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Verizon Drops Price on DROID Charge to $199, I Think We Know Why

So as of Friday, Verizon cut the price on the DROID Charge all the way down to just $199 on contract. Anyone wondering why?  I’d say it’s because the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is only a couple of weeks away and is reportedly the Charge’s replacement.  (We know in the grand scheme of thing that it is much more than that, but it’s model number makes it look that way.)

It’s pretty well known around these parts that the next Nexus is headed to Big Red first as the SCH-I515. And of course, with the Charge being the SCH-I510, it only makes sense that VZW would look to move all remaining stock since there will be no reason to purchase this phone once the G-Nex is out.

For those of you looking at a phone with a beautiful Super AMOLED Plus screen though, you may want to…well, I can’t in my right mind tell you to buy this phone now, knowing what is coming.  A leak to our inbox pegs the G-Nex for a 10/27 launch, but that date could easily change over the next few weeks.


Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • yan chen

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  • Booboolala2000

    Actually, it would be great if they updated the original charge to gingerbread before releasing ICS on a Charge replacement. But if this turns out to be a nexus or at least a skin free device, I will get it.

  • sog805

    They need to get gingerbread out to this phone and maybe it will be a little more desirable.

  • I figured it was because the Stratosphere is coming out, which is Charge + Qwerty – 0.3 inch from screen.

  • Best Buy Mobile has the Droid Charge for $99 bucks…..what a steal just got mine today.

  • Anonymous

    I still think that $199 is too expensive for this phone.  Once it gets down to $99-$150, this thing will be well worth it. 

    You may not get the bleeding edge performance of the Bionic or Nexus Prime, but the screen is arguably the best on a smartphone currently available and, if you’re into it, it’s one of the easiest phones to root and load custom ROMS, etc on.  And, you get the 4G network performance. 

  • Brad Knepper

    First off though I dont own a Charge myself my wife has one and let me tell you it’s perfectly fine. It’s way more snappy than my OG droid the screen is crazy nice and though she has not rooted or romed it if anyone has look at the people doing it you will see the thing flys. I will agree its not worth 300 when it came out but it was 180 at Costco when we picked it up which is a good price for what you get. Ok now that Im done with that Verizon please ready these comments from me and the rest of the people saying the same thing. Don’t let this be the next Incredible where your gonna give us this watered/bloated down version  of the prime. Let this one be a true google experience.

  • Zebra

    Well this means the Nexus will probably be $300 on contract. Which is not surprising given that’s the price of every other LTE phone, but it’s still ridiculous. Every other carrier’s phones are $199.

  • Mike_cook7

    Thunderbolt had a $100 price drop last night too.

  • Anonymous

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    • Tallest building…. would you like to jump or be thrown off?

  • Brinox

    I’m no longer signing my life away. Hopefully this nexus phone will follow the $530 priceline that the previous nexus phones did 🙂

  • Anonymous

    hate to be the grammar nazi but seriously:
    “…but it’s model number makes it look that way”

    on a related note, i would punch an old lady in the face for a Galaxy Nexus (or whatever it’s to be called)

    • Can you call someone out on grammar or spelling or anything else and not use capital letters when you type?  Comes across a little hypocritical don’t you think?  I mean if we’re gonna nitpick…

  • Alivethruyou

    $99 at Best Buy though!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I had the Charge for a while and I know many people, including my wife, that love it. However, I sent mine back and went back to my Droid X. My upgrade was in July and, like most of you, I am waiting for the Nexus. I am gomna wait and see what Black Friday and cyber Monday has to offer. Can I dream of a 99$ 24 hour sale?

  • Nerdydesi

    Why do they drop the contract price but not the off-contract price?

  • Willfake84
    • Anonymous

      that was awful – the text was hard to read. the only thing worth letting it play is pink floyd in the background. 

  • Foamposite0o1
  • Guest

    Keeps getting cheaper because it’s a piece of crap? I’ve owned one so I can say that. 

  • Anonymous

    That would have been too high at launch really. What did it launch for anyway, $250? 

    Still though, any news that the next Nexus is coming is good news.

    • Anonymous

      $299 at launch.

      • LionStone

        Which I thought was way too high, this $199. is what it should have launched at.
        My bro got a Charge and I used it a bit one day, and it is meh but like someone said, for someone’s first Android, it’s fine. If he told me he was going to get it I would have said, no bro. But he didn’t and sometimes lil bro knows best. But his next one will probably be quad-core up the wazoo, all packed in the tiniest wafer of a phone!

  • PowerofPicture

    It’s been $0.01 on Amazon Wireless for a while…

    • Anonymous

      Still too expensive

    • Anonymous

      amazon is always cheaper so you can’t really use that. When verizon lowers the price it usually is going to be replaced soon.

