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Amazon Free App Of The Day: MLB’s At Bat ’11

Now this is the type of application I need to see, as my SF Giants need to put in some serious work to have a repeat of last year.  At Bat ’11 is the must have app for all baseball lovers as we’re getting closer to the postseason.  The application once ran $15 last year, then they dropped it to $7 and there it has stayed. And now you can grab it for free thanks to Amazon.

At Bat ’11 lets users follow their favorite teams, watch videos, and read plenty of analyst’s opinions.  All in all, the app is fantastic – so if you haven’t already purchased it, go pick it up now.

Amazon Direct Link

I am a Giants fan to death, but what’s your favorite team?

  • Anonymous

    Watch a new satire on MLB “Monkeyball” at http://youtu.be/KKqcx9T9mL0
    A new movie, Moneyball has been released and there is a great SPOOF on MLB and baseball, MONKEYBALL.  If you want a laugh, this satire rips on A-Rod, Bonds, Jennifer Anniston, MLB owners and more.
    Monkeyball (satire of Moneyball and Rise of the Planet of the Apes).  Check it out on youtube.com at :  http://youtu.be/KKqcx9T9mL0
    Laugh on…play ball.

  • Anonymous

    Los Angeles Dodgers all the way baby!  They beat the Giants yesterday too, hehehe 😀  I live in NorCal though, in Redwood Valley in Mendocino County, but I was born and raised in SoCal so I will always be a True Blue Dodger Fan!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I grabbed this yesterday from the Amazon App Store 🙂

    • HA

      Dodgers all the way!! LA!! This is my town!!

  • Anonymous

    Bay area native. Arizona’s magic number is one =(

  • Tim I feel your pain, this year torture is on a new level. Don’t stop believing…

  • Anonymous

    i stopped caring about particular teams a while ago..as long as any team from the bay area does good then i’ll be happy…theres nothing to be happy about though if you’re a fan of the A’s or the giants = ….

    • LionStone

      Any fan of SF can still be happy because the Giants are still the World Champions!!…for a little while longer… 🙂

  • Chris

    Red October, go Phils!!

  • not only is the season pretty much over. reports are saying that they are also charging you a subscription fee inside the app once you have it. I havent watched a MLB game in over 8 years so i dont care really.

  • kevinnn


  • Anonymous

    I naively assumed it will work next year then noticed this is -11….so if this is obsolete next year then who cares if its free now?

  • Acannon

    Atlanta Braves all the way!!! (even though they are trying to piss away the playoffs)

  • Rangers are on the hunt again!  Hope to clinch tonight!!  LETS GO RANGERS!!!
    Congrats to the Giants for a great run last year, but they have proven this year that was all it was…a good run! 

    About the app… last year in the post season it allowed you to watch the games.  Hopefully it will be the same this year.  Will be much nicer to watch on 4g service. 

  • Anonymous

    Tigers. I was travelling last week and couldn’t even find the game on XM radio…probably my fault. Will this app let me listen to games or do I need a subscription like I do to watch video?

    • This app (paid version) allows you to do it all my man!

  • Eric

    Sorry but the D-Back are going to end your dreams tonight..

    • LionStone

      Ok, just for that comment, the Giants are gonna sweeep the snakes! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Fav team is the cubs…. hench me wasting $15 on this app for second year in a row!!!!!!!!!!!  Used it 4 times.

  • Anonymous

    Lets Go YANKEES!!!

  • Romma1

    Sadly, the Red Sox…  slideme.org has a great side load for your favorite teams. Good enough for me to keep up when I am on the go.    

  • Dan

    Yankees, we clinched the division…again. No big deal 😛

  • Trooper

    Yankees but meh about this app.

  • Anonymous

    This is like giving away free 2011 calendars on December 28th 2011.

    WHO CARES???


    • Billy Jenkins

      perfect comparison. lol

    • LionStone

      Haha! Yep…

    • Billy Jenkins

      Maybe Verizon should do a free phone a day promotion like Amazon does with apps. 

      Wait no they cant do that because it would be too generous for its paying customers.

