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Samsung Teases and Briefly Shows Off the Galaxy Nexus Ahead of CTIA Event

Hello there beautiful phone.  In a video released tonight by Samsung, the Galaxy Nexus aka Nexus Prime aka mystery Ice Cream Sandwich device was teased as the next “BIG” thing to hit the tech world. Not that any of us were assuming we would see anything besides the next Nexus at their “Google Episode” CTIA event, but we weren’t expecting to see a tease this massive at this moment.

The timing sure couldn’t have been better though.  With the iPhone 4S getting crushed by media across the globe, it looks like Google and Samsung played this one perfectly.  

YouTube Preview Image

Did anyone else just fall in love?

Cheers ineff and everyone else!

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    That’s one HellaSexy phone

  • Anonymous

    This device might be good specs wise, but the look of this device is ugly as hell

  • Dope.

  • Charlie

    If this phone has LTE and is this thin, how in the world can it have any kind of decent battery life?

    • Anonymous


  • meaty

    Any word on carriers besides verizon?

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    Good things come to those that wait….. 😉

  • Kianjudah

    Whew!!! I just realized that I’m eligible for an upgrade in November!!! Boom!

  • Sven Enterlein

    What are the odds of it coming to AT&T? I wasn’t convinced by the Galaxy SII

  • UncagedChipmunk

    If that indeed is the next Nexus i hope it is not that curved. Doesn’t seem like it would feel nice while holding it.

  • UncagedChipmunk

    If that indeed is the next Nexus i hope it is not that curved. Doesn’t seem like it would feel nice while holding it.

    • Sven Enterlein

      What are the benefits of a curved screen anyways? Although I like the design so far!

  • J Dub

    I feel like Apple should have done a teaser. Really hype up what was gonna be in the announcement. Instead I sat there reading the live blog almost yawning at what they were announcing.

  • Anonymous

    My next phone 🙂

  • J Dub

    What does the Unpacked app do?

  • Ayyyyyyyyyyyy


  • Dev

    Now that is called something new! And this is my new phone!

  • Anonymous


  • joejoe509

    Looks thicker and more curvy than I had imagined. I guess they did eventually go for a more Nexus S look than the Galaxy S II square-ish look. Oh well. It could look like crap for all I care. If it’s got the specs and the functionality to back it up… who cares!

  • Kierra

    Will it have a LTE radio? 

    If not , yall can have it. 

    Not swooning yet. 

    • Anonymous

      why wouldnt it

  • DroidTrain

    I just hope I can get this phone before Apple can file another lawsuit banning it some ridiculous reason like “umm…it hurts our feelings when people don’t buy our crappy phones”

  • Nrojashbc

    Is it for Verizon?

  • meh can’t believe they went with a pentile screen.

    • Anonymous

      its superamoled plus dumbass

      • Nope pentile douche drinker.

        • Keith Sumner

          The screen is superamoled plus, the display matrix is pentile. Educate yourself before you insult and criticize, Rocko.

  • Tyczj

    so am I the only one that is preparing myself to be disappointed? Look at how thin that is, is it safe to say that it wont be 4gLTE? Yes it could just be a manipulated image but still its something to think about

  • Anonymous

    I have to be honest just for a second i was tempted to go over the dark side and get an Iphone thinking it was the 5th generelation….but damn did apple drop the ball….HELLO NEXUS …Please google gods makes sure this phone is more responsive and smother then droid x bc about to break the phone in half!

  • Anonymous

    Why oh why do I have to wait until 03/12 for my upgrade 🙁

    I guess at least I’ll get to see what they show off at the CES and have plenty of time to read reviews on the nexus…

    • Anonymous

      The gs3, jet and bullet will be on the horizon by then. You’re gonna want those if you wait till next March.

  • Anonymous

    What was their purpose on the N1? (I’m just wondering if I’m going to have to buy another car charger, etc., or if it could be dock related.)

  • Dan

    Why does everybody think we wont get a firm release date?

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. I’ve been waiting to retire my OG Droid, and it is now barely hanging on (the touchscreen only partially works). If I just had a firm date to countdown to…

  • I hope it’s not just the S version of the Nexus S… Whats that? oh this isn’t the apple press release? My bad

  • I am looking forward to this Phone!!!

  • Anonymous

    See ya later, Bionic. It was fun together while it lasted.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    looks like my penile curve.

    • thats probably for the woman.  men you can play true 3d games woman can use the curve and vibration function for your best android gspot experience.

      • Anonymous

        like this so many times over.

  • Oh yeah! now I would love it if it cam to verizon

  • FortitudineVincimus

    wow, that is a serious curve

  • Ravnos CC

    Why the hell did they shape it like a boomerang?

  • Anonymous

    My God =o…

  • Anonymous

    Come on bring it to Verizon. Hopefully Phil from Android central his source was right and it will come Oct 27

  • Anonymous

    Hopefuls say late October, realists say late November, history says January 2012.  I’ve got cash in my hand I’m waving so let’s make this happen.

  • Just watched the video.  Wow, that music is terrible.

    • Wow the video was a complete waste of time. Looked like a high schooler made it.

      • yeah i agree. must of been made by same people who put on the apple conference yesterday.
        rocko doesnt you being the only one spouting apple is great around here tell you something 🙂

  • Android4life

    Finally a phone that will fit the contour of my butt in my back pocket.

    • And you can smuggle it in your wives vageeen also.