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T-Mobile Speaks Out Against Apple vs. Samsung, Microsoft and Sammie Form Partnership, New Toshiba 7″ Tab [from AL]

Today in other Android news…

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  • Samsung doesn’t copy Apple. Here is the proof


    • TheAndroid1

      Actually I think that the unboxing picture really contradicts what many people are saying about the situation.  One of the big claims is that you can’t compare the app drawer on the samsung phones to the iPhone homescreen, that you need to compare the home screens.  However, in the advertisements and on the front of the BOX, it shows the app drawer.

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  • Granted

    Why are you still pimping that site? Nobody cared about it many months ago, so why should they now? It was one crappy advertisement after the next, plain and simple. At least on this site you occasionally remember what made the site great to begin with…..and I stress occasionally.

    • Scott Willenborg

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