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Verizon Plans to Start Tracking Your Mobile Information – Instead of Freaking Out, Simply Opt-Out of It

Emails were sent out to Verizon Wireless customers over the last couple of days, informing them that their privacy policy had changed. Included in the email was a list of the things that Big Red was planning to start tracking, leading many of us to say, “Wait whaaaaa?” Addresses of URLs you visit, location of your device, apps that you have played with, etc. are all things that they plan to track. Annoyed by that? OK, then let us all opt-out. It might seem wrong that we have to opt-out of something rather than having them ask us to opt-in to their new program, but unfortunately, we see companies do things like this all of the time and shouldn’t be surprised by it.

If you did not receive the email yet with all of the dirty details, feel free to view it here.

To opt-out of this program, visit THIS SITE.

To make sure you fully opt-out, be sure to opt-out of the first section and click “save.” Then let the page refresh and head back to the bottom section to opt-out and click “save” again.

Cheers Robert and everyone else!

  • Chris Voigt

    Yeah, all 3 lines on my account were opted in. No I did not do it. Thanks for the heads up, I’ve changed this all to no..

  • I did not even see the third section in FireFox, had to log back in in IE.

  • Javis Sullivan

    does anyone else get this creepy ass message when they try to undo the LBS part at the top?

    “The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it. Authorization will not help and the request SHOULD NOT be repeated. If the request method was not HEAD and the server wishes to make public why the request has not been fulfilled, it SHOULD describe the reason for the refusal in the entity. This status code is commonly used when the server does not wish to reveal exactly why the request has been refused, or when no other response is applicable.”

  • Cliff05rsx

    I went to the website and tried to opt out but whenever i click the “manage location privacy settings” it ends ups saying forbidden 403. WTF?

  • jbonics

    opt out im done im canceling my contract tomorrow the fee is just pennies off my cigar fund.  i just cant take it, this and my constant .02mb/s 3g speeds im tired of being dissappointed. flashing my free DX2 i got to metro pcs this very second. thanks smart roomate oh 4G unlimited everything $40/mo.  WINNING

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for a very useful bulletin. 

  • Datoad

    No, DO freak out.

    Collecting this information requires data mining of ALL of your wireless
    transmissions. This means that Verizon will now be personally analyzing every
    bit you send on their network. Opting out will ONLY prevent your data from being
    used in marketing reports and targeted advertising, not from being

  • d3droid

    Do you have to be under the account owners Verizon Account to see these options?
    I have my own account under my family plan but I am not seeing an opt out option unless I am just completely clueless.

    • d3droid

      Ignore the above, would help if i read instead of just jumping  to conclusions. Sorry for the annoying post. 
      Love the site though so helpful.

  • Pouncesmom

    so what are the steps to take?

  • are you guys counting “Manage Location Privacy settings” as a section also?

    … and thank you for this post.

  • I don’t have Verizon Location Services enabled on my device, so every category on the site is empty with nothing to opt out of, as I suspected. (Unless I missed something?)

    On your handset: Settings > Location & Security > 3rd box unchecked – “VZW location services”

  • Granted

    Thank you for the heads up Droid-Life. And thanks for alerting me of the full three choices that I had to check off.  I would have never seen that, and damn it’s sneaky as crap for them to list the choices with such subterfuge.

  • Jess

    DOne!! Fully Opted-Out

  • Renegade

    My questions is are they going to be inserting banner ads into our web traffic? It says either way you will be receiving banner ads….

  • Luckyr1981

    So I’m on the website, and I am not finding an opt-out option……? Help Anyone?

  • JohnPA2006

    thank you for posting this, I just took care of this.
    I wouldnt have known if not for this link.


  • Justin Kos

    You should put a link to this on the top of the page permanently, it needs to be known by everyone

  • Anonymous

    What if your rooted?..

  • Coaster36

    Thanks for the news. Good post.

  • Anonymous

    i got the email yesterday, read it, and was like wtf? Thanks for clarifying things up. I opted out of everything as well. 

  • I certainly do agree with most. Thanks for posting this. I have opted out of everything.

  • Dbow32sl

    Thanks so much for giving us the heads up on this.

