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A Few Of Our Favorite CM 7.1 Nightly Features: New Lockscreen, Native Screenshots, And Softkey LED Notifications


Anyone who has been on top of their CyanogenMod game lately may have already been privy to this info, but since I had to wipe my Nexus S and be running the newest and greatest Android 2.3.7 build for Google Wallet, I noticed there have been some great new features added into CM7 over the last few months. We wanted to make sure everyone was aware of all the great stuff that Team Douche have been working so hard to bring to us.

Softkey LED notifications which light up the keys when the screen is off to inform me of incoming notifications, native screenshots (goodbye ShootMe), and the new bubbly lockscreen which everyone has seemed to be craving oh so badly. Huge cheers to the entire CM team for always making our phones that much more enjoyable.

Check your ROM Manager application for the newest CM7 nightly, or check the Team Douche website, here. Have fun!

  • Antivanity

    MIUI owns CM now.. 

  • Anonymous

    Saaaweet!  Something to do while I wait for my new Super-phone!

  • Anonymous

    Those screen locks look so nice.

  • Does anyone have this for the Droid X? Is it still buggy as I read previously?

  • Anonymous

    I am disappointed that my OG DROID has been left behind. I am running the last published nightly 8/30 which is Android 2.3.5 with a few minor bugs. But come’on give me the goods! My OG DROID can take it!

  • Anonymous

    If you’re still rocking the OG Droid like me, I recommend Winner’s CM7 build.  He follows the nightlies and makes a few minor tweaks to make them more compatible with our old OG droids.


    • Albert C

      I am rocking an OG Droid too. I am running latest official cyanogenmod nightly. It is kinda of laggy though sometimes…

      So will winner’s CM7 run a lot smoother? And also do I need to wipe data when installing this?

      • Anonymous

        Well everything is laggy on the OG droid….  but it about as fast as Project Elite (but less buggy), and faster than Pete Alfonso’s GPA.  I would also recommend getting Prime’s kernel and the Zepp’s V6 script.

        • Albert C

          ok. thanks!

      • Anonymous

        What do you expect having 256 of ram

  • mysticdarkhack

    Yeah, enjoying the latest CM7 on my original Droid, been compiling it every two or so weeks for the latest updates. 

    Today, I finally was able to compile the latest busybox (1.20.0), cheers.I can’t wait to get my hands on the Galaxy Nexus soon!

    • Anonymous

      Do you know if Sammy fix the saturation when taking portrait pics?

      • Sammyservices

        Hi !
        Sorry, but what about TV out and stock like camera functions of SGS ? 

  • rayray

    i want for my bionic?

  • Garrett Rhodes

    What Theme are they using?

  • Garrett Rhodes

    What Theme are they using?

  • This softkey notification sounds PRO! doe different keys light up for different app notifications (example: Text the home key lights up and email the back lights up)?

  • JP

    My favorite thing in the CM7 nightlies are the options from the lockscreen to open directly to apps, items or settings based on user-defined gestures.

  • Anonymous

    Team Douche? That’s my favorite team.

  • Anonymous

    Where can I get that lockscreen?

  • Kaufkin

    Hey Tim! what clock is that?? 🙂  But seriously folks.. for those running nightly, 210 seems to have fixed the OG’s Camera bug.

    • Ben Kafka

      It’s BobClock

  • Daniels

    Nightlies don’t show up in my RM?? Suggestions? (Advanced mode enabled)

    • Do you have the RM license? That’s needed to view and download the nightlies on RM

      • Daniels

        Hmmmm..I have the premium version, and both the newest versions installed. Maybe I try in & reinstalling..

        • Daniels

          Un & reinstalling didn’t work either 🙁 dubTF?! I was so ready to switch Roms. Still haven’t tried Cm7 on my tbolt. Am using Theory’s SHIFTAOSP rom though

  • goldarr

    Where are the Softkey LED notification settings? I think I’m looking in the wrong place.

    • CivilDroid

      what phone are you using. I cant find them either on my INC 2. Im sure im just missing it somewhere though. 

  • I’m wondering what happened to 7.1 releasing stable that was announced from the BBQ.

  • PyroHoltz

    I checked ROM Manager on my D3 and it’s not available….


  • Anonymous

    so is this out for the D2?

  • KB Smoka

    Can anyone tell me why the last two times I installed a nightly over a previous version like 2 or 3 days later everything force closes on me?!

    • Taylor Davis

      Try fixing permissions and doing a full wipe.  These are nightly’s also known as alpha builds.

      • KB Smoka

        Thanks!  Full wipes always work but that’s no fun….lol.

        • Trust me, TiBP is a great investment. Makes the pain of switching roms easier. On my Shift, I can backup 40 apps using LZO in about 3mins, and restore in about 7-9 depending on ROM.

    • Nick S.

      It would really help to get into the habit of doing a full wipe before updating to the newest nightly build. The full version of TiBU really helps to knock the time down; I can full wipe and be back up to where I was after a fresh install in about 20 minutes on my OG. I usually have about 50 or 60 apps to re-install.

      As far as reasons, there could be any number of things going on between builds.  Different android versions, re-coded procedures, procedure calls pointed to different places, etc.

  • Mal

    I’m in love with that CRT screen off animation.

    • Anonymous

      Me too

  • I love the new lock screen that they added been using it for weeks, I just really wish that the t mobile theme engine could theme more.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of Douche, anyone seen the new Summer’s Eve commercial?   
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxW_ZCd64tg  LMAO!!  BTW, looks good Team Douche! (latest nightlies for Droid1 a little buggy) a little help?

    • Anonymous

      I saw this commercial when I was watching Harry Potter 7.2 or something else earlier this year. Shit was hilarious.

  • Khaoszr

    Hey Tim what dock icons are you using? And is this version of CM on all devices (such as the DX/2)?

    • I’ll be writing up the icons today 🙂

    • Anonymous

      It looks like koveleski’s and thaphlash’s tha offset adw theme. Looking at it will numb your mind.