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BlackBerry Messenger Spotted For Android?

How many of you previous BlackBerry owners would love for the BB Messenger app to finally hit Android? Thanks to a tipster over at TechnoBuffalo, maybe we aren’t as far away from one as RIM would have us think. As we can see, there seems to be a beta version of the BlackBerry Messenger app floating around in tester’s hands and hopefully that means it will be in our hands soon too.

Interesting, if real, that RIM would take undoubtedly one of their most popular features and then stick it on a competitor’s device. But hey, no one will complain.

Via: TechnoBuffalo

  • shay

    Is there an app to get blackberry messenger friends on my droid x2. 3G?

  • Droidkin

    If it sells in the app store for $ 15 or $ 20 bucks……probably make more for BB than their own phones.

  • vjrock

    And this is when RIM ends up as a software developer. Blackberries are still huge in other countries that are just starting to change to android devices.

  • MikeyBotz

    umm I’m pretty sure RIM will complain when there one and only feature that people still like about there phone is put on the best phones out there. RIM will soon be the SEGA of the phone world making products instead of devices.

  • Screw BBM, but having BES on Android would be HIGE for the enterprise.  EAS has come a long way but it’s still remarkably inferior to BES.

  • whats so special about BB messenger?

  • Anonymous

    We need BBM on Android like we need another clock widget! Seriously, what’s the sense behind this? There’s Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Kik etc etc etc.. and the few people who were buying BB’s for the BBM will be on Android for good. I think it’s BS.

  • Anonymous

    Right because I don’t already have 5-10 ways of doing this already…

  • One of the best photoshop jobs I’ve ever seen. 
    I call BS.

  • 345

    Whatsapp…bbm is dead

  • Anonymous

    Why would a dev phone be running some sort of blur? Unless RIM is teaming up with Moto for this but highly unlikely

  • Anonymous

    I heard about this…just made the switch over the droid x2 a few weeks back…its pretty convenient being able to BBM still.

    I got the x2 from this site for free http://bit.ly/n1WAcu , I doubt they are sold out I didn’t see a end date on the promo.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Aren’t BlackBerries going to be able to run Android apps really soon? Maybe this is intended to be an Android app for BlackBerries only? Not sure how they would enforce that exactly, but it’s a thought.

    • Anonymous

      i don’t see why they would make an android app for BBM for Blackberries only when they have a native BBM app.

  • SPN


  • FortitudineVincimus

    would never put this on my phone.


  • strizzle844

    What’s the diff between bb messenger and just sending a text message?

    • EC8CH

      one you need a texting plan for and everyone will a cell phone can receive

      the other requires a data plan and only people with the same app can receive 

  • Shnyda

    I’m betting RIM is adopting Android as their new OS, if you can’t beat them – then join them.

  • Anonymous

    No one has blackberrys anymore

  • dima

    I don’t really see the point of this anymore.  When android was new, probably about half the people I know had blackberries.  At this point, I can think of one person with a blackberry still and that is only because he is waiting for the prime to be released to switch.  Seems too late for this to have any purpose.

    • phrozen

      This is awesome!  That is exactly the same situation I have as well.  I know one person who still has a Blackberry and they are going to drop the BB when the prime launches (or w/e the first ICS phone is).

  • Anonymous

    I’ll stick with Kik Messenger.

    • Really, People still use that?  My friends and I use G+ Messenger… IP*ne and Android. 

      • Anonymous

        I like having the read and delivered notifications so i never have to ask someone if they got my message.

  • DroidzFX

    But does it Nexus?

  • Bryan Williams

    This would have been great about 4 years ago when people were actually switching from RIM to Android, but now…..meh.

    • Anonymous

      A ton of young consumers will buy Blackberrys every single day simply because of BBM and no other reason….this will be huge…it also may be the dagger that kills RIM for good unfortunately.

      • dima

        Young people buying Blackberrys?  What planet do you live on, cause it surely isn’t this one…

        • Anonymous

          What is so special about it. Android has ebuddy, liveprofile

        • Anonymous

          actually i sell blackberrys to teenagers more than any other device simply because of BBM that is a fact. Thats all they want really which in my opinion is foolish

    • Anonymous

      A ton of young consumers will buy Blackberrys every single day simply because of BBM and no other reason….this will be huge…it also may be the dagger that kills RIM for good unfortunately.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I agree, I made that same switch…now it doesn’t matter, I’m over BBM.

  • Woohoo?