  • hatethanet

    Thanks for posting this! I got the email and didn’t even read it because it was too long. I bet that’s exactly what Verizon wanted so that people would neglect to opt out. Glad I come to this site regularly.

  • Thanks for the heads up Kellex, this is why I visit this site everyday

  • Anonymous

    Opted out on all phones….Thanks for the heads up

  • Stormin Norman

    VZW is turning into Big Red Brother!

  • Anonymous

    And…opted out. Thanks DL!

  • Kiteless

    Opted out, logged out, closed my browser and went back into it and it was all opted back in again. Opted out AGAIN one at a time and saved each setting, and it appears to stick. Also noticed that they hid part of the opt out and made the +/- backwards for that portion. Could have been a flaw in the code on the page, but I have my doubts. 

  • Anonymous

    when i loaded up the site all sections were already expanded. verizons going ninja on you guys, but not me.

  • Ben

    I found the phone system much easier:

    Calling 1-866-211-0874

  • Abdulrmahmood

    son of *^&%$ to hell….i am a verizon customer since year want to get rid of verizon but because of etf i have to wait……too much money…dont want to pay them that much… i recieved and email about this but didnt pay attention and deleted it but i visit droid life every single day so i checked the post and optioned out…but who knows they make their own rules if they want they can still get the information and u wont even know…

  • Capoargentino

    You guys are all retarded:

    “We will combine Mobile Usage Information and Consumer Information in a way that does not personally identify you. “

  • Tillman752

    I don’t see the opt out option anywhere on that link

    • Luckyr1981

      I don’t see it either!!

  • Anonymous

    i hate verizon. if they didnt have the best coverage and my whole family wasnt locked on a 2 year plan i would switch to sprint. sprint has a decent lineup of phones.

  • Anonymous

    I will also add, VZW sent me an email as well as a notice in the mail giving me a heads up. At least you don;t have to opt out of the crap VZW loads on our phones. Could you imagine if you had to opt out of, Blockbuster, VZ Navigator, and all the other crap they put in there?

  • Mineral21

    When i click that link, it just takes me to the login page.  After I login, it shows my standard dashboard.  Where am I supposed to be going?

    • Anonymous

      go to….edit your profile

  • Anonymous

    Took less than a minute for me. I do not mind stuff like this when they make it easy to opt-out. Companies have to make money. TV has to have commercials to pay for shows, I get it. However, for the tech savy like us, I will opt out when I can and I will DVR my shows and fast forward through the commercials. Most reading this probably do the same, we must understand, we are the minority, not the majority. 1/2 this country doesn’t even have cable nor a DVR. They will have to sit through the commercials. They will probably also not know enough to opt-out of sharing their info.

  • Unexpected62

    I don’t see anything…… “There are no services available. A location service must be downloaded on the handset to be listed here”

    Anyone else?

  • O C

    Thanks Verizon, this is what I get when I try to opt out…..

    We were unable to complete your requested change at this time. Please try again later.

  • Phaeacian

    Good to know … thanks for the tip DL!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Big-Bad Red. Sucking the scum from my nuts

  • Anonymous

     I should not have to opt out and Verizon should have to pay me for my information.

  • In this stupid backwards “Opt Out” world we live in, I wonder why I can’t just send out millions of emails that 99% of the population will discard as junk without opening, but have some verbage in fine print inside that says, “By deleting this email you agree to pay me $100”.

    If companies can just institute rules that are legally binding at will, without prior notification or consent in the hopes that customers won’t notice or take the time to decline or opt out, then I say, since you most likely aren’t reading this comment anyway, everyone who loads this page in their web browser (pc, mac, mobile or otherwise) is hereby legally obligated to send Kellex a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts unless they email him to let him know why they cannot fullfil this obligation.  Enjoy your donuts Kellex.  😉

    • Anonymous

      That is to say unless you “Opt Out” of this clause by not only ‘liking’ the above referenced comment but addtional you hereby agree to ‘like’ this comment. Afterwards you obligation to aforementioned clause is null and voided after a 4 year term in the National Gaurd.

  • guest

    According to my VZW rep, and the number i called, business accounts are already not part of the program and therefore do not need to be opted out.  Just thought i would share in case there are others who have a business account.

