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Has the HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread Update Finally Been Pulled? Hopefully.

It has been a wild ride for the HTC Thunderbolt and the Gingerbread update for it that finally arrived this week.  Once it went live, users flocked to it, hoping for magic.  What they found though, was a support document (which was pulled and has now returned) that had no idea what it was talking about followed by a couple of bugs that were almost as frustrating as the 5-6 months wait.  The first was pretty major – voicemail notifications no longer worked.  Can you imagine the effect on someone whose job relies heavily on such a simple, yet important piece to their phone?

The other bug, which is just more annoying than anything, has to do with Google Talk.  With Android 2.3.4, we were all supposed to see video chatting capabilities, except they were only half-way introduced with this update for the Thunderbolt.  On my device, I could not get it to connect no matter what I tried. Others claimed they could at least connect, but there was no way to get the front-facing camera to work, leaving the service useless in video form.

And then yesterday, rumors started flooding our inbox suggesting that the update had been pulled.  Has it? We are pretty sure it has been at this point.  The thing most of you are wondering though, is “What about those of us that already updated?”  Well, all signs point to Verizon working quickly to make this situation right.  Now, I have not been given or seen a time table, but I don’t think I need to remind you of the amount of time it took them to fix that reboot bug (3 months?).  Let’s just hope they see the importance of having correctly working voicemail notifications and get this puppy out in a matter of days.

To those of you that are rooted or ROM’d, you may want to check out this fix for voicemail notifications.

Oh, and here is the correct Thunderbolt Gingebread PDF…  

Cheers Jeremy, KleenDroid and everyone else!

  • Figures the one Android Phone I buy has to be the biggest piece of crap.  Great birthday gift.  Next time I am getting an iPhone.

  • Datafreak

    Anybody hear when or if they are projecting a fix release date for this. I need my voicemail notifications

  • Kristopher Wagner

    I use Google Voice for VM but I have to point out since I got the OTA update I’m back to the reboot issues from the past.  I’m getting more force close on any program I use and copy and past seems to have just stopped working half the time without a reboot…   I’ve always rooted but didn’t want to with the TBolt but it’s that or I’m going to complain till I get another phone… I have 3 phones with Verizon and an insane montly bill this is just BS.

  • Mr. English

    I emailed VZW about the voicemail notification issue and they sent me a “reset your device” message along with telling me they do not know about the issue and it must be HTC’s problem. I emailed them back saying it’s a known issue, they’re full of crap, and “reset your device” is good for newbies and fanboys but it is NOT a solution. Neither is telling me to use some other software when I paid for a fully functioning phone, the was functioning (except the other inherent TB issues like video noise) until they updated it. They emailed back within 20 minutes saying they do know about the issue and are working on fixing it without a timeline and they apologize for the inconvenience. I kept both emails just to remind myself how full of crap VZW (like all carriers) is and how duped we get when we don’t challenge anything. Droid is slowly becoming old hat to me.

  • Mr. English

    Just one more reason the iPhone4 makes sense to me. These people and Verizon can’t get anything right it seems. Well, at least my Xoom finally got the mailer to send back for the 4g upgrade…it’ll make selling it more profitable than without.

  • Guttatae22

    This phone is a JOKE!!!!!

  • Nothing is more frustrating than when my damn text messages are sent to the wrong person!

  • Alex Cutone

    Also the music app is bugged. If you try and scroll it down, it jumps right back up to the top.

  • Slvdepo

    Has anyone had the post-GB update issues?

    (1)   The clock app icon is no longer in the app launcher

    (2)  Call log is not showing any new / missed / made calls? 

  • Slvdepo

    Has anyone had the post-GB update issues?

    (1)   The clock app icon is no longer in the app launcher

    (2)  Call log is not showing any new / missed / made calls?

  • guest

    When keying a name in the To field of a text message it only suggests numbers instead of names like it used to before the update.

    I’d also love to see Google suggestions integrated into the browsers address bar.

