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Galaxy Nexus Coming “Sooner than you think” or Delayed Because of Dispute with Apple? (Updated)

Fire up the wacky Galaxy Nexus rumor mill! With the Samsung/Google CTIA event no longer happening, the gossip has started flowing in waves. What do we have this morning? A couple of things to note. First, is Samsung UK’s sales director who confirmed to T3 that we will see the Galaxy Nexus (aka Nexus Prime) “sooner” than the second part of this post would lead you to believe.  

Here is his quote after receiving an award for their Galaxy SII:

“You will have an announcement of the Nexus Prime very shortly and will be seeing it in shops sooner than you think”

Sounds great, right? Not according to rumor machine Eldar Murtazin, who as an industry reporter, has been pretty hit or miss over the years. And his sources are telling him that some features in Ice Cream Sandwich have come in to question in this never ending patent battle with Apple, leading to a delay.

Buying a delay? I’m not willing to just yet. Every person I have talked to over the last week is under the impression that the next Nexus and ICS will be here around the end of the month.

Update:  9to5Google received word from an “impeccable source” saying that invites to the new Samsung/Google event will be sent out in the next couple of days and that there is no dispute over ICS features.

Ahh rumors.

Via:  T3, Twitter, Phandroid

Cheers John and Walt!

  • Instead of stepping up to the challenge and improving, just try to shut down the opposition. Pure laziness and arrogance. Apple didn’t create the touch screen, the smart phone, the tablet, the icon, or the rectangle. It’s ridiculous. 

    I want to see Google sue the crap out of Apple for iOS 5 for all the stuff it blatantly took from Android if that’s how they want to play.

  • Every Android fan should send a big f*ck you to Eldar Murtazin. ICS will be released Oct 18th, confirmed!

  • i deliver for fedex. and i deliver to frys. and the manager there said they already got the phone in.

  • Izak

    Im gonna be buying a new phone soon and was wandering which is better, nexus prime or HTC vigor

  • I don’t buy that an executive slipped the name “Nexus Prime” when it’s still technically a speculation. Announcement via what, Twitter? There are no more events I believe until Nov 3, the rumored launch date.

  • hatethanet

    Not to be a jerk, but the whole delaying the announcement out of respect for Jobs was always a lousy choice to me. His funeral is already done and the media paid its respects last week. It’s not even an issue at this point and would definitely not have been a show of disrespect if it was announced today.

  • Anonymous

    it’s delayed because it’s got issues, apple/jobs thing was just a spin.

  • Dshudson

    Who cares about this phone.. it’s 3g

    • Ytram

      What are you smoking?

    • Where did you get your information of it being 3G? The Verizon version will definitely have 4G LTE, if that weren’t the case, there would be one global model with HSPA/CDMA capabilities. Get your information right before you post nonsense.

    • Anonymous

      You probably read the i*hone 4S article and commented here by mistake.. /s

  • Mule0331

    I was kinda thinking something wasn’t right while reading it. I may not be as fluent in Android as I was BB, but my first thought was that ICS is a Google thing, not a Samsung thing. Apple isn’t trying to ride Google into the ground like they are Sammy. I think somebody who wasn’t really thinking when they dreamed up this mess of a rumor. We never hear this rumor if that phone was built by any other company.

  • Guest

    Whats with the phone having a slight curve? Think I’m going to have to pass…

    • Thanks for sharing your disinterest.

    • Anonymous

      From your comment, I would recommend sticking with your iPhony…

  • Anonymous

    rumors rumors rumors nom nom nom nom

  • Scott Hartman

    Looks like this rumor is already be squashed, but there was never a chance of them delaying the phone ship over some patent issue – unless there was some imminent settlement for all involved, any delay in shipping the device due to patents would be an admissions that they were in fact violating them (or at least that they thought the patents were valid).  That absolutely would not happen with either Google or Samsung (or Apple).

    It’s fun to have conspiracy theories, but in this case I’d take the companies at their word, as it’s the only logical explanation.

