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Will Andy Rubin and Samsung Unveil Ice Cream Sandwich on October 18 from Hong Kong? (Updated)

After Google and Samsung decided to postpone their CTIA event that was scheduled for today, the tech world has been impatiently waiting for word of a new date. Could the evening of October 18 be it? One of our sources has led us to believe that this is more than likely the day. Seems like a wacky idea, I know, so let us talk about the possibility.  

We know that All Things Digital has a conference in Hong Kong that starts on the 19th, featuring a name you may be familiar with – Andy Rubin. Samsung will be at the show as well. You may also remember Rubin on stage last year at All Things D’s Dive Into Mobile event which was the first time we all got to see the Motorola XOOM and Honeycomb in action. Pair those few things together along with word from one of our sources, and I’d say you have found a very likely spot for an Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus unveiling.

Now onto timing of the event. While I don’t know the exact time just yet, We are  I’m assuming that it will be a later afternoon/early evening unveiling on the 18th because Google wants to get it all out there before Rubin takes the stage to chat with Walt Mossberg at the conference (ICS the likely topic). And so you know, the afternoon/evening of the 18th is actually the morning of the 19th in Hong Kong. The AsiaD event itself gets going around 5PM in Hong Kong which would be 2AM in the states, so it seems highly unlikely that they would unveil at that hour. A special event that is separate from AsiaD is the scenario we have been led to believe. That all make sense?

Update:  We are hearing that the event will happen at 9AM on the 19th in Hong Kong which would be 6PM Pacific on the 18th in the U.S.

Update 2:  Engadget heard the exact same thing. Dammit Hong Kong.

The sad thing here is that this could mean that there won’t be a U.S. event anymore. And on such short notice, it would be awfully tough for stateside media to book a last minute international flight like that. Then again, they planned to stream today’s Unpacked event on Youtube, so they will likely do the same for this one. No matter what, you have to imagine that Google will do whatever they can to make this available to all.

And of course, this also happens to be the day that Motorola and Verizon plan to show off the new DROID RAZR. Got to love this business.

  • Did anybody notice that the article about this same topic was removed on many major blogs (such as engadget)

    hmmm…I’d say we have our confirmation.

    • LiterofCola

      Another day, another day late *sigh*

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, you should go man. Set up a donation website and let us all chip in a few bucks to send you to hong kong… with all the readers you got, if we each threw in a few bucks you should have flights and hotel for a few nights!

  • Jake

    Apple probably knew that Steve was on his deathbed, but they didn’t hold back on announcing the 4S. Just today Apple released iOS 5. If Apple, the company that Steve co-founded and managed isn’t delaying anything following his death, why is Google and Samsung delaying the announcement of this phone? Stupid, stupid, stupid!

  • I’m with OG Droid, just release the phone. IT would have been great to happen over here in the U.S., but as long as the announcement does not upset the initial release date, I’m fine.

  • Thatsjared87

    And 9PM for the Right coast.

  • This is a huge shame, thought I guess I don’t care as long as Verizon gets it sometime in the next 3 weeks.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    11th, 18th, 27th…. so really, people are just throwing a dart at a dart board on all this BS

    • Anonymous

      What you have there is a couple of the possible dates.

      It could also be on the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th or maybe the….

  • Anonymous

    Google/Sammy want this out just as much as we do. If they had a date picked, I’m sure they would have announced it. No sense in picking a date and then sitting on it so that fewer media outlets can prep/come for it. I’m not buying this until I hear it from Google/Sammy.

  • Anonymous

    It’s almost 10 am I need a Nexus update…

    • LiterofCola

      Update:  It’s still not here :/

  • 1. Apple is superior in terms of money and build quality

    2. We have vlingo virtual assistant, that just works like Siri and I have been using it since weeks and its awesome. Same features as Siri. Siri-like-feature was there in Android since starting as a part of Google Voice. The only drawback was you can’t talk causally/naturally. You have to use commands. Thats it. Else rest stuff worked well.
    3. I dont know why Verizon version is shipping with TIOMAP 1.2Ghz Processor and rest with 1.5Ghz Exynos. o.O
    4. Its a matter of choice. Like apple? Stick with it. Like Google? Stick with it. Stop complaining about other brands. Each brand has it own set of disadvantages. Either live with it or Shut up.