  • Rocky1978

    All I want is a properly working video chat.  Since I switched from the iphone 4 to this phone, nothing works.  Skype, Google video chat, Tango, Oovoo, Qwik, etc……They all suck!  Some will have good video with horrible audio feedback.  Others will have audio that works (okay) but the video is choppy.  I’m about ready to give up on Android and switch back to Apple.  At least I know that Facetime works.  Yes, only on WiFi but heck, all of those I specified on Android have trouble even on WiFi and don’t get me started about how much it sucks over the network.  To me, Google has really dropped the ball on video chat for Android devices.

  • Freddy Morales

    Has anyones tbolt lose signal constantly?

  • Tjcard03

    anyone else having 4g problems? Just wondering. Thanks. 

  • Danajdarcy

    i  cant watch netflix now with the gingerbread update. im just wondering if anyone else is having that problem.

  • I agree…I’ve been trying to find the update but my phone won’t pick it up. I found a post on Verizon’s Forum where someone in a neighboring city received it about 4 days ago…but I have yet to see anything. 

  • Mc Lovin

    It seems like it has been pulled because my phone cant find any updates.  Which sucks for me because I really want gingerbread on my phone even with those issues.

  • Anonymous

    they fixed the reboot bug? still happening for me

  • LODE

    Wow, it’s been a few days since I’ve updated and I’ve definitely noticed battery drain from the Dialer system app.  Prior to the update I went 1d 15hrs with my new 3200mah extended battery on a single charge.  Now it drains in 10 hrs WITHOUT USING THE PHONE AT ALL!   Dialer is actually using as much battery (if not more if I check after I’ve been sleeping all night) than Display. I’d hate to see how quickly it drained putting the stock battery back in again.  I’ve tried killing all apps/system apps without success.  Looks like I may have to finally root.

    • Phaceplant

      Yep, my phone goes from 100% when I go to bed to 50% by the time I wake up in the morning. I didn’t think the TB’s battery life could get any worse, but apparently the Gingerbread man has figured out how!

  • Phaceplant

    I loved GB on my TB except for one thing. My battery dies very quickly now. The dialer shows up under what’s using battery as about the same percentage as display which never happened before GB. I don’t know what’s using the dialer all the time but I assume there must be something in GB that has caused one of my apps to poll some sensor or something after receiving or making a call. I also noticed that there have been a lot more “links found” for contacts since the update that don’t make sense. Don’t know if it has anything to do with the issue, but battery life was bad enough without having this problem.  Ugh!!

  • Killershade

    Every time I see stories about updates from the service provider I can’t help but wonder why anyone would bother.

    I have been running Android 2.3.5 since OMFGB Mecha released and there are zero problems with the build.

    Not everyone has their phone rooted? Really?

  • My job heavily relies on VM notifications  I hope this is a quick fix.

  • Anonymous

    I bet Verizon works just as quick with the fix as it did with the earlier update that made the phone reboot a couple of times a day. And that only took Verizon 6 weeks to fix that one.

    So glad I ditched the Thunderbolt when I did.

    • Anonymous

      Got rid of mine when dinc 2 got gb.

  • sog805

    this phone is an absolute POS!

  • Just had a VZW rep on the phone & he said that Voicemail Notifications will be restored in 24 hours.

  • I’m getting lock ups and reboots. Calls were there is no ring. But the GPS seems to finally work for the first time. As for a fix from HTC and Verizon. I’m sure Verizon will take their time in hopes that people will just spend the money getting a prime. They simply don’t care that what they are selling does not work as they promote. And there is no one holding them accountable for selling crap, and not letting customers get working devices when they do.

  • Elyesq

    I used the Android Police version leaked right before the OTA update.  I’ve not had any problems.  As for voicemail notifications, I use Google Voice for my voicemail and have been receiving notifications.  I highly recommend Google Voice over VZW’s voicemail.

    Hope this helps. 

  • EKD

    The Thunderbolt has been a disaster since day 1. Infact, all Androids on VZ are half-baked when released. Word on the street is that the Bionic has so many bugs that VZ or Motorola released a list of bugs pages long!

