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Spec Sheet Shows Samsung Galaxy SII Up Against New iPhone 4S

It could just be us, but does it seem that Samsung might have something they want to prove to the average consumer? Apple’s announcement of the new i*hone has given Samsung a supposed edge over the world’s #1 smartphone manufacturer and they are going to sink their teeth in as deep as possible when trying to show consumers that Sammy means business.

Recently released is a spec sheet of Samsung’s Galaxy SII alongside the new i*hone 4S. It would be nice if it was Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus instead, but this will just have to suffice for all of us Verizon users. Go get em, Samsung. 

In terms of buying a smartphone, what do you feel the percentage of people that buy the product are actually concerned about specs? We know that some people buy products due to familiarity – so will being an Apple product in general help the i*hone 4S become a huge success? Should Samsung start doing more to show just how much better the SGSII/Galaxy Nexus is in comparison? Let us know.

  • This is
    better than iPhone 4s. iPhone 4s only looks good in the outside but when you
    explore and know its specs, Samsung Galaxy SII is better. And it’s icons for
    windows have great graphics than iPhones.

  • eYeOfMinD

    Guess a major component was missed being mentioned is NFC. Am on Nexus S4g and love using Google Wallet. 

  • Hahaha! i cant believe the iphone still has a 3.5 inch screen….. * squint*….LAME!
    Why would you ever be dumb enough to buy this thing…Honestly…
    Other than the great graphics chip that was updated…this thing is a joke.

  • Alaiaa01

    I’m really split here. I wanted the SII but they never brought it to verizon and when they did get it to the US, it was completely different on sprint and at&t.  The Nexus Prime sounds great but I had been waiting for the SII since early may.  Looking at the past, the Android OS is always over developed. (which is a good thing seeing how fast they are upgrading specs.) but it leaves you current phone slow and sluggish after about a year.  The i*hone 4 isnt nearly the speed or specs of current phones, but it does run extremely well and is extremely fluid. They have a solid OS system and I like the fact I can plug it into my car and control it through the stereo. Im starting to lean towards the iOS 5 and i*hone 4S this time. 

    Any ideas? Any way some of you can change my mind and keep me a droid user? (currently running a Droid 1) been following this site since I got it.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    iphone corried everything lol

  • T.O.

    leaving Thunderbold for iphone 4s 

  • Tillman752

    hate to point something out but the new 4s is also 4g as well

    • Anonymous

      no it is hspa+ not true 4g

  • Nex

    Apple is already on the way down. RIP Steve jobs

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  • Tomgillotti

    *pple could make this phone a robot transformer that would do everything for me and I still wouldn’t buy it. Android now has a loyal fan-base that stretches the globe. This rivals and certainly tops that of *pple and the I*hone. There once was a time when they could just rely on their name and reputation but those days are coming to a close about as quickly as they came to be.

    *pple and the I*hone will not be extinct anytime soon like blackberry or WebOS but they will need to climb mountains to overcome the gap that Android has created. A quick reaction to the OG Droid might have made a difference but that’s not how *pple plays the game. They were too smug (a-la Jobs-esque) to believe they could be knocked off the top of the hill. That, however, was a terrible mistake, but as they say hindsight is in fact 20/20. As they sank deeper in the hole they continued to go about business as usual. In the tech world you must learn to change and accept that change is a part of continued growth and success. Fail to realize this and you eventually become non-existent.

    Sorry *pple but you’re no longer very relevant in this game. You give us slow and weak reactions to the market but if this (4S) were to be released as a device with any other OS, it would be a fat disappointment.

    Thanks Android for being NOT *pple 🙂

    Nice job Sammy! Strike back and kick them when they’re down.

    • Tomgillotti

      To clarify: I wrote this before learning about the passing of Steve Jobs. Despite my distaste for *pple, I respect Steve and what he has meant for the smartphone industry. He was a revolutionary.

  • jt

    i cannot believe they released the 4s without any 4g connectivity. this ‘new’ i*hone is obsolete already. i bet they plan on dumping a 4gs in the near future. regardless, it’ll still sell like crazy. i dont like or even own anything @pple but you have to hand it to them, they build great hardware and have a ridiculously faithful fan base

    • Anonymous

      they will probably release an i5 early next year

  • Dskneon

    Wow samsung really.. I mean your phone look like a iPhone have icon similar o an iPhone and still wonder why consumer buying iPhone’s and not your devices.. Well maybe because if they wanted a device that look like a iPhone theyll get an iPhone instead.. No matter how many ads you put out taking shot at the iPhone guess what at the end of the day consumers are still going to buy the iPhone no matter what.. Ppls was Angry about the 3GS but guess what it still sold more than any samsung devices now ppls complaining about the 4s and guess what it still going to sell more than the SG2 no matter how many shot Sammy throw at it.. Ppls need to realize the iPhone ain’t going anywhere no time soon. Apple is the only company who can make a device last year and release the same device but upgrade the internals and still sell that device like crazy but no other phone company’s can do that just ask Motorola with he Droid X & the Droid X2 #Fail. Gotta give Apple it props and no I’m not a fansboy!!!