    • Bionic

      you make no god damn sense

    • Anonymous

      sources please…otherwise, heed your own advice and shut yer yapper

    • joejoe509

      I want what you’re smoking.

  • Anonymous

    Surprised no one has assumed a 10.18.11 notification from Moto about a new device would be possibly related to this event…

    Just seems like too many coincidences considering the relationships here.  

    • Bionic

      I find it hard to believe that the Razr will have ICS tho.  It has buttons on the phone.

    • Anonymous

      You, sir, make a damn good coffee!

  • Anonymous

    This just doesn’t make sense to me. I bet they announce the Nexus and ICS before this event, and this event will just be more ICS, future of Android. There’s nothing saying that Andy Rubin can’t still talk ICS at this event if the Nexus has already been revealed or ICS introduced. At least, that’s what I tell myself so I can sleep at night….

  • droidlvr

    strong smiling bald

  • Anonymous

    They can show off the OS without specifically announcing the phone.  It would be odd, but they could show off ICS (which I know essentially shows off the phone) in HK and then do a phone announcement in the US.

    Either way just unleash the kraken already.

  • Anonymous

    Ooh…that makes it 6 pm on the east coast…looks like I’ll be streaming!

  • Anonymous

    as long as it has good enough specs then I’m going to get it. Here is hoping that it has LTE…

    • Seriously??

    • It’s not crApple!  4G speeds would be a requirement for a flagship phone at this point.  If they do not make it 4G, then Google is dumber than Apple.  I simply don’t see that happening.

  • Yeah I get it…being respectful for jobs dying and all.  But are you saying that this phone is so beastly that it will shake apple that bad?  I mean wtf seriously…and what annoys me is ever since I seen Siri…I’ve dled google voice to see what the experience is like and it kind of sucks.  I want to know what google has in store for us.  Are they making innovations?  Wtf is the point of ICS anyways…to combine the tablet/phone experience?  They should be different.  They are two different devices.  I know it’s not fair to hate on google for this wait right now and praise a*ple for siri but once they get their own dedicated nav system in them google will not have such a huge advantage anymore.  And I think the thing that really gets me is how much more money google is worth than a*ple.  You would think with that much more money you could have truly incredible innovations.  Well I want to freaking see them already! /end rant

    • #1 Apple is the most valuable company in the US.  They just took that spot.  So, don’t think “how much more money google is worth” as an argument.  Get your facts straight.

      #2 Siri is a piece of software.  For developers, it is not too difficult to create.  The hardware technology already exists in all phones: a microphone.  Google or an app developer can recreate Siri in a few days.

      #3 Siri is using text-to-speech that was available when I got out of college 15 years ago.  I worked on speech recognition technology and probably exactly what Apple is using.  It is very immature-ish IMO.  If they had a natural voice responding, it may mean something.  But when you have a bad robot voice from a 1950s film, it is disappointing.

      #4 Innovate?  Google has made so many innovations it is not even funny.  You are comparing a single ho-hum feature and poor specs of a phone to something that has not been released.  It takes powerful hardware to run good software.  Google has this hands down over Apple.  I’d take the HD display, dual-core under-clocked processors over Apple’s specs.  Within weeks, there will be new kernels to overclock the begeezus out of this thing.  

      Give me HD graphics, 4G LTE, high end specs, ability to oc, open source, and choice.  Otherwise, it is the same crap my government has fed me for almost 3 years.

      10 years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope, and Johnny Cash.  Today, we have no jobs, no hope, and no cash.

      • 1. yes Apple is king of the world in terms of money
        2. Siri is far more than a piece of software, if you believe that you are clueless. recreate siri in a few days, haha you can’t be that dumb.
        3. siri is using nuance voice recognition which has been out a long time but that is not what makes siri. they could change voice recognition software and not alter the product at all
        4. google is very innovated no debate there but to claim apple doesn’t innovate makes you seem like an idiot. Apple’s hardware is superior to existing manufactures. nobody has caught the retina display yet and its been 16 months. the A5 bests all other processors in the benchmarks that were just released. use google. 

        that final line is just dumb. i have jobs, hope and cash. go to school or get a job

  • Anonymous

    Motorola ain’t got nothing on the Sammy event.

