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This May Be Our Moment [Opinion]


This may just be our moment.

Yesterday Apple held their “Let’s Talk iPhone” event, revealing the iPhone 4S. While most (including myself) were expecting a redesigned iPhone 5, Apple decided to iterate on the internals of the iPhone 4, much like they did with the jump between the iPhone 3G and the 3GS. The improvements made to the device are great, but it left many disappointed. In fact, almost 60% of the people polled at TiPB (an iOS enthusiast blog) said that they were not going to get the iPhone 4S.

So far I’ve been skeptical about what Ice Cream Sandwich will bring. I’ve been worried that ICS will be another iterative improvement, much like Gingerbread was. After watching the above video, however, I’m a lot more excited. The message of the video is cryptic, but it’s exciting to think that we’ll finally be able to see something new from Google.  

The thing that excites me most, however, is the idea that the Nexus Prime (or Galaxy Nexus or whatever) might actually best the iPhone 4S on some specs. I have no idea what the processor or RAM will be, but I’m sure they’ll be competitive. Hopefully Samsung will include an amazing camera and hopefully the ICS camera will show some marked improvements in speed and usability. With a cleaned up UI, ICS may even bring the polish that many of us have been clamoring for to really compete with iOS.

The screen on the Galaxy Nexus may be a big selling point for a lot of us. As we reported earlier this week, GSMArena scored an early shot of the Nexus Prime. The lack of any physical buttons was to be expected, but what I did not expect was a better resolution than the iPhone’s. The iPhone’s screen resolution has been one of the major things that I really liked about the phone and disliked about phones like the Incredible 2 and even the Droid Bionic. Sure, Motorola and others have begun to use qHD screens, but the iPhone still had the best screen available. It looks like that may be about to change with the Nexus Prime.

I can remember when the Nexus One was first announced. I was absolutely ecstatic. I loved the design, the new OS, the Nexus logo, and the potential for me to have the best Android phone on the best U.S. carrier (Verizon). When none of that panned out, I was disappointed, but I hoped that we would one day see a return of the Nexus program in full swing on all carriers.

When the Nexus S came out last year I was very, very disappointed. It was a Samsung Galaxy S with stock Gingerbread. I liked it, but it wasn’t as innovative as the Nexus One before it had been. The Nexus One was a brand new device by HTC with state of the art specs, whereas the Nexus S was really just a celebration of all things 2010. I have a feeling that the Nexus Prime will be a phone that jumps the curve and that outdoes the competition in some meaningful ways. We’ll have to wait until next Tuesday to find out, but my hopes have definitely been raised.

The iPhone 4S is a great product, but it’s essentially the same phone that Apple shipped 15 months ago. The Nexus Prime might be the phone that shows consumers what innovation should look like in this new era of mobile technology. This is a rare moment where Android’s main competition has failed to really do anything that the average consumer will notice. Sure, Siri is a massive improvement in voice recognition software and the camera looks great, but overall it’s the same old device. The Nexus Prime just may be our shot at showing the world that Android can go head to head with the iPhone and come out on top because unlike Apple, Google doesn’t stop innovating.

What do you think? Will the Nexus Prime blow the competition out of the water? Will you be disappointed if it’s just a Galaxy SII with stock Android? Sound off in the comments to let us know.

  • Djstar2k2

    just want a TRUE og droid replacement.  pure and wonderful.  i dont wanna rom cuz i have too just if i want to.  dont want a kid phone with a kb and 3.2 cam on back but i game changer like my og droid.  icant and will never do what the og did!  power and keyboard wow

  • Anonymous

    The Nexus Prime will likely be an OMAP 4430 or 4460 so it won’t be hugely impressive, but I think it will be close to the iPhone spec wise except for the screen which should blow the iPhone 4S away (only took like a year to get something equal to it and 18months to get something better) but that is fairly unimportant. As long as it is a dual core phone with 1GB of RAM it will be good enough spec wise. 

    But the rest question mark is ICS.  I’m hoping that Google really brings the noise when it comes to polish.

  • Robert White

    I’m still trying to get my mind around the market share numbers Tim Cook was dishing to the faithful.

  • JP

    Interesting that the Prime is tagged as a replacement for the Charge.  I would hope it’s not an evolutionary step from the Charge, but a whole new class of its own.  Perhaps this is just for stock purposes because they will now EOL the Charge, and not really about the phones themselves.

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  • The Nexus Prime is promising… but remember, the iPhone when it shipped in 2007 didn’t have MMS, third-party apps, or many other features people thought you needed to have.  Apple did ride on the coattails of having a multi-touch screen, but that happened again with the iPhone 3G, again with the iPhone 3GS, and even with the iPhone 4.  It’s credited with taking down Microsoft, Nokia, RIM, and Palm; Android did too, but that ball wouldn’t have been rolling otherwise.

    Apple’s main issue is that analysts (and leaks) had built up this expectation that it had to *look* like a complete revolution, even though they’d forgotten the iPhone 3GS.  What’s inside doesn’t matter, even though it’s faster than a Galaxy S II, even though its cameras and video should be better, even though its screen resolution is higher.  Apple called it an iPhone 4S and left it looking like an iPhone 4! How dare they?

    The people who are griping (or trying to gloat) are the hardest of the hardcore: the ones who want huge leaps as often as possible.  Many of these are not only Android users but were never going to be iPhone owners for more than a generation, if at all, because they thrive on the Bigger Numbers Are Always Better mentality. It must always have a bigger screen, they must always know what the clock speed is. But they’re not necessarily the ones buying the majority of phones.  Apple has often known that better than others.

    • Anonymous

      Android is primarily responsible for Nokia and RIM’s downfall as the majority of android customers come from either of those platforms (along with users migrating from dumbphones), Microsoft and Palm never really had a large percentage of marketshare.  Microsoft’s Windows Mobile had been floundering for years and WP7 hasn’t done much to change that.  Apple’s sales come from all of Apple’s fans plus a percentage of Nokia and various dumbphones prior to the iPhone.  Crediting the iPhone for Android merely because Android adopted some aspects of it is nothing but speculation.

  • Rob Becker

    It will most certainly be the thinnest LTE phone, best screen, on Verizon and I will get it or I will be sad.
    Here’s to hoping that it is released on ALL carriers, at the same time.. what what hwat?! Impossible you say? Let it rain.

  • Anonymous

    i just had an argument with an apple fanboy at school today and basicly said exactly your last paragraph. i am the tech guy so everyone was asking my opinion on the iphone 4s today. in the past the iphone has always been my benchmark, and i had trouble recommending an android phone over an iphone to people who want that one device that could do everything. looking forward to the prime to change all that.