    Time to switch to iOS or WP? – I guess, when they start producing LTE devices…

    • Anonymous

      I switch to iOS , dont miss lte every thing is so smooth. I only miss widgets and voice nav.

  • Anonymous

    C’mon Kellex! You’ve got to admit this is the best update the Thunderbolt’s received yet! Especially considering the other four literally broke the phone…

  • I think HTC & Verizon Wireless should provide something to us for troubles that this update has created, I think they should provide Free Visual Voicemail or Hotspot

    • Anonymous

      Free upgrade sounds better

  • jeromeo

    i like my t-bolt, but was unable to pull either the june 2011 interim fix or gb.  yesterday, i was on the line w/verizon tech support for over one hour, after htc unsuccessfully tried to push gb onto my phone.  today i confirmed w/verizon that gb has in fact been pulled, with no new dates in sight for whatever fixes they need to make.  oh wel . . .

  • Mule0331

    Both mine and my wifes phones have had reboots since downloading. We both run visual voicemail, and our notifications work properly. Other things I have noticed is that the audio notifications seem to randomly change at will. I am in the group that Google talk with video will open up, and I can see the rear cam, but not the front. Also the audio is very squeeky at times, like a guitar too close to the amp and getting feedback or something. Skype works awesome though, and I seem to like that UI better anyway. Overall its better than what was on the phone, but I still think there are a lot of minor issues and from what I’m reading a few major ones that should have been caught before release.

  • Guest

    Still have Google Navigation issues where it can’t find any GPS satellites…In Tampa FL on 3G and 4G?

  • Jetichis

    TB owner here. Can’t get anything to use the front facing camera either. I’m not sure why they haven pulled it. My girlfriend can’t update hers right now. Hopefully they will fix the VM issue soon. If not I’ll be using that Dev’s solution. 

  • chris

    So you have a developer that can figure this bug out within a matter of a day, but HTC can’t????

  • viewthis66

    i have the update. i’m not rooted. my gps improved dramatically. battery life is about the same. i don’t have voice mail issues because i use Google Voice.  G-talk ins’t something i use so i didn’t check to see if it works.

  • Tdavis42

    Looking at this and the Bionic I’m so glad I left Verizon. They are a joke and don’t get it.

  • I got the update and have an unrooted TB.  The switch between 4g and 3 is very bad now.  And, to make matters worse, it thinks there is no signal in my office when I am on wi-fi.  I can not take a call with the wifi on in my office.  I don’t know what that is all about, if someone can clue me in that would be great.  but, this phone is my lifeline for work and is now not very helpful.  No voicemail notifications here either.  I see no benefit from this update so far, only negatives.  And I am about ready to dump HTC and maybe even android for a while…  I don’t need the headaches anymore.

    • Anonymous

      I did for iPhone and not coming back unless it’s a pure google experience .

  • Matt

    The clock app is all missing from the app drawer.  Doesn’t look like I’m alone with this.  Contacted HTC and they said they were aware.

  • GCH

    Verizon – you want a DROID loyalty/retention program?  How about starting with getting these things right.

  • Tjcard03

    have the vm and 4g dropping out and on for minutes at a time….. blows. still rooted it after update with revolutionary and running bamf forever. seems to be running fine but i’m so jumping to another phone as soon as i can.

  • Anonymous

    This is why I will no longer get an android device unless it is a Nexus 🙂

    Less stuff to worry about with updates. 2.3.6 running smoothly here on Nexus S…

  • Kawikabboy

    i got the update when it first came out OTA…

    faults when compared to provided pic:
    no vm notifications…got google voice to work around that…still frustrating though.
    no noticeable changes to desktop interface; didn’t notice ANY new widgets…can someone tell me whats new?
    full dock mode? haven’t seen that…do i need some sort of hardware for that? how i access that? when USB connected it doesn’t show that
    bluetooth connectivity still sucks…have to reboot phone everytime to connect to Bluetooth device, otherwise it doesn’t find it

    only thing noticeable that I enjoy is my keyboard is multi touch now…i can type fast without it making a mistake because of two fingers touching down at the same time.

