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Amazon’s Free App Of The Day: Cut the Rope

Back when Cut the Rope first hit Android, there was some serious hype around it and for good reason. One of the most popular iOS games had finally made its way to Android and it worked like a charm. Well today, users can pick up this classic game for free from Amazon and enjoy all the cute cutting ‘om nom’ goodness. You can’t go wrong with Cut the Rope.

Amazon Link

Cheers Chris and everyone else!

  • Raven

    Froze my ASUS Transformer solid requiring a reboot 2 out of 4 times I have tried to play it.
    Installed, started, got into first screen with Play and Options, hit Play and nothing frozen solid.  Rebooted worked fine for a while, quit for a bit, went to start it again and it froze solid again requiring another reboot, and then it worked fine after that.  Haven’t tried playing it since.

  • jwtoth

    does anyone know if this comes with the new levels that are out on iOS but not Android in the Market? 

  • Anonymous

    Amazon is genus leveraging Android’s most valuable assets for its own use.  They get their “own” OS and don’t even have to start from scratch with apps.  This is going to be trouble for entry level HC/ICS Android tablets.

  • Anonymous

    awesome game… actually is the only game I have in my Tbolt

  • Just picked it up for the first time this morning.  I’m not really a big android gamer…but I can say this is more fun than many of my other mobile gaming addictions.
    I (sadly) have three-starred all the way through the Valentine box today.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet!  Thanks for the post…

  • Anonymous

    I got this app for free a while ago and I don’t remember how. I thought it was the app of the day, but it wasn’t in  my amazon appstore. Was it available on a special promotional basis from like getjar or something? I’m drawing a blank.

  • I bought this app a while ago but have yet to play it =/
    It’s not that I don’t want to, I really want to!
    It keeps crashing after the loading screen for the first level.
    Running the OG on CM7. Also crashed when I was running PE6.5, though it would crash at the logo screen on Elite

    Any OG’s with froyo able to run it?
    I will say that I can’t wait to finally be able to play this on the Prime!

    • Shannon

      I could play it on my stock rooted OG with Froyo, so it’s probably not a hardware issue…sorry I can’t help more than that.

      • I guess I should have asked if anyone with CM7 on the OG is able to play?
        Or any other ROM for that matter.

        • Nick S

          I’m running CM7 on my OG, stock kernel, and this game runs perfectly.  I have only 1 screen with 2 widgets and a few folders, just to clear up some RAM as our poor old OG does struggle with newer apps.  Try clearing off some screens or killing a few widgets and see if that helps.

  • EC8CH

    Amazon’s on a roll today… They’re getting the prices right on everything 😛

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Sweet… skipped buying it several times now.  Free is good.

    • Anonymous

      …And supporting dev’s who make good games is even better. Happily bought mine a while ago. 
      Maybe the stereotype that Android users are ‘cheap’ actually has some merit….

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for supporting the Devs.  I spend my cash in plenty of places to help develop products… but as I am 35 and a father of a 3 year old… playschool gets most of my “game” cash these days.

        • Anonymous

          really? $.96 currently on the Android Market was THAT expensive for you??

          • Anonymous

            Its a matter of “wants” and “needs”.  I don’t need a new game on my phone… in fact my OG Droid is getting long in the tooth and full of apps.  I don’t even really want a new game… again… I am full up on apps and don’t have a lot of time to play games anyway.  So yes… .96 cents is expensive to me.  In fact… .01 cents is expensive for something I don’t want or need.  Now… toss out something for free that I may end up enjoying… sure I will try it.  Maybe down the line the same Dev creates a new game and I see it and think… “The free game I got from them was pretty fun”… and I buy it.  Probably not… but that’s the hope of the Dev who participated in the “free app” deal.  

            If you still don’t get it… I have a ziplock bag of South Carolina air… only .96 cents.  Send me some cash and I will release it in your name… pickup is simple… step outside and breath deeply.  🙂

          • Anonymous

            How about you just keep your 3 year old away from your zip lock bags.

