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New Dock App Introduced With Thunderbolt Gingerbread Update

Packed inside the Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4) update for the HTC Thunderbolt, you will find a new dock app that pops up automatically when dropped into a cradle.  As you can see in the photo above, it’s simple, but still gives you enough information to make it worthwhile.

It’s not customizable other than the wallpaper stream in the background or the music you decide to play, however, it’s a welcomed addition.  It pulls in your calendar feed, weather, can turn into a hotspot automatically, and even pull in your Friend Stream.  If only we could toss in a Gmail icon it might be perfect.  


*Tip – If you don’t have a dock to test it, you can still access the app even though HTC tried to hide it. Through an app like Circle Launcher, go into your “Selected apps” and you should see an app called Dock Mode.  Check that box and you will now have a shortcut to activating the Thunderbolt’s dock on the fly.

*Note – Yes, I’m having printer issues. No that’s not my dog or significant other. 🙂

More pics:

  • Jay Ireland

    I like the dock, it’s quite handy. I don’t like that I can’t tailor the Apps, I hate the default music player and would like to add other Apps. So it’s a good idea not implemented well. IMHO

  • Russellgolf

    Thanks for information on how to access the dock app!!!

  • B6

    Nice, never would’ve thought of this. I was able to long press on the home screen and add app (stock sense 3.5 launcher) and was able to put ‘Dock Mode’ on my home screen. My Orion Gadgets dock (with charging spare battery) doesn’t make it recognize Dock Mode, but just click the app and I’m good to go.

  • Gettingspeedy

    The car dock seems to be broken after update. I use my car dock everyday, not happy that my dock has turned into a charging cradle.

    • Lame that this broke, yes, but seems that if you dock your tbolt before turning your car on (power to the charger) it launches car mode… lame? yeah, but better than nothing.

      • Jay Ireland

        I have the Desktop Dock and the Car Dock, each launches its appropriate Dock App when “planted” automatically which I really like. For the Car Dock I use “Car Home Ultra”

  • Learyjjohn

    Dock info excelltent never would have found it

  • Anonymous

    i have been waiting for this and it isn’t working for me automatically – I have to turn it on.  bummer

  • Is this dock app something exclusive to the Tbolt or was it included with the gingerbread update on the Dinc2?

    • Wait nevermind, clicked a related posts link for the Dinc2 update, seems it has the dock app as well.

      • Anonymous

        Indeed it does. 🙂

        • Thanks kellex!  Good to know since I switched out my Tbolt (with new GB update) for a Dinc2, totally happy now! 

  • Jm

    Does it work with any cradle?

  • Magman117

    Doesn’t work with my Seidio BD3-CRDHTMEC Desktop Cradle Kit for HTC ThunderBolt.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If that’s not your significant other, who is she?  Stalker.

    • D.B.Evans

      The app uses default images, or you can choose a folder from your gallery, or
      specific images from your gallery.

  • avon

    Kellex listens to Rick Ross! #BossShit

    • Anonymous

      I want to know whats wrong with the Printer and where he is taking it.

    • Mack

      Last time I checked, Bruce Springsteen was The Boss.

      The cars, the dirty money and girls, the hustling he raps about…make me want to punch him square on the jaw. 

  • nice

  • Anonymous

    How much are docks now?

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone possibly pull the apk and let us non-Thunderbolters have a shot? I actually use the default Clock/dock app on my droid nightly as a nice little nightstand clock (no dock, just manually). This seems a little prettier.

    • you look at things often when you sleep? lol

  • Anonymous

    not bad, does it dim well like the stock one?

    • Anonymous

      That brightness icon in the bottom right suggests dimming. No idea about how good it is, though, and I’m curious to know if it eventually switches to a “screen saver” like the default Android clock app.

      • Anonymous

        thats why i asked….

    • D.B.Evans

      The brightness icon seems to toggle between your normal brightness, and a highly dimmed setting.  My default is around 25%, and the dimmer was noticably darker than that (I’m guessing around 5%).

  • Ghost

    That’s cool

  • Anonymous

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