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Google Translate Expands Conversation Mode to 14 Languages


Did your kids manage to talk you into allowing the creepy German foreign exchange student into your house for the semester? Worried that his Deutsch mumbling that sounds so sincere is actually him telling you to go suck on a bratwurst? You can find some comfort in the process now using Google Translate that just introduced 14 new languages to its Conversation Mode, including German, French, Italian and Japanese.

All you have to do is choose the languages on your phone that you plan to speak to your foreign friend in, tell him to wash his lederhosen and then pass the phone so he can hear it in his native language. He can then return the conversation to you with Google Translate doing all of the work. Who needs Rosetta Stone?

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Via:  Google Mobile

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  • angle07

    Very Impressive.. Thank you


  • Espnman36

    demoed on a Nexus device…integrated into ICS?

  • Interstellarmind

    I used to have an apologize that did this exact thing since my OG. Google finally caught up!

  • Nice effort, very informative, this will help me to complete my task. Thanks for share it keep it up

  • Guest

    Please help.  When I input “How much for a blow job”, it eliminates the “profane” words.  I’m not a child.  Is there a way to disable this childish filter?

    • Ggf


  • Guest

    They’ll have this on the i*hone in 2 years and it’ll be amazingly revolutionary.

    • Jay

      Siri 2.0

  • Anonymous

    So who is gonna try it out in Hong Kong Next week?

  • galaxy nexus

  • Anonymous

    Siri – how do you say “Android is awsome” in Czech?

  • Anonymous

    Where will they have Sindebele my native language? (words sounds like !xobile)

  • Lmrojas

    Dear Jeff Bernard,
    das iphone ist Unsinn

  • FortitudineVincimus

    translate this beotch… “where the F is the galaxy nexus”

  • 不错的博客。欢迎回访,回访必回。谢谢

  • Anonymous

    Sweet. Hope ebonics included in this update.

    • Brooklynkid2710

      Lol i wish

  • Scott Willenborg

    Unitl they add “English to Dumb-ass” I really can’t use this at work for anything…

    • EC8CH

      and we can’t use it here to get through to Jeff Bernard.

  • i hope this covers ukrainian so i can finally find out what my hookers arent willing to do…

    itll save me a ton in legal fees

  • Scott Willenborg

    I don’t know what the hell HE was talking about but Lin’s shirt was talking to me loud and clear!!!

  • Anonymous

    Es ist endlich hier! Ausgezeichnet!

  • This is actually really useful for people who are in this situation a lot..