  • Andy Rubin

    And no I’m not tryin to be Steve Jobs. I tryin to look like a guy that likes kids a little too much.

  • Andy Rubin

    Hey effin losers, stop talkin about my bald head!!! Now I’m gonna delay it for 4 more weeks!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what time that will be in Zimbabwe, let me check my sundial!

  • Brooklynkid2710

    I bet anything Verizon is getting the nexus prime(the one with the better specs) and the galaxy nexus is the one going to be the one going to all the other carriers. I know big red has let us down plenty of times before but i have a feeling about this one guys. does anyone agree?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, we are getting the TI OMAP clocked at 1.2GHz, will every other carrier is getting an Exynos at 1.5Ghz…

      Verizon will never fail..

      ..to disappoint us.

      • Anonymous

        Not the most powerful processor but it completely beats up on my Droid X in every area. Perfect upgrade for original Droid and Droid x users. Plus quad core is just around the corner making that Samsung cpu look ancient. I’m 5 months due for a upgrade and it’s either this or the HTC vigor.

  • Travisty

    What is left to unveil at this point after so many leaks

  • Anonymous

    All i wanna know is when can i walk in a verizon store and buy this phone

    • Anonymous

      November 3rd

  • Anonymous

    This is killing me. I need a new phone to upgrade to

  • So many things I want to know. The date of the announcement, the release date, the specs and most of all if it will be a Pure Google device or not, with Prime being attached to the name and all. And that people are saying that other carriers will get the “real” version while Verizon will get a dubbed down one. Which I think is ridiculous. If anything Verizon will get the “real” version since they passed on the last Nexus device for a reason and the word Prime is attached to theirs. Which would mean they have the “best” one. Just my opinion anyways.

    • Anonymous

      I have the suspicion that VZW’s version will be the lesser of the two. If VZW doesn’t release this phone bloat free……….. Sacrilege is the word that comes to mind.

      Just doesn’t add up for a phone that comes out later (GSM version) to have lesser specs. And the fact that VZW is dubbing this as the replacement for the Droid Charge worries me.

      VZW should’ve released the SGS2 and made the Prime a world phone, released across all carriers with the same specs at the same time. Would’ve made the battle against *pple much more interesting.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know.  Some other Android blog claimed the leaked video of the Nexus had Touchwiz on it.  Now, this may be true, but if it is, I bet the other carriers will get the one with Touchwiz because there is no way in the world that Google would allow a skinned ICS phone to come out before their Nexus and all signs point to the fact that Verizon’s getting it first. 

        • Yeah, this is what I’m afraid of. If it does have TouchWiz it better not be the Verizon one. If they got the one with lesser specs and TouchWiz not only would it make Verizon look stupid for passing on the Galaxy S II, but it would probably cause me to pass on the phone. And I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one.

    • FLandroid

      If Verizon screws up on this one, I’ll go back to Sprint.  Might have to check into a psych ward with this OG Droid in the meantime, but that would be more tolerable…  =p

  • Anonymous

    Sigh… wake me up when the damn phone is released. And tell baldy he’s not the CEO of Apple computer.
     F_u-c_k-!_n-g wannabee.

  • SnotRocket

    This is all so stupid.  It’s a flucking operating system for the love of god.  It’s a phone.  It’s not the second coming.  It’s not Armageddon.  Historically speaking it’s not really very significant at all.  Please get a little perspective instead of hyperventilating like some Bieber obsessed pre-teen girl. 

    • Why are you here?

    • Anonymous

      Haha, its not like we are locking ourselves in our rooms until the announcement. We aren’t buying T-shirts about it. We aren’t photoshopping ourselves into pictures holding it. We aren’t spending thousand to go see the announcement. We don’t have posterboards with cheesy sayings written in marker.

      We are just checking Droid-Life to catch some updates.

      • J Dub

        Oh…we aren’t doing those things? *closes PS and drops the marker*

        • Fu¢king awesome!
          I can start my day now, thanks dude.

