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Reminder: Yep, the DROIDX Keyboard Update 4.5.605 is Still Rolling Out

Our inboxes and Twitter timeline indicate that a bunch of you were not aware that the DROIDX keyboard fixer had started rolling out already.  In case you missed it though, build 4.5.605 became available to most handsets last Wednesday and really has just one purpose – to stop your keyboard from acting all crazy on its own.

To pull it if you haven’t already:  Menu>Settings>About phone>System updates.

  • Barbiegl4

    This update ruined my phone! My phone is completely unresponsive now and I can’t access ANYTHING! Everything keeps foreclosing! Why would you release this update without testing EVERY detail. Please help me get my phone back.. I’ve only pulled the battery out ten times now with no change.. Dead useless phone.

  • Brys1

    This update has made any application that utilizes my SD card inoperable. For instance, all message notification sounds (calls, texts, etc) don’t work and sometimes it won’t let me answer a call. The camera works, but I can’t access the pictures I take from the Gallery. My music player force-closes.
    Oh, and did I mention that the phone now runs slow as molasses. The app android.process.media is using 73% of battery charge, draining it out within about six hours.
    It sucks because my keyboard didn’t need fixing, and now all this other stuff is broken. Literally, thanks for nothing.

  • Anonymous

    .605 broke my GPS 🙁

  • angel

    I think this update unrooted my phone WTF!!!

  • jb

    Do not upgrade! Phone is changed. Theme and display icons are all changed . Apps run very slow. Do not like at all

  • DroidX_Owner

    Arg, I took the update and it royally F&$* my phone up.  It would boot up and then shutdown.  Good thing the .602 SBF was available on this website. 

  • Anonymous

    The legend of the droid x still lives 🙂 Moto and Verizon are working hard to fix the bugs

  • Goatweed

    I got the update, applied it, and was ready to try the one-click root but I’m still rooted. Verified that the upgrade was successful, opened superuser and it showed that I was still rooted. Odd but I’m not complaining.

    • Raymond McCabe

      yup, same here didnt loose root after update

  • Alejandrorfernandez

    I ran 1 Click root, it tells me my phone should be rooted that it completed successfully but I dont have root access.  Anyone have the same issue?

    • Zid316

      I hate the same issue

      • Zid316

        Sorry I have the same issue

        • Alejandrorfernandez

          I ended up sbf back to 602 then updated to 605 then 1click worked fine.  took like 15 min in all, real easy

  • Rjbx

    I am rooted, but my phone will not install the update. Help.

    • John Taylor

      If you’ve renamed or removed any of the pre-installed apps such as Amazon MP3 you MUST restore the original versions and names or the update will not take. You will loose root when you update but once you re-root you can remove or rename the stock apps again.

  • I seem to only have keyboard errors when I’m drinking…any update to fix that?

    • Wthomasbutler

      Yeah.  Stop drinking.

  • Anhlai

    This fixed my reboot on unlock slide.  I have a password set.  Finally the phone is reliable.

    • Shouldn’t have, it’s only for the keyboard. Must have been the reboot that did it.

      • Anhlai

        This has been happening since GB rolled out.  When I slide to unlock, I have the keyboard appear.  I suspect it was crashing my phone.  Whatever the case, its fixed now.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been seeing spontaneous reboots, about one a day, only since I installed this keyboard update.  GRRRRR

  • Zebra

    What was wrong with the keyboard that needed fixing? I actually prefer the Moto KB over others, and haven’t ever had a problem with it.

    • It was lagging and at times would go away or put corrupted characters on the screen.

  • Lmrojas

    Can I get the update? I’m rooted running cm7 but its on the gingerbread kernel …. haha /sarcasm

  • Kixofmyg0t

    Ehh. I guess I could DL this…. I’m STILL using the leaked .596 rooted. But I switched to Swiftkey X last week and been getting used to it.

    However some of the other bugs that plague .596 are what really bugs me(bug=BUGS me get it?)….anyone know how well the .602 update has been? Better or worse?

    • Why not SBF to .602 and try it? It has more to do with how the .602 will work on your phone that anything. Some people have great luck with GB versions, others hate it.

    • xyzlene

      stock  phone.. reboots at least once a day. more sensitive from going to portrait to landscape, sometimes when it shouldn’t. no change ib keyboard performance. gps has improved.

  • Hockytaz

    I got the update and now my stock camera does not work!

  • Anonymous

    Was pushed to me, downloads and just tried to install. It reboot, and upon checking version number, says the software update failed.

    Guess I shouldn’t have deleted that Bloatware, huh? : p

    • Yep, have to SBF to .602 or Froyo and take the update.

  • Bigsike

    Been trying since last week all mine says is “Check for update is not available at this time” :/

    • JC

      After installing the 605 OTA, I did lose root. But rebooted int ClockworkMod recovery and was able to install the latest SU app that I had on my SD card and got root back.

      So far I haven’t seen any noticeable differences good or bad from 602.

  • Alejandrorfernandez

    If I am rooted can I install this update or do I have to flash to the original

    • Anonymous

      You should be able to. You will lose root, but the D3 1click method does bring it back in a jiffy. 
      I have heard the installer fails to complete for some root users. If that happens wait for P3’s All in One. 

  • Esmccarty09

    so my droid 3 is in a boot loop. what can i do to fix it .. im out of ideas 🙁

    • DroidzFX

      try to boot into stock recovery and wipe data/cache

      if that dont work then SBF

      • Esmccarty09

        i tried wiping data/cache but i hook my phone up to my computer and rsd lite cannot find the phone and i have a 32 bit operating system and i have the motorola drivers installed so i am at a lose as to what i should do

  • Anonymous

    just downloaded.. lost root… 1 click root will reroot you tho 🙂

    • The Terror Wrist

      Thankx, that’s all I needed to know!

    • Mfzero

      good to hear!

    • Kixofmyg0t

      Wait for it…..WAIT FOR IT……

      “Do I have to be rooted for this?”
      “Will I lose root?”
      “Will this make my screen pentile?”
      “Prime FTW”

      There gotcha covered.

      • If I had a nickel for every ‘will this beak root’ or ‘I am rooted, how can I take this’ question during an OTA update I would be banging Kim Kardashian, or at lease Courtney.

        • John