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Download 60GB of Data in 13 Days on 4G LTE and Verizon May Throttle You, Thought Only 3G Customers Were Affected? (Updated)

Verizon has made it clear that they want the majority of their new and current customers to have an enjoyable network experience throughout the life of their contract.  One of the ways they will make sure this happens is through what they are calling “Network Optimization Practices.”  It’s a form of temporary throttling that only happens once a customer meets a full list of requirements.  Well folks, one of our readers may have checked off all of the boxes on that list and then some.  Because as you know, these practices were not supposed to apply to 4G LTE customers.  

As you can see from the shot of his account, he has busted through almost 60GB of data in 13 days. Take a minute to digest that number and then let’s continue.  So what happened?  During peak hours, he is most definitely seeing his data connection drop to “slower than 3G.”  In fact, during times when network use is high, he is apparently only able to browse the web if he toggles down to a 3G connection.

Now, I’ll even admit that seeing someone use 60GB of data (none of which was tethering) in such a short amount of time is leaving me speechless, but Verizon’s own disclosure on their data practices specifically say that “if you have a 4G LTE device you will not be impacted.”  So why is our reader getting throttled?

He was told over the phone that his excessive downloading was an “abuse of the network.”  That “abuse” apparently led to VZW making an exception to their own rules.

Update:  Another of our readers (@IsamarChajon) is reporting in that he has done 120GB in 10 days and has not been capped or throttled at all.  Could be that our original 60GB reader is just extremely unlucky. Here is his 120GB proof. Damn that is a lot of data.

*Note – on a positive note, he’s giving away his Bionic over at RootzWiki to a developer.  If you are a dev and interested, head on over to this post.

Cheers Mavrick987!

  • Ryan Grady

    hey what data plans do these guys have?!?! I didnt think any of the 4g plans were unlimited? Wouldn’t that cost a metric shiton if you downloaded 120gb not on an unlimited plan?!?

  • Asmack101

    120g in 10 days WTF!!!. I thought my 10g was a lot good grief. Time to step it up like 12 notches. Maybe I should download Ps3 games and Xbox360 games too  just like our LTE abuser.

  • The angry inch

    So many of you sound like crabs in a bucket rather than adults, who cares what you use a month and how you can’t understand how someone could use so much data? 

    Don’t feel sorry for him? thanks for wasting space posting your feelings. 

    What do you have smart phone for in the first place? playing angry birds, cut the rope and sending text messages? why don’t you just get a DS and a feature phone?If your ‘Unlimited’ 4g/3g use was being throttled, if verizon suddenly decided that you were the violator what would you do?first they came for the 60gb in 13 days who will they decide next is using too much of ‘Unlimited’? for myself, at home i normally have 150-200 gig a month in traffic for netflix, huluplus, video chatting with friends, working from home via citrix. I have been considering dropping my cable internet  which costs $48 a month for $30 a month tethering, but if this is verizon’s idea of ‘Unlimited’ then I can’t chance it and I really appreciate Kellex letting me and others know that this could happen and render my phone as well as my tethered home internet useless before I found out on my own.the only possible positive is the second user that had 120gb and wasn’t throttled. If this is true perhaps mr 60gb was causing network issues and mr 120gb was not.4g has a bandwidth of 100GB/s and 4 gig a day is no where near excessive when that amount of bandwidth is available. verizon is a backbone provider, data costs to them are immaterial. they charge what they can get away with and you are helping with being outraged at a fellow user who is not impacting you at all on 4g. if he is or other are please show some speed test results that show your 4g speeds suddenly dropping. my 4g speeds never dip below 10-12 and top at 19-21 

    • Guest

      I think the word we’re looking for is…..Anyways. Um, it kind of looks like you wasted more space than all of us put together. Geez. I’m pretty sure this is a public blog that any of us can post whatever type or however long of a response that we want to.

  • Wow, better than my PC. I try to
    download 15 GB data for about 8 days! But this phone can download 60 GB in just
    few days. What a great speed it has. 

  • Anonymous

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  • Tboltuser

    I agree with Verizon and many of the other posters, it’s abuse.  So the contract states its unlimited, who cares.  It’s more or less not capped for 99% of us.  If capping the top few abusers means the majority of us keep our unlimited plans, that’s cool with me.  If you think you are going to DL close to 180GB in one month, or in the case of the other guy approx 360GB, you should pay more. 

  • Anonymous

    There is a part that should be shown as well — it also comes from the Network Optimization page:

    Does Network Optimization apply to customers using 4G services?
    No.  We reserve the right to include 4G LTE users later, but right now this only applies to the top 5% of users with unlimited data plans using 3G devices. If you have a 4G LTE device you will not be affected at this time.

