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Wondering Where The Minecraft Release Is? Doesn’t Look Like It’s Coming Today

A tweet sent out by a worker at Mojang has outed the reason we haven’t heard any news about the supposed re-release of Minecraft: Pocket Edition which was due out today. Dang those pesky bugs. The new release will give almost all Android phones the ability to run the underground cult classic with touchscreen controls, as long as they fix the bugs first.

Last minute bug fixes are just how the development game works, so no worries. We are sure this will make the app better in the long run. We’ll keep you posted.

Via: Twitter

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  • Anonymous

    Sooo…. why say you are going to release something if its still not polished enoughfor release 4 days in advance. Horrible. Anyways, they will get this bug fixed and it will add two more bugs.

  • EC8CH

    “Wondering Where The Minecraft Release Is? ”

    nope… only release I’m wondering about is the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Rob

    Does anyone know the device compatibility list for Minecraft?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    *Runs Minecraft on Xperia Play while trying not to be awkward*

  • Anonymous

    im curious now what was the bug?

  • Anonymous

    +1 for Dev’s finding the bug, holding off on release to fix the bug & actually keeping people informed about it all.

  • Alexander

    Minecraft is a beautiful game. I hope the pocket edition is just as good for when I’m on the go.

  • Jason Purp

    I didn’t even have it on my mind

    • What is wrong with you

      • Anonymous

        He’s not alone. Many people just don’t give a crap about Minecraft. I’m not a fan of the whole user-generated content fad. Minecraft doesn’t excite me much. Even if it did, my OG would be a pretty poor platform for such a game, especially since I have a nice desktop than can run it.

        • ConeBallz

          Does your desktop fit in your pocket?

          • Anonymous

            Yes. Tablet in the back pocket of a pair of jenco jeans.  :]

          • Billy Jenkins

            Thats not a desktop though. Not even a laptop. Try fitting a laptop in the back pocket of your jeans. Even a netbook would be uncomfortable.

          • Anonymous

            Touche’. How about I run my desktop on the tablet & then put it in my back pocket. How about that? 

          • Charles
          • Flipapotimus

            wow i havent heard of Jenco jeans since highschool

  • Billy Jenkins

    Is Minecraft by any chance developed by Motorola? Like with finding bugs on the day of release and delaying it longer?

    • KevinC

      would you rather them release it with issues?  idiot.

      • Billy Jenkins

        Did I forget to mention that I disagree with them releasing it with bugs? Nope I didnt forget to mention it but I also never said it. That must mean that I agree with them fixing the bugs before releasing it. Idiot. I was just reminding all the ionic and Xoom owners that delaying the Bionic and the 4g on the Xoom were just part of how Motorola works and theres no reason to complain about it.

        • Anonymous

          I think Kevin was more or less referring to how idiotic the comment you made was.

          Comparing Motorola to a developer of an application is pretty idiotic. There is absolutely no comparison. Although, you apparently like to blame the hardware manufacturer, not knowing how much trouble they have pushing the update through companies like Verizon.

          Pretty much explains why the Wi-Fi updates for the Xoom are coming faster than the updates for the 4G Verizon branded one.

          Yah, I’m a big fan of Motorola & I’m a big fan of the Xoom. But I also think I know where to put the blame when the blame is due.

          • Billy Jenkins

            No lol. I think you and kevin both misunderstood a comment as short and simple as my first comment. Sure it sounded like I was comparing an app dev to a phone manufactorer but I was actually comparing the delays in the app to the delays in most motorola updates. I even specified that in my comment. and I’m not blaming any one specific company because Verizon isn’t much better. In fact they are just as bad if not worse at releasing updates then Motorola. Read my first comment again and you might understand it now that  explained a short comment to u

          • Anonymous

            It’s awesome when a couple people can act like grown adults and misunderstand each other and still come out as friends 😀

            My apologies if my comment came out too direct… 🙂

          • Billy Jenkins

            its ok. lol

          • Mctypething

            u mad bro?

          • Mctypething2_Electric_Boogaloo

            Are you sincerely displeased my friend?

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    • No it does not have a custom skin

    • Anonymous

      If it was Moto, they wouldn’t have admitted a bug. Instead, they’d say. “Based on feedback from early tests, we’ve decided to make Minecraft even better. We won’t be releasing it today. However, we’re excited about the prospects of releasing a superior version of the game next spring…”

    • Anonymous

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