  • If this is a GS2 with Stock Android it’ll be a GIANT MISS on the part of Samsung and Google and I’ll be supremely disappointed.  If you want a stock GS2, root it – which is think is the sentiment among most users these days (esp. on this blog).  This device needs to set the standard in terms of hardware innovation and OS innovation, this is an opportunity for Google and Sammy to take a leadership position and innovate from this platform.

    That being said, Apple is a supremely savvy company and it wouldn’t surprise me if they announced an i*hone 5 in November, just in time for the holidays with specs commensurate or better than the Prime.  

  • Anonymous

    I wont mind if it is a rehashed SGS2 with ICS. The specs alone on the SGS2 are way better than the *phone anyway. I will say that the build quality on the SGS2 is rather cheap (plastics, etc.) than the *phone. But I’m still hooked!

  • fully fuctional o.s. > app drawer o.s.

  • I never realized people disliked the Nexus S so much. The Hummingbird is still the best single core processor. After playing with my Dad’s Charge, I don’t think I could use something other than a SAMOLED screen. I thought the curved display added enough flair to be extremely different.
    I’m having a hard time imagining myself with anything other than a Samsung device actually. The SGSII is still better than anything on the market, I dislike Sense, and Motorola is just playing catchup at this point. Add the aforementioned SAMOLED HD screen and my only disappointment  is that this device is supposedly using an OMAP, rather than an Exynos.

    • Anonymous

      Motorola’s devices are every bit as good or better than any other manufacturers.  They typically far exceed everything else in build, radio and sound quality.  The pentile whining is overstated hyperbole and Moto has already gone back to RGB stripe at any rate (with rumors of even having a qHD AMOLED).  Having said that they are in the habit of locking their products down, don’t like it don’t buy it but don’t go around making up excuses and nonsense about their stuff being outdated.  Other than the screen (which is hardly bad) the Bionic is every bit as good as the GS2 (they both have their pluses and minuses), the rest is down to opinion.

      No one cared for the Nexus S because it was just a rehashed Galaxy S with stock android and no microSD slot, not bad but nothing particularly special either.

  • Anonymous

    I had an OG Droid and fell in love with Android.  I actually held a iphone 3GS in my hand next to the OG Droid and picked the Droid over it.  Since then, I’ve loved Android; however, my Droid broke (RIP) and I bought a DINC on ebay since I couldn’t upgrade yet.  Not that the DINC is a bad phone, but since then, my love for Android has been diminishing.  Yes the apps have gotten better, but the system itself was getting boring and the Bionic was a bit of a disappointment.  I was actually considering the Iphone 5 if when it was announced, blew me away.  Well after that let down and the new promo for the Nexus, I’m hoping ICS won’t be a let down.  I can now upgrade my phone and I’m hoping the new Nexus phone is everything I’ve been waiting for.  Something that renews my interest in Android, something new and exciting.  I hate Sense, I haven’t used any of the other skins, but plain vanilla Android was the great thing about the OG.  Yes I rooted my OG and probably will root my DINC soon, but I’m hoping for the “next thing” something that creates a new buzz.  Hopefully it’s ICS and the new Nexus phone.

  • Guest

    IF Google can find a way to incorporate the best features of all its partners..  This would be my dream phone:
    -Designed by HTC
    -Built by Moto
    -Display technology by Samsung
    -Camera technology by Sony
    -Processor by???
    -Support by Google
    -Runs on VZW’s LTE network

    Am I missing anyone?

    • Processor by Samsung. Exynos and its successor are absolute monsters.

      • Anonymous

        The OMAP 4470 will be a better performer than either the Exynos or the A5.

  • I still think Apple has a lil sun-sumpn up there sleeve ( or is it down their turtle neck? whatev) with the *phone5. Unfortunately, when it does come out, it will be faced again with major spec fire. If Samsung can step up the beauty/quality factor followed by the new GoogleMoto, we could see a slew of nails in the cardboard coffin for Apple.  All Google needs is a legitimate alternative to iTunes and we could see a lot of crying and gnashing of teeth. Gi’me dat Nexus Prime!!

  • NYCLawyer

    I am stoked!  These videos are being released after the I*hone 4S debacle.  Do you remember Samsung’s response to the i*ad2?  They came out and said, in essence “we’re not ready to compete with that”, so they went back, made their device thinner and lighter.  Today, in coming out with the video and the drop date, Samsung is (i-) SCREAMING: We are ready to dominate!!!! 

    I really hope they do not underwhelm.

  • Anonymous

    It took them 15 months to implement iOS 5 and iCloud.  Neither one was ready in June/July.  Recall the Mobile Me disaster? Apple wasn’t going to relive that with iCloud. Apple never promised anything, the blogs looking for page hits did.

  • Gordol

    If that video exited you, you’re way too easily excitable.  It said absolutely nothing, I’d hesitate to even call it hype.

  • WalCs

    Let me start by saying that I love Android and Google but I also respect iOS and Apple in many ways.

    To be quite honest, at the moment, it seems that Apple has gone patent crazy, lawsuits across the globe to prevent sales one way or another, but they’ve lost something that I really respected – putting revolutionary hardware + software together in one device. After reading about the new iPhone 4S only included camera and a processor upgrade, I was very disappointed because it took them 15 months just to do those few simple things. I do have to admit that Siri looks extremely impressive and iOS 5 is quite an upgrade from 4, but those things didn’t make me go “wow, now that’s something I would want”

    Consequently I read about the potential reveal of the next Nexus device on the same day with some impressive speculative specs on the paper and the next big version of Android coming together, as one device which made me quite happy to be honest because I’m hoping this time our big green robot can take the glory and bump iPhone off the top of the mountain. 

    All and all, I’m very excited for the big reveal on 11th and IMHO that Apple should relax with the patent wars and go back to a company that makes the “next big thing”

    • Anonymous

      If you can’t beat em, sue em.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    I’m scared to get on the Nexus bandwagon. I am excited to see what it has to offer and hope that it comes out soon but after the  anti-climatic iPhone conference and the underwhelming release of Gingerbread. I am hoping for the best but anticipating the worse

  • I just had a big concern…Didn’t samsung have that same slogan when releasing the GS2 out of country?  Ehhh I guess even if it was just a GS2 for verizon I would still be ecstatic

  • Rich

    I would never be disappointed in any phone who will have stock android over and damn skin PERIOD!!!! the fact that the stock android phones get better and more updates is always a +; Not to mention again but NO SKINS is best…

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    I guess this can be summarized with a few quotes…

    “They may take our features… but they’ll never take….. our freedom!!!”

    -or- “Don’t you realize? The next time you see Google Sky, it’ll be over another town. The next time you take a Moron Test, it’ll be on some other phone. Apple, they want the best stuff for their shareholders. But right now, they got to do what’s right for them. Because it’s their time. Their time! Up there! Down here, it’s our time. It’s our time down here. That’s all over the second we ride up Steve Jobs’ bucket.”

