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Monday Poll: Which name would you prefer for the HTC Vigor?

Over the weekend, our sources sent over the picture you are seeing above which has led us to believe that the HTC Vigor may not launch as the Incredible HD after all and will instead hit store shelves as the HTC Rezound.  When we reported this news, the reaction was not the most positive thing we have seen in our lives (by the way, the comments are hilarious).  Many of you were hoping and expecting to see it as the Incredible HD or even the Vigor for that matter.  Clearly HTC and Verizon are rolling with the Beats by Dre vibe of this phone, hence the sound-esque (zound?) feel of Rezound.  We are pretty confused, but wanted to get your thoughts in one of our standard polls.  Vigor, Incredible HD, Rezound or even Thunderbolt 2?  Which do you prefer?

Which name would you prefer for the HTC Vigor?

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  • Anonymous

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  • Chris Phillips

    i’d say the incredible hd, because compared to verizons current lineup, it sure deserves the name incredible in it.

  • I was never a fan of adding suffixes to sequel phones (i.e. HD, 2) nor prefixes (i.e. i-anything).  I think it shows a lack of creativity.  That being said, I voted Vigor because I also lack the creativity to come up with a better name.

  • Anonymous


  • Havoc

    Anything BUT Rezound

  • Brandon Golway

    I actually like the name Vigor, but I’ll go with the Incredible HD too.

  • Anonymous

    Droid hd is the best name

  • Brizems

    Vigor sounds like viagra

  • droid or not it will have same amount of verizon crap

  • Anonymous

    I just got a $827.89 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HTV for only $251.92, they are both coming tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prîces at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for. I use GrаbPenny.сom

  • give me a breakk

  • Anonymous

    zomg Rezound for the lolz!
    Seriously? Carriers and manufacturers really need to stop trying to use names that heavily feature the letter ‘z’ unless their target market is teenage boyzzz. They might as well make a flagship device called the n00b pwner.

  • Sputnick

    How about the “HTC Pornstar” ?  …. rooted for her pleasure.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been calling it the HTC “JustReleaseTheDamnPhoneAlready”.  I think it’s catchy.

  • Bionicman

    Droid Incredible HD sounds good to me. Better than Vigor thats for sure. I hope its not the Thunderbolt 2. This phone shouldn’t be associated with that piece of crap haha

  • Anonymous

    Okay, names shouldn’t matter that much, but I also don’t want to sound like an idiot when someone asks what kind of phone I have. 

  • EC8CH

    Droid Lightningclap

    makes about as much sense as Thunderbolt

  • I like Vigor personally.

    — Incredible HD sounds too much “advertisementy” to me. Kind of like you can buy “HD” floor tiles now? Please.
    — Thunderbolt 2, I mean Thunderbolt isn’t even very old, so that’d just be weird.
    — Rezound just sounds like the name a bunch of senior citizens would give to sound hip
    — None of the above? Well I guess that’s fine if you don’t like the name Vigor, but again I actually like it!

  • Anonymous

    It looks like an Incredible more than anything. I believe that design backing indicates someone clearly intended this phone to follow the Inc suit.

  • Jonezilla

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, You can call it the HTC Turd, I don’t care, just release IT!

  • How about HTC Droid 5G? Just to muddy everything.

    • Anonymous

      Then Apple would sue HTC for stealing their unimaginative naming/numbering structure.  The next phone could be the HTC Droid 5GS though.  lol

  • HTC Poopdick

    • tjmonkey15


  • Booboolala2000

    The downside to Incredible HD is that it would be Droid branded.

    • The downside being?…..

      • Booboolala2000

        A heavier dose of verizon sponsored apps, but yes geedee82, at least it won’t have bing

    • Anonymous

      True, but at least we’d know it won’t have BING on it 😛

  • Kdkinc

    The  HTC Viagra

  • John

    screw the vigor

    bring on the new Nexus! 😉

  • kw

    it has the mhi or whatever.. its like inside the usb.. someone help me here im so out of it right now…

  • Of those options I’d rather see it as the Incredible HD, but it’s styling, especially the back cover, doesn’t really invoke the Incredible or Incredible 2, so I’d be highly surprised if it comes out as that.

  • Cwzrd23

    None name it the HTC Supersonic or HTC Lighting

    • Drewfus0929

      We could name it the HTC Lamp!

    • Zalatorisaurus

      HTC Supersonic is the HTC Evo 4G. Supersonic wouldn’t be the name.

  • Billy Jenkins

    How about the “HTC Delay”? so when the update is delayed a few months we can say the Delay is delayed?

    • Or you could just install clockwork n all your problems are solved….. sounds pretty easy to me.

    • Bob Jenkins

      U mean like i did? Yea. I’ve had gingerbread and htc sense 3.0 on my thunderbolt all summer. But the fact is that the official gingerbread update still hasn’t been released yet. Its been delayed just like froyo. Now u know why i chose htc delay as the new name

  • I’d prefer Inredible HD, and as much as I’d like to get that, my phone is really acting up today (can’t send recieve messages or calls) and the network it’s on (virgin/sprint) isn’t that great.  So today I’ll settle for an Inc2.

  • Anonymous

    available now would be good.

  • Daniels

    Verrrryyy pertinent! This is what I’ve been dying to know all weekend! What does everyone think this phone should be called??

  • palomosan

    Vigor it is.
    Hey how’s your Vigor? ready for some Prime time.

  • MJZ

    call it what it is.. the HTC BatteryKiller

  • Achilles

    Nothing.  According to the pictures of the phone, there is no HDMI out!!  No HDMI Out on the Rezound is a deal breaker for me!

    • Rayman411vm

      it has MHL

  • How about the Incredibolt Revigor HD?

  • John

    Vigor.. viagra.  

    Ok name, since this phone gives me a boner.  

  • kw

    it ahould be HTC Bad A** 🙂 but loving the look! looks like a Dinc and a Tbolt put together with jesus inside. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Hilarious =D!

    • My name is actually Jesus! 😀

  • Mike Mike

    I wana know who that one person was who voted for the rezound

    • Anonymous

      Probably HTC employees