  • Rob

    OK, so according to BGR the industry guy has a “solid track record.”

    “The plugged-in Russian blogger has a solid track record with inside information.”

    WTF? So what is it? So-so or solid? If it’s so-so I’m not surprised BGR described it as solid…

    • Anonymous

      BGR also said the Captivate Glyde was coming to AT&T “next year”…. it was announced the very next day. Oops.

  • Stan Chacko

    Eldar Murtazin knows what he’s talking about folks…as evidenced by this mountain of evidence.  Nexus what?? http://phandroid.com/2009/12/15/eldar-murtazin-google-phone-is-fake-apple-started-rumors/

  • It seems like most of the big name Verizon phones have been delayed this year… I hope this one breaks the trend, though.

  • EM

    I want this phone!!!

  • BS. 9to5mac says they have an impeccable source claiming something very different: 


    • Anonymous

      LOL Ironic that its on a Mac/iOS site. Maybe potential users wanting to switch

  • Anonymous

    Take a deep breath. Be patient. It’s just a phone. Don’t place to much hype value on it or one may be disappointed if it doesn’t meet expectations…don’t be mad if Verizon adds bloat to it. Also it will be the first of it’s kind, which as we all know in the tech world may have some bugs at first. So like I said be patient, get a hobby and before you know it the device will be released and reviewed…and we will all realize that this thing is not a magical God and just a super phone with some great features.

  • He just said that to calm people down. “Sooner” than we think? He means, “Don’t spread rumors that it’ll be some time in 2012!” He was countering presumed hyerbole. At least I think so.

  • Vaporware

    Its funny how people are getting so worked up about this phone. It has the same SoC as the Bionic which everyone said was outdated, inferior screen tech with PenTile ( Yes its RGBG but its still inferior), is lesser speced than the Galaxy S II, the Vigor, the Razr, and the Nexus device for all other carriers, and is made of cheap plastic. The ONLY thing it has going for it is ICS. Shouldn’t any Nexus device be the best product available at release and not behind 5 other devices.

    • Alekzander

      What phone are you looking at? Cause every spec I’ve seen says it’s made of aluminum. Also, it has a super AMOLED screen, which is the best looking screen on the market… and the SoC on the Bionic isn’t outdated…..

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know how one person could say so many untrue things about one device, but you’ve accomplished just that.

      • Vaporware

        Fill us with your wisdom. Which part is untrue? The Bionic was torn apart on this sight because its “specs” were already behind the curve. This new Nexus device has the same SoC as the Bionic. Doesn’t that make it behind the curve as well? Take a look at the dataon the 2 SoC’s in the current US Galaxy S II’s and they both are better than this Nexus by a good margin and so is the A5 SoC. The screen is going to be PenTile RGBG Super AMOLED used in the original galaxy (though at a higher rez)not the SAMOLED +used in the current Galaxy S II. Take a look at the displaymate sight and see what screen tech is best. The point is this device is just as behind as the Bionic supposedly is but isn’t being panned like it was. Oh, it is plastic, ask anyone that’s used it.

        • Sam Stone

          WTF? We don’t even know for sure what SoC will be in the Nexus.

    • guest

      Vapor is correct.  The nexus WILL use Pen-Tile.  I dont even think its a debate at this point.  now will that Pen-Tile look like the bionic’s or X2’s ? Hopefully not, but it will still be Pen-Tile

      • Samsung pentile does not equal Motorola pentile.  Samsung pentile looks just fine and at 320 ppi it’ll look PHENOMENAL!!  You probably won’t be able to tell it’s pentile due to the subpixels being so small. Sure, when the Plus version comes out it’ll look better, but when the Nexus hits, it will probably have the best screen on any phone.

      • Anonymous

        Haven’t we gone over this enough?  Motorola has always used terrible Pentile screens.  Not to mention the Nexus will be HD as well, meaning it has an even higher PPI.  Studies have shown that once the PPI is past 300 the human eye can no longer differentiate between pixel density at a distance of 12 inches and I believe the PPI for the Nexus is rumored to be 318, while the I*hone is just ahead at 326 PPI.  Meaning we’re going to be seeing something similar to their Retina display.

