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Gameloft’s 9mm hits the Android Market for $6.99

We have been expecting the release of Gameloft’s anticipated 9mm for quite some time. Yesterday, it finally made its way to the Android Market for a hefty $6.99. The GTA-esque game is sure to deliver a gruesome drug-filled story line and a matching online multi-player experience.

We are definitely going to have to pick this one up and see how it runs. Before we get any questions on compatibility, this game is said to work on many devices, but we have come to find out that ‘9mm’ won’t work on the DROID Bionic, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, or the DROID Incredible. There could definitely be more devices that won’t be able to play it, so let us know down below if it works or doesn’t work for your specific device.

Market Link: 9mm ($6.99)

  • Redcustom909

    doesnt work for galaxy s 2

  • Xxelparcero24xx

    samsung glaxy s 2 can’t support this game either :/

  • Fg2srt

    Does work with my OG Droid (no suprise) or my Viewsonic G-Tablet running HC.

    • Fg2srt4

      *edit* DOES NOT Work….sorry

  • works on my Motorla Atrix 4G

  • works on Motorola Atrix 4G

  • Anonymous

    How am I supposed to try this out with only 15 minutes? Sheesh as slow as the new market is it would take 5 minutes just to refund it in case I come to a hasty conclusion about the game in under 10 minutes…

  • Granted

    For anyone who is interested, what Kleenex wrote above, about this game not working on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, well that is completely bullshit. I just got finished playing the game for like an hour on my Wifi Galaxy Tab 10.1. So if you were interested in buying and playing this for that Android tablet, you can take it from me they it is indeed working. I don’t know where he got that stupid information, and it also doesn’t say in the game description whether it’s compatible or not, but like I said, it worked absolutely perfect for me, running stock Gingerbread 3.1.

    • Jnmigr

      Ginger 3.1? Did you got the game from andriod market or gameloaf site? 

  • JonAndRoid

    i know this is kinda a verizon site but i constantly check here for news and updates, just got the photon 4g and its a pretty quick phone (better than previous droid 2) and also…no support on this phone either…kinda gay gameloft…

  • Billsfire1

    I have the Droid 3 and it wont work on it. Lame.

  • Anonymous

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  • Garrett

    The market seems to disagree and says the game is indeed functional on the Tab 10.1

    • Granted

      Yeah, worked fine on mine, Kleenex once again posting bogus shit information. Probably somebody who hacked their Tab gave him that stupid info.

  • Djspikezz

    Bionic and the other supported devices definitely DON’T FAIL. Gameloft’s release to limited devices fails. Simple as that. I’m sure it will be playable on all devices soon enough.

  • Justin

    I like phone gaming, but $7.. Pass

  • Forgothowtodie


  • Kylch

    NO BIONIC?!!!

    what about the OG Droid? All the gameloft games I have work on it. I tried to put some of those games on my bionic. Some worked good, but some didn’t fit in the screen and were buggy.

  • saaaywhaaaat

    waiiit holy tmobile adds…..

    • Droidinmind

      Only six!!!!! Or so!!!!!

  • Mike

    I hate how GameLoft lies on their products. Some of their “supported” devices aren’t even compatible. Plus they never update their apps when they KNOW people are sending emails and reporting complaints. GameLoft is great at coming out with games but horrible at keeping them updated and truthful w/ which devices actually work on them.

  • Works flawlessly on the Samsung Galaxy S 1. No lag at all. Brutal game. The graphics are freaking outstanding, the best I’ve seen so far.

  • -1 on the no bionic support.. anyone try on Asus Transformer yet?

    • Anonymous

      The market says it’s incompatible with my Transformer.  No compatibility with many of the most popular devices.  Well done Gameloft.  Well done.

  • Thomas Causey

    no droid 3? really?

  • Binglut9

    No go on xoom 3g

  • Andrew Hewitt

    So when you say $6.99, you really mean $13.98 or more, since GameLoft always double/triple/quadruple charges your credit card and then refuses to give “refunds”.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if it has Xperia Play support?

  • nice

  • Anonymous

    You what’s awesome about Gameloft. No support. They are d!©ks there. By the time you are done downloading all the additional game data it is too late for a refund if it doesn’t work (even though is says your device is supported)… not to mention half there shiz isn’t even in the Android market. Plus try contacting them and see if they respond…good luck with that. Gameloft is the worst

    • Binglut9

      Your 15 minutes don’t start until everything is done downloading fyi

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. That is good to know. I wish they wouldn’t put devices on the supported list if they do not work though. Some games work on some of the devices I have had and don’t on others even thought they are all listed as supported. Can’t get Gameloft to respond to my questions or give me support of any kind.

  • In case anyone needs a warning:  this is NSFW due to profane language.

    ::turns the volume down on his lunch break::

  • aj522

    From what I read it’s not open world, which is what GTA is.