  • Hmmm

    So is Verizon’s definition of opt out the same as HTC’s where they track you anyway?

    • Lifeblack

      Probably.  Opting out just means they won’t share the info

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!

  • Trooper

    Thanks for the heads up.  Just opted out.


  • Philthy

    Those who are getting following: “There are no services available. A location service must be downloaded on the handset to be listed here.”

    You are probably on some type of family plan and you need to log in with the master account where you can disable tracking for all phone on the account

  • Guest

    Thanks for this.  Wouldn’t have known unless I came to the site.  Serves me right for not paying attention, but +1 for reading Droid Life!

  • thanks for the info.. opted out of all three

  • If Verizon gives me the Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime) in the next 3 weeks, I don’t care if they announce on national TV that I visit pron sites 24 hours a day.

    • Anonymous

      What are some of your favorite “PRON” sites?

      • That “typo” was intentional btw.

      • Anonymous

        I believe its spelled PRAWN, and this is a pretty good site here: http://www.endeavourprawns.com.au/

  • Sammy Guyana

    Thank you Kellex.

    This site rocks for many reasons, this is just one.

  • Of the millions of subscribers on VZW they already know only small percentage will even know about opt-out or will do it. This needs to be shared over and over again to get the info to people. 

  • Rich

    Funny how I never get these emails… who the f* gets these actually?

    • yeah i never got the email either.

      Verizon: not just no, HELL NAH!

    • I got an email.  *raises hand*.

      I however didn’t take any action until I saw it here.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for that, I never saw the email…maybe it was lost in their servers, hmm.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the 3rd opt out was hidden in a drill down.  Nice move VZW.  +1 to moelsen8 making me go back and recheck the site.

    • yeah i saw that, i think its actually a design flaw, the Expand/Hide button is reversed.

      • Anonymous

        It wasn’t like that the other day when I opted out.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah a “mistake” I’m sure. o_O

  • Anonymous

    There’s a hidden 3rd section that’s collapsed. Please update the article.

  • Rich

    WTF ever, This is just like the HTC opt out crap… Yeah you can op-out but you won’t really be opt-out and wtf does VZW need with my mobile info and where I am?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much Kellex!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I opted out yesterday when I got the email.. F you VZW

  • THANK YOU ! 

  • Anyone have a business account and find a way to opt out through that?

    • Corndog

      Nope it wouldn’t even let me login with my business account.

  • Many thanks — fully opted out!

  • Roger

    Thanks for the heads up! Next thing you know, all these companies will want to send someone to live with me….

  • Anonymous

    Opt’d out. Thanks for the heads up, DL. I probably wouldn’t have noticed this for a while, and I hate this kind of thing.

  • Ff1198

    Want to thank you for the heads up,many times we just delete these type of things,big brother watches enough. I’m out!

  • Joelseph

    For anyone to believe for a second that any ISP anywhere can’t see where you’re going is really naive to me.  This is, to me, like when people talk about finding something gross in their food at a restaurant, and then vowing to never visit that restaurant again.  You might as well stop eating in restaurants, because they all have issues.  Same deal with the internet.  If you don’t want someone to be able to find out where you’re going or where you’ve been, you might as well stop using the internet completely.

    Frankly Verizon has so many customers, they couldn’t possibly care to drill down to one customer to see what porn sites they’re going to.  After all, folks..  Be honest.  The only reason people freak out about this is because they either watch a lot of porn or download a love of copyrighted stuff and don’t want others to know.

  • Lito31

    If I click on Manage location privacy setting i get this page

    Error 403–Forbidden

    From RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol — HTTP/1.1:

    10.4.4 403 Forbidden

  • Interstellarmind

    normally i’m cool with companies tracking information so they can improve service (like say google with our android phones, and many, many android apps)

    but vzw, i have a feeling, will just use this info to rack up fees, rates and gimp service (read: new tier levels). I’m sorry, vzw, but just because some soccer mom has no idea how to fully utilize her 4G LTE, doesn’t mean i should suffer.

    what a sad state of affairs, vzw, that you’ve made the perception of your business practices so awful that my first reaction to this is “DANGER! DANGER!” not, “oh, well, here come improvements!”

    ugh. get a clue, vzw (you too moto – can never miss an opportunity to flame on moto).