        • Madcow06

          They’ve only used pentile screens starting with the X2 and Droid 3 actually.

          • Anonymous

            You’re forgetting the Bionic’s epic pentile failure.

          • Anonymous

            “starting with”

    • John

      It has an OMAP4460, while the bionic has an OMAP4430.  The 20% increase in clock speed alone will make this phone more powerful.
      Pentile doesn’t matter when PPI is super high, like it will be with this 4.65 720p screen.
      Cheap plastic?  You’ve held one?  You know someone who has?  

      Get your facts straight.  

  • Anonymous

    Give me this friggin phone now!!!!! I don’t care about any other phones or what’s better what’s not just give me this goddamn phone!  Geez! I need my Lithium so bad.  Where’s my mommy…need hug 🙁

  • Jonfrap

    Sorry to hijack but i can’t beleive there has been zero news about the Vigor. and i can’t beleive no one cares!!
    i can’t even try and like this phone because it’s a samsung. Being a google phone is great but if the phone sucks, what good is it?

    I need vigor news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t take it one second more

    • Anonymous

      To me the Vigor just looks like another thick LTE phone.  I mean I have no major issues with my Thunderbolt and it feels good in my hand, but HTC seems to have just run out of ideas on designs.  All of their phones look the same anymore.  And to me the Nexus’ selling point is not just the hardware, but ICS.

    • Because Sense sucks.

      • Correction:  “It is my opinion Sense sucks.”

  • J Dub


  • RedOne

    Every time a rumor post starts the song “Rumor has it” by Adele should play at the start haha

  • $699 is burning a hole in my pocket. (just guessing the price)

    • I sure hope it isn’t $699. I would guess around $579 – $599. But hey, you never know…

  • I’ll say this again: If they were to announce today and release in a week or two, these things are built, packaged, and shipped.

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick of this – F apple and you know what,  the ‘respect’ thing is over, F that guy too.  apple wants to patent everything then so be it – but you just watch out.  Android is developing every day, new features and possibilities that only an open source platform can achieve.   What am I getting at?  Patent everything too Android.  Then, we’ll see apple crippled and waste away as we move forward and they can’t copy anything due to Droid only patents.  Their ios will remain in its current state and not evolve.  Please make this happen.  A world without apple would be just fine with me.  DROID FTW

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t Samsung and Google just reschedule the announcement already? Then all this would be moot. Eldar? Ha!

    • Because they have to schedule a new venue for the announcement, make plans, hire people….etc. Logistics dude. Takes time.

      • Anonymous

        Understood (however most of this should already be in place), but if someone simply stated that the release date hasn’t changed…

  • When the “announcement” was cancelled I forgot CTIA started today. Oh well…

  • Earleepa

    Why doesn’t Google just buy apple. Problem solved.

    • John

      Because Apple is the most valuable company in the entire world.. that’s why heh.  

    • Jak_341

      Because Apple has enough cash on hand to buy Google. Twice.

    • Haha, you can’t really be that stupid. Can you? Google is small potatoes compared to Apple. 

    • Anonymous

      The same reason why Apple cannot buy Google – The FTC Would not allow it.  Talk about stifling innovation and hurting competition!  What is the problem with Apple and Google competing for our hard-earned money?

  • Ijuscreamed-sandwich

    Wow, this is annoying! Ok, forget about the actual name of the phone for a second (Droid Nexus, Droid Galaxy Prime, Droid Prime, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Droid Nexus Prime, Nexus Prime). What MODEL is this one? GT-I15**? or GTI9250?  Because they are very different phones obviously.  The GTI9250 from what I gather is the more beefy spec’d out phone, and the one I’m interested in! My head hurts!

  • Eldar Murtazin has never been right as far as I’ve seen in the last 2 years. He said that Froyo would require 1GHz processors.

