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Samsung Galaxy SIII Shows Up With Specs on Training Slide

The slide above is making the rounds today, showing off what could be the next-gen Samsung Galaxy SIII. This device was first mentioned in a 4chan mega-rumor that for the most part, has turned out to be pretty spot on. This slide though, we aren’t really sure what to think.  We will start with the specs listed and then jump into some other odd things that were included.  

Specs from this slide vs. previous rumor (4chan specs in italics):

  • 1.8GHz dual-core Exynos processor (2.0GHz dual-core Exynos)
  • 2GB RAM (1.5GB RAM)
  • 4.6″ Super AMOLED Plus HD (4.65″ Super AMOLED III)
  • 12MP rear camera (10MP rear camera)

So these specs sort of match up to what we had heard in the past – both should be taken lightly though. Let’s look at the actual slide which has more errors than a little league shortstop. Samsung refers to mobile as “Samsung Mobile Solutions” not just “Solution.” Copying is spelled wrong. The original Galaxy S did not have an Exynos. And the list goes on. Could be carelessness on the part of the presenter; we will never know.

Take it as a rumor for now, but you can bet that the next Galaxy device is most definitely in the making. Also, it took the rest of the players almost a year to catch up to the Galaxy SII when Sammie first unveiled it in February – should we expect the same to happen again next year with the SGS3?

Via:  Phandroid

  • Anonymous

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What about the rumored Quad Core Motorola (insert joke here) with 12mp camera and kevlar rear?  What was that one rumored to be out, I thought it was January.  Maybe it will get bionic-afied and release next winter.

  • Djstar2k2

    so is now the time to advance battery tech

  • “We’re all made of plastic, totally shit-tastic!!”

    hahaha that is samsung’s motto

  • Anonymous


  • I’m baffled by the fact that this post was even created on Droid-Life.. I was under the impression that this site spoke of speculations, rumors and actual facts.. not bullsh*t from 4chan.. whether or not previous information is pretty accurate.. posting something like this is just plain idiotic, and as far as this pointless debate on which to get; Galaxy Nexus or this Galaxy SIII,  believe the answer is obvious.. I’ll definitely be getting the S Nexus III Galaxy

  • Anonymous


  • verizon always gets the would of been great if came out last year phones only reason i stay is because their network is the best if not for that i would be all over those other carriers badass phones

  • SO what is the phone that I am going to get for Christmas that will replace my OG Droid? 

  • Awesome im getting it tomorrow

  • FortitudineVincimus

    The last Galaxy did not make it to VZW so why do we think this one will

  • Anonymous

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  • TheAndroid1

    “Copying or Reproduction is not allowed” LOL

    Plus I think that the look of ics is pretty much confirmed after seeing it here.

  • Zebra

    Typo’ don’t necessary mean it’s fake, it could mean the Korean who made this doesn’t know English all that well.

  • Bionic

    What in the holy hell would a phone need 2GB of RAM for?  I seriously see no reason for that.  And seriously a 12MP camera is just pointless.   

  • It’s always fun to hear things like this prior to or following purchasing a phone that hasn’t been released yet. And by fun… I’m not sure there is a word to cover that feeling.  Help? 

  • Jason Purp

    No, honey. This was proven fake for dozens of reasons. Stick to the Galaxy Nexus please.

  • Zeadaplaya

    Multiple typos, clearly photoshopped images, and incorrect information.

    Seems legit.

    • TheAndroid1

      You mean you don’t spell it “Copiying?”

    • Anonymous

      That’s what I was thinking.  I think I might just go add some pics to a slide and pass it off as a new phone.

  • Me

    Love it or hate DROID life was way more exciting right before bionic came out

  • Anonymous

    stopped reading after 4chan.

  • mysticdarkhack

    Almost 2ghz with 2gb of memory plus a 12mp camera?

    Heck, I want that phone, but geez 2012 hasn’t started yet to spoil us all here!

    Money flying around every where…

    • mysticdarkhack

      I’ll leave this in the rumor inbox and will see what 2012 brings first!

  • I’d just like to say that these slides are very often updated and created by the trainer them self and often on the fly. so, this could be just the work of a sloppy employee.  

  • Bring on the Nexus!!!  I’ll take a vanilla Android Nexus phone over Touchwiz any day no matter what the specs are.

  • this is fake guys come on, theres white shit all over the phones and they say superAMOLED plus hd when its the other way around

  • Df3rools

    >>dual core

    try harder

  • Jamdev12

    Doesn’t matter. We won’t see it until next year August timeframe.

  • Anonymous

    I am with kellex on that point as soon as you think the nexus Prime is king of the hill, out comes the SGSIII and if the specs are only half of what is listed in this rumor you’re talking about a very fast BEAST of a device.

