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Is this the Galaxy Nexus Boot Animation?


With word now out that Google and Samsung have postponed their CTIA Ice Cream Sandwich event that was set for next week, we could probably all use a pick-me-up.  How about a look at the boot animation that should come loaded on the Galaxy Nexus?  Mmmm, pretty.  Would not be surprised if this popped up later on for you all to flash to your phones.

And by the way, as Dan mentioned earlier, this postponement is not necessarily a delay and could instead be Google and Sammie doing the right thing after the news of Steve Jobs’ death from earlier in the week.

Via:  MyDroidWorld

Cheers Gregg!

  • Anonymous

    the nexus 1 boot animation is still better IMO

  • Anonymous

    um…. clockwork recovery??????

  • Anonymous

    That took a while to boot for a “quick” boot up…

  • First off, the phone is a Motorola.  Second, there is an option to reboot into “recovery” ?  It’s been rooted before it’s even been released (ha).  The modding community is more clever then I ever suspected.

  • Forget the boot animation. I like the background on that Phone. Rep’n the D!

    Go Wings, Go Tigers, and Go Lions! m/

  • ???

    what app are they using to reboot?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone can change their respective boot animations. Nexus boot would be obvious to the nexus logo; none of that here. BTW, boot times are going to be different depending on memory usage, apps, processor, etc. Please don’t care too much about them. 

  • Anonymous

    Why would samsung label their phone motorola?

    • Because they want people to know they won’t be addressing any issues and there will be delays in updates of up to 6 months.

  • Anonymous

    Everything my eyes see from now on will just disappoint me…

    • That’s what your wife told me last night.


  • Anonymous

    Hate to burst the bubble but did anyone else notice that that phone was a Motorola phone?

  • Anonymous

    When is the Vigor coming out?

  • Kalel

    I respect that Sammy n Google are showing respect to the death of Mr. Jobs but can we at least get a confirmation on the processor or sd storage?

  • Is the video part of the reason that thing took forever to boot

  • There’s something you don’t see every day… 99% battery.

  • I hate to say it, but this mini-roller coaster that’s been going on with this device is making me not care about it anymore.  I don’t even care about details or any of that crap, all I want to see is a RELEASE DATE PERIOD

    • God forbid you have to wait for something you haven’t purchased yet. They are clearly out to piss you off, you know the consumer that hasn’t bought the product yet. THE AUDACITY OF THESE GOONS!

  • Anonymous

    it looks like Rainbow Sherbet. yummmmyy

  • This phone… OMG….  I haven’t hit ‘refresh’ on droid-life this much since the agonizing weeks waiting for the Froyo update for my OG!  This phone can’t get here fast enough.

  • Patrick Flanigan

    How can that be the Galaxy Nexus boot animation if its a Motorola phone?  It looks like the Droid HD/RAZR

    • Keith Sumner

      Dude, it’s the Bionic.

    • Anonymous

      It’s clearly a Bionic… just ported over.  Or so it seems.

  • Keith Sumner

    What indication is there that this is the Nexus boot animation, I see none.

    • cookiees

      agree that there isn’t any. though id gladly take it, especially over the UI on the leaked nexus. it looks awful, what have they done to android. the icons don’t match a specific them, its just a mess. im hoping that the video was a fake.

    • Laplant2007

      I agree.  First of all, the phone says Motorola on it.

  • Anonymous

    Love seeing the red wings logo in an android video. Two of my favorite things together.

  • MFG

    I’m so sad.

  • Anonymous

    I’d be more impressed with a 5 second (or no) animation and a phone that boots fast.  I say that for all phones, not just this one.  Not sure what people’s obsession is with an animation I hope I only have to see once in a very long while.

  • Anonymous

    I actually don’t like it. Looks too over the top. Just another waste of processing power and battery life.

    • EC8CH

      I almost never question you… but you’re concerned about the impact on battery life and performance of the boot animation???

      How often are you rebooting?

      • Anonymous

        haha…yea it’s not much, just felt like justifying my dissatisfaction for it somehow. I’d prefer minimal to no boot animation at all. Just show me my launcher already. While the Nexus will be different, every OEM adds their own anyway so w’ll probably never see it. 

      • Anonymous

        This animation has to be increasing the boot time.  Personally most my reboots are when the phone stops operating normally and at that point I much rather get back to a functional phone ASAP (like when nav freezes the phone) then stare at an animation that’s increasing boot time.  Of course that’s just me.

        • Anonymous

          Why would Nav freeze your phone?  What phone do you have?

          • Anonymous

            Droid X.  It’s not that nav always freezes my phone, actually my phone doesn’t freeze much.  It just seems when it does freeze nav seems to be what does it most often. When I use nav I may have pandora/netflix and bluetooth going so sometimes I think it just has an OS stroke.   It happened much more on stock than CM7-GB, but it does still happen.

            Edit: More to my point for me a reboot no matter how often usually is followed by me trying to get back onto my phone and driving or calling someone ASAP and animations just prolong it.

        • EC8CH

          Maybe, but I think the animation just loops until the boot is complete.  I don’t think has any effect of the length of time it takes to boot.

          • Anonymous

            A quick way to know for sure is timing boot with and without.   Now we just need to find someone with enough free time to do that… 😛

          • Anonymous

            Usually when you disable the boot animation you get to the lock screen faster but everything is still loading up for the same amount of time. You just get to stare at the lock screen until it’s done loading instead of a boot animation.

          • it has been done before, with no bootimage then it is less. Otherwise  it is just loading pictures in secession and I could make it flash colors and take up just as much time as say just putting a non-moving android  

      • Billeymaes

        Yeah! Zepfloyd you’re dumb!

        • Anonymous

          i no, rite?

      • Same reason I don’t see why people care about boot animations.. i never reboot

    • Anonymous

      Too over the top?
      – Looks eerily like Honeycomb.

  • Bel

    As far as the launch event goes, isn’t it likely that certain C-level Google executives might be going to the funeral?

  • Anonymous

    Screw boot animations!  Just tell us the new date of the announcement already!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    sorry, but a boot video is not going to lift my spirits

    I couldn’t care less what the boot animation is

    (but is is pretty cool)

  • Mctypething

    The Bionic boot animation is better.

    • Anonymous

      Dead wrong on that IMO.  Also, u mad bro? (sorry, couldn’t resist)

    • Anonymous

      You pissed sis?

  • Wow, that shit is craycray… I can’t wait for this phone to officially launch.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my.  Hello there sexy.

  • The Echonaut

    I suppose it could be, but it’s a Motorola phone (ie, it’s skinned with Blur), so I don’t know why they’d show it on a Moto phone instead of on the Nexus leaks we’ve seen.

  • do want

  • EC8CH

    Yum… Nexus goodies!