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Samsung and Google Postpone Galaxy Nexus CTIA Event (Updated)


Samsung has announced that the product launch event scheduled for CTIA this Tuesday, October 11 has been canned. Rumor has it the announcement was postponed out of respect for the late Steve Jobs, who passed away Wednesday evening.

Samsung and Google decide to postpone the new product announcement at CTIA Fall. We agree that it is just not the right time to announce a new product. New date and venue will be shortly announced.

Update:  Kim Titus from Samsung just released a slightly longer statement:

Samsung and Google have decided to postpone the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event during the CTIA in San Diego, previously scheduled for Oct. 11. Under the current circumstances, both parties have agreed that this is not the appropriate time for the announcement of a new product. We would ask for the understanding of our clients and media for any inconvenience caused. We will announce a new date and venue in due course.

Update: Google released a second statement:

“We believe this is not the right time to announce a new product as the world expresses tribute to Steve Jobs’s passing.”

While this is definetly sad news, it does not necessarily mean the release date has changed, just the announcement. Samsung and Google were expected to announce Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the long-awaited Galaxy Nexus, which just saw a massive leak.

In a span of ten minutes, news of the Galaxy Nexus has most likely both made and then ruined your day, lets hope the wait won’t be that long.

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Homecpwork

    How inconsiderate. It’s a f*ck1n phone that is gonna come out soon. Be patience and wait in bliss with ur family, something Steve Jobs cant do anymore and he was an innovator of phones. And really what does it matter next year you’re gonna be jackin off to an another phone.

    Show some respect and enjoy your time on Earth…Oh and stop b1tchin

  • Anonymous

    Idiotic move.

  • Anonymous

    well samsung is STILL trying to block iphone 4 sales so saying its out of respect for SJ is bull…people you need to stop blaming apple for GOOGLE’S and SAMSUNGS actions -__-  ….im willing to bet there were problems with ICS OR they just want even more hype beasting for this phone

  • Anonymous

    Talk about darkness before dawn…

  • Alexander Garcia


  • Dan

    woah woah, everybody chill! Although the ANNOUNCEMENT is being pushed back, it doesn’t mean the launch date is. So when they finally announce it, it will probably be a shorter wait thereafter.

  • jose cardona

    Steve’s passing sure didn’t stop Apple from taking pre-orders on their new 4S. Why should Samsung/Google delay anything? I’m so pissed right now I want to chuck my computer monitor over to the next cube.

    • Anonymous

      Its not your monitor’s fault that the anouncement got delayed….don’t beat it up…

    • Anonymous

      im pretty sure steve jobs told the powers at apple that “the show must go on” in the event of something unexpected like his death…

  • Bionicman

    where is that Darth Vader screaming noooooooooo video. i mean, fack this blows. so much for looking forward to this week. arrrrgghhh

  • Sinofue

    I doubt this has anything to do with Jobs. More likely they found a bug.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt Apple and Jobs would postpone their presentations if it was the other way around.  It’s understandable if the funeral is on the same day. 

    • babadush

      Google has class. Apple doesn’t

      • You, like many of the people here, confuse your dislike of the product for your dislike of the company. Without Apple, your precious little Nexus would be a steaming heap.

        • Anonymous

          I believe you have it backwards.  Many, non-biased people have no hate for Apple’s products, but do not agree with Apple’s business practices.

        • Anonymous

          That’s not it at all, actually.

  • Tsr980

    screw it bring me cm8!

  • Anonymous

    The wording of the revised statement make it sound like it’ll still happen at CTIA, and thus next week.

  • They are not covering it on the 11th because there are massive bugs in the OS.

    • Nathan Cox

      And you would know this how?

  • Anonymous

    As much as I was looking forward to this announcement, it’s the right move out of respect for Jobs. Say what you want about Apple, if not for what they did we probably wouldn’t have Android. As long as it is indeed just a delay of the announcement and the device itself is still on track I’m okay with this.

  • This is most likely a response to Jobs’ death, and if that is the reason, then by all means. I don’t mind waiting out of the respect.