  • If this grows into pitchforks & torches I’m all in.  HTC & Verizon Wireless get things together or us lazy power users will be coming.  We have no desire to load custom ROMs or engage in manual methods to DiY fix our devices.  We voluntarily purchased the product & demand a resolution.  Btw, I purchased Lets Golf 2, umm yeah, the Gingerbread update now makes it a requirement for me to purchase yet again.  Soo, here is a tip, don’t be trolls & charge for an app the was purchased once.  Only wish I could download the app via the Google App Store.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I would like to root and do all the ROMs etc, but I use my phone for work and for personal so I cant have it out of commission while I tinker around with it. (From what I see rooting the TB is not easy). 

      It seems like the trend now is to release hardware full of bugs and issues without proper QA and then patch it later while the consumer suffers.

      • babadush

        I’m not sure how familiar you are with the computer. The revolutionary method is very easy. It took me 10 min? I think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UK_CiB2SYk

  • Bob Jenkins

    I haven’t had any problems with my voice mail or google talk running the gingerbread update. Probably cause my thunderbolt is rooted and i have had the gingerbread update for 4 months

  • Rich

    Fack HTC… Moto screws you, HTC screws you, so which phone company doesn’t screw you?

    • Sputnick

      Then don’t buy a phone…simple.

  • So far so good for me – i’m liking the GB update, mainly because my TB seems to run faster/smoother now.  And i’m noticing some nice additions to things like the calendar widget, and the application manager (especially the favorites).  The data connectivity in the LTE/CDMA mode seems to be better (the 4G doesn’t drop as much), but it’s not quite stable yet for me.  Plus, 4G _does_ suck up more battery, so I may keep it on 3G (CDMA mode) unless I need the speed because it’s much more stable in 3G.

  • Wintrmte

    Cool, maybe they will add the neat on/off effect that comes with Gingerbread….

  • Anonymous

    The update has worked out okay for me (I do not use the VM or Gtalk).

    On a side note, the TB is my first HTC phone and I have to say based on the number of replacements that I have had and the overall build quality, I do not plan to purchase another HTC phone in the future. Is anyone else over HTC?

    • My 1st HTC phone was the Verizon Touch Pro, I loved it, sadly Microsoft & the development community stopped developing for it & I was in the need for a new phone that ran faster hardware & the LTE 4G was a no brainer option.  Picked my TB up before VZW axed the Unlimited plan in thinking that it would be pulled away.  Been loving the phone.  And I do consider myself an edge-case.  So there might be things I love about the phone that others loath.  I do use a Seidio 3500mah battery & have had no issue w/ the additional bulk.  There again, I’m clearly a minority.  And yes, my ideal idea of a portable computer would be an awesome bulky desktop tower strapped to my back w/ a 30″ display at the ready.

    • Q

      After the HTC Touch Pro2 and Thunderbolt, Im done with HTC

  • Sputnick

    I think Android phone manufacturers need to slow down and put fewer phones out and focus on quality.  Every hyped phone that seems to come out now has ridiculous flaws.  Lots of these phones seem to come to market “rushed” (well except for the Bionic…but we know about that debacle).  I was very excited for the Bionic but I waited and I see lots of happy customers but enough unhappy ones on blogs such as this one.  I still have the OG  Droid and want to upgrade…but sheez already…but out a near flawless phone to make me take the plunge.  Nexus Prime please don’t disappoint.

    • Mr. English

      It would be nice. Too bad marketing trumps quality on the android front. I’d take one phone that works over 50 phones that live in obsolescence the minute they’re turned on.

  • Coaster36

    Whats the easiest way to root the Tbolt now that I have GB? 

  • tjmonkey15

    With all this supposed testing that Verizon does with these firmwares (I’ve read about them being blamed for update delays on multiple occasions), how is it that they miss a glaring bug like the voicemail one mentioned here?  That’s ridiculous.