    • Granted

      Well, you could have said anything in that post, but the fact that you referenced GoonIes, well that makes it truly awesome no matter what you posted 🙂 .

  • That is definitely a phone in that video, I wonder what the 3 dots on the side are for?  Looks like inductive charging or something along the lines of that.  Definitely a power button on the right.  

  • Anonymous

    Tbh I was disappointed in the Samsung teaser…the phone looks waaay too curvy for my taste and the thinness of it makes me think it won’t have an LTE radio =/ hopefully im proven wrong

  • Good headline, but the idea that the Prime might best the iPhone 4s on “some stats” seems overly cautious – the new iPhone has positioned itself firmly six months back in time, relative to the Android cutting edge. Really, the only edge it had in hardware was screen resolution, which the Bionic and now others are already catching up to.

    The real issue isn’t whether the Prime will catch up in the hardware category — it will beat the iPhone in everything. The question is: will it be a sexy, attractive phone that generates buzz like an iPhone? Will the design be stunning instead of a crappy afterthought like Motorola phones, or an homage a Apple, like many Samsungs. And will ICS include any killer features or an overall smoothness that finally gets people to stop comparing it unfavorably to iOS?

    The question is, now that Apple has stumbled, can Android bring sexy back?

    • Yeah except the A5 crushes every other processor out there in terms of video performance 


      • Its not the same a5 as the ipad

        • allegedly its same performance just on a  smaller die. i am sure we will have benchmarks for it soon enough

          • Madcow06

            It’s going to have to be underclocked compared to the ipad2 version for battery life.

          • Anonymous

            The A5 in the ipad 2 is a large die at 1 GHz utilizing dual Cortex A9s and an SGX543MP2, the A5 in the 4s has been changed for power and size reasons; if it were running at 1 GHz or faster Apple would have noted it.  More than likely it’s underclocked at around 800 MHz like the A4 was, it may even have a different GPU configuration, we won’t know until someone does some actual testing.

            If it maintains the SGX543MP2 than yes, it will be faster than anything else currently out, in GPU specific tasks that is.  The OMAP4 and the Exynos will be much faster in calculations, however, considering they will be running significantly faster at 1.2-1.5 GHz.

      • WalCs

        and by every other processor you mean just Tegra 2? because that’s what I’m seeing in that link

        • Oh my god does your browser not scroll? 

          • WalCs

            “Whatever the reason, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 leads the pack as the best-performing Tegra 2-based tablet.” No mention whatsoever of other SOCs such as OMAP4 or Samsung Hummingbird

          • Anonymous

            Every one of those tablets uses a Tegra 2 at 1 GHz except for the iPads.

      • Well my browser scrolls. and know what i see. only comparisons to processors almost a year old. lets throw it against the exynos or the newer 1.5 one.  that article is not upto date and is comparing to old processors , problem here is the 4s has an old processor in a new device.  we have many of those on android also. notice how people that like andorid constantly say they dont want that android phone because the processor is dated.  So why is it you think oh they are just iphone bashing they arent we all bash android phones that come out with old hardware and thats what the iphone4s is.  remember most of the iphone 4 is Samsung,LG  so samsung is quite aware of what an a5 can do and im betting the exynos 1.5ghz kicks its ass.
        the iphone 4S if or when an android phone comes out similar speced is trashed just as well.  But when an android phone midtier device comes out they dont have a huge press conference about it and use faulty misleading graphs to show people why the device is so great.
        the problem is apple competes with apple and they will always have followers and noone is putting out an iphone 5 behind their back that kills what they just released.  in the android world we get reall innovation and specs pushed to the limit because everyone needs to have their flagship compete against 3-4 other flagship phones. thus a benfit for the android users.
        will the iphone 4s sell millions of course it will.  will apple lose customers to android because the iphone 4s small update after 16 months of course they will. and will some android users who bought poor faulty phones turn to iphone of course. but is the iphone 4s a phone that competes with the big boys hardware released in 4th quarter 2011 not even close no matter how much you want to convince yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone keeps talking about specs.. What about software that integrates with hardware as fluently as the iPhone has done since day 1. Not trying to be a troll, but this is something I need, forget about specs for a second. We need a phone that can kick ass in every single corner of it’s purpose.

    • Anonymous

      That’s what android users fail to realize.  The iPhone isn’t successful because it has the best specs.  It is successful because the hardware and the software work together to deliver a simple, easy to use platform that is user friendly.  Apple can accomplish this without top of the line specs.  Specs are for the blogs and the fanboys, they mean crap to the average user. 

      • +1 and +1

      • Anonymous

        and that’s what iphone users fail to realize… android fanboys don’t care just about specs.. they care about functionality.. and the ability to do tripple fold an iphone’s limit without the need to download apps.. having a file system, DLNA capability, HDMI mirroring without the need to purchase and carry around apple’s proprietary adapters, removable storage and replaceable batteries, your choice on whatever package you want large or small software or physical keyboard… there is a reason android purchases have blasted through the roof, and those switching from blackberries and winmo are moving to android while iphone users continue to purchase iphones… don’t get us wrong iOS was amazing a few years ago and very innovative, but yesterdays conference just reiterated that Apple is doing nothing anymore, in fact the copycat bug is now with them.. innovation will be coming Oct 12 🙂

        • Rob Becker

          Well said.

        • Anonymous

          And iPhone users don’t care about functionality?  The iPhone isn’t the crippled brick that you are trying to make it out to be.  While it may be a closed ecosystem, that ecosystem is very stable and highly supported through first and third party channels. 

          You’re right.  There is a reason that android numbers have greatly increased, because they offer more than one phone.  Android is used by more than one company, of which some of those companies solely focus on mobile phones.  Comparing Android to iPhone is stupid. Despite the competition, the iPhone as a phone is still the best selling smart phone ever.  The iPhone 4 was outselling some of the best android had to offer despite a refresh right around the corner.

          Apple is doing nothing?  OK.  I thought we could have a serious discussion but the fanboy rhetoric ruined that.  To act like Apple is doing nothing and the 4S is not a serious player is flat out ignorant. 

          • read my comment above.  i only see 1 fanboy here.  and 1 being insulting.  you!
            the new features announced for the iphone 4s have been in android for a while. might have to download something but its able to do everything the iphone 4s can do , when you reverse that the iphone 4s can not do everything an android can do.  there will be millions of people who like the iphone and thats fine.  But this particular phone 4s shows no innovation. everything it adds is taken straight from android.  its obvious why apple is suing and not only for compensation or money for each phone as ms is doing. they dont want the devices sold at all and it is now obvious why. there are many on the fense or just dont know the difference when they walk into a store and say show me your best and they compare a iphone 4s against most of the quarter4 android devices i see very few walking out with an iphone. 
            the iphone 4s while will sell millions— in the abilities, specs, looks, etc it is not a serious player for quarter 4 2011.. period!  but we see 200 hitters stay in the majors for years so just because they cant compete with the big boys doesnt mean they wont hang around.