    • JP

      U mad, bro?  

      j/k  (I agree with you)

    • andrew

      I hope you die from AIDS

  • Anonymous

    They sure are taking their sweet time, come on already, at least tell us when you’re going to tell us! I’m reading all these reports of how much faster the iPhone 4S is compared to existing devices, and all we have to defend ourselves with is an indefinitely delayed announcement! Besides, I really need this phone…

  • Anonymous

    I think Andy Rubin HAS to talk about ICS, how can he not ?  But will there be time for another announcement in the US just before ?

  • I don’t see this happening.  Google and Verizon are both US based companies, there is no way they’d announce something this big outside the US.

    • I don’t think Verizon is involved. They are just the carrier, I doubt they are part of the announcement. I think only Google and Samsung will announce the device.

    • Anonymous

      I tend to agree with Dr. Prof. Baconmator…. (<_<)
      Nowhere in the official invite was Verizon mentioned. So I am guessing Motorola is teaming up with Verizon (because of the Droid brand of course) to announce the new RAZR, while Google will be with Samsung to unveil the next Nexus and ICS.

      It's two totally different announcements (remember, the RAZR will carry Gingerbead and not ICS at launch). 

  • Jason Purp

    Good God, just give me the phone.

  • Anonymous

    I say no, I don’t think they announce they’re flagship device outside the US. I thought this was already confirmed when the rumors of London were floating about.

    • While this makes sense, if the Nov 3rd release date is true, that doesn’t leave them much time – or many options.

      • Anonymous

        true, they are running out of time so they may take whatever options they have vs. scheduling a whole new event within the next 2 weeks.

      • Anonymous

        Many options? Why can’t Google/Samsung call a press conference event, invite press and announce the phone… why do they have to be at an “event”?

  • Telephoneteck

    I hope so!

  • Ycmat

    Probably not. The Google Nexus S was announced on Dec 16 2010, yet not available in Hong Kong until end of March next year. So it would just like yeah I unveil the Nexus Prime in Hong Kong but you can’t buy it until next year. I do hope that the new Nexus device would arrive Hong Kong sooner though.

  • Mike Majewski

    Kellex, Do you have Andy Rubin’s travel schedule for the next 3 weeks?

  • Anonymous

    Yay! We want this 😀

  • rjskalet

    this element of surprise is putting the android community into a state of stress and twiddling thumbs

  • IntlGrizzly

    oh geez, the 18th is gonna be a phone orgi!

  • Ssdfsdfsdf

    yeah Hong Kong!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully just to get it over with and then maybe Samsung will hurry up and announce the Nexus.  I also kinda hope they show it off on an unannounced moto device that way the people who bought the bionic wont feel as bad as the people who go and buy the “razr” just before moto releases yet another phone that is slightly better than the last.

  • Anonymous

    All I want it to get rid of forsaken LG Voyager. That is all…..I want

    • Anonymous

      you could have the Eris like some people I know 😛

    • Anonymous

      I’ll sell you my OG Droid! 😛 I’ll even claim insurance and get a new one for you.

    • Anonymous

      You still have the Voyager! My wife and I each got one on launch day and I returned mine 2 days later. My wife had hers until November when I gave her my old Droid 2.

      She loved the keyboard on the Voyager and hates the D2 keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    So basically its not comming to the u.s

  • Kind of sad that we are desperately awaiting an announcement, about the announcement.

    • Anonymous

      I know right, and in all places in China? Where Google and China are feuding? Especially now that I read a story that China was blocking the Android market on phones? Color me surprised if this turns out to be true. 

      • It’s China that blocks Android Market, not Hong Kong.

  • Kellex wouldn’t Verizon be at the event too though? 

    • Anonymous

      They weren’t going to be at the CTIA event, so not necessarily. Nexus devices are usually not tied to carriers, so VZW could stay away from this.

  • GJB

    This is rather interesting.  There has been some speculation about the Galaxy Nexus comfing for VZW and the Nexus Prime for the world market.  Is VZW perhaps part of the reason the announcement got delayed?  Are they trying to shift the focus away from this device to instead focus on Motorola’s devices?  I can’t imagine VZW would announce this phone on the same day as the Motorola press conference, so when will VZW push for this phone, or will the push be done by Samsung alone?