  • Dexture1

    Anyone notice that weather no longer updates when you go into it?  You have to hit the refresh button now.  If you go into the settings, the option to turn this on is grey’d out.

  • Anonymous

    This makes me want to get a nexus even more, less bugs, more frequent updates, and most importantly unlocked bootloader

    • Sputnick

      I hear you but the Nexus S had it’s share of issues if I recall.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing like a good flubbed ota thead to get the day really going!

  • If I ever get another Android, I’m getting the Nexus or whatever is strictly MADE for Android. Motorola, HTC, LG all of them suck balls when it comes to Android. I’m tired of it. I have the Thunderbolt and this is ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      I would be willing to help you out with your phone if you wanted to be happy with it. I bet we could make you very happy.  Are you interested?

      • Anonymous

        I love my TBolt, the update worked great for me Other than the VM issue and one other thing, but that was the glass skin i was using that was causing the issue i was having. But i might be interested in rooting it now, maybe something with the sense 3 or 3.5 feel to it. what do you recomend? and what is the easiest/safest (well as safe as rooting can go) way to do it on the TB? i did my old HTC incredible with no problem.

  • Daniel Archibald33

    I love how the thunderbolt was supposed to get google talk with video on the gingerbread update and yet the droid 3 just got the update for google talk with video and it actually works on the droid 3

  • GotSka81

    I always thought the dev scene was better for getting the latest software out quickly (more quickly than manufacturers, anyway) but at the expense of 100% reliability.  With this bug it’s CLEAR that the dev scene has more ability that those at the manufacturers.  HTC, I suggest you take the fix that’s already been discovered, apply it, and call it a day.  Oh yeah, and get your shiz together.

  • and this is why I finally had enough of the horrible everything and sold the piece of sh** to some dumbas* on craigs list. GOOD RIDDENCE!! I am NEVER purchasing another handset made by HTC. EVER, EVER, EVER

    • Anonymous

      Sorry for your bad luck, but I bet the “dumbas” on craigslist knows how to make the phone awesome like many of us. I hope he got a good deal!  Gingerbread works great and the voicemail issue has been fixed.

  • Anonymous

    Any other bolt owner here upgraded to another phone and can’t access the update servers anymore?

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  • Bxrider117

    This is not the main reason why my next phone will be a Samsung, but I am sure that HTC/VZW had to be aware of this problem. The same issue occurred for the EVO. I like HTC phones, but battery life and poor updates are a problem. Moto has a locked bootloader and bad head phone jacks that become loose and I am a gym person and need that to be solid. Samsung, I know may not update their phones to the latest OS quick enough but I root all my phones from day one and I love the Samsung screen quality.

    Hopefully HTC/VZW fix this issue to get the update out before they release a new phone in October.

    • GotSka81

      Not to mention…if the next Samsung we see on Verizon is a Nexus then updates won’t be an issue!

  • Rizzidy

    How could they possibly miss such a massive bug?

  • BroRob

    I pulled the OTA update. Does anyone know if there is a root out there that will still work? I’m ditching this stock crap and going CM7.

    • PSU_DI


      • Anonymous

        Revolutionary is an amazing tool

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Yes, YEEEESSSS come join us with CM7, you will not regret it. 

      Just make sure you have GPS lock before flashing CM7 … if you like using GPS that is.

      • Anonymous

        CM7 FOREVER!!!

      • chris partlow

        Everytime I try that GPS lock before flashing I can never get it to work! Any ideas?

  • Anonymous

    This phone has singlehandedly convinced me to stay the hell away from HTC products.  (Plus the cheap plastic feel of them whenever I pick one up).

    Seems like Samsung is the only deal in town.

    (Xoom owner – that should explain it)

    • samsung is OK, but in all honesty the top quality smartphones are moto these days. Or apple…

      • Anonymous

        HOW DARE YOU!!!


