motorola.

      • Your right.  It just seems to me like Google enjoys scooping companies up every other week.