    • And that the Nexus One was a rumor spread by Apple.

  • Roshan John

    regarding this patent war with apple… why doesn’t Google sue over iOS 5.0 stealing the notifications tab? apple needs a taste of its bitter medicine. 

    • Anonymous

      Because they don’t own it. Remember, Android is Open Source. Google may be the biggest supporter of it, but it doesn’t belong to them.

      • Roshan John

        damn. thats  an awful double edged sword. apple will always win the patent war and reap the anti-competition benefits. 

        • Anonymous

          Well, that’s why Google bought Motorola Mobility.

    • EC8CH

      “why doesn’t Google sue over iOS 5.0 stealing the notifications tab?”

      *pple has a patent on suing for stupid shit…

    • Tom

      Honestly, I don’t think Google wants to stoop to their level. They aren’t suing anyone, just defending. I think Google wants the competition, because no matter what happens it will increase their revenue. If more people buy iDevices than Android, what search engine do you think they’ll use to search the web? Likely it will be Google. So the more people that have a SMARTPHONE (not necessarily any flavor in particular) they are gaining revenue from every search made, and every advert clicked.

      What I am waiting for is for the Supreme Court to step in and say “Alright! Everybody STOP! Look at the programming, is it the same? Were they able to attain the same general design in a different manner? GREAT! No patent infringement, because you CANNOT COPYRIGHT AN IDEA!” That is how it works for just about everything else… Go to a pharmaceutical company and ask half the scientists what they do, they will tell you “Patent work arounds, we try to find out how to make [insert drug here] in a different way, but will work in exactly the same way, to circumvent the patent on the drug. Because if the structure is DIFFERENT, it is considered a DIFFERENT DRUG, even if it is an ACTIVE STEREOISOMER[, and DOES THE EXACT SAME THING!]” Why can’t software be the same way? Android’s innards are COMPLETELY different from iOS. They aren’t even based in the same bloody language! Who cares if they look the same. Technically Apple stole their computer OS design (GUI) from Xerox STAR, Microsoft stole the idea for GUI from Apple (and “bought” the DOS os from some guy), Apple stole the idea for mobile computing from Microsoft (even though WinMo<7 sucked)… I mean why does stealing an idea mean so much NOW? Never bothered anyone before…

      • Usmitcboy

        “I mean why does stealing an idea mean so much NOW? Never bothered anyone before…”.

        Answer: greed. More money. More power. & if the courts are dumb enough to put bans on your opponents gadgets from being sold, why not keep suing until they tell you no more. It’s wrong but that’s the way corporations are.

      • Anonymous

        Amen brother. +1 to you sir.

      • Anonymous

        They even coined the phrase “don’t reinvent the wheel” meaning essentially the same thing.  If someone has laid the groundwork, use it.

  • EC8CH

    Eldar Murtazin:  “blah blah blah blah blah”
    Me: “cool story bro”

    • Superior1


  • Anonymous

    OK seriously, what is the difference between the galaxy nexus and the nexus prime, and which one is Verizon getting?! 

    • Interstellarmind

      seems like nexus prime will be a beefed up version of galaxy nexus that will be available to all other carriers.

      seems retarded, if oyu ask me. why is big red going for the weaker of the two?

  • It better not be some patent issue with the features. iOS5 has plenty of new features that they copied straight from Android. 

    • Sillygirl

      it’s probably do to the voice thingy that the phone has..I heard it’s better than Siri

    • there is a difference between taking a feature that someone else has and taking a feature that someone else has a patent for. 

  • Youreannoying


  • Anonymous

    I DO NOT buy the crap that Eldar Murtazin sells.  

  • BGR trolls Android more than Jeff Bernard. Sigh.

  • That Russian blogger also said Google would never release a google phone, this was right before we saw the Nexus One.

    • Google didn’t release a phone. HTC did. 

      • That is incorrect, it was Google IP.  HTC was just the supplier. It was Google’s phone.

