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DROID3 5.6.890 Update is Pushing Out Now

The DROID3 update that brings your phone up to build 5.6.890 is available now and includes Google Talk with Video along with a number of bug fixes that should help with things like battery life.  We gave you manual update instructions the other day, but know that many of you like to wait for the “official” push.  To grab it yourself, head into Settings>About phone>System updates – should be there.

Here is the full list of details for the update.

Cheers Frank, Scott, PyroHoltz and everyone else!

  • E

    Does downloading/installing this update wipe the phone?

  • Me

    Interestingly, I just checked and my Droid 3 already has this release.  I got my Droid 3 at Radio Shack on 9/16 so it looks like the newer ones are preloaded.  I rooted my device with the Easy Root v7d script soon after I got it and realized they changed the sdcard partitioning.  The script worked like a charm.

  • Amber

    Did the update… now all my texting tries to find spanish words… swype too… yet all my settings are set for english???

    • Mikephil44

      I have the same problem!  I got everything back to English, but all my help menus and my symbol icon in swype are still in Spanish! 

  • Blackn6345

    I am rooted and when it tries to install it fails. Tried manual load and get, “assert failed:  apply_patch_check (“/system/app/BooksPhone.apk”… and so on.  I reset to factory to see if this would correct the file and it does not.  Anyone run into this?

  • Andrey Pankov

    Does anyone else have the problem of not being able to get a 3G connection after the update??

    • I am having the exact same problem, plus the update didn’t fix my lockscreen at all

  • Anonymous

    Im still rooted

    • Anonymous

      not rooted , just su access………………ill root it tonight

      • I still dont know why I even care if I’m rooted? I thought it was to dump some of the useless bloatware but we found out that’s a no-no if you even want to update. It’s not so I can share my 3g because they’ve got that tricked up too. I honestly don’t even care about root anymore on this thing.

        • Anyway, for what it’s worth the Easy Root Script V7 still works a treat after updating. No issues

  • Anonymous

    downloaded and installed 4 times, get an error and fail message after reboot and 25% of install. Hmmm, i was rooted and debloated, now rebloated and nonrooted, anyone else having this problem?

    • Sapan Dhora

      I do as well.

    • Ndevans11

      I have the same problem

    • Anonymous

      Manual way wont work either

  • acm313

    just updated. Awesome. Seems to fix the cell radio/battery issues. Used to be 30% of battery life a piece for cell standby and radio, now they are down 8% and 9%. Finally I’ll be able to last more than a day without charging. thanks moto!

  • booboolala2000

    Same recent problem with the Market and My Apps option. Only shows like four apps. Just noticed yesterday and was hoping this update would fix it. 

    • Anonymous

      do you have more than one gmail address account on the phone? If so, open Market, go to menu>accounts and make sure your main account is checked. For whatever reason, mine started defaulting to the secondary account.

      • Booboolala2000

        Will try that out. I have two. Also, google music does not play in the car dock. Has to be taken out of the dock and then it works. Was fine before update. Lol

    • acm313

      had a similar problem, try going to “manage apps” and select market, the clear the cache and all market data, worked for me

  • Qbanito1967

    Downloading now!

  • kevinnn

    KELLEX i am dieing for an answer from you. my DI still hasnt gotten 2.3 and I unrooted just to get it. I’ve checked system updates and it never gives me anything. Has the rollout been stopped or whats the deal? pleaseee

    • the D1 was never going to get gingerbread and is never going to unless you root it and install custom ROM

      • James_Ever

        I think that he’s asking about the DI for droid incredible not the OG DROID…could be wrong…

        • kevinnn

          I am talking about the incredible hence the DI not the D1 ????

    • Meim882

      dieing or dying?

  • Anonymous

    Only thing I want is the camera fixed but I can’t get the update because I’m still missing some apps. I actually have every app its just that its odexed soooooo….no luck. I wonder would that sbf.file work but I heard that it takes you off the update path. If I tried that file does anyone think it could work even though I’m not actually bricked?

  • If we are rooted, and deleted some apps like the NFL mobile, zumo cast, etc. but not the Vcast apps is the update ok to install?

  • my00si

    So if I’m only rooted, am I able to pull this update and if so can I just udate safelty or should I just unroot update then try to root again…

    • Darren B

      I was rooted and I can verify you can pull it. It will break root though, hopefully I can re-root when I get home tonight.

  • Newdroid34

    I received the update, where is my google talk with video chat damn it

    • Pat Hamilton

      Mine has it. 

    • Scott

      Mine has it, but Skype video chat is now available for D3, so if your gchat video still does not work you could try using Skype

  • Will this stop the phone from rebooting when the keyboard is slid out?

  • Soryimslow

    will this take away root?

    • More than likely 

    • Erle Greer

      Why do people keep asking this after it has already been answered by several others?

  • Scott

    Update is great, blue camera tint is gone and no screen lag at all. No bugs as of now

    • hkklife

      Does it speed up the camera focusing and response time at all? 

      • Pat Hamilton

        Focus doesn’t seem faster, but at least the shutter speed is better now.  Doesn’t take like 2 seconds to take the picture anymore.

    • booboolala2000

      Same here. Blue tint is gone, camera app still closes sometimes when taking a pic in portrait mode. It does sem to be less laggy with screen transitions. Hoping this stabilizes the battery life. Will see about the car dock force closing when receiving texts. 

  • Chad

    Even after this update, the lag and screen redraw is still terrible. This is definitely my 3rd and final Moto Droid phone.

    • Esmccarty09

      its way better than any phone on the market now chief unless you have access to 4g then the bionic is the only better one. so stfu and quit complaining. mine works fine with no lag and i did the manual update. so just chill

      • Chad

        Haha Better than anything else according to who, YOU?? You sound like the typical Moto Moron!! So keep paying for devices with Moto’s junk Blur that slows devices to a crawl and I’ll be laughing at you while I’m using my Nexus Prime with Vanilla Android.

        • am123

          Chad you are so smart. you have everything figured out, don’t you, tool?

      • Hey Hypo, you STFU and then YOU chill. Douche.

  • Ndoren

    A new bug, too.  Swype keys and help menus are now Spanish only.  LOL

    • Anonymous

      yeah, how the eff do you screw that up? LOL 

      and switching it back to English does nothing. 

      • Face91768

        You have to go into Manage Apps and Clear Data.

  • Miketalbott25

    I got the update this morning when i woke up and now my phone doesn’t work!!! It’s showing the new version but i can’t get a signal or anything. Did a hard reset and still nothing!

    • Scott Willenborg

      Check the little things first… are you in an underground nuclear fall-out shelter?  I get horrible reception in mine.  Try going outside.  Stand on something big/tall, like your house or Kourtney Kasdashian.

      • Or Khloe K’s fur mound.

        • Scott Willenborg

          Wait, which one of them used to be a dude?  You know, the great big one?  That’s the one I meant…

          • That’s Khloe, married to Lamar Odam. She still is a dude.

          • I wouldnt throw her out of bed for eatting crackers  :p

  • Kellen the spam wall is on the fritz again, the posted instantly after this post this time I WANT THEM DEAD!

    • We all do lol

      • Oh yay you got rid of the comments now, all better.

        they still need to die tim

        • I know 🙁 
          For some reason our little spam tracker can’t keep up lol

          • Poor spam tracker works so hard these days, not sure if that is a bad thing or a good thing though.

    • Who is Kellen?

  • Anonymous