  • Anonymous

    I got the email, I called an opted-out every line on my account. done!

  • Filip

    I get the following message for my OG Droid

    There are no services available. A location service must be downloaded on the handset to be listed here.

    Any idea?

    • Anonymous

      Same here.
      I wonder custom ROMs are excluded from this tracking.

      • miscreant

        I have an OG Droid – and I opted out from the phone. I had more trouble getting to the site on IE @ work!

    • Anonymous

      I got the same. Maybe our OG’s are too old.

  • Lito31

    I only have 2 sections where i can opt out which are

    Customer Proprietary Network Information Settings

    Business & Marketing Reports

    Someone said theres a 3rd section?

  • Murphy

    Make sure you click the ‘-‘ sign next to Customer Proprietary Network Information Settings. It will expand and show a ‘+’ sign. Wow….tricky bastards.

  • Yes 3 sections, they are tricksy with one hiding it under an erroneous “-”  This earned more loyalty to DL than anything else you have ever done for me.  Thank you so much.  Spying rat bastards.

  • THANKS! Opted out for myself and my parents AND our MiFi…. Verizon is nuts.

  • Bastards.

  • Anonymous

    make sure you guys realize there’s 3 sections.  for me, the middle one wasn’t expanded and i didn’t notice til i went back and took another look.

    i expect crap like this from facebook.  but we’re doing business with verizon.  i really don’t find this acceptable in any way.  we should ALWAYS have to opt in to this stuff.  i freaked out, and i sent them an email informing them that they’re a bunch of assholes with no respect for my privacy.  i suggest you all do the same.

    • Jimingo69

      Thanks for the heads up about the third section I had opted out yesterday but for some reason didn’t see that middle section.

    • Mack

      Thanks man, didn’t see that at first. 

      Kellex, if you could give an update about the third section that would be sweet. To opt out of that one too, you have to click on the little minus sign next to “Customer Proprietary Network Information Settings”.

    • EC8CH

      so they’re basically hiding some of the opt out sections hoping people will over look them???

      …stay classy Verizon!

      • Anonymous

        There are no services available for me in any of the three sections.  It says I have to download a service to my phone…  Why am I not able to opt out of this?

        • Anonymous

          i think somewhere else in these comments it says you have to be logged in as the account holder.. dunno if that helps.

      • Anonymous

        Looks like the “accidentally” screwed up the website because clicking on the “-” should collapse the text where it actually expands the text on that one. Good catch guys.

        • EC8CH

          it crap like this that makes me think Verizon doesn’t have my interests as their customer as their top priority.


        • Anonymous

          Hard to believe they did it accidentally

      • Anonymous

        Kellex, I think you should make a post about this once a month or so, so newcomers know to opt out.

      • lw


    • Mike Mike

      Thanks, definitely didn’t notice it either. Nice job trying to hide this from everyone, Verizon. Way to be

    • Anonymous

      Good looks!

    • Big Chris

      I too wanted to take another look and saw i had to pot out a couple of times

    • Anonymous

      Good catch, For me the top section was hidden

    • L.O.L. at people who use Google being upset by this. Hahahahahahaha

      • Anonymous

         We don’t pay Google for the privilege of having them collect our info they do it free of charge.  Verizon is wanting us to pay for the honor.

      •  PLEASE kill yourself.

    • Iamlordfx

      if you remember in the past you were asked about you CPIN i said no before when they asked and now when I went in to check that off it was already off

    • u mad bro ??

    • Good catch…  This is the reason i hit DL everyday


    • Granted

      Thanks for the catch, I take this garbage that they are doing real seriously. And Bravo on your avatar choice, it appears to be the Arnold from “Jingle All The Way”.

      • Granted

        Oops, no I take that back, it’s Kindergarten Cop.

        • Anonymous

          you know it!  awesome

    • Anonymous

      good call didn’t notice it the first time..thanks

  • viewthis66

    thanks for the link kellex. i just opted out.

    • Mctypething

      u opted our bro?

      • Mak’nTosh

        u mistype, bro?

        • Anonymous

          u not understand bro?