        • dude when I got my bionic I almost peed my pants. I was like “wtf?! I need this thing to mess up so I can be miserable again.” It has not messed up…not even once! It is reliable, made from metal, and gets way better reception than the blunderbolt did. My life literally improved in overall quality after ditching that phone. Just saying…

          • Anonymous

            Well you can’t argue with that!  If your Bionic is working flawlessly for you and you are happy that is what it’s all about!  I am fortunate enough to say that I am as pleased with my bolt as you are with the Bionic.  However I look forward to what comes out in the next month or so… 

          • GotSka81

            I must admit that I was impressed with the Bionic…but due to my OCD tendencies I couldn’t get past the PenTile Matrix screen.  I know it’s there, I can see it, and even though it’s really not THAT bad I’ll always notice it and it will p*ss me off, lol.  Now if only Moto would start unlocking their bootloaders like they said they would…

          • Anonymous

            I hope Google will have some influence in that regard. 

          • Anonymous

            Yeah…I’ve had my tbolt since April. I rooted my tbolt a long time ago and have loved it ever since. But…I still kinda wish I waited for the Bionic; it’s so cool. Plus, you can get one on Amazon for $150 +$50 gift card and $15 music credit. That makes the effective value $85!!!

            I paid $250 for the TBolt =(…

            But I still love mine rooted none the less.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve had over 5 android phones and none of them run as smooth as the iPhone. Or better build quality. Not a fanboy yet but if VZW screws up the prime I will be.

    • Anonymous

      I know it isn’t verizon, but Samsung’s galaxy SII feels extremely cheap.  Maybe it’s because my TB is a brick compared to it but I felt like I would drop it all the time when I played with it.  I hope their next phone feels better than that.

    • Samsung actually the plasticiest of them all…

  • Anyone else having issues with HQ flash videos or HQ on YouTube?  They are really choppy on my TB after the update.

  • Anonymous

    I have the perfect fix…Root the darn thing already!


    • Anonymous

      I agree, but up until yesterday the voicemail notifications on all the leaks did not work. I am jumping up and down that it’s not fixed though!

      • Anonymous

        I give Samsung some major props for picking up people that develop roms like CyanogenMod to help make them a better OEM. I wish HTC would do the same thing…

        • Anonymous

          Good Grief you would think so. Now that the fix has been discovered by a rom developer I hope HTC will also find a way… lol

          • Anonymous

            @Slayher anyone :)…

  • Shnyda

    Why isnt everyone using Google Voice for voicemail anyway?  Stock voicemail sucks

    • Anonymous

      I agree, have been using YouMail for months and have no issues.

    • Anonymous

      I even use it on my iPhone

  • So much for trying to REPLY to Tomgillotti’s comment. FAIL

  • Anonymous

    I honestly don’t know how they could release when the voicemail notifications didn’t work. If they followed the forums they would have known this for months from all the roms based on their leaks. 

    But I am very pleased that Erishasnobattery has finally discovered the solution.  Here is a link to the info and hopefully it will help many of you!


    • Jarred Sutherland

      Yeah I am amazed that they somehow “missed” this as well. And I thought Samsung had crap software releases.

    • palomosan

      Yep but not everyone is rooted or have knowledge to do some of this commands, so HTC and Verizon should’ve tested the freaking software before releasing it to the public.

      • Anonymous

        You don’t have to do the commands, those are for other developers to put into their roms.  

        There is a flashable.zip for us with the fix to make things real simple.

        • I really don’t want to go through the process of Rooting & installing the patch.  I’m just going to go forward by checking voicemail manually at a regular interval until the issue is resolved by HTC & VZW

          • Killershade


      • I agree, this update was seriously clearly rushed out w/o any testing.  And I really don’t want to go & run a custom ROM or dig into the phone to change a few lines of code to resolve the issue manually.  I’m to the point in my life where I just want the device to work as advertised & w/o an update to come along to break functions that I require day to day.  Other than the current issues, the update has been extremely pleasant, in the settings you can also choose to run off of 4G if you’re looking to save battery.  I didn’t like that the update changed the phones theme back to default.  Would have been nice for them to bake something in that wouldn’t change my theme & background.

