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HTC Flyer Drops to $99 at Best Buy, In-Store Purchases Only (Updated)

Get to your local Best Buy immediately.  If you want an HTC Flyer for just $99, you won’t find it online, so I suggest you jump through the link below to see which of your nearby stores has any left in stock.  No telling yet if other retailers like Amazon will be dropping the price as well.  We’ll be on the lookout though.  Firesale!

Check for stores here.

Update:  We just got a memo from Best Buy stating that the $99 price drop was a huge mistake and that they will not be honoring it in stores. Do not make the trip in.

Cheers Scott!

  • CLEO

    I just got me 1 for $99 at my local BB store here in ALABAMA 

  • Jah sanjay

    Best buy has really bad policies in my experience. I try to avoid them as much as I can. 

  • Anonymous


  • insanely

    just drove a half hour for nothing!  my wife is going to be pissed….i was supposed yo buy two for our kids

  • Aantaya

    Just got back from a Best Buy, saying the same pricing error.

  • just got back from best buy in Little Rock, AR.  They said it was a price error, even though the website still shows 99, and the item is marked in store with a $99 price tag.   

    I left because they only had 7, and i was 8th in line.   bummer.

  • 941bucsfan

    Best Buy will not honor the price. They are saying its a misprint even though as I am typing this Bestbuy.com shows $99 price.

  • Darkfyre

    Just got off the phone with 2 Best Buys in Knoxville. Both said its a price error and they’re actually 299 and they won’t honor the 99 price point. Ah well..had my hopes all up and such =T

  • Xray49er

    Bset buy said its an error just got back they said its 299

  • Anonymous

    My local store said nationwide stores are not matching.  Tease!!!

    Edit: Please update the story so you don’t any more other people’s hopes up.

  • Zebra

    Price Mistake: http://twitpic.com/6vz76r/full

    • Paedz718

      damn, thanks. of course it’s too good to be true. don’t have to waste my time now rushing outta work for an early “lunch”

  • is this thing any good? please any body know… is it worth it ?

  • J Dub

    Standing in a line. I am 3rd. Hoping they have more than 3 and if so these other 2 gents don’t lear them out.

  • Zebra

    Reports from people going to stores that are opening shortly are being told its a Price Mistake and they won’t honor it.

    • Paedz718

      i’m about to run down there but thinking the same thing, that they won’t honor it b/c it’s an error

  • steve0617

    Is the pen *needed* for basic usage? Can I use this thing like an iPad/Fire/whatever with just finger input? I know the pen adds some functionality, but is it usable without? Or is this an updated Palm Pilot from 10 years ago in which *everything* on the screen requires the pen?

    • ramifications

      The pen is not needed. It is a regular tablet with added functionality of having the pen available for when you want to write/draw.

      • steve0617

        Excellent. Thank you

  • Kiter86

    Just came from a BB an they said it was a pricing error. Not 99 bit 299!

    • Ksmckay

      Yep me too. Not selling at 99 🙁

    • ramifications

      Same here. Not honoring that price. It’s 299.

  • Bryan Williams

    Anyone know if BB will take a payment over the phone and hold the item for pick up later?

  • Brianschultz1

    bestbuy.com has that price as well now

  • jimbob

    I’m gonna see if I can get one after work. 

  • Brian Lippman

    The HTC Flyer…is having a fire!!!…sale

  • Anonymous

    having no tablet optimized apps suck. take it from a nook color owner who has CM7 on it.  I so desperately want Honeycomb or ICS on it.  I’m probably going to sell it when the gtab 7.7 comes out (hopefully running ICS)

  • Can anybody confirm that this is the in-store price as well?

    • Anonymous

      It seems pretty legit…

    • Dark_outlaw2001

      I just checked and yes it is true.

    • BB will price match the online site if you ask.

    • Jac W.

      I went to best buy…..got the same answer as others….Mistake….they won’t honor it.