    • I agree, but I had already said that in last weeks post, so I figured I’d come at it from a different angle. 

  • I am confused. You are excited and talking about the new screen based on the video?? The video doesn’t show or say anything.

  • Anonymous

    The Nexus Prime just may be our shot at showing the world that Android
    can go head to head with the iPhone and come out on top because unlike
    Apple, Google doesn’t stop innovating.
    Maybe you missed this…


    Android is already on top.

  • Kierra

    The title sounds a bit cultish …
    *backs on out 

  • Anonymous

    As excited I am about this device, and it probably will be my next device if it comes to Verizon, I just don’t believe the hype. I think this will be the Galaxy S2 with stock android. Why else wouldn’t Verizon get the S2? 

    Samsung, unfortunately, isn’t my favorite company and they just aren’t innovative. Yes, I believe that they looked at the iOS and took things from them. HTC made the Nexus 1 and it was the greatest phone out at the time, like the article states. The next Nexus? Made by Samsung and it copied the Galaxy S phones. Prime comes out and it’s gonna be the same as the S2. 

    The Nexus won’t be innovative and new until Google takes the rights away from Samsung and brings it back to HTC or Motorola where real phones are made.

    And with ICS, again, i think most are gonna be disappointed. Gingerbread was supposed to be some new OS that brought about a new interface, according to the rumors back in the day. It didn’t pan out and all that changed, cosmetically, was a few green highlights everywhere.

    I hope I am wrong, but not gonna get my hopes up for something that is revolutionary.

    • What more do you want than the newest version of Android on a sexy phone with great specs?

      • Anonymous

        i would like something more than the same phone with a new name. like i said, i think this is gonna be the same thing as the galaxy s2 with a new name and shell. samsung isn’t exactly known for their innovation.

    • Wow your thoughts are almost the same as mine.

    • TrivialTweeter

      How can you say the Prime will just be a Galaxy S2 with stock Android? From what we know about the device, that is nowhere near true.

      The SGS2 uses Samsung’s Exynos processor, while the Nexus will use an OMAP from TI. The screen on the SGS2 is a SAMOLED+, while the Prime uses a higher resolution SAMOLED HD screen. I’d say those are the 2 main technologies that set a mobile device apart from its competitors.

      That being said, the Nexus Prime will be nothing like the SGS2.

  • It has nothing to do with Android going head to head with Apple and coming out on top.  It’s already done that.  Android devices already outsell the iPhone many times over.  But if you’re talking about the Nexus brand over the iPhone brand or the perception of a single Android phone actually being better than and outselling the iPhone, that’s another story altogether.  Though the SGSII already outsells the iPhone 4 worldwide now anyway.

    Also, I really don’t see ICS being that revolutionary. It’ll be mostly cosmetic, getting rid of the physical buttons and adding some polish to the UI, that’s about it. Sure, it’ll be a sexy phone, but the biggest thing about this phone is Nexus + Verizon. Up until now Google’s Nexus brand has had to compete on “lesser” networks like T-mobile and Sprint. Now they’re letting it lose with the big boys, so now the real games begin.

  • Anonymous

    Opinions are like @ssholes, everyone has one and no one really cares… 

    Seriously the last 2 days are filled with editorial posts all over the web, mostly on Android sites. Move on, the customer will pick what they like and that’s it. This us vs them mentality is really childish. Who cares who has what? Specs aren’t everything, neither is mindshare. Consumers will vote with their wallets on what makes them happy. There are no winners or losers. Competition is good.

    • You’re kind of contradicting yourself man.  You’re saying competition is good obviously because it leads to innovation.  At the same time you’re saying who cares who has what…Anyone who wants apple to fail is a moron because it won’t force other manufacturers to not just improve things but take the next step.  Siri is amazing because now google will have to leap frog over them in voice recognition tech. 

      • Siri has less to do with voice recognition, and more to do with language understanding.  Google is already really really good at recognizing voices and words.  What Voice Search on an Android phone doesn’t do is understand full sentences and interact with you.

      • Siri is not voice recognition. Nuance is the voice recognition which Siri uses. Siri is more or less artificial intelligence which recognizes the words you are using and figures out what you are saying. It is in no way similar to Google Voice Actions which require you to say a specific keyword to initiate an action. 

        • EC8CH

          If it’s so smart does Siri order me an android phone if I ask it to navigate somewhere?

      • Anonymous

        I’m not contradicting myself at all, and yes who cares who has what. Android users tend to defend themselves on spec basis, “my phone is better than yours because I have XYZ, your Crapple DiephoneS only has qwe HA HA HA”  It’s pretty idiotic. What defines better anyway? This example is perfect in the tablet space. For all intents and purposes Android tablets have better specs than the iPad and have all failed pretty hard so far. Maybe it’s because they all cannibalize each other (whats realllllly different about the TAB, Xoom, etc anyway, especially to an average consumer) or maybe it’s because they haven’t INNOVATED enough, be it Google or OEM to make the consumer happy. Now Amazon comes along and so far, GETS it, and may have a winner with something that doesn’t even have a camera or close to the “best specs” Competition and innovation comes in many forms.

  • Anonymous

    It’s Honeycomb on a phone.  Nothing more to think about on what could be coming.  Use a HC tablet? Then you know what you will have; just scaled down.

    still worth getting a little wood for; right?

    • Anonymous

      Source? Or did you just make that up?

      • Anonymous

        -only source is Google I/O data that ICS will bring HC like experience to the phones and tablets.
        -and then the leaked video which may or may not be real
        -and the fact Google did not have time to do anything really evolutionary above HC other than get one release that works on all platforms regardless of display size and density.

        so merely a hypothesis.

        • Anonymous

          They also showed off facial recognition, so there’s at LEAST one more thing in there.

          • Anonymous

            yes that’s right.  good point.   i am hoping for all good things but just not a major change over my Gtab GIO version.  smaller, lighter, and can make calls……I will get it for sure to replace my Dinc.

    • Anonymous

      People like to get themselves worked up in a frenzy.   I fully expect people to be disappointed with ICS, once again.  It’s not going to be some massive upgrade and complete redesign of android, it’s going to be HC with features and GUI elements from GB.  Most likely the biggest changes will be in the UI (along with getting rid of buttons) and possibly OS wide hardware acceleration.

