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Normally $10, IM+ Pro is Amazon’s FREE App of the Day

Amazon brings us another app dedicated to solving our cluttered app drawers. All the different IM services have their own dedicated apps, so why not just have an app to combine them all. Just like Trillian, IM+ Pro looks to clean up the clutter and straighten all your IM clients up into one easy to use app.

You can combine AOL, GTalk, Yahoo IM, Facebook Chat, MSN, Skype and many more with this excellent app. The app runs a steep $10 regularly, so definitely go steal it from Amazon for free.

Amazon Link

Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • Anonymous

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    • Scott Willenborg

      You lost me at “my best friend’s mom”… I had a bad experience…

  • Anonymous

    I personally like imo (the new redesign looks much cleaner) but back in the day when I had an iPod touch, I would always use IM+. The bad reviews are mostly because it’s not the latest version that’s on the Market, which is a shame…

  • Anonymous

    thanks DL

  • ash

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    • Ashley Horne

      I just thought that was strange

  • Mr. English

    A 3 star 10 dollar app with more than one ‘security’ related post is something that is has no place in my stable.

  • Chris Vuong

    I already use and enjoy Trillian, so why this?

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, Trillian is free and fantastic. These old apps (half of them are either ugly, don’t work, or are huge battery drains) aren’t worth anyone’s time.

  • jose cardona

    $10 and rated 2.5 stars? It better be free with that kind of quality!

    • Anonymous

      This is the best im application give it a try.

  • Amazon need to apply a fix so we can remove things from MyApps that we have downloaded and didnt like and uninstalled. Half the stuff I downloaded cause they were free that day and figured worth a look.

    • been waiting for them to do this

    • Anonymous

      I emailed them the same thing 4 months ago. No response at all, not even a courtesy “we received your concern”

    • TheFutureIsNotWhatItUsedToBe

      I had the same problem.  You can uninstall the Amazon apps this way:
      (Droid Incredible running on Froyo 2.2)

       > Menu
       > Settings
       > Applications
       > Manage applications
       – Find the application that you want to uninstall in the list.
       – Touch the application to see “Application info”.
       > Uninstall

      It appears that you can re-install one of these Amazon apps on a later date at no charge, but only if you’ve installed it beforehand.

  • Now where is Mctypething to give credit where credit is due? App of the day post ftw?

  • David Hayden

    I’ll pass. I only use MSN, so I just use MSN Messenger Mercury.

  • I prefer imo.im beta. Nice, clean interface, and a web client so I can use it at my desk at work. No ads like Trillian. Wish there was an app that would also include SMS into the same interface. I would almost kill for that.

    • Anonymous

      Imo does not have im push notifications when you exit the application.

  • Anonymous

    I took this deal hoping it would allow me to create a vibration pattern like Handcent does for messaging but no such luck.

    Other then that if you only use Gtalk this app doesn’t really add much.

  • Kianhjudah

    Even if I never use it, I’ll get it b/c it’s free, just like I have other apps on Amazon’s Android store. Hep. 

  • Anonymous

    I refuse to support Amazon’s fleecing of the App developers with this practice.

    • Guest

      developers choose to participate. They are not forced to do it.

    • Mr. English

      Good devs profit because some people actually support future offerings of a good dev based on getting a free app they otherwise might not get. Thereby being introduced to a developer they otherwise would not know. I’ve bought apps from devs based on getting an app or two free.

    • Scott Willenborg

      I support soloely to help fleece developers to offset your abstinance.

  • I like free *&%^