  • Anonymous

    I think that would be a mistake. Especially if this is a Verizon-exclusive device (for however long). It should be held in the states so the media will be sure to cover it. If this proves to be true, I don’t think it’s a good idea.

    • Balthazar B

      Don’t forget that the rumor goes that VzW will have an exclusive in the US for some period of time. However, no reason to think various GSM and LTE versions won’t be available elsewhere in the world (e.g., Korea, UK, etc.) around the same time.

  • Jasonharris42

    lets hope so!

  • Would be a good opportunity to unveil it with AllThingsD there, it would be sad to launch the Galaxy Nexus in Hong Kong and be like “ta-dah! Isn’t is great? Coming to the US!” — But guess we’ll see…

    But let’s be honest… I don’t care if it’s in Hong Kong, Antarctica, California, or Djibouti as long as it gets announced sooner rather than later!

  • OG Droid

    Just give me the phone!! So I dont have to worry about getting something else for a few years

    • palomosan

      Exactly my point, as a matter of fact just bring it to Verizon, I’m buying it regardless of the announcement, period.

      • NOO, i have class! Pleas emake it 7pm pacific!

    • Anonymous

      I wonder what time that will be in Zimbabwe, let me check my sundial!

      • Anonymous

        Ask Siri, that’s what she was designed for.

        • Anonymous

          Be careful she might direct you to the nearest taco joint.

        • Espnman36

          Siri is the coming of Skynet…in a year, owners of the iPhone 4S are all doomed

    • KRSwon

      Im just happy I got my ota update for my X2.

      I was starting to wonder what would happen first – a Verizon Nexus, Motorola ICS, or a bug fix for my X2

      • I sure hope that was a typo and you don’t really think ICS is coming from Moto…

        • KRSwon

          Nope, I really wasn’t sure if my X2 would get an update to 2.3.4 (or at all) before there would be an ICS flavored Moto.

        • Anonymous

          Then again, it could soon be a new ballgame for Motorola Mobility, seeing as they’re owned by Google. We’ll have to give the changeover time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Moto phones start to come stock and get timely updates in 2012.

      • KRSwon

        Motorola did get all it’s capable devices over to gingerbread before Samsung or HTC.

  • James Jun

    This ain’t no coincidence people……this is FATE!!!

    Or so they say. Personally, I just wish Google and Samsung would announce their unveiling already.

    • Anonymous

      Still wondering what they are waiting for…they are anti-hypebeasting. 😛

      • Anonymous

        Seriously. I think most people will relax once we hear specs, carriers and what not. I’m tired of all the rumors and speculation. Right now all they are doing is turning the non dedicated among us away.

        • Sperho

          Actually, the non-dedicated probably don’t even know what ICS is to the digital world…other than a chocolate cookie that happens to have a vanilla center in it.  It’s easy to live inside the tech blog bubble and forget that 98% of smartphone customers don’t.

          • Anonymous

            Though, in his defense, he said, “the non dedicated among us.” There are people who follow tech news but aren’t loyal fans to Android and/or Verizon (like me; I love Android, but I can take or leave Verizon in my area).

            I agree, though, that the average consumer has no idea about this stuff. Something to do with having a life; someone tried to explain it to me but I got bored and went to play video games.

      • Anonymous

        You know, 7PM in Hong Kong would be 7AM in the east and 1PM in Europe.  That seems a little more likely than 5PM/ AM to me.  Everyone would wake up to the news in the states, or would enjoy the news  at a reasonable time elsewhere in the world. 

      • James Jun

        All I want to see is a Nexus device and the Verizon symbol together on a piece of legit poster paper, with a preorder page on their website. 

        • Anonymous

          According to the most recent rumor theres not going to be any pre-orders. but that could likely change

      • IntlGrizzly

        they clearly have much more patience than all of us do

    • Anonymous

      So they postpone their announcement out of respect for Steve Jobs, but they reschedule it on the day Apple is planning a celebration of his life? Hmmm…