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Samsung Stratosphere Accessories Start Arriving in Verizon Stores

With accessories now arriving in stores for the Samsung Stratosphere, I’d say we may just see it this week on October 6 after all.  We essentially already know just about everything there is to know about this phone now, including the official specs and what it will look like.  It’s a mid-tier 4G LTE phone for those that can’t live without a physical keyboard and will likely sneak in around the $149 mark on 2-year contract.

Keyboard fiends, are you ready for it?

Cheers ___!

  • Anonymous



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  • Ionre123

    I think this phone is pretty cool, considering it has a physical keyboard on it and the specs are pretty nice. But I wouldn’t use it to upgrade my current device.

  • Accessories are so overpriced! 

  • Anonymous

    This is a perfect mid range device for regular people out there

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Shame they couldn’t have boosted the CPU/RAM at least a little bit over the 1+ year old Epic. But, alas, Verizon seems incapable of releasing a top-of-the-line phone with a keyboard. (D3 came close – but no LTE, locked bootloader and the Pentile screen stopped it from being top-of-the-line for me.) I still may take a look at this thing though… specs are comparable to my current D2, but it has LTE, an unlocked bootloader (hopefully) and a better keyboard – could be a stop-gap until better keyboarded stuff comes along next year.

    • Leroy

      I agree, this phone has a great form factor (ie. not 4.3+ inch screen and a keyboard) but the internal specs are over a year old. It’s bad to be a Verizon customer right now. Not a lot of good choices. All the high-end phones are generally the same.

      • All of the high-end phones are 1-2 months out at VZW.

        • Anonymous

          vigor is slated to come out mid to late oct and prime is rumored for late oct early nov so not that far out.

          • I meant to say they are coming within the next 1-2 months.  Me and my gasping wheezing D1 are well aware of the rumored release dates.

      • JacksonW

        Yup, all the announced and rumored high end phones on Verizon pretty much offer generally the same form factor and internal specs.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I feel the same way.

      It’s equivalent to all the other Verizon LTE phones that are not the Bionic — Thunderbolt, Charge, etc. — 1 GHz single-core, but with a keyboard.

      I’m waiting to hear on October 11 whether there will be a Nexus Prime slider and whether it will have LTE on Verizon.  Beyond that, it depends on when the D4 is scheduled for release:

      2011: Wait for the D4
      2012: Buy a D3 or Stratosphere, then buy the D4 as soon as it’s released

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  • Ravnos CC

    does it have a pentile screen like the d3?  if no, I would consider upgrading my og till d4 comes down the line…

    • Anonymous

      no pentile, super amoled.

      • Ravnos CC

        It was my understanding that Super Amoled could use a Pentile layout, and that Samsung only went away from Pentile with Super Amoled+ screens… guess I’ll wait a few days and go find out for myself!

        • Anonymous

          If it is the same as the fascinated screen which it should be it may be pentile but doesn’t have the checker board pattern like MOTO and their pentile screens have

    • Anonymous

      No it does not

      • Biggles

        Yeah, it’s Pentile.  If it wasn’t, it would be Super AMOLED Plus.  In all reality, they simply may not be able to hit the pixel density required by real stripe WVGA at 4″ (the current SA+ phones are 4.3″-4.5″).

        • Anonymous

          Its not

  • Nevelos85

    Im one of the keyboard friend’s but I Have the bionic and I can’t put it down the pentile is not even a issue phone is fast and lte is a dream come true would love the.keyboard but I couldn’t deal with the specs on this puppy

    • Anonymous

      Moto’s devices will be close to perfect in due time. Droidhd will start it off 🙂

  • Anonymous
  • TheDave

    LOL it literally says on the box “a galaxy S phone”


    • Mr.joe

      It is a Galaxy S phone…

  • Anonymous

    When did the original epic come out? Rhetorical question…fox you Verizon. Galaxy s2 is $200 on other carriers and we all know about that phone. Stop treating us like @ssh0l3s Verizon.

    • Kev

      you know 58008 spells “boobs” upside down on a calculator?

      • Mr.joe

        DL needs less Android and more boobs. 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, bu the GS2 doesn’t have LTE.  The Stratosphere will be faster for surfing the web or downloading and uploading files.

      Granted, the GS2 will be faster for everything else…

      • Anonymous

        I agree lte makes a difference

  • Falcon10474

    Yea, stop running YOUR website how you want to run it, run it our way

    • Guppy

      Without us, he’d be posting to himself. How does his sack taste by the way?

  • Funny that this phone is selling for the same price as Galaxy S2’s

  • Guest

    This is pretty humorous, I can’t seem to buy a holster for my Bionic here in Bakersfield, CA!!

  • Yea this phone is weak….we don’t want any news unless its nexus prime news from now until release date ;P

    • Anonymous

      Give me droid hd news 🙂


    or some vigor info….?

    • Mr.joe

      Outdated CPU
      720p screen
      Beats Audio
      Shocking Battery Life that only HTC can provide
      8GB internal
      1GB of RAM
      Latest HTC Sense till a new HTC phone comes out, and you’ll never see the new version
      Android 2.3
      8MP 1080p Rear Camera
      2MP FFC

      Missing anything?

      • MOTOX

        lol Mr.joe though the cpu isn’t outdated…look on qualcomm’s site…it performs higher than the A9 dual core regular.. and therefore battery life might be better since the software will actually be final … the thunderbolt’s has gotten better with gingerbread..i got it from the leak, but.. it might not be as bad…maybe 8-10 hours which is all i need or i buy the extended battery..
        Yeah about sense…but i don’t like blur and i just bought beats so…
        You will probably get ics eventually so… i mean the evo 4g even got gingerbread…
        I think its a pretty good phone, of course would be better with nfc and ics off the start but…
        Wait isn’t it 16 gb internal? pretty sure it is…for 48 gigs of memory…

        • Mr.joe

          Nothing in this world beats an Exynos.  And yeah it is.  Go grab an EVO 3D, sensation, or the GSII on Tmobile.  Then play with a Samsung phone with Exynos and tell me that Gorgeous SnapDragon is in the same league.  

    • Anonymous

      Vigor will not be good till, they upgrade the gpu

  • Jason Purp

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care about this phone?

    Kellex, stop hiding the Galaxy Nexus info from us. Give us something good today.

    • I agree. I also don’t care about the $30 accessory that can go along with it… Cheers to generic cheap stuff!