        • The Nexus One (codenamed HTC Passion)[8] was Google’s flagship smartphone manufactured by Taiwan’s HTC Corporation. The phone had Qualcomm cpu’s. None of the parts were manufactured by Google.

          • Johnny

            keyword ‘release’ not ‘manufacture’

      • Madcow06

        By that logic Apple has never released a phone, Foxconn has.

  • Seriously, don’t pull a BGR..

  • Anonymous

    I like how you wrote this versus how BGR wrote this up.  They immediately turned it into a conspiracy to incite a riot.  Way to go.  New name for BGR:  Apple Fanboy Report.

    • Anonymous

      They always have been. Why is this news to people?

      • Anonymous

        Some of the writers there have in past actually given decent information and seemed less biased than the big players there.  They have always been Apple and BB fans though.  Going as far as claiming Google straight up lied about the reason for the delay and hiding behind Jobs’ death, that is just ridiculous.  Bad taste in journalism without facts to back it up.  This was all spawned from one tweet.  Wow.

      • SpeezyFoSheezy

        Yeah, this.  They always fawn over iOS and beat Android phones with a stick.  Always have and probably always will.

  • MJZ

    How about some actual NEWS instead of the endless supply of rumors. 

    • John

      Go make your own news.. what makes you think there is an endless supply of DROID/Android related news to supply several updates every day?

      People LIKE RUMORS.  

      • Interstellarmind

        i think it’s fine to hear rumors as long as they are labeled as such (which droid-life team does well).

        it’s when rumors are peddled off as news, that we’re in trouble.

        • But, but, but, that’s how BGR does their “news” everyday! LOL

        • why are we in trouble… I don’t see why people keep complaining about rumors… it gives us something to read. People come here because they are excited about something. good or bad rumors at least it’s talk. besides what is anyone going to do if rumors are bad? Probably the same thing they’ve been doing.

    • Anonymous

      There is no news in this industry, because the companies don’t release news until the week before they release a product.  Would you like to wait months between actual news released by the companies themselves?  Or read some rumors by some sources, I’ll take the rumors and enjoy them as such, rumors.

  • Dave

    Isn’t Eldar Murtazin the same guy that said LG would make the Nexus tablet by the end of the year? Didn’t he also say that the Nexus One was fake back in 2009? He also said Microsoft was negotiating to buy Nokia’s mobile arm which was single handily shot down by Nokia’s UK Communications Director.

    Yeah, he’s pretty much a mixed bag when it comes to insider information.

    • Haha thats great except Microsoft was trying to buy Nokia and instead just invested billions of dollars when Nokia wouldn’t sell. 

      • Dave

        True. However, the gist of it is that this guy doesn’t really have all the facts and really shouldn’t be completely trusted.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “You will have an announcement of the Nexus Prime”

    wait, I thought it was called the Galaxy Nexus.. so Samsung UK’s sales director does not know the name of the phone??? 

    • Anonymous

       probably just used the name everyone is used to

    • Alekzander

      Yeah. Nexus Prime is the widely accepted name

  • Anonymous

    LOL. BGR ran with a fake troll. Please don’t do the same, DL.

  • Anonymous

    No delay. Announcement in about 2 weeks, stores a week later.

    • Please don’t state things like this like it’s a fact and you know something we don’t, you just get people worked up.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe I have a reason to?

        • Anonymous

          @Zepfloyd: can you clarify if it’s a ta pass and this is a marketing hold or are changes required for the next step? 
          …bonus cred if you can share any details on the next step.

          • Anonymous

            Not aware of any ‘issues’. So far I’m not even sure an announcement date is set. Release is still set for 11/3 as of yesterday and the new announcement is supposed to be about week before. Also heard no VZ preorders.

            It could all also certainly change in 5 mins, 5 hours or 5 days from now. Point is it’s real and coming to VZ soon. It’s been worth the wait and will continue to be. The rest is just…details.

      • EC8CH

        trust this guy… not the Russian blogger.