  • aj522

    It’s available to download for my xperia play, debating if I should buy it.  I like how the 15 minute return policy will probably be useless since it will take forever to download the data files.

  • Jason Purp

    LOL they wish

  • Nex

    Amazon make your appstore useful!

  • Tferrell7368

    transformer? hows the gameplay?

  • no D3 love either…ah well maybe next time

  • Anonymous

    Shoot first, ask questions last!

  • Drnick124

    No go for the X2

  • Sirlandry

    For the fellow asking for PS3 Controller functionality… http://bit.ly/nx1ulu

    • Me

      Sweet link thanks bro looking all over for something like this

  • Nesedesigns

    Doesnt work with the dx2 either 🙁

  • Billy Jenkins

    is this an open world game likt GTA where i can go around killing people and stealing cars? or do I have to do the missions until the end of the game?

  • Me

    TThey need to come out with a ps3 controller style before I’d play any game like that

    • Anonymous

      It’s called the Xperia Play =).

      Or WiiMote

      • Me

        All most bought one but didn’t know if it was going to just be a gimmick

        • Anonymous

          Not sure if it will work with this game, but wiimote is actuality pretty awesome. It allows you to use your wii remote via bluetooth.

  • Anonymous

    no bionic?  shenanigans!

    • Anonymous

      Yes Thunderbolt…Booyah!!!!

      • ..


        • Anonymous


      • saaaywhaaaat

        im sure it runs like crap on the tbolt booyah. i tired nova on tbolt man it lags like a mofo

        • Anonymous

          If it was NOVA, it was probably some time ago, which means it was probably on the original Froyo rom. Have NOVA 1 & 2 on mine (running CM7); yeah, they’re all amazing =D!

  • Billy Jenkins

    No Bionic support? u mean the over rated device that everyone wanted for months and considered to be the best? lol

    • Anonymous

      It works with the Thunderbolt!

      • Billy Jenkins

        ty. I still havent decided if i should download it on my thunderbolt. I wanna first know if its like gta where u can kill people and steal cars instead of doing missions

        • Its mission based. So far you can’t just go around and kill people or steal cars.

      • Anonymous

        It sure is =D!

        Thunderbolt – 1
        Haters – 0

    • Mctypething

      So, because some overpriced. bloated game isn’t support on the Bionic somehow it fails as a device? Great logic dope.

      • saaaywhaaaat

        +1 and so your saying samung galaxy 10.1 is also a failed device since its not compatilbe.

      • Well anything with Blur on it is pretty much a failure……….. If they only listened to the customers……..sigh

      • Anonymous

        u mad bro?

    • Darius

      Sigh just because one thing doesn’t work doesn’t mean it as a whole device as a fail… thank god not everyone has your superior logic.

    • Cortexa100

      I had version 1.00 on the galaxy s i9000 (1ghz cortex a8-SGX540) it worked perfectly only a slight 24fps when playing with the device for a long time causing heat.
      then updatrd it today and know its not working at all.

  • wait how could it not work on the bionic???

    • Anonymous


      • Jboogie1289


  • No Bionic? Lame…

    • Mctypething

      u mad bro?

    • thats what you get for jumping ship son

      • saaywhaaat

        yea cause this game was made for older device son.
        plus im sure it doesn’t run smooth on the tbolt son.

  • Anonymous

    Finally! I’m going to throw this on the Xoom tonight. I would download it now if I had 4G.

    • Anonymous

      You can download it but the game data has to be downloaded via wifi…now I have too find a hotspot somewhere!

      Stinkin Gameloft…

      • hkklife

        Bar none, they are the worst publisher in the history of mobile apps. They may know how to crank up the eye candy, but their games are bloated, poorly supported, and derivative in gameplay. And they treat their paying customers like criminals!

        • Anonymous

          Weren’t they behind one of the worse games of the decade: Turning point fall of liberty, or was that Code Masters?

          • hkklife

            That was CodeMasters, for PCs and consoles. Gameloft is a mobile-only developer. 

          • Anonymous

            Ah. Their logo’s are so similar that I confuse them sometimes.

        • Anonymous

          …I don’t understand why I just can’t download the game data on over 4g…


        • Mark Christian

          I have boycotted GameLoft after the Memorial day weekend “free game” fiasco.  Yes, we will allow you to download a game for 2 hours for free, but… We failed to tell you that it only works on 1 or 2 phones, and we wont tell you which phones (the only phone I saw in 90 comments that worked was a DroidX).
          It was a shameless ploy to get you to look at their other games and pay.

          • Anonymous

            I actually really took advantage of that on my Thunderbolt. Got Asphalt 6, Modern Combat 2, N.O.V.A. 2, and Dungeon Hunter =).

            But, the whole thing about needing to download game data via wifi really kills me…