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Tuesday Poll: More Significant – Verizon’s First Nexus or the Release of Ice Cream Sandwich?

If CTIA had gone as planned, we probably would have had more Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus talk today than any normal human being could handle. But since things did not go as originally scheduled, we were left this morning with an empty 11:00AM slot to think about what could have been. And during that time, we found ourselves looking at the significance of this device. Not only will it be Verizon’s first Nexus (assuming it does end up as the Galaxy Nexus), but it’s the first to launch with Android 4.0. Two incredible things to think about.

Long time VZW Android enthusiasts have longed to finally get a Nexus – a device that receives updates directly from Google and is as unlocked and bare as you can find. It’s really a dream phone for any uber-geek. Throw in the fact that it will run on Big Red’s 4G LTE network and you’ve got history in the making.

But then there is the fact that we finally get to see ICS – the version of Android that would merge both tablet and phone operating systems into one. Most of us expect this to be a massive upgrade over Gingerbread in UI, polish and features.

Which one is more important though? The biggest network finally getting its first Nexus or a phone finally running Ice Cream Sandwich? I personally would lean towards the option of this being the first Nexus on Verizon, but then again, ICS is a real game changer.  Thoughts?

Bigger deal: Verizon's first Nexus device or Ice Cream Sandwich release?

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  • Anonymous

    all of the above

  • Anonymous

    The OG Droid was a Nexus before there was a Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    I think that the verizon nexus could be the thing that lots of verizon customers are looking for. Here’s for it being fast, and has all the latest features 🙂

  • Anonymous

    There are two types of people that voted: those that are waiting to use their new every 2 contract (first option) and those who bought a phone and are waiting for their contract to end (2nd option). ICS is important but i want a nexus device on Verizon, even if it didn’t have ICS. I want updates quickly and a huge developer bases for my next phone and that’s what nexus phones have.

  • Anonymous

    once you root you can remove it.

  • Anonymous

    I do agree with you. I feel that Verizon should have a device for the devs community.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon will not disappoint you Samsung will 🙂

  • Anonymous

    are you mad or what?

  • Anonymous

    i agree with you completely. As for me i do not care about lock or unlock bootloader, as long as the device is fast and it has good memory i am good.

  • Anonymous

    What if the nexus disappoint you? What will you do? I guess cry to your mommy right lol

  • Anonymous

    the droid, droid x already did that when they came out 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hardware and build quality are the most important things in the smartphone market.

  • Anonymous

    What is the big deal about unlock bootloader?

  • drinksprite

    the nexus has two major design flaws that ruins it. first, the phone is too damn big, it’s a phone, not a tablet. second, whats up w the c shape of the phone? looks like itll break if u accidentally sat on it. if this werent the case then id say yea definitely nexus on verizon is bigger news than ice cream sandwich.

  • Anonymous

     just wondering, will the Droid 3 get ICS?

  • Anonymous

    so hard decision to make, I want both… 

  • Anonymous

    ICS because verizon already had the droid which was the first to launch with 2.0 and the droid 2 launched with 2.3

  • Anonymous


  • Scott Hartman

    As excited as I am for ICS, I think it’s far more important to get a Nexus on Verizon, and I’d think this even if I wasn’t a Verizon customer.  The reason is simple: Verizon getting a Nexus means there is a plan to really push the brand to the public at large – otherwise they’d have kept passing on it.  Indeed, Verizon seems keen to have the phone compete head-on with the iPhone 4s.  This can only mean an increased awareness of what Android should look like to consumers, and therefore a greater demand for it.

    Ice Cream Sandwich will no doubt be great, and of course the timing hot on the heals of a mediocre iPhone update means it can make an impression on the technorati.  But having the Nexus brand (and unvarnished Google experience) market as a premium device on the largest network in the U.S. could be the best thing to happen to Android in a long time.

  • Anonymous

    Nexus on Verizon – totally.  ICS doesn’t appear to me to be a “game changer” as everyone makes it out to be.  Nexus on the best 4G anywhere is awesome. Like another guy already said – when jellybean is out, no one will give a rip about ICS. The Nexus will still rock.

  • Brad Knepper

    This is easy Nexus on verizon. Im with everbody else who feel verizon is gonna dissappoint us on this . People saying well just debloat it. Thats not the point if verizon is loading it down well then they most likly will be involved with the updates which is what I dont want and in my opinion makes it not a Nexus device just a knock off. Its real simple verizon leave this one for google handle thank you.

  • Anonymous

    at this point of age it’s the software not the hardware the makes the phone.(Think about it all phones look a like)

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to the day we can forego the “assuming it does end up as the Galaxy Nexus” part of this story and be 100% sure we’re looking at a true Nexus experience on VZW!