  • salto571

    I am not partial to apple or google. I have a droid charge and my brother has an iphone. But honestly, his is faster, doesn’t force close, has great syncronization with his computer, and doesnt get force closes. My phone has a screen thats over an inch larger than his but his keyboard is more responsive. and why can any android phone get anywhere near the retina display. thats disgusting. when i root or have to switch phones, if i want any settings to be the same i need to own titanium backup and root. he can just sync a new phone and viola. this one now has the drop down status bar, 8mp camera, and is even faster than the previous model which was faster than most of our phones anyway. OH and iphones dont have blur, touchwiz or sense. Why would I stay on android anymore? its really just for the rooted free tethering

    • I’m sorry but the Droid Charge is basically known to be a POS.  Not trying to be mean, but it’s not a fair comparison to the iPhone, it’s not even in the same league.  The only thing that can really compete with an iPhone right now is the SGSII, and soon the Nexus Prime.

      • salto571

        thank you for that. you are saying that the only thing in the leagee of an iphone 4 is and android with LTE, dual core, and and 8 mp camera. I agree. but it sucks that you have to put all of that stuff into a phone to make it compete with an older phone. and now the 4s seems like it is blowing them out of the water again. And for sh*ts and gigs, you say the charge is a POS? name a single core device on verizon that can compete with iphone 4 in its stock form. the other wireless carriers dont count because service sucks on all the rest

        • Mannysaurus

          So at first I thought you were really just a disappointed, misunderstood Android customer. Now, I see you’re just an i*hone fanboy. Now, I’m not a huge Android person in the sense that I buy every phone that has ever come out. I upgraded to a Motorola Droid from a Blackberry Storm a few months after the Droid’s debut and I’m still completely satisfied.

          I’d like to start this off by saying learn how to type. There are so many typos in your arguments that it makes me want to slap your second grade teacher. Secondly, the i*hone 4S barely brings anything new to the table. It will not “blow” phones out of the water. And look at you there in those last two sentences, trying to sound superior. “name one SINGLE CORE”-stop. Stop. See, unlike Apple, we like to innovate. We like to use dual-core processors because they are better. Just because the i*hone does not have a dual-core processor doesn’t mean we have to compete using a single core processor. “other wireless carriers don’t count because service sucks on all the rest”-hello, fanboy. Android is on multiple carriers and the carrier does not determine how good a phone is. The phone determines how good the phone is. This might seem like a crazy idea to you but it’s true. This is only your most recent argument, you’ve been wrong in a number of others.

          TL;DR Your arguments are weak and incorrect, Apple fanboy.

    • Atrain729

      This argument is pretty silly. Google and android have mastered the cloud. Your phone synchronization will come back with any new android device you have, sure you’ll have to restore your settings and redownload any apps you may have purchased but that is only because there is so much more customization on an android. Furthermore you could do all of your syncing: music, contacts, photos, documents, emails instantly at set up and not only that but it is using cloud storage not phone storage. So whereas a new iPhone user would need to tether to restore settings from an iTunes account and waste valuable system space doing so you would be up and running with room to spare. Also if your annoyed that your launcher settings or backgrounds or widgets need to be reset reapplied on a new phone and your brothers new iphone would just be “instantly backed up” into his rows of icons. Just be lucky you can even do such things on android. Nuff said

    • Anonymous

      ” if i want any settings to be the same i need to own titanium backup and root. he can just sync a new phone and viola. ”

      Umm…. you do know android does this automatically for you, yes? And automatically restores everything as soon as you log in on the new phone, without *needing* a computer?

      As for the retina display, there are quite a few qHD screened phones out there(which match the resolution on the iPhone 4/4S albeit in a different aspect ratio), you just didn’t choose one. 

      If you’re seeing force closes at all often, something is wrong with your phone. Outside some 3rd party ROM ports of leaked test versions of a future update and my own test versions of an app I’m working on, I have yet to see a force close on my Droid Charge(which I’ve had for a few months now).

      There’s also the fact that I(and therefore you as well) typically get ~20Mbps download speeds off LTE, something impossible on any iPhone.

      Finally, you’re comparing a new dual core phone to a SINGLE CORE one which is essentially nothing more than an original Galaxy S(from 2010) with LTE. No kidding it’s faster. Try comparing it to the Droid Bionic, or the Evo 3D, or the Droid 3, or the Galaxy S 2.

      • salto571

        1)i have never once wiped my phone back and gotten anything besides my google apps back with out ANY data or settings and contacts. the only way i have ever been able to get more was with a titanium or doing a nandroid restore

        2)the qhd screens match the resolution in pixels but are pentile and look awful. why would you bring that up, that only further confirms what i said. 

        3) i get force closes all the time when i’m running CPU intensive apps and everyone i know on android has experienced this before

        4) LTE means high data speeds but is ultimately useless unless you are tethering your computer becuause if you need something huge on your phone, most of the time you can use wifi. and you need to pay for wifi unless rooted so LTE isnt helpful. i have had LTE for 5 months now… nothing special

        5) I’m saying that the iphone 4 (single core) was faster than any single core android ive encountered including an overclocked rooted droid charge. it is also more stable. iphone 4s i guarantee to be faster than any dual core android becasue of the proprietary skins that have built in apps that run in the background that you need to root to remove. 

        • Anonymous

          Huh, I guess stuff has just worked better for me.

          Also, not ALL qHD screens(not even all the ones I mentioned) are pentile.

          Anyway, to each his/her own. Personally, I find android phones to be MUCH faster than any iPhone/iPad I’ve seen(especially with the 1-2 second wait times any time you go back to the homescreen, even on the iPad 2)

        • Anonymous

          1) this feature was introduced in Froyo, you need to enable it in settings if it isn’t automatically, it’s common knowledge
          2) OK, but 3 720p phones will be out by years end without pentile, so a short term problem
          3) You’re got a lemon of a phone, my DX running stock or CM7 rarely fc’s
          4) it’s not just about size, but speed.  Using LTE you get your pages to load faster and apps that need internet to perform better with vastly superior latency.  You should be able to tell the difference on your phone for anything using the Internet.
          5) How can you guarantee that without benchmarks or real world testing?  Unless of course who simply reply on Apple slides for your facts. 

          In short I find it hard to believe you even own a 4G or any Android phone.

    • Sorry dude but you sound like you never owned a android device…troll

      • salto571

        I’ve owned android since the OG and ive had htc, sammy, and motorola. none seem to compare to the iphone. i want android to be better especially because i’ve been a loyal customer but im just not seeing the quality.

        • Anonymous

          the reason he said you never owned an android device is because if you’re getting force closes and unresponsiveness then you are doing something very very wrong.. maybe it has to do with you rooting?  My droidx force closes no more than my iphone.. I will say my iphone4 gets slightly better battery life than my DX (my dx is pretty incredible for an android phone bat wise) but it’s because it is my work phone and I use it 3 times less

          • salto571

            you are misunderstang. im saying that every android ive owned (4 of them) or my friends have owned has at least gotten force closes once and a while and gets very slow somewhat often. i havent seen an iphone force close or slow down once.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t even know how to respond to such nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    Will the Verizon flavor of the Nexus phone have LTE? I must know!!!