  • I believe this has nothing to do with being respectful, rather it’s purely business.  For example:  Let’s say you were planning to buy a car and show it off to your friend this weekend, but you get news that your friend’s wife just died, you realize that for the next week or two all people will want to talk about is your friend’s wife, and they couldn’t care less about your car.  So you wait a few weeks and then show off your car.

    I realize that’s an incredibly crude example but basically what it amounts to is this:  Google and Samsung will have no coverage at CTIA with the death of Jobs.  CTIA will be overshadowed with remembrances of Jobs and dedications to him, and Google won’t really matter.  Therefore, by Google and Samsung delaying the demo and announcement by about 2 or 3 weeks (i’m guessing) they allow the world to mourn Jobs, say what they have to say, and move on.

    • Anonymous

      I believe you are at least partly correct, if not right on.  It makes perfect business sense to delay based on media coverage alone.  Is this their only motivation?  Hard to say.   Its obvious that their PR department is currently working hard to spin this away from business and towards respect.  

  • they are doing it for respect for steve jobs…take a chill pill guys most of you dont even realize that with out steve jobs are technology would be behind by decades so just respect googles & samsungs wishes of delaying it

    • That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Unless they were planning a mudslinging Apple bash session which would be stupid any how.

  • Heybobitsme

    It would be nice if Google at least releases the SDK for ICS, if not the source into AOSP.  Although, I know the latter isn’t very likely.

  • Anonymous

    In other words, Samsung/Google are being courteous to Apple. I wonder if Apple would have afforded them the same.

    • Anonymous

      that’s a good quetion….hhhmmmm……

  • Anonymous

    Lets not work ourselves into a frenzy over this news. Samsung calculates their every move and this is just another one of those calculations. While perhaps it is out of respect for the death of Steve Jobs I believe its more because of the half baked Iphone4s that was just announced. Samsung is going to take advantage of this let down and really make sure they deliver without question the phone that EVERYONE will want. Remember the original Galaxy 10.1? After Samsung saw the Ipad2 they pulled back and created the thinnest tablet with the best os on the market. So if you were excited about what the Galaxy Nexus already had in store for us you can bet that what they are going to deliver is going to be on the Nexus level..

  • Anonymous

    Crushed. Was so looking forward to this because of a tangible announcement date. Now..nothing

  • Anonymous

    yeah, that’s bullshit. “dude died 6 days ago, certainly we can’t announce a new phone”… what?

    • You’re not understanding how the world works.  Jobs was a very important man, and if Google were to keep the announcement on the 11th (which would either be the date of Jobs’ funeral or shortly thereafter) they are simply ignored in the tech world, because a product launch isn’t the most important thing.

      Also, every Google press conference/demo I’ve ever seen has jabs at Apple….not a good way to win the public if you take jabs shortly after the death of Jobs.  Google probably had to re-work the demo a bit.

      Finally, by letting everything simmer down and letting the blog world talk about jobs for a week or so, Google can become relevant again because they will be the only thing to cover.

      It’s a smart business move by Samsung and Google and while I have no doubt that they both respect Jobs, they both understand that it will be 24/7 jobs for about the next week or so, and more than likely a lot of the attention will be at CTIA with remembrances, etc.

      • Anonymous

        But I feel like it starts you down a slippery slope. “How soon after the death of somebody important is TOO soon?”… or “Who is important enough that their death should delay an announcement that was scheduled in advance?”. I can see doing a tribute to Jobs at your announcement. Or toning down the Apple jabs/celebratory mood. But postponing an event seems pointless, and a silly precedent to start.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “we agree”?

    WTF does that mean?

    “we agree” with who? That implies there is some sort of industry voices out there telling them they do not think it is a good time to announce a new product and they “agree”?

    Everyone else at CTIA is going to announce products

    100% BS – the phone is simply not ready

    • Anonymous

      It’s English, so I’m unsure why you’re having a hard time with this. The “We” in “We agree” is referencing Google and Samsung, two separate companies. The pronoun used in the second sentence refers back to the subjects of the first sentence.

