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Video: Facebook Introduces Timeline, Mobile Version on the Way


Facebook just got done wasting 2 hours of my day unveiling their latest major update at their f8 conference called Timeline.  If you are into the social network, then you will probably have some mixed feelings about this drastic change.  The idea is simple – it takes your entire existence on Facebook, and then displays it as a timeline by year, month, and day, so that you and your friends can take a look back and have multiple “Ahhhhh…” moments more often.

OK, I made it sound like it’s not pretty groundbreaking when it actually might be.  It displays photos brilliantly, interacts with apps better, and is a great way to see how bad you dressed back in 2007.  The big thing here though, is that they have a mobile version on the way, well, for the i*hone anyway.  They actually showed a render or mock-up of it which looked pretty slick.  We are just wondering how long it will take to put a version out for Android – 6-8 months?  

And is it just me, or do the top half of these new Timeline pages look exactly like MySpace?  Yikes.

Also included in this 2 hour event were announcements for Spotify, Netflix and Hulu integration which will all begin to rollout today, perhaps.  Timelines aren’t there for everyone just yet, but should start to become the norm over the next few weeks.  If you want to try to get in early, you can sign-up to be a part of Timeline here.

One last look at their new class of social apps:


  • Anonymous
  • Does anyone remember Facebook’s original timeline?

  • Deleting account as soon as my account updates.

  • Fyrenzy

    Just another reason to boycott FB. I dont like the new changes and am now exclusively on G+. more ppl will join so ill get my friends over 100(especially since i dont friend anyone but ppl i met, and Kellex). Facebook is dying and this privacy invasion of the timelines will just add to the downfall.

  • Anonymous

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    • Ritesh Tripathy

      Go hawk your crap elsewhere.. Goddarn spambots!

  • Claire

    This is not such original thinking from facebook.  There is a site, http://memolane.com, that does the same thing, but will incorporate Facebook, facebook pages, twitter, flickr, Picasa, last.fm,
    foursquare, Instagram, TripIt, YouTube, MySpace, vimeo, WordPress, SoundCloud
    and Rss Feed.   

  • Billy Jenkins

    Facebook has just developed a whole new level of stalking

  • thanks i am now sigend up for the new timeline 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Best bid tonight…

  • Anonymous

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  • TRU2040

    get on google +
    and end the b/s

    • Anonymous

      Google + is terrible, I hate the constant changes to FB, but at least it’s useful.

      • Mneighbo

        WTH?! They are both frickin social networks and both are useful. Oh, you must like worthless ads and such. There are no surprising changes on G+ and no ads. And there won’t be. 

        • Anonymous

          If you don’t think Google +, owned by the largest online ad company on the planet isn’t going to introduce ads at some point, you are seriously out of touch.

      • EagleDelta2

        Google+ would be so much better if people would quit going “Well, no one is on it, so I’m not going to use it”.  That attitude is why Facebook hasn’t been beat AND why no one uses G+.  I’d rather use Google+ and Twitter than facebook.  And guess what? There are Extensions for IE,Firefox and Chrome that allow me full access to twitter and FB – FB doesn’t allow me to access my twitter/Google+ accounts from theirs.  (Google+ is much cleaner, too IMO)

        • Mneighbo

          Couldn’t have said it better!

  • i use fb to get my invites for parties and find girls i met the night before.  also to show off how awesome my life is (….)

    I don’t care about all this extra sh(i*hone)t.

    I wish fb would make a 2nd version of itself with a very simple/clean layout no frills no thrills just the basics.  They have been trying to improve something that was perfect @ one point and have continually managed to break it over and over again….G+ should catch on.

    Google always comes out with things that aren’t all that popular (gmail, chrome, android etc, maps) and then out of no where it becomes like the dominating force in it’s area.  They are amazing seriously.  That’s why even though G+ doesn’t have the people to support it right now and doesn’t offer the same experience as FB.  Something tells me in a few years we will be looking back and saying facewhat? 

    • Mneighbo

      Um, the 2nd very simple/clean layout no frills no thrills just the basics version of Facebook is Google+. Just sayin

  • agreed it looks like myspace, i do kind of like the new look though. 

