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XOOM 4G LTE Upgrade Includes Android 3.2.2, Introduces SD Read/Write Support

XOOM 4G LTE upgrades are happening across the country as I type this.  FedEx boxes have arrived and owners of the world’s first Honeycomb device are finally able to enjoy Verizon’s ultra-fast LTE network speeds.  We were told that the turn-around time for the upgrades would be 6 business days, but some of our readers sent theirs off Monday and are already receiving them back.

To their (and our) surprise, we are seeing an upgrade in Android version to 3.2.2.  It’s tough to tell exactly what is included in this version, but one thing a reader was quick to point out, was the fact that he now has read/write access to his SD card.  You may recall this little write-up we did about the lack of write access when 3.2 was first introduced – nice to see SD card support fully working after all this time.

Oh, Verizon tossed in the standard dock just as they said they would.  The new Android Market also comes pre-loaded.

More pictures after the break.  

Cheers daniel and Jon!

  • Newtothis

    So if I just bought a Xoom, then I need to get it sent in for the 4G.  I’m not a customer of verizon (yet).

  • Pinkierings

    I sent mine on Tuesday and got it back on Wednesday, 6 days as promised with a dock, which I was not expecting, I put a micro sd in and was able to view videos from it and be able to erase things on it from my Xoom before I sent it in, now that I have it back I can erase again but when I turn it off and then back on the videos are back on the sd card, anyone having this problem?

  • Rive0108

    Who posts this crap? I just got my Xoom back with the lte upgrade – 3.2.2 doesn’t provide write access to external sdcard. This can already be done via a file manager using the media store API function on unrooted devices.

    …any developer who has been paying attention [to] google this year knew that removable storage would not be accessible using flat file system api in java that you would have to use the media store api. This allows android to manage removable media to guarantee no data loss in the event of unexpectant storage removal. Its just going to take some time for app developers to fix their file management apps. For over a year know google has been telling developers to stop depending on raw file io functions and that they should be using the mediastore functions instead. functions and that they should be using the mediastore functions instead.

    • wwyt

      Reality is the vast users of the (new?) mobility tech tablet devices are not developers. Regardless of the user/owners tech skils they still desire, typically, having external media they can transfer data objects to and from one device to another as well as for personal data protection purposes. We’re talking pictures, videos, music and contacts for the most part with some inclusions of documents for the most part here.
      Disregarding the cloud technologies of G/docs, Picasa et. al., having the basic capability to have the device (out of box new) capable of writing and deleting and not READ-ONLY access to the Engineered in external SD slot was nothing less than a major gaff on moto’s part. Don’t build it if you can’t use it!
      Now those of us who’ve been with the device for a year (who by choice have not rooted their device) and have survived the 4g/lte upgrade STILL cannot write to the esd due to an io management failure?
      That designed in flaw is simply short sighted. Having to pay anything more for functionality that is basic and engineered in is simply either assinine design engineering or short on intelligence.
      Yes I’ll pay the 1.95$, but my point of feedback is WE shouldn’t have to because of a lack of forethought by the manufacturer. Esd write capability has nothing to do with the broadcast technology.

  • Anonymous

    Mine took 13 days.  Engadget is reporting that most others are experiencing similar delays.  

  • Fmclifton

    I just received my 4G upgrade on my Xoom. It is super fast. I tested the speed and it rated 10mbps download and 9.9mbps upload.. The google browser still seemed sluggish. However the Dolphin browser was lightning fast. It mailed it in on Tuesday and received it today Wednesday. They also included a free docking station for the extra day or so delay. Good job Verizon/Motorola!!!!!

    • The extra day delay wasn’t why you got the docking station. They’re giving that to everyone to make up for the months we’ve been waiting for the Xoom to get the upgrade.

  • Fmclifton

    I just received my 4G upgrade on my Xoom. It is super fast. I tested the speed and it rated 10mbps download and 9.9mbps upload.. The google browser still seemed sluggish. However the Dolphin browser was lightning fast. It mailed it in on Tuesday and received it today Wednesday. They also included a free docking station for the extra day or so delay. Good job Verizon/Motorola!!!!!

  • Kenw1854

    My sixth day is up tomorrow and I just received an email from Motorola stating that there would be a dfelay and my Xoom would be shipped later in the week.  No other explaination

  • My big question is, will I receive the update for read/write and the new Market if I don’t send in my Verizon Xoom, since I cancelled the data on it? I just ordered an upgrade package, simply because I want the new software, but I’d much rather not send it if I don’t have to.

    • androidVunix

      Nope. You’ll get an update to software but that is not what alters r/w capability. The esd slot is controlled by os capability, if you can alter the ‘dr-‘ setting you can write.