    OK, I am Android fan, there are things I don’t like about VZW and I am not posting this not as /flamebait. Some people will not find it popular, there are some inconsistencies in the article. 

    Your statement “So why is our getting throttled?” is inaccurate.

    He was not throttled — he was optimized. Throttling = being slowed for your entire cycle, 100% of the time, no matter where you are.
    Optimized = as long are you are connected to a congested site, speed is reduced. Move to a different site, your speed is no longer reduced.

    Also, you left out VZW’s statement that they reserve the right to include 4g LTE customers in their Network Optimization system.

    Thanks for the time that goes into DL — I read it daily and enjoy the level of dedication I see from all of the contributing authors.

  • Mneighbo

    The most I’ve ever used is just over 5GB/month. Holy hell to the 60GB. WOW!! What the hell is anyone doing to rack up that many GB?!? Just curious…

    This is just like when you’re in school and the teacher grades on a curve…  

  • coremetalbrutal

    What the hell could you possibly be doing to use 120GB on a mobile phone? I could turn my phone into a modem and torrent everything i need and still not come close to that. Ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe Netflix? I know it sucks down a lot on the PC in a month, between that and some torrents lol

  • WhyGetAllTheInfo??

    Why not AT LEAST post whether or not they have wireless hotspot or not? Oh that would be the responsible thing to do, to hell with that. 

  • Andro X

    See this is why we can’t have unlimited. People like this just ruin it for everyone. I think if verizon says we have unlimited then that’s what it should be, BUT… We already know now that if people keep abusing it then they’re willing to throttle. Next thing to go will be our unlimited plan altogether.If we want it to stay I think we all need to at least keep our data low enough to stay off Verizon’s radar.

  • Anonymous

    60gigs is ridiculous in that time frame for sure.

  • Its very simple — If you want to replace your home internet service…. that’s all fine and good, but please sign up for the $20 unlimited tethering package!!!

  • Joshua Granville

    The reason there are tiered plans is because of idiots like this using up 60gbs…. that’s ridiculous

  • Jason

    What the F@!$% are you doing to download that much data!?!?! These people are why we are all getting screwed! Get a damn computer and pay for home service if you need that much data from the web!!

    • Lgreg64

      that’s a lot of porn

  • Chefmg

    Ok you guys ask how do you use that much data……I used to work outside and hooked my phone to a speaker to listen to pandora well I used to hit the speaker off when someone talked to me and would forget my phone was running. Did this for a month 12 hours a day… just radio mind you and I had unlimited data no problem……..2 terabytes of data I used that month just on radio so its very easy if using your phone to stream..

    • Db

      I find that hard to believe.. i do 8 hours a day Monday – Friday of Pandora and barley break a gig.

    • Anonymous

      BS there is no freaking way. Pandora at “High Quality” runs 64 kbits/sec, thats 28.125 Mb/hr. Take 30 Days @ 24 hours a day running Pandora and that is 20250 Mb (20.25Gb)

      • Tony Allen

        Pandora + Netflix + Youtube + App downloads/updates + web surfing.. It adds up, and if you’re a power user, it’ll really add up. 

        REGARDLESS, he was on 4G and per Verizon’s own documents 4G LTE customers will not be throttled. They’re breaking their own rules. Which is complete and total bullshit. He wasn’t stealing anything, he wasn’t abusing anything. He was using unlimited data, on his phone, not breaking any stupid tethering rules, because I can guarantee you if he was using LTE via questionable legal tether, which isn’t possible on the Bionic yet btw. They would have taken notice many, many GBs ago. 

        • Austin Brkich

          It has already been posted that they have changed said “document” even though what your looking at was the original article they did explaining what data optimization was and what it wasn’t. They have updated the article with more information and said that they do have the rights to throttle 4G users if they need to. But if everything they post or do is the new set of rules, then every single company would of been sued out of existence by now. The only thing that matters between you and Verizon is the contract that states they have the right to throttle data users and makes no statement about 3G or even 4G.

  • androidman

    What gets me is why they even bother making a faster network when they are going to throttle it.  It’s like going out and buying a Ferrari and only doing under the speed limit pointless. 

  • Genius

    False advertising is FALSE Advertising, no two ways about it. This guy uses more bandwidth in 13 days than I do in an entire year but if they’re going to throttle people down with 4G, they should say it up front. 

    Now all that said I’m all for throttle down the BW hogs to speed up my 2G/month until a time comes when it’s not necessary.