      • angermeans

        I think you right want to restate your post as every (and I mean every) post I have seen from zepfloyd has been legit. I scan each article especially the nexus prime ones hoping to see a comment from this guy. Thanks zep we all appreciate it.

        • Anonymous

          I agree – there’s a lot of ppl on here giving their sh*tty opinions & trying to act like they’re in the loop, but Zep is always right to the point with no fill and always seems spot-on from what I’ve seen… So thanks to you, friend buddy guy!

      • Anonymous

        See the thing is he DOES know something we don’t.

    • Anonymous

      zepfloyd, Galaxy Nexus to Verizon and then Nexus Prime elsewhere? Can you confirm? Differences in specs, are they legit?

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Google is not afraid of Apple; I’m not buying Murtazin’s story.

      • Great but we are talking about Samsung.

        • Dan

          But it is also a Pure Google device, and Google would be more likely to protect it

          • Google cannot protect itself from a patent lawsuit so how can they protect a 3rd party and soon to be competitor? Do you think they are going to pony up the $5 or $10 per handset sold to Microsoft or Apple. I know they damn sure aren’t paying the $15 per Android phone that HTC pays out to Microsoft. 

          • Honestly, though, all these patent disputes are ridiculous. Regardless of what the legal ramifications are, it all comes down to one thing in the end: Apple, while innovative in countless ways in the past, seems to have lost steam (which is not the same as saying their sales have tapered off – that hasn’t happened…yet). Still, in the end, Apple would rather use legal trickery to slow down Android than face true competition that, honestly, is becoming better each day.

            The sad truth is that Apple, a once world-class, class-act company, is becoming no better than other Patent Trolling companies by waging legal wars against anyone and everyone they can to protect their nest egg (iOS, iTunes, iPhone, etc.)

          • I fail to understand your outrage for patenting your work. If Google, Android, HTC, Samsung patent something and Apple violates that patent then sue them as well. Is Apple to blame that they came up with some of this technology first? Do you think Google, HTC and Samsung don’t patent their work? You do know that they sue people also right? You seem to be outraged because Apple is suing the people you like or the OS you side with. 

          • Dan

            Everyone steals from everyone, the patent system is a broken system, this has been acknowledge by our elected officials. 

          • Well hell if our elected officials say so it must be true. Everyone knows that people elected to office are very smart and know everything there is too know about patents. 

          • EC8CH


            Stop feeding the Droid-Life pet troll.

            If he throws up in his cage I’m not cleaning it up.

          • Anonymous

            I remember a professor telling me in college stealing work from one person is plagarism, but stealing from many is research.  Can probably be rolled over some way into technology patents. 

          • Its one thing to patent your work, its another thing to try to patent something for being roughly rectangular shaped with a touch screen like Apple tries to do, or other ridiculous things such as programs being arranged in a rectangular grid.  You can’t patent the tablet or smartphone just like you can’t patent the laptop.  This is the exact reason why I felt no remorse whatsoever when Steve Jobs died.

          • So you have no remorse that Steve Jobs dies at 56 of cancer because he used the legal system to protect his company. Haha, good to know. 

          • Alekzander

            Umm…. Do you really think that releasing a new phone shows disrespect? No……definitely not……

          • Anonymous

            No put all the jabs at Apple in your presentation is. 😉

          • Alekzander

            That made no sense

          • Fletch

            Or put if you don’t but you can then because it isn’t. ;_

          • No, I feel no remorse that an incredibly selfish, rich, and egocentric man died at the age of 56 because he used the legal system to stifle competition and attempt to move the industry backwards (or stall it from going forwards).

          • Anonymous

            Jeff Apple is just a stinky poopy dooty fart face! Admit it!

          • Kellex

            U outraged Bro??