    • Yes

    • Anonymous

      tis possible; but not likely at that thickness if only for battery reasons. my opinion

    • It does have lte….this is a fact don’t let anyone tell you otherwise their just misinformed

  • That’s the drawback of the iPhone – because it’s just ONE model that has to appease EVERYONE, you won’t get the biggest or baddest. The 3.5″ screen size is completely outdated. All serious smartphone contenders now have a screen size of 4″ or larger, but Apple didn’t want to alienate the people who don’t enjoy a larger screen so they had to settle for the lowest common denominator, which in and of itself is limiting. The iPhone really needs to be diversified – not just rehashing old models and selling them for cheaper, but there needs to be different models with different specs. The “laymen” can get the dumbed-down phone with middle of the road specs while the enthusiasts will go for the one with the larger screen, etc. 

    Honestly, if they had just upped the screen size, I don’t think they would have received so much “disappointment”. 

    • No they didn’t up the screen size because apps would not look good on the bigger screen and it would be a lot for developers to have to change their apps for big and small screens. Ios doesn’t have the code yet to be able to do this…I’m thinking ios 6 will probably bring that reature

  • Adam Wiggins

    While this will be an awesome chance for Android to gain some traction, I’m betting the Nexus Prime/ICS will do it on it’s own merits alone. 

    Yes, people are disappointed about the iPhone Fours(4S), but do you remember the reception after the announcement of first iPad?  Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly, but I don’t remember anyone being excited about the iPad.  Look how that turned out.

    • That’s a little different the I pad was the first of its kind for the average consumer so no one knew exactly how it would turn out

      • Adam Wiggins

        You’re right, it is a first of it’s kind, but it still stands that the device was panned by everyone and ended up selling like hotcakes. 

        It’s an Apple product, they will sell to poorly informed and the Apple faithful irregardless of what us techies think. 

        • Anonymous


  • Noble Four

    This is how I have been feeling the past few days. As Jerry mentioned on AC, Apple isn’t setting the bar anymore. It is our chance. I’m really hoping Google has something great planned. Or we might be just as disappointed as Apple fans. This is my nightmare: “Man that Apple announcement was lame last week… But did you see the Google announcement? What a slow year.”

  • Anonymous

    I think if this does dock in a tablet, that’ll be the killer feature of the year. Otherwise, it won’t generate that much buzz and most people will be fine waiting to upgrade until their contract is up.

    • Anonymous

      you’re crazy!  Not much buzz??  the buzz is about the phone!  speculation of a tablet is a little far fetched and has not been mentioned until this am…most people?  did you take a census?  you should write for macrumors….

    • If it docks into a tablet? I highly doubt that will be a killer feature. If they come out and say that this is the major feature I would be disappointed

    • Anonymous

      Asus is the one making a phone that docks into a tablet, not Samsung or Google.

  • Chris G

    The only thing that would disappoint me is if it is not a real nexus product on VZ.  We have been shortchanged ever since the OG Droid at VZ.

  • Patience is Bliss

    I have waited for the Bionic ever since it was first a rumor last year as the “Droid Terminator” and followed it all the way to its release….when it finally came out, it wasn’t so hot anymore since other devices were matching it in specs so I decided to wait since the HTC Vigor is supposedly right around the corner.  And NOW this article made me really want to wait for the Nexus Prime.  Droid-Life, you are my life and my bane.

  • JD

    Completely agree!!! Why doesn’t Big Red like the little Green Robot without extra makeup?

  • JD

    doubt it

  • Dr Piranha

    “The thing that excites me most, however, is the idea that the Nexus
    Prime (or Galaxy Nexus or whatever) might actually best the iPhone 4S on
    some specs.”

    Um… you realize that there are already Android phones that best the iPhone 4S, right? Ones that have been out for 3 or 4 months, no less.

    • Dr Piranha

      I should note that when I say “best,” I mean that strictly based on hardware.

    • Beat 4S’s camera? Beat it’s screen resolution? Battery Life?

      • No ones actually used the camera and the ip4 camera wasn’t that great as people made it seem but that might of been because of how people overhyped it

        • By not that great do you mean highest ranked by nearly every tech magazine. If thats what you mean then yeah its not that great. 

          • So the camera is great because tech magazines say its great perfect logic thanks

          • No because tech magazines actually compare the cameras in multiple phones instead of using the second hand knowledge that you rely on. 

          • Anonymous

            Phone Arena conducted multiple blind camera tests and the iphone 4 scored average each time.  There were a variety of other phones that took better pictures, sometimes much better depending on the conditions.

            The facts speak for themselves.

          • the fact that you are choosing to take one test over multiple tests does speak for itself. 

          • Anonymous

            The difference being the so called tests you refer to weren’t unbiased blind tests nor concluded though peer votes. Phone Arena also didn’t just have one test, notice I said multiple and tests?  Keep making up excuses.

    • Anonymous

      Depends on the spec. Processor has been bested, but only very recently, with the newer 1.2GHz dual cores. GPU exceeds any one in any other phone. Resolution hasn’t been matched in the US, and was only exceeded with the Galaxy S II LTE HD(which, is that even out yet in Korea?)

      Also, I should note that, from what I’ve seen, those 1.2GHz dual core processors have used Qualcomm’s Scorpion cores. So comparing those to the pure Cortex A9 in the A5 chip might not be such a win as you’d expect.

      • Anonymous

        The GPU is the only advantage Apple has with their A5, the Exynos and the OMAP4 are faster in floating point and integer operations however.

        Resolution matters not in the context of cell phone screen size, we are already well beyond the threshold of the human eyes capability of distinguishing the differences. Besides, AMOLED technology produces far better image quality than the LCD panel Apple is using in all matters other than raw pixel density.

        • Thank you for going back to “contribute mode”.  You’ve been a troll lately… quip here, quip there.

          • Anonymous

            People push me into troll mode when they post asinine rhetoric stated as fact.

  • Anonymous

    I’m holding out for this phone, if this phone doesn’t hold up I fear I may switch to the iPhone. I love Android as an OS but I’m fearful that they won’t deliver. I’m sick of crappy battery life, and I’m a bit frustrated with shotty UIs and the fragmentation. I’ve had many androids, currently sporting a rooted Thunderbolt but ugh…

    • Djenks24

      Agreed that the Thunderbolt was a waste of silicon, (I have one now and hate it) it still is not enough to leave Android.  When I get frustrated with the Thunderbolt I just pull out my OG Droid and use it until I can’t handle the small screen anymore!!

      • Anonymous

        I am aware of the “you shouldn’t have to root to fully enjoy your phone”, but seriously, do it. And get an extended battery. I couldn’t be happier with my thunderbolt. Yes, early adopters had to deal with a plethora of issues, but there’s no reason your thunderbolt can’t be amazing now.