  • Pinkierings

    Before I sent my XOOM off my micro sd card slot worked just fine

  • Anonymous


  • ppp

  • can’t wait for a VZW Nexus

    got mine back. shipped last friday and got it backthis morning w/ a free standard dock (which i did not pay for the first time around).  As annoying as waiting was, motorola really seemed to take the upgrade process seriously.  Now at least my xoom will perform well enough til the next generation of android tablets.  ps, since i got it feb. 26 I’m very happy with the purchase due to the extra time I have had it.  

  • Myamail7

    Just got my Xoom back….I missed my baby…..

  • Nvious1

    So anyone that has received it backed from Moto, has it been wiped?  Was your encrypted or did you reset it before you sent it anyway?

  • Anonymous

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  • Received mine back today, new dock included. Anyone having problems their Xoom not being a listed device associated with the Market? I sign in with my account but it doesn’t show the apps associated with it. When I sign onto the Android Market website via my computer, our 2 phones are listed, but the Xoom isn’t.

  • Dexture1

    So now that we have read/write to the SD, now what?  Ive reinstalled programs and they write to the internal memory and no where can i find like you do in the phones that give you the option to move to the SD.  Am I missing something?

  • Daniel Archibald33

    The bootup is actually faster too

  • I so want a Xoom 🙁 sigh. maybe after the next 2 models come out in a few years i can get one used for a cheap price

  • Ray

    sent mine off on monday still waiting for the return. i didnt wipe mine but i did encrypt it so hopefully they didnt have to do a factory reset

    • LickHerMeatFlaps

      Some Chinaman is reading all your emails to your gay lover right now. 

      • Ray

        or watching my amateur porn where i bang out your mom and sploosh all on her face.

  • Anonymous

    Sent mine out last Friday and got it back today. I also received a free docking station too. Is it me or the start up screen loads up much quicker? 

    • It’s not just you…this baby starts up QUICK now! First thing I noticed.

    • Rob

      I wonder what kind of tweak would make the start up faster… it takes forever to boot up.

  • Rob Becker

    say it with me… FINALLY

  • Dshudson

    Glad I sold mine in the first week, can’t believe it took this long.. that’s sooooo 2000 and late! 

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the device comes back with or with out being wiped? I removed my google accounts but didn’t factory reset the device, and kinda hope they don’t have to reset it.

    • I sent mine pre-wiped…came back in the same condition.

      • Mctypething


        • meaning i did a factory reset before i sent it off.

    • Anonymous

      They do, they stated as much from the get go.

      • Mctypething

        No, they said they might have to do a factory reset. Nowhere in the literature on this does it say they are 100% definitely doing a factory reset. I’ll be a little annoyed if they do a reset, but not that big a deal.

        • Anonymous

          They mentioned that they would be resetting them many months ago, I’m assuming that hasn’t changed since they never said otherwise but maybe they won’t.

        • J_Blackwood

          You could have backed everything up on your pc, and retrieved it once they returned it to you…. 

        • Anonymous

          just got mine back and NO wipe!

      • Anonymous

        they never said that and they dont wipe them for the upgrade either. just got mine back exactly how i sent it in with everything on it, just reactivated my google account and now its 100% back to how it was plus 3.2.2 and 4g.

        • Anonymous

          Yes they did say that, I have a good memory unlike most here it seems. I guess that’s no longer the case then.

  • Guest

    Also sent mine in Monday. Received Tuesday, upgraded Wednesday…still waiting for it to ship. Hope they manage to ship it before tomorrow so I can have it for the weekend!

    • Anonymous

      Same path I’m on…

    • J_Blackwood

      Same here….

    • Anonymous

      Same here.  They have a tracking number and was supposed to be here yesterday and then at the end of yesterday I got an email from Motorola saying to disregard the tracking number…. so what is en route to Atlanta I wonder?


    Sounds all nice and dandy until Motorola loses your xoom like they have done mine. I use my RMA and I get order not found.. Called them this morning and the best I got was well we see we have it and also see your RMA doesn’t work.. you should hopefully get it next Wednesday sorry.. and no word on the dock even though I signed up for the upgrade right when it came out.. another FAIL MOTO in my book

    • Daniel Archibald33

      Hey try tracking it using your MEID number. If the RMA # doesnt work then the MEID # should work. there is a space on that page for it

  • Xoom is to the tablets as Blackberries are to smartphones. Forgettable.

  • T Hall

    Sent mine off Tuesday.  Basically sent it in for the free dock, as I do not use 3G/4G on it at all (tether to my Bionic).  

    • pes

      I sent mine in for the exact same reason.  Plus, it will raise the resale value when I decide to sell it!

    • Jenzin06seahawk

      go cougs!

