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Download: HTC Rhyme Wallpapers, Ringtones and Boot Animation

The HTC Rhyme will land on Verizon store shelves this Thursday as one of the more female-friendly phones we have ever seen.  It’s a mid-range phone for the most part, but HTC assured all of us that the goal here was to focus on style and functionality rather than next-gen specs.  After you take a look at the wallpapers included, you’ll quickly realize that they weren’t messing around.  These might be some of the best we have seen from a phone in a long time.  

Download:  RhymeGoodies.zip  (boot animation, wallpapers and ringtones)

Some sample wallpapers:


Cheers Legion!

  • Mehregan_rad

    i lOveee theMmm….

  • Anonymous

    Man, if I had a girlfriend….I would so buy this for her…damn, I’m so lonely….

  • d2user

    The ringtones play fine, BUT the alarms and notification have 0Kb file size. Tried downloading and unzipping on phone and through computer. Also tried download mirror. So pretty sure the problem is not on my end. The boot animation loaded fine on Moto D2, but was a bit laggy and didn’t play for the entire boot cycle. Besides, I should have pulled out the ‘HTC’ image.  Can someone verify the alarm and notifications?

    • Cmy_Evelyn

      the alarm ringtones don’t work for me

  • how do I put this on my phone? I have the htc incredible 2

  • Tried out the new sense 3.5 BAMF rom for the TB, not feeling canvas/ construction paper the textured look of the new sense… wallpapers are the same too. Definitely girly overall from the colors to subject but they good quality images.

  • Therealdukes20

    I want the clock widget does anyone know where i can get it…

    • That whole screen is actually one widget minus the  2 “dock” icons

  • Kixofmyg0t

    Love the boot animation. Its kids driving a Kia Soul and drinking Moutain Dew-Code Red with Jay-Z playin in the backround. 

    Also love the default notification tone, its Shanequa say “Oh GURR NO HE DID ANT!”

  • Why don’t these fit well on the X? I can only use half the picture.

  • Anonymous


  • SugaShane

    I hope it has service in the kitchen. 

    • Anonymous


      • Leegoldschmidt13

        Good thing homophobia is not ok, but sexism is.


    • ^thats good stuff right there

    • EC8CH

      They also serve well as cushions when placed under her knees.

  • George Davis

    A bunch of the audio files are 0Kb in size.  For example, every single file in the Alarms folder.  Some cool wallpapers though.

  • Gunther

    Why are the wallpapers 480X800, shouldn’t they be 960X800 at least?

  • What the heck. Why do they put artsy photographs for wallpapers on the girls phone. I like artsy wallpapers :-/ 
    /me is saddened

  • RonsterWVU

    I like the lock screen… Even if it’s for ladies

  • Anonymous

    Great, just what your girlfriend needs to see on her phone. Before you know it, she will be dragging your ass to some Sissified European progressive city based purely on the subliminally romantic overtones generated from these wallpapers..  

    Good Luck fellas… Don’t let her get this phone!   

  • i like some of these wallpapers.. but they are too big when i try to set them as my wallpaper on my Bionic.. can we resize these easily somehow?

  • Anonymous

    These wallpapers ae definitely cool, nice pics. I am sure our female DL readers will appreciate this device 🙂

    • KansasJayhawker

      There are female dl readers?
      Pics or it didn’t happen

  • Anonymous

    “I feel pretty / Oh so pretty / I feel pretty and witty and bright, / And I pitty any girl who isn’t me tonight.” – actual HTC Bliss… err… Rhyme ringtone

    • Scott Willenborg

      wait… what?  I am so downloading that for when I am not feeling pretty…

  • Jak_341

    You can tell this phone is being targeted at women. The ringtones are very…well…girly.

  • Scott Willenborg

    Those wallpapers remind me of a “feminine hygiene controlling” commercial….

    Voice-over “For when you’re feeling that not so fresh feeling…”

  • YiggiYo

    Wonderful, additional downloads for me.