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Custom Theme Friday: Retro Droid For CM7 Theme Chooser

A few days ago I went on a hunt for a retro feel for my Nexus S. I stumbled on some pictures of good ‘ol Froyo, and thought to myself how that might look. I started searching the Market for a Froyo CM7 theme, but with no avail. I went to Twitter and asked my followers if they knew where to find one. Huge props to M1ghtySauc3 for finding this for me.

If you want to remember how Froyo looked (but not felt), then definitely check this ‘theme’ out. Sometimes, you have to relive the past to appreciate the present. “Bubble icons FTW.”

Download: RetroDroid.apk

Via: XDA

  • Android is for losers but that dog is cute as hell 🙂

  • Ray

    that white notification bar makes me cringe…no thanks

  • Nice pup, Tim.  Boxer?

  • Anonymous

    PPPPPPlease do this every week Tim…. You would be my hero 🙂

  • Blood

    You can do this with ADW or LP. Please find a cupcake theme. (1.5)

  • Anonymous

    A white notification bar =/ Idk if I wanna relive that

  • CivilDroid

    Time to thro tha froyo on the Dinc dos!

  • I’m still waiting on a 1.6 Donut theme o.O

  • Anonymous

    I can’t even express how happy I am that the white notification bar days are gone.

  • Guest

    Wow, this takes me back.  It feels like only yesterday when I had froyo…oh wait, it was yesterday.  Today too now that I think of it.  Do you guys remember when Jrummy released total command? Those were the days.

  • Keith Sumner

    Remember back then when everyone was complaining that they wanted 7 home screens? lol..the memories.

    • I’m pretty sure we just wanted stuff that iphone had lol

  • snoop

    Whats your doggy’s name?

  • JDub

    Aaaawwwe. That puppy is so cute! I want to kick it!

  • Perfoliate

    Cool I guess, but I always like the eclair style app drawer. Wish someone would remake that launcher

  • Anonymous

    Okay I know I’m WAYYYYYYYY LATE on this question, but whats the name of that clock you have up there where its spelled out like that?

    • Keith Sumner

      “Minimalist text”

      • Anonymous

        And Thanks!

    • Clockr Widget

      • Anonymous


  • Dan

    To much white their Mr. Tato 😛

  • what I would give to be updated out of froyo on my tbolt…. I can’t believe your going retro when i am still stuck there! BS

  • I was never really a fan of Froyo’s look. Then again I’m not that big a fan of stock Gingerbread’s look either. I almost always have themes on my phones. Stock Honeycomb looks good though.


    I dont like how the top corners are rounded off

  • Keith Sumner

    ugh so ugly, lol