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Mysterious Samsung Device Up For Gaming and Entertainment Award at CTIA, Any Guesses? (Updated)

We already know that Samsung is holding another of its Unpacked events at CTIA in just a couple of weeks, but details have yet to be released.  Whatever it is though, is sure to pack some sort of gaming or big-screened-multimedia punch.  The nominees for CTIA’s “Hot for the Holidays Awards” have been announced with a mysterious and unannounced Samsung product listed under the “Gamer & Entertainment Enthusiast” category.

If you look at the other items listed, you will see two of their tablets, so this could be the 7.7″ Tab that has yet to land in the states or as a few other sites have suggested, is the Galaxy Nexus.  Rumored to have a 4.65″ HD screen (Super AMOLED HD?), you would almost think that the next Nexus would have found its way into the “Gadget Guru” category – or would that have made it too obvious?  A big HD screen on a phone does scream, “Play games on me!” though.

Then again, wouldn’t Google want to unveil the next Nexus and not Samsung?  While I would love for this to be the Ice Cream Sandwiched Verizon beast, I’m not willing to put a ton of money on that, just yet.  The good news is that we will be there to find out.

Update:  Galaxy Tab 7.7 just cruised through the FCC.  Would not be surprised if this is the device they announce.

What do you guys think? Any guesses?

Via:  CTIA, GSMArena

Cheers Jim!

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  • Anonymous

    Samsung needs to have a feature, where we can adjust the stupid saturation on their display.

  • Anonymous

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    I use http://alturl.com/opqjb

  • Eric V

    I have a Thunderbolt and am i the only person who hates games on a phone? I text, call, facebook and some internet but other than that i dont use it for anything else.

    • Anonymous

      That is you some people like games but do not like facebook

  • Calebboerner

    Kellex, I need more unsubstantiated rumor and hype beasting about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Droid Prime. I’m checking in 3 or 4 times a day and still can’t get my fix man. You gotta give me more. I need more! Ahhhgggg!

    • Blood

      It’s not called the Prime anymore.

      • Anonymous

        for the other carriers, it will be called Samsung galaxy, but for verizon it will be droid prime

    • Anonymous

      saturated display and plastic feel. Do you need to more more?

  • It’s the Samsung Focus S.  Xbox Live, lots of related games, remember?

    Windows Phone may not have many games, but it’s more explicitly focused on gaming. That and the Galaxy S II is already covered in the Globetrotter section.

  • David Hayden

    “Then again, wouldn’t Google want to unveil the next Nexus and not Samsung?”

    Couldn’t Google be at the Samsung event, and announce it there together?

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      You are awesome, good for you!!!

  • Anonymous

    It could be the Droid Prime…I hope…

  • ssjnimma

    could be the Galaxy Note as well… just a thought…

    • Anonymous

      Probably is.

      • Juan Moreno

        But why would they use this event to launch something which has already been unveiled? They wouldn’t be sending out these invites for something this predictable; Guess we will wait and see.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely not the Galaxy Nexus. Sorry. First Google takes care of that. Second it wouldn’t be under gamer and entertainment with the Tabs. Sounds like either the tab 7.7 or Note, or Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 or something else.

    • Anonymous

      I really hope they announce the 7.7 price and release date for the US. That display must be amazing in person, I can’t wait to get one.

  • Anonymous

    Well since they just announced the Galaxy LTE with 4.65″ hd screen for Korea I would say that is a safe bet. 

  • AcMonster

    Have you seen the Samsung LTE 4.65 device they released in Korea today?  the Galaxy nexus could just be a rebrand of this: http://www.engadget.com/2011/09/26/samsung-announces-galaxy-s-ii-lte-and-galaxy-s-ii-hd-lte-handset/

    • Anonymous

      Indeed we have. 🙂  http://an.droid-life.com/2011/09/26/samsung-announces-the-galaxy-s-ii-lte-and-galaxy-s-ii-lte-hd-for-korea-americans-cry/

      • Anonymous

        Nice link Kellex ! i was going to ask you if there is an application or something that you can do on the sammy’s devices to make the color more natural? Colors like the htc display, droid, droid x, droid 2 and iphone, which has the best display 🙂 I have to be realistic. I know you hate iphone but their display owwww