          • Anonymous

            nothing to see here.. move along

            apple will eventually patent the way you hold the phone.. they did it first 😉

          • LionStone

            “I fail…”

            Yes you do 🙂

          • Scott Hartman

            Jeff, you need to look at the larger picture – with the mess that is current patent law, EVERYONE violates patents when they ship a product.  Apple has already had several loses to other companies over this regarding iPhones and iOS, and has paid out large payments as a result.  Microsoft has sued even more people than Apple in the Android ecosystem.  The difference is that Apple is trying to use their leverage to block products and prevent competition from others, while RIM, Nokia, Microsoft, Motorola, etc. were all just suing to get some royalties from sales of each item.

            Of course now that Apple has asked for injunctions the companies countersueing them are as well, but this was all Apple’s idea, and they’ve been very honest in some places (like Australia vis a vis the Galaxy Tab) that they are suing because they don’t want anyone else to get invested in another ecosystem.

            They are using their cash resources to be anti-competitive, plain and simple.

          • Ry D

            Apple has a patent for “A gesture on a touchscreen to unlock the device”. How vague and general is that? You can’t re-invent the wheel twice…

          • Tyler Fish

            What’s your issue? Do you like making people mad lol?

          • Anonymous

            Tell me you don’t think Google didn’t have a roadmap of this ICS/Nexus launch when they bought out Motorola not too long ago? This phone has been in their pipeline for a while now, you can be sure of that; buying those patents was Google preparing for a war if need be. They won’t back down from Apple. This phone will be released soon, as expected; just in time to make Apple wish they took their new product a little bit further.

          • You know Google doesn’t own Motorola right. The deal has been held up by DOJ. Motorola is also being sued. Their patent strength is soooooo vastly overrated. 

          • Anonymous

            -“In a blog post, Google executive Dennis Woodside said the company remains “confident” the Motorola Mobility deal will be approved. The DOJ second request was “pretty routine,” wrote Woodside, who recently was put in charge of the Motorola Mobility integration.

            “While this means we won’t be closing right away, we’re confident that the DOJ will conclude that the rapidly growing mobile ecosystem will remain highly competitive after this deal closes,” Woodside said in the blog post.”

            From a WSJ article. Sounds like a pretty standard procedure in big corporate buyouts like this. Anyways I think you will soon find that Apple, as always, will sue as much as they desire. I just don’t see it getting them anywhere, only time will tell I suppose…

          • m1029

            You are by far the dumbest user on this site.  The DOJ and FTC investigates all M&A of this size for possible anitrust violations.  It’s tangential to the huge integrated O&G mergers of the late 90’s.  Kill yourself kid.

          • Anonymous

            Seriously man, I’m almost embarrassed for you that you have nothing better to do with your time than troll a Droid site.  Take off your black turtle neck and you might have more luck finding a girl to occupy your time instead of Droid-Life. 

          • Sheabyrd1

            Who ever said this was a confirmed pure google device? Some are speculating that it is skinned with touch wiz. Some are saying locked boot-loader because Big Red has trust and daddy issues. Some are saying this device has an overclocked Ti 4430 and THE REAL nexus vanilla phone has sammy’s exnyos chip (which would follow the past). Pretty hard to say that google will defend this phone in anyway. Besides unless google is going to start a hardware business (motorola?) the features of ICS are far more important than the platform it drops on first. Google gave CHINA the finger a while back you really think they are afraid of Apple? Especially now since their true leader has fallen?

          • Dan

            The real nexus is almost certainly running a TI OMAP, it was selected as the preferred processor for Ice Cream Sandwich – this has been confirmed by Texas Instruments. Nexus devices are also considered developer phones and no developer phone could contain a locked bootloader, rather an unlockable/lockable one (the Xoom). 


          • Yeah because Google would let ICS debut with a skin on it? Lets be real here………………. And please THE EXNYOS CHIP IS NOT GOING TO BE IN THIS PHONE!!!! I don’t care what people say, ICS was built to be compatible with OMAP not to mention those CPUs are not even close to being ready for public use…….. Think about what you’re saying…….. kthanksbai

      • I tend to agree with you. However, though Google may not be afraid of Apple, they may be cautious about how they approach the company and the patent disputes worldwide. I think Google remains cautious yet aggressive, where Apple is completely different – it’s scared to death of losing a good chunk of their money maker (the iOS/iTunes ecosystem), and Android is the #1 thing that threatens them, so they are punching, kicking, pulling hair, and doing anything else they can. They are playing dirty to win, essentially.