        • Djenks24

          I am rooted, running OMFGB Mecha.  Just came from CM7.  Got rid of the reboots but still has a serious signal issue.  When I’m in the field (depending on the location) I can carry my Thunderbolt (as long as I’m near a charger) but if I’m in the office or at certain jobsites I take the OG Droid or my Wife’s Droid X.  I just seems to pull in a better signal which probably explains why I’m still having issues with the battery.

    • Anonymous

      U need to be shot!

    • Well people that got the thunderbolt were just beta testers for the 4g network….the thunderbolt was horrible but it was needed so manufacturers understand how lte will work with hardware and software etc…but it does suck as a phone no doubt

  • Dan

    The green vs blue all but confirms ICS, (gingerbread vs honeycomb) (Better Together)

    • wachutalknboutwillis

      I think you mean… gingerbread + honeycomb = ICS (better together)

  • Anonymous

    Nice job!  

    I just need to ignore my computer now because I have read about 50 editorials today about… well, you know.

  • Anonymous

    I think Apple focused on software this time and I think Google focused on hardware. Based on the leaked screen shots (if they’re real), ICS seems to be a let down for those of us that had hoped we would see a big OS overhaul. Still think that the nexus is going to be a great phone, I am just hoping that Google really worked on improving the stock experience. 

    • How can you make that statement without actually seeing the real thing? These are all rumors and the video was horrible. You can’t make judgement until you see it for real

  • I have decided what makes a poor phone is having an unimportant S in the name

  • Nexus Prime! Nexus Prime! Nexus Prime! 

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a GSM device to me. I bet Verizons version is a lot thicker and bloated. Thats how Verizon rolls.

    • Anonymous

      Like verizons version of iphone 4??  

  • Anonymous

    The only thing that worries me about the Prime is the hardware. Never liked Sammy’s hardware, and if it’s not an improvement, I’ll just wait for the RAZR.

    • Anonymous

      samsung has always been great hardware wise it was always the software that bogged it down.

      • Anonymous

        True, but there hardware has had some issues. The radio in the Charge is terrible. I drop calls all day with it. Even the phone frame is a bit too much plastic for me. In my opinion, a DROID Prime by Motorola would have been much better, but of course its hard to say anything before we’ve even seen it let! haha

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been waiting months and months to replace my OG… it has been a warrior and has survived many a battle but it is wearing down. Either the Prime or the Vigor is going to be my next phone… I assume the Prime (especially if it lands on Verizon) will be my next phone, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. Both have me very excited and I’m prepared to lay down the couple hundred dollars. It’s really about time Google/Manufacture name here laid down a product that has the backing to shit on i*hones… here is to hoping that there will be a massive marketing campaign to kick those iOS ads in the balls.

  • This is exactly what I am thinking.  This may be the tipping point towards Android in the US, however I think Apple is making a push for the global market with the 4S and is not as focused on the US market at this point.

  • Does the spec on the Nexus Prime display best Apple’s? Looks like the Prime is 320PPI and the iPhone is 326PPI?

    • Anonymous

      Anything over ~300 is invisible to the human eye. And it’s on a 4.6″ screen. So I’d say yes. At least, unless you use your phone with a magnifying glass.

    • Eric Jones

      I think where they can best it is by having a larger screen.  I know for me, personally, the limiting factor of the iphone is the screen size.  3.5″ is pretty small by today’s standards.  I’m sure they have usability studies that back up that screen size as the most “ideal”, but the 4″+ screens on all of the new flagship android devices is appealing, if only on paper.

  • Anonymous

    For the last time, the name “Galaxy Nexus” will NOT be the name of the next Nexus phone.  It doesn’t fit the naming convention in any way.  The name “Nexus” will always come first.  Always.

    The only way a phone will be released with that name is if it is a skinned variant of the hardware used for the actual Nexus phone, not entirely dissimilar from how the HTC Desire (and, to a lesser extent, the Droid Incredible), were skinned versions of the Nexus One.  Even then, there are still issues with the naming convention, for the same reason that we will never see a phone called “Galaxy Droid” or “Droid Galaxy”.

    Galaxy Prime would make perfect sense, as would Droid Prime, for a skinned variant. That’s under the assumption that the phone will be called the Nexus Prime, and there is an overwhelming amount of evidence suggesting it will.  Please stop using the term “Galaxy Nexus”, it’s like nails down a chalkboard.

    • Jason

      U mad bro?

  • Great article Ron!! Wonderful points brought up, enjoyed reading it.

    But yea I agree, when I was watching/reading the conference yesterday… I thought that for sure this is where Android/Google can get that BIG push in the public eye. I think the iPhone is vulnerable right now as far as pure specs go. I think the Nexus Prime can blow it out of the water. I’m checking my expectations so I don’t get over hyped, but please Android/Google/Samsung don’t let this opportunity slip away, this could be a huge momentum shift for them.

     SO excited for next week!

  • EC8CH

    The best mobile OS is about to get even better, with a shiny new phone to go along with it.

  • Anonymous

    I will only be disappointed if this doesn’t come to Verizon, for some reason today I’m having a very bad feeling of what I saw of the device, it looks a little too thin for an LTE device for VZ. I really hope I am wrong. 

    • Anonymous

      if it truly has something like a 4.65″ screen, the thinness is understandable

    • Rex

      It is confirmed to have Vzw LTE

      • Anonymous

        Who confirmed it?

        • Anonymous

          if you think this phone wouldn’t be LTE you’re an idiot

          • Anonymous

            Because it’s not confirmed LTE or being on Verizon that I am an idiot? Can you tell from the picture that is SCH-i515 or the other model?? 

            Maybe you should keep your mouth shut until you have all the facts. 

  • Anonymous

    Is it me or anyone else is concerned about the shape of the phone?

    • Anonymous

      I think its just you… I think it looks fantastic.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not as curved as you think it is, zoom in and look at the shadowing: http://briefmobile.com/images/articles/prime7.jpg

      • Anonymous

        If its the middle part I would be ok with it

        • Anonymous

          the back will be curved a bit to fit your hand.  the front, not so much

  • Mwaters33

    The biggest potential for disappointment for me is if it isn’t Verizon’s 4g network. I want a truly open phone on big red.

    • Anonymous

      Why would you think it won’t be?  It’s already known that model number SCH-i515 with a name of Nexus Prime is in the Cellebrite system used by Verizon, and I don’t know if it’s 100% confirmed, but all indications are that Verizon will have an unknown period of exclusivity with this phone.  All I know is that it had better remain a true Nexus phone, and not have any carrier or OEM bloatware crap.  I want a true Google experience phone for once in my life.

  • Another Bionic in the making.