  • LODE

    60 gb is crazy!  Might as well get used to tiered plans since I doubt Verizon will allow “unlimited” forever.  Some of us were lucky enough to be grand fathered in when they switched over, but they could take that away anytime.

    • Tony Allen

      They can take it away, but they can’t take it away from customers who signed contracts with unlimited. I won’t give mine up for anything. They will have to take it kicking and screaming, and when they do, I’ll probably end up on a feature phone again, with my Wifi tablet.

  • Austin Brkich

    I would like to post this since people are complaining about how Verizon doesn’t have the right to do this. They have every right to do this and it doesn’t matter one bit if your using a 4G Device.

    Does Network Optimization apply to customers using 4G services?
    We reserve the right to include 4G LTE users later, but right now this
    only applies to the top 5% of users with unlimited data plans using 3G
    devices. If you have a 4G LTE device you will not be affected at this

    Says right there on the site that they have the right to add 4G Users to the list to be throttled.

    Verizon Wireless strives to provide customers the best experience when
    using our network, a shared resource among tens of millions of
    customers. To help achieve this, if you use an extraordinary amount of
    data and fall within the top 5% of Verizon Wireless data users we may
    reduce your data throughput speeds periodically for the remainder of
    your then current and
    immediately following billing cycle to ensure high quality network
    performance for other users at locations and times of peak demand. Our
    proactive management of the Verizon Wireless network is designed to
    ensure that the remaining 95% of data customers aren’t negatively
    affected by the inordinate data consumption of just a few users.

    This is the latest contract pulled from Verizon, so if you fall in the top 5% there going to cap you if they want to. It says nothing in there about this is only for 3G so it applied for 4G users as well. Oh and even if you say you signed a contract that says your not going to get capped when they updated the contract they sent it on your monthly bill as a note on there and if you didn’t respond back to them then you told them you agreed to it.

    • Fyrenzy

      i never recieved this email. thanks for the bs though. made me laugh. my email is the one connected to my droid phone/verizon account. how can i respond to an email that was never sent? and yes i fall under the top 10% of data users. i even have, documented, emails from verizon about how they were throttling me from over a year ago. yet ive never recieved this. hmmmm.

      • Austin Brkich

        If you’re a Postpay customer, please note that many notices we
        send to you will show up as messages on your monthly bill. If you have
        online billing, those notices will be deemed received by you when your
        online bill is available for viewing. If you get a paper bill, those
        notices will be deemed received by you three days after we mail the bill
        to you. If we send other notices to you, they will be considered
        received immediately if we send them to your wireless device, or to any
        email or fax number you’ve given us, or after three days if we mail them
        to your billing address. If you need to send notices to us, please
        send them to the customer service address on your latest bill.

        It was added onto your bill, either on the paper bill you receive or it’s online. They don’t send out an email or a letter every time the agreement is changed saying that they changed it and this are the new terms. They make a message available to you that you have to keep an eye out for. And even then you have to look up the new terms or call in and ask what the new terms are. If they don’t hear back from you then you agreed to it be default.

        • Fyrenzy

          nope. dont pay online, nor by direct deposit. i pay cash with my contract. and isnt it within the contract that i have 10 business day to acknowledge a change in contract? not 3 days? thanks for the bs though. i liked the laugh. hahahaha

          • Austin Brkich

            Since when does “received” equal “acknowledge”? There stating that 3 days after they drop the letter for you in there mailbox it is considered that you have received the notice and you have 10 days from then to comply. I also like how you saying the legal contract that is available online for you to read is BS. They changed the contract on 9-13-2011 so they sent you a notice, it is your responsibility to check the new terms. Since you apparently didn’t check and that you originally agreed that if you don’t respond then you automatically agree to any changes by default, you have now agreed to allow them to throttle your data.

          • Fyrenzy

            are you saying you can change my contract without informing me? cause im looking at my bill right now, and there has been no change from the bill before, or the bill before that? no notice has been recieved. no nothing… my bill is the exact same as 1 month ago, 2 months ago, 3 months ago, 4 months ago… no change. have not recieved anything different from verizon. same bill. only difference is the amount of minutes and data i have used. like i said bs

          • Austin Brkich

            Fine, if your so confident then press for legal actions. I would like to see you try and take on a team of lawyers by yourself. The only lawyers your going to find to help you will take your money and tell you that they can’t help you. You have signed a legal binding contract with Verizon, and they have put it in there that if you use your service after they changed it then you agreed to it. They sent you a notice one way or another, if your claiming they didn’t it doesn’t matter cause it states in there that you agreed to it already.