  • I also migrated from the D1 to the Tbolt this past March.  I hear you on the physical keyboard.  However, I’m curious if you also got really annoyed at how the laminate cover to the D1 keyboard loosened over time, causing a “tacky” sound whenever you fwap away?

  • The updated radio broke my data connectivity.  Nothing brought it back, including their ##778# trick.  They are shipping me a new Thunderbolt as I type.

    • Anonymous

      We could have helped you easily.

  • Michael Parker42

     While this really sucks,  I am glad I got the update before it was pulled.  I was using Google Voice anyway, and more than anything I’m excited to have Skype working with the front-facing camera. 

  • Already updated to 2.3.4 a few days ago.  Haven’t tried Google Talk, but can attest to the fact that the unit flies between apps & screens, and the additional functionality on the pull-down menu is super useful.  The sporadic Bluetooth pairing issues seemed to be resolved as well.  It’s like having a new phone!

  • Tomgillotti

    I am unable to download update yet, but what the heck is with the inability to use the front facing camera for video chat!?!? Skype now GTalk??

    HTC I think you’re a great OEM, but with my first experience as the T-bolt it’s been a lot of disappointment.

    Time for a rally… and hopefully the Vigor will be better (will not be my phone though… holding out for Droid 4.. miss the physical keyboard since giving up D1).

    • Anonymous

      Is your bolt still active? I’m having trouble accessing the update servers since deactivating it.

  • I haven’t had any problems with my Thunderbolt running GB… probably because no one ever leaves me voicemails and I don’t care about Google Talk… heh.

    • Anonymous

      The fix has been discovered by a developer if you are interested!


      • Fixing a problem I haven’t had issue with.. HMMM… I’m good thanks

        • Anonymous

          Ok… sorry   LOL

          • Db


        • Chris

          Did you not just say “That sucks for those other people, but I don’t see the need to leave a snooty response to a comment saying I haven’t had any issues…? Sorry for enjoying my update… ”  But i guess you are just Queen of the Snooties……

      • I would actually prefer to wait till HTC/Verizon Wireless has pushed out an update through their regular pipeline.  With all the issues, I do agree [email protected]:disqus if you look past the issues, the Gingerbread update is actually really fantastic, just sucks for the rest of us that need our smartphones to also be phones.

        • j2d2

          I’m glad I don’t use my Thunderbolt as a phone… that is sooo 2008. Makes ya look like a hillbilly folks.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      But guess what, other people HAVE had issues with it! See, the world actually doesn’t revolve around you! Heh.

      Good going HTC, way to test and test and ….. flop.

      • That sucks for those other people, but I don’t see the need to leave a snooty response to a comment saying I haven’t had any issues…? Sorry for enjoying my update…

        • Jarred Sutherland


        • I agree, there is no need to attack someone personally for enjoying the update & I admit I have been enjoying it, but I do admit this update is personally going to effect me since I cannot get voicemail notifications.  In the mean time I guess I’ll be checking voicemail at a steady interval till the issue is resolved

      • Anonymous

        I would just say this…use Google Voice! 😛

        • Yep. I don’t see any point using Verizon’s voicemail when you can use Google Voice. Like none at all.

    • Warlike1919

      My phone been running great on gb as well and I have no issue with the voicemail.. Because be using visual voice mail for years… Serious I didn’t even that people used the standard voice mail that came with the phone…. When there are so many cheap. And free other voice mail Apps they could be using.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        I do use Google Voice for visual voicemail, but for those who don’t have a GV number why should they have to pay for a service that should very obviously be free? 

        The other free apps are generally garbage. Heck, Visual Voicemail was free for the iPhone on AT&T. Amazing that it magically costs Verizon to provide the service.

    • palomosan

      Well too bad for you but most normal people get voice mails.
      Google Voice has a lot of fine tricks which makes a fine app.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you HTC, you only validated that I need the Nexus more and more when it comes to updates. 

    • Anonymous

      …or the i*fone 5 lol jjk

  • Anonymous

    It Works!

    • Jjasper2012

      what works?

      • Anonymous

        I updated my post…  “the voicemail notifications”