      I would also take it to mean that Samsung and Google agree with each other, not anyone else outside those two companies.

    • DroidzFX

      But you feel real dumb after the update from Google.

  • Anonymous

    Fail… I understand respect for the dead, but what does this have to do with a new product launch?

  • Anonymous

    I understand this…but I don’t like it

  • Jamdev12

    Or it could beb because of this leaked video of their whole event. I mean what’s the point of having an announcement when someone else steals your thunder.

    • John

      doubt it. prob cause of steve jobs thing. understandable of course just sucks

      • Jamdev12

        Like they all were invited to his funeral? really? the guy was important, but there are 10s of thousands of people that die everyday from, preventable diseases, hunger, war and other awful things. He was a billionaire who lived life unlike many of us for most of his life. the guy is important, but no life is more important than another.

        • John

          good point. i agree 100%. it’s just the respectful thing to do (or so they want us to think?)

          • Jamdev12

            i guess i’ll sit and wait with my money in tow.

        • LickHerMeatFlaps

          It’s not that he was anymore important, it’s that Google/Samsungs demo was based on mudslinging-towards Apple of course-and they are concerned for their image, not Steve Jobs. 

    • Anonymous

      Idk why they need an event anyway just release the phone the tech blogs will take over from there.

  • Dave

    Just wondering, is this a direct statement from Google or Samsung? No press release, nothing on twitter, no mention of a source…

  • Viciousking1914

    Forget this, I’m going to the corner store tonight.  Get my own ice cream sandwich!!! Google’s pulling my leg

  • Anonymous

    Welp, I’m gonna go swallow a bottle of pills now.  Have a nice day!

  • Noooooooooooo


  • I’m guessing they rushed the nexus to compete with the rumored iphone 5, and with the 4s not having any real surprises they’re taking time to polish the phone

    • Anonymous

      Very true. They may feel since the 4s isn’t bringing anything real ground breaking to the table they can take time to polish the OS. Funny they announce it then two days later cancel it.

      • Keith Sumner

        Yep, and now you won’t see this phone until next year!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Shenanigans… shroud the postpone reasoning as if it is Steve Jobs respect related to cover up a not ready to launch phone makes them look good

  • This SUCKS!!!  Now that I got that out of the way, I think its respectable what they are doing (if it has to do with Jobs’ passing) however, if the situation was reversed, I do not think that Apple would postpone an event.  

  • Anonymous

    I think Steve Jobs’ death gave Google/Samsung a logical out.  Everyone thought it was weird that ICS/Nexus would be announced under the umbrella of a larger event.  I believe they are planning a much larger, independent event for the first part of the week after CTIA.  It will get more press attention this way, and won’t be lost in the press of Steve Jobs’ funeral and other announcements at CTIA.

  • Shifterracer

    If it wasn’t for jobs i don’t think this phone would even be around…so i can wait on the annoucement.  I hadn’t planned on getting it until it came out in november anyway. 

    • Magnious

       You know it wasn’t Jobs that created the iPod (which later became the iPhone) right?  It was Jon Rubenstein.  Steve Jobs just took credit for other peoples work.  Just a FYI.

  • Tolfire

    Very Appropriate.

    • John

      well said, sir. is it me or does it take 10 tries of adding “o” ‘s to find that correct site each time one uses it 😛

  • HAHA I love how the best way to appease the pissed off fans is to release a massive leak. Awesome. GO GALAXY NEXUS PRIME!!

  • I’m actually happy about this. I had a meeting scheduled during the original live broadcast. I’m hoping they reschedule it for a time that I can watch it.

    • LionStone

      LOL, me too! I’ve already been preconditioned waiting for TB anyway, so this is nothin! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    How about they just release it no need to announce it until after. I could care less if they host a huge event I just want my nexus!