            Now if you want to take them to court they can bring up the fact that it is your responsibility to keep up with your contract. If the local court sends you a letter and they fucked it up and sent it to the wrong address, and because of that you don’t show up for your court date your still going to get a warrant issued for your arrest and there is nothing you can do. I had that happen to me and it sucks, but it is your responsibility not Verizons.

          • Fyrenzy

            ive gotten past your throttling issue, and i have 4g in a none 4g city. why would i complain? i dont have issues. im defending ppl that have issues. i won my last 2 lawsuit against verizon(my disability)( and when verizon failed to mention the restrictions with the broadband card quite a few years ago) i dont need to defend myself to a wanna be verizon employee.

          • Fyrenzy

            i got a good 100,000 from verizon over them failing to mention the limits of their broadband card in like 2008 or 2007. it been awhile.

          • Fyrenzy

            and thats not even counting what i got for my disability(cant walk). hahahahahaha. i got 2 wins against verizon. im defending other ppl with rights. and i doubt very much your an actual verizon personal. anyone can type some stuff and sound official. show some actual verizon credentials. please. then i might get some more money for reporting you for leaking info! why else would you be on this website? no? then i doubt your anything but a troll. Dont feed the trolls guys! its what makes there meaningless life feel worth living

          • Austin Brkich

            Here is a picture of my badge, go ahead and report me for posting about Verizon’s Terms.

          • Fyrenzy

            Austin Texas? wow small world. im not from austin but im really close. from texas. awesome! if your on a leaked website for droid info, it was smart to not have your name nor any sort of identifing number on it so noone can identify you. you shouldnt have even submitted that really. i dont want you to lose your job. jobs are important especially in this day and age. like i said. ive already won 2 lawsuits versus verizon. theres no reason for me to take your job. really man. i was just messing around with saying i was going to report you. is there some way you can remove your pics? dont lose your job over something as trivial as this bullshit. i never wanted you to really post that. i dont want you to lose your job! jobs are important

          • Fyrenzy

            really. dont lose your job by posting pics man. if there is some way to remove the pics take it if you can. really. dont risk the job. seriously. jobs are important. i may not be able to have one cause of my disability but i dont want anyone to lose theres

          • Joshua Granville


          • Fyremzy

            sorry, I am just a delusional weirdo who has no job and thinks I have sued Verizon and won but really just sit home CAUSE I AM DISABLED WAAA and pop painkillers all day and can’t afford home broadband even though I have countless lawsuits against Verizon for a million dollars each.  Now leave me alone with my Bionic, the porn where the dude bangs a horse just finished on my Torrent site!

          • Austin Brkich

            For one, I am not going to lose my job over this so I could care less if people know that I work for Verizon since I am only posting information that is freely available and I am allowed to talk to people about.

          • Fyrenzy

            im not joking man. this site is known for ppl leaking info. if verizon thinks your leaking info you will be terminated. jobs are important

          • Austin Brkich

            I would have to disagree with you on that, as for the process Verizon uses to track down leaked information and all that jazz about getting fired over what not I can’t reveal. But I won’t get fired, plain and simple.

          • Fyrenzy

            im just saying, i may not like you(mainly cause we’ve been arguing) but a job is important. unless you did something to me directly, i dont want anyone to lose their job.

          • Austin Brkich

            I am not a “wanna be”, I have had to call the police to get people escorted out of my store from people threatening legal actions and refusing to leave over this kind of stuff plenty of times. Verizon has changed there contract to allow them to throttle there users bandwidth, if people don’t like the new contract then they should of called them and told them that they didn’t agree. If you like Verizon has the right to not grand father people, and tell them that the new phones aren’t eligible for unlimited data. Since that is also in the contract. They can even change there plans and if you try and switch tell you that you are unable to keep the unlimited data.

          • Fyrenzy

            like i said, a wanna be verizon employee

          • Tony Allen

            What you’re missing here is Verizon legally, CAN NOT change our contracts without going through us first. Just can’t happen, and if it does. Legal action needs to be taken, and it wouldn’t be good for Verizon, regardless of how many lawyers they bring.

          • Fyrenzy

            also have not recieved any change in my contract when i recieved my last bill. so if you change my contract without informiming me, thats another violation. and my next bill wont show up until next month(november). thanks for trying to sound official. you almost had me… until i looked at my bill

      • Fyrenzy

        have been drinking. since i switched to 4g. have not recieved any email about anything from verizon except my BILL!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, both these guys need a life… And no, Droid Life is much more than just watching videos all day long, thats just couch potato life… And don’t they have a bigger screen like a tv and DVD player or xbox?