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Refurbished Motorola 32GB XOOM Wi-Fi For Just $350

Today you can pick up a Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi for just $349.99. The tablets are refurbished, but still, one might want to take advantage of this deal if you enjoy having updates before anyone else. Easily unlockable and rootable, these tablets are lots of fun.


Thinking of picking one up?

Cheers Eric!

  • Oh god you Kindle Fire fanboys/girls need to get off your damn soapbox already. 

    Look, lets be honest, if you are anyone who frequents Droid-Life, Android Central or XDA, the Fire ISN’T FOR YOU.
    8GB of internal memory only, not expandable. Runs only 2.3 instead of 3.X. And if you happen to like music and want to put high quality audio on your tablet, you’re gonna eat 8GB like nothing and OH WAIT, Amazon’s online cloud player doesn’t allow you to upload .wav, .flac or .ogg files.Be realistic. If you want to have a real android tablet experience, go get an Iconia, Transformer or Galaxy Tab 10.1 or 8.9 or even this Xoom. If you want a lighter experience, than go with the Kindle Fire, that’s what its for.Barnes and Noble also has a better version of the Kindle Fire, its called the Nook Color. Yeah it has 1 less core, but it also has a community around it and expandable memory. 

  • Peter Yanni

    Just got one, almost regretting it as we speak. It’s a good deal, just don’t see much point in tablets…

  • Anonymous

    What are the downsides and bugs to this tablets?

  • Anonymous

    199 YES
    249 Maybe
    349 NO WAY

    • Anonymous

      +1 I hear ya

  • Anonymous

    But the xoom 2 is right around the corner

  • Jason Purp

    I’ll be saving my $590 for the Galaxy Nexus at full retail. Hopefully that’s all it will cost.

  • Anonymous

    $99 and you’ve got yourself a deal.

    • i remember first part of the year when this tablet was unveiled and everyone wanted it.

  • Peter Kelly

    You forgot to mention that they are great for working on the biceps!

    • DroidzFX

      Your right they are a MAN tab but they are not that heavy.

      • You


  • Anonymous

    guess they didnt see my tweet about this earlier.

    • Anonymous

      I grabbed two of these around 5:30 EST this am. I’m surprised it took this long for a post!

  • Anonymous

    I ordered two. One to replace my iPad and the other for my wife as a Christmas gift!

    • Geoff

      it won’t replace your iPad. Android on tablets just isn’t there yet, imho. I’ve played with Tabs and Xooms and they just don’t deliver the way iOS does on the iPad. Android is awesome on a phone, but just hasn’t been scaled up appropriately onto tablets yet. best of luck with your order! 

      • Anonymous

        My biggest problem with IOS is the restriction of iTunes. Thanks for the info, I will wait to get rid of the iPad until I put the Xoom through it’s paces.

      • Anonymous

        Huh? please do elaborate…playing with the xoom doesn’t mean you’ve actually used it in your daily life (like myself) who has had it from the 1st day it was made available.

      • Tony Allen

        I’ve had an iPad, and I picked one of these up to fill the small hole it left in my electronic life. iOS is too restrictive, I hate iTunes, especially on a Windows machine. The Xoom is a much better tablet for me and I can’t wait for mine to get here.

        • Cantrice Mckenzie

          I can definitly understand that, my Ipad leaves me wanting more. I cant wait until mines get here too.

  • ricklopez1

    How is this better than a 200.00 KINDLE FIRE!!!!!!!

    • In so many ways. Practically, in every way.

    • Tony Allen

      Storage, Support, Android 3.2, Cameras, Stock Android, More Screen Real Estate… I coudl continue going on and on.

  • Just a heads up, my company deals with Woot so my sales team knows some info about these sales.

    Apparently these are not refurbished units, rather brand new. They just say that they’re just marked refurbished so as to not undercut actual new units. 

    Take this info with a grain of salt. Either way, hell of a deal!

    • That’s very interesting…we just got one so we’ll have to see what we get 🙂

    • Geoff


      i want to grab one, but my buddy has one and android for tablets just isn’t anywhere near what iOS for my iPad is like, experience-wise. Don’t get me wrong, i love my DX, but i was left with a bad taste in my mouth after playing with a Xoom at launch. 

      • Honeycomb has come a long way since it initially launched. Is the experience worth $350? That’s subjective and depends on you.

        One thing to note, this is a “halo” device, so it should be the first tablet to receive the ICS upgrade.

        • Geoff

          i know that it is a flagship google device, i just still feel like honeycomb was half-baked. Android on tablets still feels like it has no identity. I’m rooting for it to become a better experience, just not willing to invest captial in an experience that i don’t think google will ever really fully embrace and deliver upon. 

          • Lance Gomez

            You sound like an iPad marketing troll to me.  You have made three comments about the “experience” of android compared to iOS and that Honeycomb has “no identity” but you haven’t made any actual comparisons or given examples of it’s superiority.  

    • To follow up on this, while I certainly can not confirm the validity of what we were told, we have been on Woot 3 times already, resulting in well over $1 million in revenue, so I don’t see why they would lie to us.

    • Just got mine in today from Woot and it IS a refurb, it is even painted right on the back “Refurbished By Motorola.”

      Odd playing with it after having an ipad2 for nearly 6 months now.

  • Thanks to woot?

  • Geoff