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Friday Poll: Do You Use Google+?

Google+ has had an up and down couple of days this week. First, there was the Google engineer who mistakenly published a massive rant to the public about the failures of the service. And then just yesterday, we heard that it has been nothing but a success from CEO Larry Page and has more than 40 million users. We tweeted out that number and heard back from readers who all seemed to share a similar message:  “They may have 40 million users, but a small percentage actually use the service.” Is that true? Were people initially turned on by G+, but have now returned to their other social networks? Or is it really the next big thing in social partying?

Do you use Google+?

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  • Roog

    Google wants to be the be-all end-all digital/internet service to the world, but I wish they would let go of building a social app. Google Plus may garner some users, hard core ones at that, and adopters can just add their Google Plus feeds to their TweetDeck app, but I believe Plus could end up being a slightly more successful Buzz effort. I wish Google would concentrate their efforts on implementing a better Android experience (less fragmentation) and on their other core business efforts, which isn’t social applications.

  • Anonymous

    Since I saw this poll on my Twitter feed…

  • Anonymous

    I wish tweetdeck supported G+…it would get used way more often!

  • Anonymous

    G+ has become a great platform for photographers.  Most of the posting I read are from them.  FB was never photo-friendly other than crappy phone photos.

  • Anonymous


  • Alan Paone

    I use G+ a lot more than fb even though I only have a handful of people on G+. I find than conversations work themselves out and that more happens there. Plus hangouts are amazing 🙂

  • KRSwon

    Any one else feel G+ will be highly tied into the features of ICS?

    Kinda like the new skin of android? Google has bought companies like Zagat, social grapple, daily deals; and already incorporated g+ and picasa together. The original purpose of MOTOBLUR was to simplify all your outlets into one ( contacts, email, facebook, pictures). Moto has lightened their skin a lot, my main problem with it is it seems to pull to much from the phone at once, always awake in the background.
    It just seems that Google has a specific goal in mind with all the acquisitions and their new social site. I think by the time “Jawbreaker” ( I don’t like jelly bean) gets here, it won’t be an app, but become an integration.

  • Anonymous

    Still use it. There’s an active group of Atrix users that I talk to on there, along with a lot of techies.

  • Anonymous

    I despise social networking of any kind.

  • Trevor

    I would be using it if it was available for google apps users.

  • Anonymous

    No Google Apps support.  No use to me.

  • Still waiting for support for Google Apps accounts before I get fully invested…

  • Prickee

    I like G+ more than FB, but the fact of the matter is FB struck 1st and so naturally FB is going to have a bigger following than G+. I too wish my friends would migrate to G+, maybe if FB ever charges haha

  • Jqussar

    II mostly use it to back up my pics, since it can auto upload them.

  • Anonymous

    Facebook has become the religion of social network. People will not leave what they believe in for Google + just yet.

  • Anonymous

    Is there an option for I’m under 18 so I can’t join?

  • shaneaus

    I primarily use G+.  But, I go back to fB about once or twice a week because most of my friends are on fB and don’t want to leave b/c most of their friends are on fB.  So, as long as we continue to have people trickle over to G+ – EVENTUALLY, my friends will have friends on G+ and more will switch.  I, personally hate fB and can’t wait to use G+ exclusively.

  • Anonymous

    i would use it if they would allow people under the age of 18 to join. im 17, what is the point of waiting a year to sign up for there social network, when everyone is still using facebook anyway? this is why i dont use my real age online anymore. google is doing everything wrong, google plus had so much potentional and now they are ruining it because no one under the age of 18 can join. teenagers use social networks to, why dont they realize that.

  • Pennywise

    I cheered Google + for what I hoped would mean the death of Facebook… Like Saddam Hussein though, I could only hope that Google + would suck and take itself out too lest we be left with an even more foul ‘regime.’  *Raises a glass* Here’s to all of these just ‘going away.’

  • Kiteless

    I loved Google+ when it came out. But after a few weeks, my profile was suspended because I refused to use my real name. I have had my Google account in good standing since it launched 7+ years ago. They say “The name people know you as”, well folks know me by something that is not my real name. Not good enough for them. Just very VERY annoying. Life goes on, I got over it. 

  • Anonymous

    I use it for pictures and talking to my few friends who use it. I would use it more if more of my friends are on it. Its much easier to use that FB and the app works on my phone all the time.