    • Anonymous

      ..And finally know the name of this device. Personally I’m leaning towards zepfloyd’s “jesusphone” as the final name. Probably a long shot..

  • Lolercopter

    “unlocked and bare as you can find”

    false.  the nexus one was locked.

  • Muffstic

    I’m gonna say ICS because we don’t know 100% that Verizon is getting a Nexus.

    • rjskalet

      “we don’t know 100% that Verizon is getting a Nexus” << this is true just for the fact that the Nexus One was supposed to be coming to Verizon at first and it never did, we got the incredible (which wasn't a bad thing), but we don't really know for sure if its coming to Verizon. *starts praying*

  • Anonymous

    Either or would be good

  • ICS is much more significant to Android as a whole. I will finally bring the polish so many people who don’t like android have been looking for. To me personally Nexus on VZW is a dream come true.

  • Anonymous

    First Nexus on Big Red hands down! ICS is going to be huge, assuming it is what was promised. But, a device such as the Nexus could be ground breaking. It would end the plague of locked down devices that Verizon’s has created. It might, just might show Big Red that having this option of clean Android is what a big number of it’s customers want. And if it did that, who knows what that could mean for future devices to land on Verizon. I may be delusional, but all I really know is that we deserve an option for pure Google. Why don’t we have that option anymore? What we have is skinned Android made by the device manufacturers. We don’t even have an experience that was intended to be by Google’s Developers. How messed up is that? Their is something wrong with this picture. We have been waiting and waiting and we are soo close now. All I can say is we better get what we are owed. Us Droid 1 owners bought a phone with stock Android, and we/I won’t settle for blur or wiz or what have you. Google brought me in with Android on the Droid 1. That meant good things for Motorola and big red. Return the favor Verizon! Ok, im done now….

  • Donnavon Hallgren

    I might vote nexus device if they weren’t made with cheap plastic.

  • Scott

    I am amazed that no one has mentioned Blind Type.  Google bought them what, a year ago?  Kellen, have you heard anything at all?

  • Operationnightfall24

    The Nexus Series has been hugely flawed since the release of the Nexus S,The Nexus One was an amazing device but the Nexus S failed to capture the prestige that the Nexus name should carry.That all had a chance to change with the release of the New Nexus.Unfortunately the device has nothing “Special”other than the display,The Nexus Series is supposed to be ground shattering.The only thing the Nexus S brought to the table was NFC capabilities & Gingerbread but Gingerbread was also released to the Nexus One so really only NFC was it’s only true contribution.Samsung has terrible hardware & software,die hard Android fans were looking for the same build quality that the original Nexus brought from HTC,the only thing Samsung brings to the table is it’s beautiful Amoled technology.I am also sad to say that Google did a terrible job with Ice Cream Sandwich,it in my opinion has neither the Polish nor the innovation that both Gingerbread & Honeycomb brought respectively.I guess that I expected more from Google & the Nexus line.

  • Riders0ftheli

    Verizon is the only carrier in my area with significant coverage… ive always loved the Nexus phones so much that ive went to Att for the Nexus One, T Mobile for the Nexus S, and then Sprint for the NS4G. Im now back on Verizon with an old Blackberry Curve 8330… boy do i hate it. What i hate even more is VZWs Android lineup… I just hope im not disappointed like i was with the Nexus One otherwise i may need to analyze my options.

  • I want to say ICS, but for people who dont like custom ROMs the first Nexus is more important.

  • Aran Miller

    I have been waiting for a Nexus on Verizon since Jan of 2010. Been stuck with T-mobile for the past two years (not a fan of T-mobile) because I had to grab the Nexus One of course. I am ready to get back to verizon tho!

  • Anonymous

    I am surprised that ICS is not the top winner here. I am afraid that the Nexus will be bloated, but if VZW can take off their greedy little hands off the Nexus, then I am game!

  • jose cardona

    I have a feeling the nazis at Verizon don’t care what the uber-geeks want. I’m getting myself ready for one of the biggest let-downs since Apple announced the 4S. A pure ummolested Nexus phone on Big Red? I just don’t see it happening (read: Droid Prime). I sure hope I’m proved wrong though.

    • I’m just as scared as you are.  There is no way Verizon will let this thing out the door without VZ Navigator on it.

      • TomHolmes

        Just remove what you don’t want. I mean, this is a developer’s reference phone. It isn’t going to be rocket science to debloat.

  • Sk102704

    Both are very significant just that for me I already have a new device (Bionic) that I will have for a few years so the release of ICS is a lot more signifiacant.  If I was still waiting for a device the release of a Nexus phone on Verizon would certaintly be more signicant to me.