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus =Charge 2 with bloat. Just guessing though. I know how Verizon rolls.

  • Anonymous

    the charge is a cheap looking phone (it actually is cheap) running the old, and shitty version of touchwiz. 

    • hkklife

      Yep, the old version of TouchWiz is BY FAR the worst thing about this phone.  Good screen, solid camera, and much better battery life than the TB.  Even its size doesn’t bother me too terribly much.  But this thing needed its GB update and new TouchWiz several months ago.  What is it with the continued problems with all of Verizon’s first-gen LTE handsets being updated past Froyo? 

      Also, FWIW, Best Buy has the Chage for $99 in this week’s circular. 

    • Mneighbo2

      Agreed! Touchwiz is terrible

  • SH

    The Charge has been the best phone I’ve had so far. Much better than the tbolt. I gave that piece of crap away. I’m ready for a nexus tho. I’ll be buying one, at full retail, and selling my charge.

  • Anonymous

    I would not sign a 2 year contract even it was free. The Nexus looks that damn good.

  • Anonymous

    Perfect timing!

  • FLandroid

    I guess I’m in the same boat with everyone else — ready for an upgrade but not willing to settle for what’s out right now. And even though I want to smash my OG Droid with a hammer every day, if Verizon doesn’t release the phone we all want soon enough, I’ll seriously consider going back to Sprint the day my VZW contract expires.  Until then, we’re stuck in this leaky boat, in the middle of the sea, with one broken paddle and a tiny bucket, waiting for a rescue ship…

    • AMEN! If Verizon does not give us this Prime then I am done with them. It sucks because I really love their service but WTF. I’m so sick of getting the locked down devices while everybody else gets all the good ones. Verizon has not got one device right since the OG DROID if you ask me. They really need to start stepping their game up!

      • Anonymous

        the HTC incredible was, well… incredible. i’ve hacked that thing 6 ways from sunday, killed it and brought it back to life with no problem.

        one time i got it stuck in a perma boot-loop, but was still able to switch S-ON back and send it in for a warranty replacement – had a new one in two days. 

        • Anonymous

          That is the reason manufacturers lock their devices down, to prevent people like you from ruining the phone and sending it in for a replacement, you know that costs them money right?

          • Anonymous

            i beg to differ. 

            if the manufacturer would provide a system to easily root/unlock the phones, i wouldn’t be forced to use some exploit that could possibly send my phone into bootloop.

            it’s my phone, not theirs. i can do what i want with it.

          • Anonymous

            You can do anything you want with it but lying and sending it back claiming it broke on it’s own while you’re the one that broke it messing around is called fraud.

  • OMG Verizon, throw us something here! It does scare me that the nexus prime has not passed through the FCC yet though………

  • For freak’s sake just give us a date already!!  Shut up and take my money!!

  • Bionic

    Yeah there is a guy at work that has a charge and he hates it.  Problems galore.  I wouldnt pay that much for it.  

  • Anonymous

    You gotta love it when cell phone prices drop it’s only the contract price.  You rarely, if ever, see the retail price drop.

    • Bionic

      accept on ebay

      • Anonymous

        that isn’t the retail price.

    • Anonymous

      usually like a year and a half later retail drops atleast it did for droid x and some others.

  • Albert C

    No thanks. I’m happy with my OG Droid.

  • Anonymous

    So, how much to you think the Galaxy Nexus will cost starting out?

    • Anonymous

      $299 on contract

      • Bear0013

        Im so getting a nexus….I really hope its everything plus that its supposed to be…I would have gotten the bionic I just couldn’t give up my dollars for that screen

  • Mike Mike

    It’s on sale at BBY for $99 2y/c

  • Anonymous

    This phone never was very appealing.. the $199 price tag still doesn’t help much. What time is it? Prime time

  • Anonymous

    Two words: Nexus Prime.

  • Terrace Manley

    Yeah I can wait until 10/27 to replace my OG Droid and my Droid X.

  • LoveofDroid

    Oh it has nothing to do with the poor 3G/4G signal strength, the 2G of on-board memory, the crapy touch wiz UI, mic problems etc….

    • Anonymous

      if that was the case it would have dropped in price awhile ago.

  • Bionic

    Makes sense.  Give the new iphone a couple weeks alone and then give this bad boy a go.  

  • Please let it be 10/27, I can’t wait any longer!!

    • Korntoff

      Please let it be today, I can’t wait any longer!

      • Telephoneteck

        Guess who just became upgrade eligible today! Guess what I am waiting for!

        • Telephoneteck

          2 months ago I was planning on ordering the bionic today, but after reading about the display and of course reading about a Nexus coming soon, I have to wait just a little bit longer.

          • matt blake

            I had an upgrade in March, and ended up getting the bionic on release. I took the bionic back 3 days later, its a horrible phone imo.

