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Move the Box, A Logic Game About Moving Boxes


Move the Box is 24 levels of some complex puzzles that will definitely be able to make your bus stop wait seem shorter. The look and over all feel of the game reminds me of Cut the Rope a bit with nice colors and just a relaxing vibe in general.

Market Link (Free)

The game is clearly marked as the “Lite” version but with no signs of a paid for version on the Market, we can be certain to expect that to come shortly. Everyone loving some good brain busters?

  • DBS14

    I’m having difficulty getting the app “move the box” to open. Sometime it takes me 12 or 14 times before it will open. I’ve emailed “move the box” but after a month they have not responded. I have deleted the app and reinstalled 4 times, but to no avail. This is the only app I’m having this issue. Any advise?

  • Morr102

    How I past level 23 in hamburg? Pleas help

  • Helper

    stuck? need some hints? visit http://iwanttotellyouthis.com

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me a little of Happy Vikings.  

  • Tyler Fox

    This reminds me of the puzzles from tetris attack

  • trumpet444

    Bus stop? Who rides a bus? 

  • nexuson the brain

    Uh, Tim-o-tato, what the hell does this have to do with the Nexus Prime, huh?

  • Jason Purp

    I’ll stick with Cut the Rope and Angry Birds, thx

  • Anonymous

    meh.  Not too challenging.

    • Anonymous

      wrong person =S

  • Anonymous

    I love puzzles!!

    • I love turtles! 

      • Anonymous

        I love lamp!

        • Anonymous

          “Fra-gee-lay – must be Italian!”

        • trumpet444

          wanna go to my pants party?

          • Sweet_pea143

            Since you’re obviously an idiot with nothing relevant to say-no

        • Nick S

          Where did you get a grenade, Brick?

      • Anonymous

        I see what you did there

  • Anonymous

    I love moving boxes.