  • Justin

    F b app is such a waste of time. Updates make it worse. Mark suckerberg needs to get him and his crews sh!t together for mobile devices

  • tjmonkey15

    Why do you guys call it the i*hone?  Did I miss something or are you just “bleeping” out the word because you despise it? 

    • Unexpected62

      I never understood why the P was left out either.

      • I believe its so that these threads don’t show up in searches for i*hone.

        • EC8CH


          my hope is that someday a search for “i*hone” will show these threads 😛

        • tjmonkey15

          Ah, ok.  That makes sense.  Thanks!

    • Justin

      It is blasphemous to say that word here…
      Its like saying Fuc# in church, just shouldn’t be done!

    • Billy Jenkins

      I think “IPhail” is more appropriate. And yes i know “fail” is spelled wrong but at least it matches the real name of the overrated device

      • i think android>ios but the i*hone itself is a beast.  

        • Billy Jenkins

          Yes I’m not saying Iphone isn’t a good phone. Its just way too overrated. and the only reason the Iphone is good is because it is so locked down with so many restrictions that it would be really hard to slow down an Iphone because theres not much to do with it besides adding apps to the homescreen and changing the wallpaper.on Android you can completely change how the phone operates by installing a home replacement. So if u think about it the Iphone isnt really that much of a beast. its just so locked down that it looks like its a beast when its really not.

    • Mneighbo

      Blog name: DROID Life
      Nuff said. Lol

    • My understanding was always that it was about search engine hits. By starring out the p, they are not actually spelling the word and therefore not raising it in search engine ranks or associating it with this site.

  • Jason Purp

    Facebook should introduce me back to the old layout of their site or I’m gonna introduce them to the door.

  • EC8CH

    “Facebook just got done wasting 2 hours of my day”

    You got off easy… some poeple waste their entire life on facebook.

    • Mctypething

      u mad bro?

      • EC8CH

        guess Facebook isn’t the only thing people waste their life doing… bro

        • Mctypething

          Right. You’re certainly living a productive life by posting several comments to every single droid-life blog post.

          • Guest

            Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…

          • EC8CH

            u mad bro?

          • Mctypething

            u mad bro?

          • EC8CH

            i like turtles

          • Anonymous

            Mctypething – 6 likes

            EC8CH – 36 likes

            Sorry BRO, EC8CH wins discussion

            GOOGLE+ > facebook

          • Anonymous

            i happy sis?

            I’m starting a new trend… 

            And yeah, I won’t be surprised to see the rush of apps utilizing this new Open Graph feature coming from iOS. Hopefully, the Android devs won’t be too much far off.

          • Johndoe

            well played sir xD

          • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Speaking of wasted time, and perhaps I am biased as I DO NOT use facebook (and never have). What does this article even have to do with VZW/Android? They only have an iPOS version in the works.

  • Anonymous

    FB just jumped the shark for me.  If I have to learn new site navigation every 6 months, it’s not worth it to me just to find out who went for a morning jog, who’s changed their profile pic or who’s questioning my character if I don’t update my status to whatever ’cause du jour’ they are trumpeting…

    Time to reclaim the life that’s happening right in front of me rather than reliving everyone else’s past!

  • Anonymous

    the privacy nightmare that is facebook, now wants you to go there to log your entire life? are you insane?

    why would you watch a movie on facebook? most people buy large screen TVs for that nowadays, but thats just me.

  • I wonder why Facebook continues to devote more time in developing the iPhone app when there are more users on Android….

    • Anonymous

      More developers too (just saw an article that showed the stats).

  • I think you were right when you said “wasting 2 hours of my day”. 

    It is nice to see what friends and others are watching on Hulu or Netflix or listening to on Spotify but I don’t care. I could care less if they were watching “Community” or “Pirates of the Caribbean”. They might as well have just posted a quote from the movie or show as their status. Then I would have known. 

    It is groundbreaking but is it useful? 

  • RedOne

    Why Hello Google+

  • Haha Myspace…where I used to meet girls when I was 16 🙂

    • EC8CH

      and by girls on myspace, you mean 40 year old men 😛

      • Anonymous

        Oh No! Bubble has been burst.

      • And liked it.  

  • best part is when they use bing

  • Anonymous

    Facebook these nuts