            The Verizon phone selection this year has been bad all year so far, I really hope the prime comes out sooner rather then later.

            Waiting almost an entire year for an upgrade is insane.

            I went back to my incredible that is undeniably better then the bionic in every way. 

          • Joseph Moreno

            what did you not like about the bionic?

          • matt blake

            Screen was horrid, and the blur was so bad i would not even wait for a custom ROM.

            The only android phones i am buying from now on have to be pure Google, aka nexus series.

            and idk why, but i just really missed using my incredible, it still feels great to hold and use.

            I did not get that feeling with the bionic, and i don’t want to get locked into 2years of meh/regret.

            and i really want NFC in my new phone.

          • Slmhofy

            Yeah.  Those “opinions” of yours are some of the dumbest I’ve heard.

          • Anonymous

            Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, no matter how dumb they may be.

          • matt blake


            If you own the phone and love it great, I’m happy for you.

            If all you have done is played with it, lock it up.

            And yeah that screen was so bad it was worth taking back alone.

          • tpags

            Your not the only one who purchased and brought it back. It was the screen for me also. For most it is probably not a deal breaker but for someone who has had almost every phone u can think of, I can def tell the difference. Just my opinion!

          • Anonymous

            Why because he is not brainwashed by Motorola?  The Incredible does not have an encrypted bootloader… and that is reason enough to support his statement.

          • Anonymous

            Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, no matter how idiotic they may be.

          • Anonymous

            You just proved your point. 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Seems other people think he’s full of shit too by the likes slmhofy received.  You trolls keep fishing for reasons to spew your pathetic vitriol at the Bionic, those of us who own one know better.

          • Anonymous

            Why is his opinion any different than yours? He owned one.

            I’m sure the Bionic is great for those that it satisfies the needs for.

            I love my thunderbolt yet many don’t.

          • Thatguy

            Oh Christ, it’s a phone dude. Get a life.

          • Anonymous

            J_McClane, consider yourself trolled.

          • Anonymous

            Trolls everywhere.

          • Anonymous

            Your Incredible is better than the Bionic?!  … smoke crack much?

        • Anonymous

          I’ve been eligible for an upgrade since July. I’ve been waiting for the Bionic, Nexus, Vigor and the Targa/Dinara to see what they have to offer. I’m leaning more to the Nexus though…..

          • Anonymous

            htc hasn’t had a $299 phone, lg and samsung did. the thunderbolt was $249

          • Anonymous

            I had it right the first time…but then I changed it to HTC….damn samsung

        • Anonymous

          Guess who has his birthday today?? 😀 I was eligible since August 25th… lol 
          Patience… patience….

    • IntlGrizzly

      Don’t get too set on that day…

      • Telephoneteck

        Yeah I know how these delays work, I currently have a Thunderbroke oh I mean Thunderbolt.

        • IntlGrizzly

          haha…Or, God forbid, bring up the Bionic delays

          • Anonymous

            I am rather thankful for the Bionic delays.  Had it not been delayed I would have used my upgrade and been stuck because I would have really wanted the Galaxy/Nexus/Prime (pick today’s combo lol).  

          • IntlGrizzly

            Haha, well I can definitely understand that.

          • Anonymous

            Yes I feel terrible for all those that got stuck with the Bionic.

          • Anonymous

            Don’t, move along.

          • Anonymous

            I am happy you enjoy your new phone cause that’s all that matters. And I am sure it is simply marvelous.

            But I’ve noticed throughout the threads that you seem very touchy about it.  Very defensive….

            Is everything ok?

          • Anonymous

            Hmm, maybe it has something to do with countless numbnuts calling it a piece of trash over and over again?

            Just a thought.

          • Anonymous

            I doubt it’s trash. And to be honest I look forward to coming back to Moto at some point. Loved my D1, and in many ways my X was one of my favorites. It would have probably been my favorite and would have kept it if it were fully unlocked.

  • My Incredible has done me very will and could possibly last so much longer but My upgrade is now and thats 2 years sooner I can move from the Nexus to the “BIG” phone then

    • Anonymous

      My incredible was awesome and my wife’s Inc 2 is even better (IMO, that’ the best phone on verizon right now). But yeah – waiting on the nexus to drop the 27th! I have a pit in my stomach that delaying the CTIA reveal is also going to cause a delay for the launch. I’m hoping that’s not the case!

      • I’m wondering how they’re going to reveal it now? This really sucks

        • Anonymous

          They will hold it up maybe have a slide show and go through all the screens and how smooth it is, followed by a date for which you can preorder or get in store. Just like every other phone.

          • No I mean where/when will they reveal it. I just want to know if I’ve got to switch carriers or not basically. I love my Dinc but lets face it the thing is outdated and there’s no new development for it.