    • Anonymous

      couldn’t! i couldn’t care less….could care less means you actually care….

      i don’t know why that annoys me so much, but so many people use that phrase and so many people use it incorrectly. 

      • FortitudineVincimus

        My #1 pet peeve… people misuse this phrase ALL of the time. I mean, I couldn’t care less if people use the phrase but if your going to use it, use it correctly.

        • Aaa

          You said “your”. Y-o-u-‘-r-e is you are, y-o-u-r spells your. Also, if you say “I could care less” with the right inflection, it could still work – as in “I could care less. It would be hard, almost impossible [because I already  care so little], but it could happen.”

  • Anonymous

    They probably need a little time to remove the Apple digs in their presentation.

    • EC8CH

      Screw that… Show no mercy.

      Did all of *pple’s lawsuits blocking Samsung’s products from market expire with Jobs?  Didn’t think so.  I say go for the jugular after the disappointing non release of the i*hone 5.

      • Well, may be Google and Samsung know something that we don’t know. There may be a ceremony or something for Steve Jobs. Respecting Jobs or not, if there’s such a ceremony, the media will be all over it, and the news of the new Nexus will be shadowed by it.

      • Anonymous

        I agree…Im not so sure Apple would dely a thing for ANYONE

    • John

      True. I’m sure they’ll remove it this time, but I always find it entertaining the quick little jabs they take at Apple

  • Nobody

    This had better not push back the release date. I’ve been holding off on getting a new phone waiting for this one to be released!

  • Anonymous


    • Tyrian

      silence…i keel you

      • Anonymous

        what the hell happen to my feet!!! i need some ligaments….omg i mean oma

  • Anonymous

    I agree, Steve Jobs death is the reason for the postponement not the leaks.  It is a very respectful thing to do.  If anything they would want to release the official announcement sooner because of the leaks, not later.  No harm I suppose if the release date is the same.

    • Anonymous

      Agree as long as the release is still the same. Hopefully this will make it a closer release once its announced

  • Nate Surber

    Unless the people hosting the event will be at the funeral.

    • Nate Surber

      double post

  • Anonymous

    stay classy, google

  • What does this has to do with Steve Jobs?? I know he passed, and its always sad when people pass. However, this has nothing to do with him. 

    • Nate Surber

      Unless the people hosting the event will be at the funeral.

      • Rick

        I hadn’t thought of this .. but it makes perfect sense.  Eric S and Jobs evidently go back a loooong ways, so .. the thought that some of the people at this event could possibly be at the funeral does make sense. Even if it not the exact same day, it could still be a big enough issue that they’ll just resched the announcment. I am hoping release date remains the same … soon!  I would think they would want this beast out there competing with the 4S … and Vigor .. and Bionic .. and others….

    • Dan

      I wouldn’t count it out

    • a_guu

      apple is suing samsung left and right…. i think its is just a PR move, to be nice, to gain some favor.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing other than an excuse to get out from under the stupid decision to announce a product during someone else’s event.  ICS/Nexus should have had its own event from the beginning.

  • Anonymous

    I am so frustrated! Keep dangling it in front of me… like a cat and a piece of string.

  • Nate Surber

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  • literofcola

    Words cannot express the frustration this causes

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t necessarily mean that the actual on-shelf date is pushed back… keep the faith.  This ain’t the Thunderdolt here.

    • EC8CH


      • literofcola

        That’s pretty close

  • Eddie

     Steve jobs fighting android from the grave!

    • Anonymous

      Out of respect for Samsungs business I hope they don’t bump the release back much because if this is going to take 6 months I’m going to own a new shiny Vigor instead.

    • Tsr980

      to soon lol

  • Justen Castle

    I don’t think that this has anything to do with the “leak”. I think it has more to do with the paying respect for Steve Jobs passing. 

  • Telephoneteck

    crapper jacks

  • Ccianciolo

    Has this been confirmed? I haven’t found any news on samsungs site or any place other than our favorite rumor mills.

    • Bryan Williams

      Yes, the live event that was on youtube is no longer available.


    • Some Random Dude