  • Verizon got the lead on us wifi owners again to 3.2.2!

  • Finire

    Hmmm… Where’s my 3.2.2 update for my Xoom Wi-fi?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard the battery life is absolutely terrible now too…

  • Mr Josh Zombie

    Just got mine back in my hands a few minutes ago. Filled out the RMA Thursday, got the box Friday, device back today.

    3.2.2, new dock, the works. However, it’s getting sold off and shipped to a new buyer as I type this. I’m rather annoyed with Motorola’s lack of support on this device and it has left a sour taste in my mouth. 

    • Anonymous

      It was a technical issue they had to overcome, ffs.

      • Mctypething

        u mad bro?

        • Anonymous

          More like appalled at the general lack of intelligence bro.

    • Billy Jenkins

      lmao. your lack of intelligence humors me. just saying

  • StormbladeX69

    SWEET! I started wondering about that yesterday since we hadn’t seen/heard about the updates for the 3G version to get it caught up with the WIFI unit.

    I shipped my Xoom Tuesday afternoon, and had an arrival email yesterday. Now if they’d throw in a fresh battery too. I use the hell out of my Xoom! Soon to be Xoom Xoom Xoomier!!!

  • Well at least Motorola kept their word and upgraded it, they could have gone the easy route and done nothing.

    Read/write SD and a free dock are nice too.  Not forgiven but they’re on my good side again

    • hkklife

      Any idea if the read/write SD is due to a new hardware component that comes with the LTE module or is just a part of the 3.2.2 OS upgrade?  Basically, will wi-fi Xooms be receiving read/write microSD capabilities too? 

      • Just software. Should be making it’s way to the WiFi only model as well..

      • It’s totally a software issue because custom ROMs have been providing read write access to the SD card for like 6+ months

    • Yeah, but they sold you a device that was non-functioning OUT OF THE BOX.

      • What Verizon tablet released with LTE and SD out of the box?

        None! The XOOM may have launched without them, but it’s still the only one that has both…on Verizon at least.

        • That means nothing! They advertised two features that took months and months to work! That is why iPad is killing the Xoom. Crap.

          • Then you look at the iPad that has neither, and never will.

          • It doesn’t need them. It just works. It doesn’t use false advertising and future promises to lure in schmucks.

          • LickHerMeatFlaps

            Most apple haters claim ‘no sd slot’ without ever using an apple product. The sd slot routine is as worn out as Lohan’s meat curtains. 

          • Anonymous

            What’s a meat curtain? I have a couple guesses.

          • Jason

            There idiot customers will buy anything from them. We bought our xoom’s knowing it didn’t have 4G or SD card yet. We waited and they delivered, late of course but they still delivered. Most ifans wouldn’t know how to use an Sd card slot.

          • Anonymous

            Say what you will but in all this time apple hasn’t even discussed an LTE tablet. 
            Moto announced and delivered.  I guess Apple is still waiting for Moto to build out some robust modems they can copy first?

            Not that the xoom is by any means winning, but at least someone brought something to the game rather than just another 3g tab that lures in the simple minded.

          • No they are letting all the morons ruin their brand name with horrible battery life.

      • NotRelevent.

        So they sold you a device that did nothing at all? Like you couldn’t even turn it on? Sounds you like you got screwed.

        • Jason

           he is just some fanboy coming over to praise his maxipad. He’s upset he waited an entire year for his new phone to be ugraded to all the phone specs of a month ago!

  • JUST noticed this on mine that I got back this morning from FedEx. In fact, the XOOM is somehow responding better than it ever has before. It actually seems snappier and faster than before…and I’m not just talking about data speeds. Actual screen responses and application launches seem much quicker since the upgrade.

    And the standard dock was included right in the box. They had even placed a new plastic “remove this protective layer” sheet on the screen. Totally professional upgrade all the way around. I’m impressed…even if it took forever.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds great.  Sending mine today. 🙂

      • Fattie McDoogles

        I know that your a big fan of the Galaxy Tab so do you still actually use your xoom?

    • D. Clark

      Definitely agree. This was the easiest thing I ever did.  sent out monday afternoon, got back thursday morning before 10 am.  The dock is great.  Well worth the wait all around!  4G feels just as fast if not faster than my in-home wi-fi with roadrunner lightning.

  • Billy Jenkins

    When will my OG Droid recieve its 4g upgrade? I’ve been waiting 2 years for the upgrade

    • Anonymous

      hopefully tuesday…

  • Wow, finally. Too bad for those poor folks who bought the first Xoom. I know I bought it and returned it after a week.

    • Anonymous

      Your loss, the Xoom will be the first to get ICS as well.

  • Blaudy Rodriguez

    Finally ! Oh, and 1st :-0