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SanDisk Releases Memory Zone App as the Ultimate Storage Management Tool


SanDisk released their new Memory Zone app yesterday as a fantastic way for everyone to backup, restore and manage their phone’s onboard, microSD cards and favorite cloud storage services.  It’s free to install, is a breeze to browse, and should be a staple on your phone going forward.  You can backup all settings to your current SD card or even choose a cloud storage option to make it safe forever.

To get the full overview, hit up the video after the break.  

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Cheers Anish!

  • Anonymous

    t mobile sucks -__-


    App looks dope.

    And the icon is a picture of a squirrel!?!?  Now I’m definitely downloading….

    P.S. she can has dez nuts!!!!

  • nick

    Protect files too! Nice, now I can hide my porn.

    • tjmonkey15

      You mean your animal porn.

      • OreoMan

        Explains why you have “monkey” in your screen name!

  • Tim

    Amazon S3 support?

    • Zerdy

      Google Storage for Developers too? I’m not a dev but use it for storage.

      • Taco

        The answer seems to be no to both. Sucks.

  • Oh yes im so sure you have every type of cloud storage possible and all this media everywhere Kaitlin!!!!  I can count the number of girls i know on one hand that even know what dropbox is.  Not trying to be sexist, it would just be cool if Kaitlin was REALLY into the SanDisk Memory hype.  ACTING!!!!

    • << I'm a girl and I use Dropbox constantly! Of course, I'm also a programming geek. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Not handling the media on my sd card well, a lot of “not responding” messages when listing photos.  I know it is free and beta so not being critical, just saying.
    DX w/CM7-GB

  • Anonymous

    Sorry this is off topic but what is with the T-mo adds today? Kellex, your website looks like it’s being spammed.

    By the way this app looks nice. Will give it a try later.

    • jimbob

      Either quit bitching or start blocking the ads.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure Kellex would love it if everyone used add blockers and cut off his advertising revenue. I don’t mind some advertising, it supports this site. 

        The problem is the excessive T-Mobile ads today. They make this site lag hard on Chrome (runs fine on IE but I don’t use IE).

    • Anonymous

      At least do a hard refresh so you see the white DL logo up there. 😛


      • person


    • Blood

      I haven’t seen any ads since the first day those ads popped out. Use Adblock.

  • david

    Sd card got too hot on wifi tether on old og Droid, is now corrupt. Anyone know of any possible way to recover any files from that?

    • I’ve used eSupport.com Undelete. Worked like a gem for what I needed and did not appear to put anything unwanted on my computer.

  • Keith Sumner


  • Shnyda

    App is cool but i like the chick in the video

    • Anonymous

      eh, elbows are too pointy.

      • and she snores when she sleeps.  Just sayin’…

        • Waknatious

          It was the drooling that bugged me… snoring wasn’t too loud.

      • Davros

        M O O N, that spells elbows. Love that movie.

  • Anonymous

    Trying it now

  • Billy Jenkins

    moving everything from sd card to cloud storage? If there was a way to move apps to cloud storage also instead of sd card and still access them that would completely change the idea of limited 32 gb memory if u can just have much more then that in cloud storage.

  • PSU_DI

    Just installed, this app is very cool.  I’ll be using this quite a bit I’m sure

  • Anonymous

    Looks nifty I’m going to give it a try

  • Anonymous

    Really nice app!

  • Anonymous

    Slick interface