          • Anonymous

            So you get my point but your too much of a clown to just say, “Oh… yeah that makes sense”.

          • Anonymous

            no you changed your point from blaming your kid for why you cant spend money on games and admitting you wanted it and skipped buying it in your first post “Sweet…” to wellllll I don’t really need it and maybe i didnt want it…so free lowers the barrier of entry for me. So if you feel satisfied with your bait and switch tactic great….all of it still feeds my original point that people are cheap, and why the Android Apps lag iOS in revenue. I couldn’t really give 2 s!#$ why you downloaded it now or not.  So you get my point, you’re just trying to deflect being cheap.

          • Anonymous

            My bad…. I fed the troll.

            Look… if I buy a game its usually for my 3 year old.  I don’t often buy games.  That was my original point.

            I further explained that I enjoy an occasional game… but I am not wasting my cash on them. (even .96 cents)

            If me being “cheap” satisfies you in some way… well then la dee da… I am cheap.  Oh NO!!  Yes sir… I am a cheap bastard who likes to get game apps free.  I could give two shits if the android game market fails.  I don’t have, own, plan to ever own, or like anything made by apple.  I don’t care how the apple markets work… how they sell and market their garbage products or who buys them.  If android fails because people aren’t willing to by cheap apps that cost .96 cents… that’s a free market.  I didn’t have a smartphone before android… and I might not have one after android.  

            Your posts are all the same.  You start little fights with people… tell them you are a marketing genius and then get all shitty and self righteous with your arguments.  You sir are a troll.  You sir are a clown.  You sir are an angry little person (not referring to your physical size obviously, but rather your self worth).  You are a fool for buying this game for whatever price you paid for it on whatever platform you purchased it.  

            Me on the other hand… I am cheap.  lol

          • Anonymous

            I had to go back and read my original post.  I wondered where you got that I was admitting I wanted the game.   You misunderstood me.  When I said that I skipped buying it… I was referring to several times when I saw it posted up on this forum and others with rave reviews.  I have never looked at the game and thought…”I would love to have that”.  I don’t even know what the game is… I have only seen a few screen shots.  Like I said… people go on about it being such a great game.  I may hate it.

            I see the confusion as you thought I saw it in the market… wanted it… but couldn’t buy it (your words…  blaming your kid for why you cant spend money on games) I can spend money on games… I just don’t want to… often.  I did buy Battlefield: Bad Company 2 a while back… I didn’t like it and it was a wasted $60… but who cares… It was just $60.  Troll my comments all you want.  I don’t post often.  I really only posted on this one today so as to take away the opportunity for some moron to post “first”.  I just tried to type something fast before a “first” post popped up.  Maybe I can go back and edit my original post to say “First”.

      • You ever think that Amazon might subsidize the developers for the free app of the day? Or did you think they just gave away stolen licenses for paid apps? LOL. Cut it out with the starving developer crap, too. I’m getting sick of that old saw, devs can charge what they want and then people decide whether it’s worth it to them, the system is fair and it works for the most part.

        • Anonymous

          Actually Amazon gives the devs ZERO, yes ZERO for being the free app of the day. Check your facts on how the program works and why many decline to participate hence mostly crappy free app of the day picks. Amazon claims you should make it up in paid app rankings later. You’re so sick of it yet commented anyway? hmmm…

           No one saying developers are starving, but something seems off if you can’t pay 2-3 bucks for a quality app and spend hundreds on phones and plans. Penny wise pound foolish? There is a stigma that the iOS App Store is much more valuable. Judging by the mentality here, that seems to be correct. that’s all.

          • JW

            Then that Devs doesn’t have to allow Amazon to have their app on their app store.  If someone wants to buy an app, then let them. If they don’t, then get over it. Don’t worry about what others are doing.

          • Anonymous

            Very true. Stilllll feeds my point Android users are much more bargain hunters and less likely to buy apps. Not necessarily a criticism, just an observation.

        • GOTSOOT

          “I’m getting sick of that old saw.”