    So SGSIII or the Nexus Prime????  Agggghhhh too much technology decisions decisions

    • Are you kidding me?  Even if these specs are true, you won’t see this phone hit the market for another 8 to 10 months.

      • Anonymous

        I would say 4 to 6 months just because these specs are already on the drawing board and probably in testing, for those specs are most likely in the PLM pipe right now. I am just saying that we already have the 1.5ghz processors coming out, 2ghz is not far off at all. Adding 2Gb of Ram can be done pretty quickly, its maximizing the battery and other software components together. all of this is in the development lifecycle already. Nothing new here

  • @mfg68

    The one thing that bothers me is the fact that this GSIII has an OS on it that looks exactly like the leaked video OS from that Nexus Galaxy. Touchwiz IS gonna be on a Nexus?!?!?

  • Jordan

    “private internal presentation” and “copying and reproduction is not allowed” seems like the person who leaked this is trying TOO hard to make it look legit

  • Mctypething

    This device should get about 2 hours of battery life. Yippeee!!!

    • Lmrojas

      U mad bro?

      • Mike D

        IM MAD BRO!!!111

  • Nexus Prime……. Any other device can kick rocks!

  • Spelling mistakes, Cut and paste pictures, ‘private presentation’… Koreans ‘K’lumsy?

    • Shadez

      Yea .. nice way to spell copying .. lol

  • DroidzFX

    Galaxy Nexus….nothing else matters

    • palomosan

      That’s right, at least for a year.

      • Anonymous

        More like a couple days after it’s release…

      • DroidzFX

        I am going to pick it up and hold on to it for a while. I don’t need a quad core phone clocked at 2 ghtz. If i want to play a game that graphics intense I will play xbox.

        I would like dual core, dual cams, nice screen, ICS at launch, LTE, and all the Google updates I can handle. Galaxy Nexus fits the bill. 

        • Johnny

          + a lot more than 1

      • A few months at best.

    • Anonymous

      Galaxy Nexus for Verizon is a nerfed device when compared to the Nexus device that will be made available to the other carriers by the end of the year.

      • IntlGrizzly

        I have thought about that possibility….we’ll see

      • Anonymous

        you have absolutely no proof of that, nothing has been announced yet

    • Anonymous

      I’m good with my phone being outdated in 6+ months.  So I’ll grab a Nexus now and make use of the goodness.  Especially since these will be all incremental improvements, no new tech.

  • jmo

    As seen on Engadget:

    Update: One other piece of evidence that leads us to
    believe this is fake is the fact that the term “Super AMOLED Plus HD” is
    used; if this were real, Samsung would likely use its proper
    terminology, which is HD Super AMOLED.

  • Ehhh, not impressed. I’ll wait for a QUADCORE beast. I dont care that i dont need Quad Core, but just to say I have it. Same way most people dont need i7’s in there laptops, doesnt mean that they dont want it. 

    AND yes I want to do some serious gaming on it, so maybe I will need it 😛

    • Anonymous

      Psh, you can settle for Quadcore if you want – I’m hangin on to my upgrade for a Hexacore device.

    • I’m waiting for the Xenon processors and 4 mins of battery life. 

      • Mctypething

        u mad bro?

        • Anonymous

          who the hell keeps liking this idiot’s comments? Stop encouraging him.

          and before you ask, yes.. I am mad

          • Skittleoid

            I said the same thing to that guys annoyance.

      • I am waiting for the 486DX-66 with the math co-processor.

        • Anonymous

          clocked at 100mhz.  LoL  That was my first computer in college, it took about 5 minutes to dial AOL and retrieve my inbox.  That math co-processor really helped LOL.

  • thatguy

    Debating whether to get this or the g-nex

    • Sp4rxx

      please tell me you’re joking – as rumored as this is (especially as far off as the presentation is), please use a realist point of view – g-nex vs. actual phone …..

    • Tyrian

      you are that guy

  • This is being declared as Fake since the actual name of the screen is HD Super AMOLED


    • John

      fake or not, originating site got a ton of hits off this image alone =/

    • Anonymous

      Where has Samsung said that HD Super AMOLED is the official name? When they announced the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S II HD LTE they called it “Super AMOLED HD” so what makes “Super AMOLED Plus HD” incorrect?

      I’m not saying this is real, I’m just confused why that would confirm that it’s fake.

  • The picture of it looks awfully similar to the Galaxy Nexus…I’m gonna say FAKE! If it is real though, how come it isn’t quad core? Not that I think it’s needed really but I figured next year would be the year of quad core phones.

    • kretz

      not to mention the word copying is spelled “copiying”