    Posted by my Droid Bioinic

    • shdowman

      Thank god you’re not a fansboy.

      And your Droid Bionic doing the posting? Now where do I get a hold of that app?!?!

    • Anonymous

      ha funny the galaxy s and s2 are selling more than the iphone. But nobody wants them. Now if you were talking about the bionic that would be true, nobody wants that.

      • T.O.

        To bad I have never seen a s2 in real life but I see iphones all the time
        No body wants a s2

        • Anonymous

          Maybe because it was just announced on at&t 4 days ago and on sprint like a week before that and still isnt available on tmo for a few days. But I mean 4 years of the iphone they should obviously have more out than something that was just announced here in the states. DUMBASS

  • shdowman

    I’m confused…which one is the iPhone?? Oh my… suppose I’ll just pick this one that says samsung on it, they make the iPhone right?


    • Anonymous

      Well they kinda did make like 40% of the iPhone… Ohhhh I see what you did there…

  • Troy

    I was disapointed with apples announcment of the 4s but it wasnt unexpected they did the same thing going from the 3g to the 3gs. Im almost a year in with the i4 so now it will be nice because when they announce the 5 I can stay on At&t if they have deployed their LTE in minnesota if not I can switch to verizon or pickup the weekly flavor of android. Either way, Win. I would grab the Bionic over the SII anyways.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sick of iphone fanboys going “iphone users don’t know anything or care about any specs”

    iphone users absolutely know and care about the following:
    How much storage space is on their phone
    If they can replace the battery
    The size of their screen (I’m in IT, I have countless people tell me 4″ is the preferred size and iphone screens are too small.. many with iphones say their only gripe is the tiny screen)
    The thickness of their phones
    The weight of their phone

    The only 2 things they probably don’t know or care about are their CPU (which the 4s and all high end android phones will perform identically, I don’t care 1ghz a5 or 1.2 xynos, and memory.. everything above is what someone deciding what they want would care about

  • Trusttheman85

    Sammie (and Android as a whole) needs to start pushing “easy of use” And a little sparkle of specs to impress the un-impressed i*phone 4.2.1 hopefull… Everyone I show android always show 3 things. How u can customize it to fit your likeing, voice commands (which idk why i barely see this talked about in ads, well im sure now it will), and all the free aps on the market… and that sales alot of people on android.

    the i*hone loft dont care how the magic happens, they just wanna see the trick (oooh magical)

  • Anonymous

    Of course Samsung wouldn’t highlight the areas in which Apple does better. 😛 // Also I don’t think they should claim that their 1080p is superior to the iPhone 4S’s yet until the tech world get a better hands on, screen size is also a preference.

  • Anonymous

    Whoops, I double posted accidently.

  • Anonymous

    im actually happy samsung can copy apple and make it more functional.

  • Rob Becker

    We need a feature-off video. Show stuff that an i*hone can do then show a Galaxy SII doing it too. Then people can see an apples to apples comparison of what you can do and how easy it is. Any takers?

  • Anonymous

    What a joke. Apple apologists have been crying unfair when comparing sgs2 with iphone 4. And perhaps rightfully so. But now its sgs2’s turn to play the same card…

    Oh wait they won’t. Their phone is still better. Lulz.

    • EC8CH

      HA! That is true and hilarious.

  • Coaster36

    Those stats mean nothing to must people. People buy apple because its apple. Ask almost any person for the number one reason they bought their apple product and they dont have anything good. (ie:  it looks good, its the best, its got more geebees)

    • Anonymous

      “geebees” lol

  • android-lover

    the 4S has hspa+…

    • Android-lover

      it also doesn’t have a dedicated camera button on the outside…

      • Anonymous

        It’s the volume up button but yes, it is not dedicated. 

  • Anonymous

    I think the reason most people aren’t impressed by apple right now is that the majority of people don’t care about specs. They wanted a noticeably different iPhone and instead got one that looks the same. They fell into the android spec war, put pretty decent specs in it (decent for a current phone but not future-proofed at all) and added an S to the name as the only noticeable difference. Most people who buy iPhones buy them because they want a smart phone that they don’t have to be smart to use and couldn’t care less what kind of processor or how much RAM is in the phone. I think they are disappointed because to the non tech person this is the exact same phone as 15 months ago.

  • Bionic 04

    I will buy a Samsung when their reception is better in fringe areas. So far Motorola has the best reception.

    Although, if I wanted something that looks like an iphone, i would get an iphone. Remember Android OS is only in its second year.

    • Actually, Android was released when the G1 was released in October of 2008.

  • nohomo

    The people that buy an iPhone are going to buy it regardless, you really have to think about this type of consumer, most of them buy a product because their friend has it or to fit in to the crowd. Most iphone user don’t even know fully what they can do with their own phone, let alone understand why one is better than the other. I bet 3 out of 5 iPhone user don’t know the specs on the phone they have.

