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Swype Acquired By Nuance Communications For $100 Million

Oh, exciting news for one of our favorite 3rd party keyboards. Rumors started spreading last night that Swype had been bought by communications giant, Nuance, the company that created the voice recognition technology that is currently baked into Siri, which is available on Apple’s newest i*hone 4S. Those rumors turned out to be true and the price tag was a very cool 102.5 million dollars. We reached out to Swype’s community manager Brian Resnik for a statement and he had this to say:

We’re excited to be acquired by Nuance. We’re looking forward to all of the opportunities this brings us in terms of offering Swype alongside Nuance’s existing technologies. For now Swype will continue to be offered as a distinct product in Nuance’s product line, and we will be pursuing all opportunities to improve our products together. This is very exciting for both companies.

We asked if we can expect Swype to continue to receive updates and he replied that business would go on as usual. Hopefully this means good things for Swype as they can now have additional capital for further development.

  • Granted

    Actually this is horrible news. Why you say? Well this is the same company that bought out ShapeWriter, only to never release a new version after 3.0.9, and keep it from the Market. So I’m sure they will either take away the second best slide keyboard, Swype, and release their garbage, seeing as how these vultures have bought out all the major competition, not counting the insanely over-priced SlideIt. Or, they will simply mangle Swype until it’s just a piece of crap as well. Nuance can eat my man meat, I’ll never forgive them for murdering my hopes for a new version of ShapeWriter, the absolute best slide keyboard ever made. And even the original creators of ShapeWriter, who made Flex T9, well, it’s not the worst, but in interface and build quality, it’s miles behind ShapeWriter.

    If anybody wants a copy of ShapeWriter, email me at [email protected]. I’ll be happy to hook you up with a Dropbox link, but know three link will expire after four days. And also, the last version released will not work properly on your tablet, it functions, but it’s not optimized and only takes up 1/5 of your screen real estate, sadly.

  • Jsternbe

    Isn’t Nuance the same company that bought out Shapewriter and made it disappear from the marketplace?  It makes me wonder what they are up to.

    • Granted

      You are correct, they bought the best side keyboard, just so they could take it’s amazing technology for their own, and get rid of the very best competition. Nuance is pure feces.

  • How is Swype worth $100 mil?

    • Anonymous

      That’s what I was wondering.  Maybe they have more brewing than just the Swype keyboard that we as general public laymen don’t know about.

    • Anonymous

      Agree.  Swype is a terrible method of input, I’ve never understood the point of it, I’ve tried it multiple times and it just doesn’t come close to normal typing.  But I’ll tell you this, I wish I had created it now, swype nerd is sitting on a pile of cash.

      • Black

        When I used my OGD……. I had “shapewriter” same concept as swpye…. and it is AWESOME.

        If you know how to use those proggy’s properly you can type incredible fast.  Especially on larger words.  Touch screen with swype is way better then pecking for keys….. if you suck at using swype thats OK don’t use it, but it is an amazing tool.

        You may be able to type Mathematically VERY quickly, but I can gaurntee that swyping would be much faster….

  • Tboltuser

    Someone explain to me why we should expect to see swype or nuance vr go exclusively to iOS?  Why would they (Nuance) limit their customer base to only iOS users, especially considering they and swype already support Android, and Android has a larger customer base.  The last time I checked, Nuance is a business trying to make a profit.  The currently push their commercial products as something that will integrate with most platforms.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder what (if anything) this means for Flex T9, nuances “answer” to Swype.

  • ahhhr32

    Talk about sheer waste of money…. Nuance made FlexT9 which absolutely destroys Swype as a Swipe style keyboard.

    • Anonymous

      Swype has contracts with manufacturers to embed their keyboard, Nuance does not, so far as I’m aware. There were probably cross-licensing agreements in place between the two where it made more sense to acquire.

      It’s way more than just this keyboard versus that keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    I could use 102.5 million dollars.

  • Anonymous

    Que swype as Apple exclusive and lawsuits against any similar keyboards on other phones.

    Better get your hands on the latest .apk before it’s pulled from Android.

    • ahhhr32

      Meh, FlexT9 would already be on iOS if that was going to happen… it’s better than swype anyway.

      • Billyrouth2000

        To you flexT9 may be better but to me it just plain sucks

        • Anonymous

          to both, personally I like the stock multitouch keyboard. I don’t even need to look most of the time.

  • Bet you see Swype go exclusively to iOS….

    • DroidzFX

      Need some swype on those tiny phones

    • Doug

      why would it go ios? nuance has apps on android as well

    • JY20

      Agree.  Knowing how Apple is and their anti-competitive ways, I wouldn’t be surprised if Swype becomes iOS only.

  • DroidzFX

    This has nothing to do with the passing of Steve.

  • Cha-ching

  • John

    nice…wish they’d update swype a bit more than they currently do

    • Thegrandpope

      Wish they would change the way the updates happen, this updater BS is getting old.