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Andy Rubin Recalls 2007 Video, Kids Love Ice Cream


Cutesy videos about our favorite mobile OS will always see time here at Droid Life.  So when Andy Rubin took the opportunity to share a video from 2007 with a group of kids who express their thoughts on the ultimate cell phone, we had to bring it.  You will want to pay close attention to the last kid who just so happens to be piling up scoops of ice cream on top of his drawing of a phone…coincidence?  Mr. Rubin, we will see you next week at CTIA.

Via:  Andy Rubin, Phandroid

  • Mr. English

    Public School much? Future engineers…..we’re screwed.

  • “Underpants phone is a good idea kid!” -Bret Farve 

  • Warden Chinbach

    Google is, to me, like dating the hottest girl in the world who is doing a strip tease for me, and then covers up and says “nope, you’ll have to wait for 7 days to actually see anything.”

    • Anonymous

      True. But, the climax after those 7 days will be amazing.

  • EC8CH

    a HUNDRED vanilla… a THOUSAND vanilla!

  • Anonymous

    Also, the kid at :27 saying “Give me a ‘sandwich’ please” and at :32 saying he wants “Vanilla”…hope they’re paying attention that part. 

  • rikster

    so this is the reason behind the name of each updates….cool

  • Drip, drip, drip

  • Dan

    I have really high expectations for ICS haha I love the hype surrounding it, evermore-so because apple really shit the bed yesterday with the 4S

    • Just don’t let the hype get to you too much. I’m thinking ICS won’t be as huge of an upgrade that many are thinking. Just last year people were thinking Gingerbread was going to be a huge change to Android and it really wasn’t. I’m expecting the same here. Honeycomb to me has been the only major change Android has seen and ICS is probably just Honeycomb for phones pretty much.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t have a honeycomb tablet so I will be very happy even if that it the only change.

      • Anonymous

        ICS is expected to include graphic acceleration across the board.  Even is nothing else changes whatsoever, that along is enough to be a huge deal.  The lack of graphic acceleration is the primary problem with Android right now, not fragmentation.  Expect a humongous leap forward in performance across the board with this.

      • Anonymous

        Gingerbread wasn’t much of a big change but we all still had to have it because it was new and the latest. ICS will be new and the latest so you will want it just like the rest of us. Unless you can’t get it then you will just be bitter lol.

    • Droid H

      on unrelated news, google inc. just auto installed kickback, talkback, etc apps without permission onto people’s phones and tablet -.-

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t like the kid talking about a keyboard, get rid of that one!  😛

    • geeyawn

      nooo! im on her side 😉

  • Anthony Armando

    “it would turn into underpants.”


    • I can’t tell you how many times an extra pair would’ve come in handy.  ;P

  • Anonymous


    • Mctypething

      u mad bro?

      • Some Random Dude

        u jelly?