    • Missthetrain

      I ddidn’t buy an iPhone just blindly, I bought it because Uncle Steve said so.

      • JDub

        Uncle Steve is dead. It wasn’t the cancer that killed him. It was the heart attack after seeing how poorly accepted the iphone 4s was.

        • Hotcake

          No joke.  SJ is really dead.  RIP SJ.

  • Klw55688

    apple dropped the ball hard when they said 4g was a no go on the 4s. just my 2 cents

    • No, they didn’t. No 4G phone has good battery life. They don’t want that associated with their phones. Battery life is more important than download speeds for most smartphone users. When 4g has been made more efficient they will include it in their phones.

      • EC8CH

        “This one is nice… but it only has 3 gees.

        You mean that one has a bigger screen and it has 4 gees.”

        These people aren’t thinking about the battery’s life… they’re barely conscious enough to be concerned about their own life.

      • i agree with rocko here.
        thats why i am making the droid1967 killer battery phone
        i am putting on a 1/2 inch display, a 2g radio, no webrowser.  
        it will get 5-14 days usage on the battery i put it in that takes up 80% of the phones space.
        128kb  yes kb memory after the os, this will allow no apps to install that would take battery life.
        I just think its stupid to utilize the bandwidth the carriers supply and make it so my customers have to plug their phones in at night thats just something horrible to do.
        oh damn each time i press a number on the phone pad it uses battery. ok that features out too.
        ok new phone name new features.
        come buy my crapple device with a 1 inch display that has the ability to tell you the time when ever asked no need for voice activation just look at it.  battery life now lasts 20 days.  oh shoot now its just a watch.
        oh never mind guess ill just keeping buying others crappy phones that utilize the tech that is available at the time. dammit back to charging my phone why i sleep this just sucks.

  • Sporty

    The SGS2 has been out for a year or more already and the iPhone 4s is JUST coming out! Apple is behind the times,definately. Especially in speed- 3g vs 4g= no comparison. Screen size is small,too. No removable batt,iTunes limitation,etc etc. MUCH prefer dragging and dropping what I want instead of having to connect to iTunes to delete or add. Waste of time.

    • Not sure where you’re getting your information from but the S2 has been out for about 5 months. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samsung_Galaxy_S_II#Launch

      • EC8CH

        That’s in people years… he was referring to cell phone years 😛

    • Anonymous

      I got so used to running on LTE that when I watched a YouTube video on an iPhone 4 the other day, I was wondering what was wrong with it…

      They really need to get on the LTE train to compete…this is kinda sad.

  • Anonymous

    The S2 is an amazing phone and i freaking wish i could get it. 
    Really blows that verizon cannot carry this phone. It’d sell like crazy on their network too.

    • Anonymous

      Um, have you been on this site in the past two months? The reason VZW isn’t getting the Galaxy SII is because we’re getting the Prime, which is just insanely better than the SII. Choosing an SII over a Prime is arguably sillier than getting a 4S over an SII.

      • Anonymous

        insanely better? I doubt that I mean the sgs2 is a beast and the prime probably will be to but the prime probably wont be that much better than the sgs2.

        • Drewfus0929

          ICS and an HD Super Amoled Screen are what most would consider better.

          • Anonymous

            He said insanely better which those two things won’t do that. Yes screen is nice but the sgs2 will get ics in no time.

          • it’ll never get HD resolution. and yes. if nothing else, just the screen alone makes it insanely better. 

          • it’ll never get HD resolution. and yes. if nothing else, just the screen alone makes it insanely better. 

          • Anonymous

            If by insanely better he meant cutting edge software and hardware he may be onto something. For me it seems that the usage of “Insanely Better” seems to fit well and looks to have been used correctly. Maybe this can be used to describe the Prime as “Magical” is probably copywrited by crApple. 

            Samsung Nexus Prime, Insanely Better!       -kinda catchy! I want a quarter every time its used!

          • Anonymous

            the design is ugly

  • buuuuurnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DroidX_Owner

    Samsung needs some people friendly ads to make people aware that Android is just as easy to use as i*hone if you have half a brain.

  • I love the additional comments to this. It’s like, “Oh yeah! 1080p HIGH PROFILE!” Hahaha, clearly a biased table but most if not all of it is true and the SGII is definitely better than the iPhone. So no big deal.

  • Sammy’s really gunning for Apple.

    And I love it.

    • More like Apple is gunning for Samsung… six months in the past.

    • TheAndroid1

      Well it’s not really fair to compare this phone to year old hardware,

      Oh wait……………

      • Anonymous

        Ha =D! Almost got indignant until I read on.

    • Anonymous

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      • Aw crap, I fell for this ad again! stop posting here!

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Only a 3.5 inch screen on a “new” phone is completely unacceptable.

      • Balls

        your a towel

      • Anonymous

        they will never put their retina display on a 4.3 display

  • Ralph


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      • Sockid

        Ron Burgundy?

        • Anonymous

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          • J Dub

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