  • All you opt out of is location based info…. is there something more I’m missing?

    • Mralexdsmith

      same question i have, i dont see anything about anything except location based info

      • Have to be logged in as Main account holder. Done now.

  • Thanks for the tip!

  • I iz paranoidz.

  • opted out without even reading it. is that bad?

  • Done. Thanks for the letting us know!

  • John

    There are no services available. A location service must be downloaded on the handset to be listed here

    • Xfloggingkylex

      Same thing I got.

    • Unexpected62

      me 3

    • VZ Navigator showed up for me. This probably has something to do with using Verizons location services for apps on your device. That’s a new setting in Gingerbread that I noticed when I got my Bionic.

  • Ravnos CC

    Thank you for this quick and painless link!

  • Anonymous

    Done & Done. Link is fixed.

  • OG Droid

    Thanks for the heads up. Now what is this crap about the nexus having bad battery life??

    • Anonymous

      That’s LTE for ya. We probably won’t see good LTE battery life until mid-2012. 

      • EC8CH

        Is the RAZR an improvement over the BIONIC in terms of LTE battery life, or just similar performance?

        • OG Droid

          Everything Ive read (other sites, comments, etc.) That the Razr will have slighty better battery than the bionic.

          • EC8CH

            probably nothing ground breaking in the RAZR then… it’s advantage in battery life over the G-Nex is probably just due to the Nexus having a bigger higher res screen.

      • OG Droid

        I mean if its comparable to the bionic thats fine. But if its thunderbolt battery life; no good. Please let me know so I can slowly take my foot off the ledge lol. Thanks.

    • John

      i really don’t care about bat life(i do but i’m not concerned i mean). i can configure my phone for it to last a day. that’s all i need since the avg person recharges their phone just about every night

    • Adam Wiggins

      Wait, what?  Who said this and how bad are we talking?

      • OG Droid

        People on this site as well as other sites. What I’m trying to figure out is. I need a idea of what were talking about bionic battery or thunderbolt. Big difference. Not a heavy data user. I had the bionic for 2 weeks and charged it once a day. I’m cool with that. But I dont want something that is god awful and sits it a charger all day you know.

  • Derp

    I don’t understand why people freak out so much about tracking information.  Why should I care if verizon knows I googled a pizza place or read reddit?  

    • I totally agree.  I don’t really think it’s a big deal as long as they really are only doing what they say they are doing.

      • Anonymous

        Because they won’t only do what they say they are…

    • I often feel the same way, especially after a 3 hour text message conversation about soup. I feel like tracking me is actually counter-productive. But there’s still a principal that my privacy is MY privacy, and even if I am just talking about why red pepper and gouda is better than chicken noodle, it should still be up to me to decide who gets to read that.

      This said, since Verizon is your ISP (on your phone), they already track everything you do using your data connection — all ISPs do this. What Verizon wants to do now is use that data for very obvious purposes (they already use it for more covert purposes, and there is nothing you can do about it).

      • Derp

        Even if they used it to show an ad for a great soup recipe that you might enjoy? It is probably all robots and programs that read this shit anyway and not actual people.

        • Personally, I don’t care. I was trying to say that they actually have nothing to gain from tracking me, since even by my standards, I don’t do anything worthy of tracking.

    • John

      so you trust a  company whose sole purpose is to overcharge you for your service? ya they must be 100% trustworthy /s

    • I don’t want anyone to know I watch 2girls1cup every morning to wake me up.

      • Anonymous

        that would make one hell of an alarm clock

    • I’m sure some people google pizza and other people google underage children. Although people like that should be tracked.

  • This is a new low, even for verizon 

  • Murphy

    Even though you can opt out, it’s still ridiculous. Think about the millions who won’t.

  • Read the opt-out wording carefully.  You’re opting out of them using your info for reports and advertisements; you’re NOT opting out of them tracking your usage.  The devil’s in the details.

    Until Droid Life fixes their link, here’s the correct one: http://www.vzw.com/myprivacy

    • Anonymous

      Correct. ^ What he said ^

  • Sp4rxx

    “THIS SITE” does not exist

  • Mike Mike

    Link is dead

  • G35

    Link doesn’t work.

  • site cannot be located??