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DROID Pro Gingerbread Update is Ready, Rolling Out Now?

Blue Blur is upon you DROID Pro owners! After months of waiting following a 2.3.3 May tease, the Pro will join the rest of Motorola’s lineup in the Gingerbread ranks. And now that I think about it, is this the last of them? Let me get this straight – Motorola managed to update their entire portfolio of phones to Gingerbread before Samsung could get either the Fascinate or Charge on it? And I’m going to attempt to not even mention the Thunderbolt and Incredible debacles. Got to give it up to Moto for that at least.

If you own a Pro, you are in for a completely different experience than what you have grown accustomed to over the last year. The UI is now blue, but the biggest part of this update is the stability and speed that comes with Gingerbread. Welcome to the party!

As for a time of release, we just heard from a reader who received it yesterday. Head on into Settings>About phone>System updates and see if you are greeted with kindness.

Full changelog after the break.  

More info.

Cheers Greg!

  • I live in Europe. I have downloaded the update but have not installed it yet. Bought a SIM lock free Droid Pro from ebay. Will the Gingerbread update lock my phone?

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah, way to go Motorola, your U.S. Verizon lineup is all on Gingerbread after…10 months.  Earlier today I was listening to someone who works at HTC bragging about a six month turn around for getting their phones to Gingerbread.

    These are better than what they were but still embarrassing.  Three to four months should be more than enough time to get all flagship devices on the new release of Android.

    • Anonymous

      You do realize that HTC and Samsung are far worse at getting updates out right?

      • Anonymous

        No manufacturer is good at updates. Motorola has done pretty well (ignoring phones like the Backflip, CLIQ, DROID) numbers wise but 10 months is still embarrassing, just less so than the alternatives.  I’m not going to applaud them for falling less short of reasonable than other manufacturers.

        • Anonymous

          The Droid was updated multiple times, it had very good support.  Everything gets dropped eventually, Apple can afford to support their devices for a full two years because they only update once a year.

  • mowserx

    Just checked … no update available yet.  *sigh*

  • Anonymous


    • Brian Holmes

      Quit spamming moron…

  • Anonymous


  • Chris H.

    Huh… I never realized I was one of the lucky ones.  I go the 2.3.3 update back in May, though my Blur version is 4.6.4.XT610.  I’ve been having a ton of issues with this phone since then.  Crashing, locking up, very slow at times.  I hope the Blur update fixes it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad i did not go with this phone

  • forgot about this phone. thought it died

  • Heresteve2

    And this relates to the Nexus how?

  • Myth90045

    What about the motorola Xprt??

    • Anonymous

      That came out 6 months later…

  • Jd

    stability???? have you owned a phone with gingerblur?

    • Jordan Webb

      Yes. Works just fine.

      • Mfczenkus

        My DX with the latest gingerblur works fine though I never had the bugs that plagued most people, or I didn’t notice them lol

  • Larry Mao

    Any word on any upcoming updates for the brick they made of the Droid X?

    • Madcow06

      There have been 2 updates since the gingerbread update for the droid x, mine works fine.

      • Larry Mao

        Not everyone’s. the keyboard bug is still present, despite Moto’s claims to the contrary. Many other people are still having a myriad of problems. Just check the forums. Even Matt, their forum manager admits they screwed up big time with Gingerbread for the Droid X, and that there are too many outstanding issues.

  • Guest

    “Motorola managed to update their entire portfolio of phones to Gingerbread…”

    Well they forgot the OG Droid.  If a college kid at UCF (Peter Alfonso) could do it in his spare time, you would think professionals at Motorola could do it.

    • boner

      It’s not a matter of “could”. It makes them no money. If they keep updating a three year old device, what is your incentive to buy new?

      • Anonymous

        Not even two years old.

    • Anonymous

      There are plenty of GB roms for it.  Besides, GB doesn’t run well on less than 512 MB ram, PE was the best and still had constant redraws and other memory issues.

      • Anonymous

        Not true. 2.3.7 runs well on it. If you set the memory killers to the 2.2 values(like most 2.3 roms for the OG Droid do) then it runs really well.

        • Anonymous

          Believe me I’ve tried a variety of settings and roms, some work better than others but in general that 256 MB ram just isn’t enough. It’s amazing how much faster apps load and better at multitasking my Bionic is with the 1 GB ram.

      • Guest

        Yet that breaks my warranty, and the phone is still under contract.  Notice that I did mention Peter Alfonso’s mod.
        Verizon/Motorola had no issue selling the original Droid even thought they stopped planning to update them.

        • Anonymous

          You bought your Droid less than a year ago?  The Droid only came with a one year warranty from Motorola, contract length has nothing to do with it.  If you’re paying insurance then they’ll replace it even if you screw it up (which, btw, is next to impossible to do).

          • skagentech

            Verizon TOS unfortunately aren’t very lenient anymore… If you have an asurian total equipment coverage insurance plan, and your phone is bricked, and you need a new one, verizon will charge you the full retail price of the phone, as the terms of service has been voided, and therefore your equipment coverage. no refunds on the 6.99 you’ve been paying for god only knows how long every single month.

        • Jeffwoolf95

          Actually, rooting your phone does not break your warranty. This is an urban legend that seems to have spread like wild fire.

  • Jason Purp

    DROID Pro: The Forgotten One

    • Mctypething

      u remember it bro?

    • Anonymous

      DROID Charge: The Even More Forgotten One

  • I wish Samsung would get there update out for the Charge!!

    • Not too fast. You got to wait a few more months for that. Thunderbolt is still on 2.2 officially.

      • MowerMedic

        Is there any ETA or even a WAG as when they might unscrew up the Thunderbolts

  • Guest

    Did the Droid2Global get updated officially?  I thought the soak test went out but was pulled.

    • Mattywalnuts

      Not sure, the non global D2 update went out a couple of weeks ago.  I haven’t installed it yet, rooted and tethered… waiting for Nexus.

    • Raven

      It did for a while.  My wife got it on her D2G without being in the soak.  But then it got pulled again for some reason.  I am still running rooted 2.2 on my D2G and am perfectly happy not to have been forced to get it or constantly be nagged by upgrade notices.

    • Yeah, there was a brief soak test but, it was pulled due to a large number of bugs.  Hopefully since the update for the DX2 and the Droid Pro are out now, the D2G update should be on its way.