      • Antivanity

        Now with Apples grand wizard 6 feet under, Google really needs to dig there heels in..

    • Anonymous

      Yesss. Glad to hear it zep. I got nervous over the last few days, but know to trust your posts, especially one that sounds as sure as this one.

    • palomosan

      I don’t care about Patents, give us my freaking Nexus on Verizon, we’ve waited 2 years.

      • Alekzander

        Wel said. I want my Nexus Prime

    • Anonymous

      The UK director mentioned it as a Nexus Prime? so verizon will get watered down version aka Galaxy Nexus?

    • Anonymous

      You rock!

    • I don’t know who you are but you always come through with some pretty on point information. It seems that whenever a phone is about to launch you give us some give us info on it. This completely sucks knowing that by now we should have known if it’s def coming to Verizon or not. I just want to know if I have to switch carriers for this bad boy and go to crappy Sprint (which will absolutely BLOW)

      • Anonymous

        Oh….no it’s 110% coming to Verizon.

        • I love you……….no homo

        • SpeezyFoSheezy

          So, do you work in Irvine, one of the NJ offices, or Alpharetta?  LOL

  • Sorry, but patents rarely stop products from being released unless there is a court order.  Samsung will want to get this thing out the door and start making money, then they can wage the patent wars all they want.

    • Do you know that Samsung already had to make a deal to pay Microsoft for every phone they sell. Do you think that they want to start paying Apple also. Android manufactures already have thin profit margins and they cannot afford to “wage the patent wars all they want”. Who do you think Samsung is, Apple?

      • Nexsus-next

        Your mom.

  • Youreannoying

    Shut up kellex you have no inside info you’re just a hypebeast seriously its getting old fuckoff

    • Anonymous

      Stop visiting the site, then, ralph kramden

    • That is the most ignorant comment I’ve seen in a while lol

      • I’m surprised he knew how to spell “you’re” correctly. Usually trolls fail at grammar.

        Kellex knows more than he can say. Just because he can’t or hasn’t said something doesn’t mean he doesn’t know something, or anything at all for that matter. Dumb troll is dumb.

        • 😉 +1

          • And I’m sure the same is true for you, Tim-o-tato. You probably know crazy stuff. haha. 

      • Mindless comment. As Tripod says, “stop visiting the site..”

    • Someone’s angry.

    • Any news is better than no news man.

    • Chamdroid

      you need to shut your mouth. If you do not like what is posted then GTFO.

    • John

      except for all the times he and his sources are dead on accurate months in advance.  

      People like to hear rumors, hence the posts about them.  If you don’t like it, there are other sites to visit. 

    • Anonymous

      At least he used the right version of you’re! Maybe he should take Droid-Life out of his favorites?

      Thanks for the update Kellex, I appreciate all your hard work.

  • Oh the Rumors!  I haven’t been this excited about a phone since the OG Droid.

    • Anonymous

      sames, and this phone will probably replace my OG droid. At least Peter Alfonso helped me to stay current with it!

      • Replacing my OG too.  It has been CM and swapper2 keeping mine alive though.

        • Yup. This is going to replace my OG. It’s perfect timing for me. I got my OG Droid the end of Oct 2 years ago. I think a lot of OG Droid users are going to upgrade to this phone.

          • ReverendYo

            Actually beginning of Nov two years ago.  Nov 6 to be exact, since that was the release day.

            And I agree.  Perfect timing. I don’t need every 18 month release cycle for a pure google experience device.  Every 2 years works beautifully.

    • lol, apple is worried about features in ICS that violate patents…. they should look at their notification system, or Android’s, you know because they are basically the same. Not to mention the mic on the keyboard… i dont know if Google started that, but they sure did popularize it.