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App Manager From JRummy16, Looks To Help You Run Your Device With Total Command

There are quite a few applications on the Market that help users backup/restore apps, manage tasks, and a lot more. One of the more popular being Titanium Backup, which Jrummy16 is looking to compete with. App Manager has a serious list of features that would make any fanatic smile – literally too much to post on one page, so I will limit it to just a few key features. 

Batch backup & restore.
Send backups via gmail/email or dropbox.
Kill misbehaving apps.
Batch uninstaller.
View all apps that can move to the SD card.
Batch move apps to the SD card.
Move *any* user app to the SD card.
Change entire look of the app.

Market LinkPro Version | Free Verison

There is a Pro verison and a Free version (no Market links and no auto restore), so go ahead and definitely give this one a go. Root is not required, but for much more in-depth control, you should have root access. Let us know what you think down below.

  • Check this video out if you guys  want a Hands-on…


  • B.o.B

    That’s my brother:) I love you big bro 😀

  • Love the batch uninstall.

  • That original bionic looks a lot like the atrix 2

  •  hey jrummy, how about a 1day special/freebee for DL users….  😉   I only ask because i already have TiBu-pro.

  • Satya Chowdary

    is that the original droid bionic that moto showed in jan 2011?

  • Davros

    Does this back up the app AND its data? I’d sure hate to have to restart Angry Birds again 😉

    • chad

      Yep, but root only for data. 

  • Any ideas if this can remove bloatware without root? Or a suggested app that can?

    • I think this one can

      • dewdrops

        it actually cannot, I just installed and tried

        • jrummy16

          It’s impossible without root.

          • I was afraid – recent had to unroot to exchange a device and now the new one just has too much bloat (have to keep root thought)

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy needs to make not rooted apps ad well.

    • Keith Sumner

      This app works just fine non rooted.

      • Anonymous

        Owww I’ll check it out

    • isn’t his name Jared? 

      • Anonymous


        • woooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

          • Anonymous


          • Lil’ Jimmy gonna get got. I bought Android Overclock while ago, told him about a bug where it deleted the Misc Settings off my Droid 2. Many updates later emails me asking if i still have it, told him yes. Still not fixed. Sorry no sale.

          • Anonymous

            Some devs put more attention some of their apps and they forget about the others

          • Jrummy16

            I do my best to respond. Please realize I get a lot of emails a day and still have to maintain apps and try not to ignore the family. I wish I could be perfect at responding to bugs but I’m human.

  • Andrew Blitch

    If this app comes with a script to turn your phone into an Etna, then I’m sold!

  • Anonymous

     Damn the old Bionic looks much cooler than the new.

    • Anonymous

      Agree wish they would have kept that design.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      The old Bionic? Lol  It’s only been out what, a month or so?

  • Trooper

    How about updating Liberty?

  • Anonymous

    too bad i already have TB, i probably would’ve bought the pro version. looks pretty good though.

  • Anonymous

    I like the stuff that JRummy16 does. 

    • Anonymous

      He is great

  • Just grabbed the pro version. Happy to support Jrummy. 

  • Pdiddy187

    I beta tested this app and it is good. This man is a coding machine.

  • Anonymous

    Now that is cool…but whats up with old Bionic pic lol?

    • Seriously lol

    • *ahem* OG Bionic o_O

    • Jam120992

      cuz it looks better than the new one haha

      • fartbubbler

        does not.

    • Anonymous


  • If I didn’t already have Titanium Backup I may have given this a look. Jrummy makes some good stuff. Makes me think back to the OG days running some of his ROMs. By the way, what’s with the Etna version of the Bionic in the picture?

    • Indeed that is the old Bionic.  What a cruel tease of a picture.

      • Anonymous

        That design was wacky.

    • Same here.  Love Jrummy’s stuff but I already have the licensed version of TB.  Looks great though!

    • Anonymous

      He made good apps for the DROIDX as well