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Astro File Manager Receives Update, Honeycomb Support And Brand New Look

One of the most popular file manager apps if dare I say, finally, received a much needed update. Astro now has a snazzy new look for mobile phones and all new support for Honeycomb devices. If you’re not rooted, then Astro has always been the go-to file manager to search through the catacombs of the unorganized documents and music files you have strewn about your SD card. It’s a great program.

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Cheers Jose!

  • RW-1

    Astro was nice, but once rooted, root explorer is all you need.

    Not a plug, just a fact.

    Now add perms handling and ability to see ALL of the phone, and it will be a contender.

  • Astroboy <– that sounds weird

    I love Astro, but, its a shame that they went through all the trouble redesigning their app, but forget to change that butt ugly app icon.

  • Stephen D

    Awesome. Astro is literally the first app I download every time I get a new phone or wipe data when switching roms. I use it quite often. Great app. 

  • eze4

    What’s the major difference in astro & root explorer? Is either better than the other? Thanks in advance

  • Rosamelano80

    Jose jalapeño on a stiiiiiiicckkK!!!!

  • I just wish Astro would get root. It can’t be that hard.

  • JP

    Excellent!  Been a fan and regular user of Astro since Eclair.  Can’t wait to use it on ICS!

  • Now if only Root Explorer would include a Honeycomb interface…

  • Anonymous

    Nice update, great work dev. 5 stars

  • SpikedRed

    Now if it would only come with access to permissions…

  • Mctypething

    Wow, a non-Galaxy Nexus or rumor hype article. Thanks! Keep ’em coming please.

    • Anonymous

      U happy bro? 😉

    • Anonymous

      Yes and this makes me mad bro

    • Alex9483

      you mad, bro? 


    • EC8CH

      u want ’em to keep coming bro?

    • Anonymous

      U a file-o-phile, bro?

    • j m

      Focus on the real thing, bro!

  • Billy Jenkins

    does anyone know if astro works on google tv now with the honeycomb leak? I tryed it like 2 weeks ago before this update and it force closed. But now that it supports honeycomb does anyone know if it will work?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know any good tab 10.1 wifi roms? I’m currently using task650’s ROM and is wicked fast, and GPU accelerated. I just want to know is there are any others people recommend.

  • Anonymous

    It badly needs an overhaul in appearance, but I’m not sure that’s it.