  • Anonymous

    Great article, I echo all of your points.  This could be a great opportunity for more folks to see Android and it’s high end phones as real competitors and replacements for the iphone — if the OS is smooth, if the phone is manufactured with premium parts and super high quality control, and finally if Google and Samsung dump a boat load of money into advertising showing what the phone can do, not some hollywood action movie nonsense.  If they don’t do that, it will just be another high-end Android phone that will be surpassed in 3 months.

  • JD

    I am excited, but worried how big the phone will be if it has LTE packed in it. I mean I want LTE, but every LTE phone out there has had quite the girth when compared to current releases of non-LTE phones. 

    If it is thin and LTE great!!! Only… then how much battery size was sacrificed to make it that thin? Will it last all day or only 4hrs? …

    Ahhhh!!!!! I want this phone to be the greatest ever….

    • TheAndroid1

      That’s my main concern.  I NEED good battery life in my phone because I am not by a charger all day.

      As long as this phone can get through 1 day I will be happy.
      If it can’t, I just won’t buy the phone.

      However, the charge had good battery life, so it may transfer over to this phone.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t say it’s the same old device, Apple brought the processor specs up to date with the latest android devices and the GPU appears to be the same as that in the iPad 2, besting every android device out there.

    If the rumors of the Nexus Prime turn out to be *true*, then it will best the iPhone 4S in every(on paper, at least) spec except one: GPU. The SGX540 just doesn’t match up to the dual core SGX543MP2. How much that gpu difference will matter has yet to be seen.

  • Droid H

    why google inc. auto installed kickback, talkback apps without my permission onto people’s phones and tablet -.-

    • Garrett

      You retard. Do you even know what they do? Troll.

      • Droid H

        they just push those app onto my phone without permission…

        • Anonymous

          So in response, no he doesn’t know what they do.

        • Garrett

          They aren’t apps per say. They are accessibility functions of android made by Google. This is like complaining that Google installed a dialer app on your phone so you could call people. They are part of the core function of android accessibility.

        • Anonymous

          The rest of us had to download them.  Do you have special powers?

          • Droid H

            nope they auto downloaded and installed on the phone and tablet… that’s why it’s weird

          • Garrett

            just because they get to your phone differently doesn’t mean I’m wrong. Look it up in the market. They are official Google apps. They are designed to augment your phone. A lot of apps tend to use the these applications to augment their own features.

      • Droid H

        why so hostile, i just asked a question

        • Garrett

          I was hostile because you used the grammar of an average internet troll, and not someone who was genuinely asking a question out of curiosities sake.

          • Garrett

            Also, if you’d like a reason why the Talkback app was installed on your phone here’s one. Google Navigation uses Talkback to say directions over the speaker.

  • It won’t matter how great this next Nexus IS if we can’t get it on Verizon. I’m sick of missing out on the stock experience because of being a Big Red customer.

    • TOTALLY agree! I REALLY want this on VZW. We pay the premium, let’s get the goods!

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, this needs to be on Verizon.

    • Anonymous

      The model number for Verizon’s version is already in their Cellebrite system.  They are definitely getting it, and allegedly will have exclusivity on it for at least a short while.

      • TheAndroid1

        I’d prefer stock on every carrier as fast as they could.
        More people will have access to stock android.  Meaning less people have to deal with crappy proprietary software that hinders the smooth stock experience.

        Maybe manufacturers would catch on.

        • MikeyBotz

          -1…the skins is what keeps other manufacturers making new phones even with only a few little tweaks in each one. If every manufacturer needed to use stock android not nearly as many phones would come out, we would have to wait much longer for new technology and we would all be walking around with the same phone. Can you imagine how ridiculous that would be if you walked into a room and everyone had the same phone, it would be like living in the old Apple commercial when they took the shot on Microsoft bc everyone was the same mindless drones going along with whatever the leader told them to, Oh wait….

          • Anonymous

            In Honeycomb where things OS wise are pretty much the same, I bought the Asus Transformer because it had clear hardware advantages.

            More ports, unique keyboard dock, twice as much battery. Those are things the things I’d rather be the differentiator than what bloat the manufacturer decided to include. Leave the software to the software company (Google…).

          • Anonymous

            Bloatware has nothing to do with custom OEM UIs.

          • Anonymous

            Call me harsh, but I consider Sense to be bloatware moreso than just UI. I know it has some nice features, but they’re not optional so it’s extra.

          • Anonymous

            I’ll agree with you there, it’s all the extra processes HTC adds for their various Sense “features” which are similar to carrier bloatware in that they are constantly running in the background and using up memory.

          • TheAndroid1

            -1…..Look at how many windows laptops come out even though they all run the same operating system

            Plus, because android is so customizable, users do not need to rely on the manufacturer to customize the UI.

            Plus, look at all of the android phones out across the manufacturers, there are a ton of different styles of phones with different hardware features.  You can have thickness, power, a kickstand, an AMOLED scren, a high res screen, physical design, speaker quality, etc.

            Plus, these experiences make android worse, slower, more lag for the most part. Hurting the consumer.

    • Anonymous

      It will matter, just not to people stuck on VZW. I have a line on Verizon and one on T-Mo because I was sick of being stuck with Verizon’s device list. I just may have to get a Sprint line, too . . . my wife’s going to kill me.

    • Anonymous

      I will be so angry that i might start another holocaust if this doesnt come to verizon!

      • MikeyBotz

        This is an extremely disturbing post for many reason.
        1. Because you went out of your way to make an Adolf Hitler username for a post.
        2. You currently have the holocaust on your mind.
        3. This to me is the most important, you needed to put an 88 on the end bc other people have created an Adolf Hitler username

        • ThatPostIsSoMessedUp

          I agree that post is disturbing….. as for the 88, im guessing its because H is the 8th letter of the alphabet…. 88 = Heil Hitler.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, I was just thinking it stood for the year he was born but you dove right in to that Da Vinci code style. I like it.

          • I was thinking it may also be a reference to the fact that the Wehrmacht’s favored caliber for artillery/anti-tank/anti-aircraft cannons was 88 mm…

          • Anonymous

            If i’m ever in a Resident Evil style/haunted mansion. You & “messedup” will be my life line so I can solve the puzzles to escape. LOL!

          •  88 is actually a fairly common symbol for the whole Neo-Nazi movement, if I’m not mistaken.

        • Ddudley1267

          Thinking too far into it

  • Christophernapier


    • Dumbass


      • Dumbass’ Mom

        You are a dick for being a dick to the dick. 

  • Anonymous

    i am so excited…i need a new pair of pants

    • Some Random Dude

      new pants? damn i just need new underwear.. 

    • Anonymous

      tuck it in the waistband

  • Anonymous

    BTW I called it as NOT being a iPhone 5 but an upgraded 4 sans LTE weeks ago!

    • Anonymous

      your cookie is in the mail

    • Anonymous

      Here’s your gold star for the day.