    • Anonymous

      I would assume this would update itself with each season.  I can’t imagine paying $6.99 for only one season.

      • Anonymous

        Nope, new app every season

  • Wow…a free app to use for the last 6 meaningless games…ummm…..thanks?

  • dhiren savalia

    Was born to love the Yankees

    • Nex

      Best franchise in the history of sports. Yeah i said it!

      • napes22

        Spoken like a true Yankee fan.

      • Anonymous

        Best franchise that buys there championships. Yeah I said it!

  • Kevin Donnelly

    Not just in-stadium, I think – I bought this at the start of the season, and you can listen live to any game anywhere; plus watch one MLB-chosen “Free Game of the Day”.  If this is the same version I bought, it’s awesome for a baseball fan.

  • Charp86

    Tim, the other Giants fans, & any Cardinals fans…..FALL BACK!!! Braves are goin to the post season (no matter how bad weve played in the last couple of weeks)

  • I find it strange that not only do they charge $7 normally for this app, but to actually access content you are expected to pay a subscription?  I like baseball…but not that much to fork even more cash down.

  • Pilotbluemike

    do we need to have a subscription as well to use this once downloaded?

  • Billy Jenkins

    Whats the point? Even as a free app theres no reason to download it since baseball season is basically over. unless At Bat 11 will work for next season

  • Dan

    lehhgoooo yankees

  • BOOOO GIANTS….DBacks here…world series bound now

  • Wally

    Cleveland Indians! Go tribe! (Next year)

    • Anonymous

      Same here… god what a disappointing second half

  • this has been the best app Ive had for (each of) the last 2 years. amazon should do this opening weekend instead.

    mlb was supposed to release a tablet optimized version of at bat ’11 but it never happened. while I dont mind it stretched on my xoom. its nice to be able to pull up on my xoom, place in stand, and then place next to my bed/desk/etc.

  • jaymez

    Go Dbacks!!! Sorry Tim….

  • Ssplawson

    Who cares about baseball pass

  • Tex

    Rangers, Damn you Giants!!!!!

  • Michael Martinez

    needs to add video support for the Bionic for the playoffs… go braves!


  • Anonymous

    Seahawks! Oh… baseball? Angels: Go Halos!

  • Irongland86

    I’m a Giants fan for life! The season has been a bit disappointing…

    • Injury after injury. It’s a crying shame! 🙁

      • Go Giants!

        We almost had a very similar season to last year.. Our batting just picked up about 2 later then last year, and that is 2 weeks to late 🙁

        • LionStone

          Yep thats right…listened to an analyst whine about the Giants “lackluster” season!? When they practically led the division most of the season!, except towards the end of course 🙁 And then they went 8 wins in a row…but yea, too banged up to go into the post season.

      • it wasnt due to injuries…yall luck was up…hard to be consistent if your offense is at the bottom half of the league.

  • Chad Smalley

    Love me some Tigers!!!!

    • Dustin Pilbeam

      Best Team In baseball!!! 

      • no…Verlander is the best in baseball

      • Anonymous

        I believe the Phillies might have something to say about that.

      • Anonymous

        I think the Yanks may have a differing view of that….have you looked @ the Yanks batting order?

  • I am a Tigers fan going to grad school in Minneapolis.  At Bat and MLB.tv are a must for me.

  • Anonymous

    Allows in-stadium check in to enable audio play-by-play etc.  Very cool.

    Also has maps of the ballparks and other little features.

    Go Nats!


  • Jbob

    yeah… 6 games left!

  • Eyeymnepo

    columbus clippers

  • Mets… whimper

    • Let me go grab you a paper bag lol

      • Calvin Williams

        Grab some common sense for him too while you’re at it. Next to soccer, baseball is the 2nd most boring sport to watch. Quit wasting your time and watch something worth your time like the nfl, basketball or funny shit on youtube. Even the kardashians are more entertaining… well.. I take that back.

    • Pandalero

      I’m a tortured Mets fan as well. 

      • Pilotbluemike

        as am I