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DROID4 Codenamed the “Maserati,” Will Sport a Slideout Keyboard and 4G LTE?

It’s not often that we get to toss up a picture of a luxury car, but will jump at the chance as it relates to the latest rumored Motorola device.  According to members of Howard Forums, the next slideout keyboarded device from Moto will be the DROID4 or 4G and is known internally as the “Maserati.”  Sound familiar?  I’m going to assume that this is the same device our Panda friend mentioned a few weeks back during his Nexus poem.  Many of you caught his comment on it and starting looking for answers immediately.

It’s reported as having a 4″ or so screen, no d-pad, a removable battery and 4G LTE capabilities, something that should have been included in the DROID3.  No other details at this time.  Feel free to take it as a rumor, but this HoFo member claims to have held the Spyder as well, so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Keyboard lovers, did this news just make your day?

Via:  Howard Forums

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  • Karima

    I dropped my android the first day i had got it. But now my android screen is cracked because it fell on brick stairs outside. Time for an UPGRADE!

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  • Fallen_ghost3

    This gives me something to look forward to. Thank you. A physical Keyboard is a maker breaker for me.

  • Now PLEASE let this phone come out Christmastime. {{-_-}}

  • IT IS ABOUT DAMN TIME. {{^_^}}

  • Ryan

    Can’t even wait. Been waiting for a phone with a keyboard. Hopefully it comes out before my upgrade.

  • letinsh

    If we go by the aforementioned poem, it looks like it’ll be June, as Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne, was murdered on June 26th…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I would say yes if we knew the processor and that the release date was not likely six months out. 

  • Daniel Rowen

    I just hope Motorola puts the two-stage dedicated camera button back onto it, that’s one thing I totally love about my Droid2 and really would not want to have to give up.  In the mean time, CM7 on D2 has made my phone so much faster and better, it’s like a new phone!!!

  • David Seibel

    Still won’t be buying a Maserati…

  • Anonymous

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  • sadly i see some T-Mobile phones in my future as soon as Verizons contract is up. Im tired of their overcharged crap and throttling my unlimited data. Cant even get to 500mb of data before they hit that switch. at least with tmobile can get full speed for 2gb

  • Keyboard lovers, did this news just make your day?

    No, no you didn’t, I gave up on motorola when they threw that crap screen on the D3, and I pretty much gave up on getting decent hardware with a slide out keyboard on Verizon…  My OGDroid is holding out for a Vigor or Nexus retirement party.  

  • Exbelnj

    I’m going to wait for droid 87449….maybe not enough models to fix what’s wrong with droid3 but one can always hope!!!