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New Swiftkey Beta for Phones and Tablets, Better Predictions and More Typing Stat


The tablet and phone versions of Swiftkey beta received sizable updates today, bringing them to version  If you are a part of the program, then as always, we suggest you jump on over to the forums and pick up these newest builds. The Swiftkey team has added an autocaps toggle, more personalizations, easier language switching, more stats about how you type, and this really cool heatmap of your keyboard use.

There were also bug fixes and some improvements made, but this is the list of the new toys:

  • Autocaps toggle – now choose whether your sentences begin with a capital letter or not
  • Better personalization – SwiftKey can now learn your typing style from your blog
  • Language switching – easy transitions between (e.g.) English and Russian keyboards, just slide the spacebar
  • More stats about how you type with SwiftKey – and more links to share them
  • My typing heatmap – cool visualization shows how you use your keyboard

Swiftkey:  Phone | Tablet

  • AItypist

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  • Spikenick

    Anybody know what theme is being run here, sorry know this is always a common question.

  • Bigsike

    Are these links working for anyone?

  • HerroMoto

    Am I the only one that hates swiftkey?

  • Anonymous

    What system font is used here, anyone know?

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  • Anonymous

    Oh BlindType, I cannot wait much longer, please come with ICS.

    • Anonymous

      we would probably have that by now if google didnt purchase them >.>

  • Anonymous

    SwiftKey gets slow often

  • Anonymous

    Got it, love it =)

  • http://twitter.com/James_C_L James C. L.

    II really wish they would space the keyboard keys out a little bit.
    Big Fingers = hit multiple letters

  • Ryanbone

    wtf why not the fix the bugged payed version ?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting this. Since I switched from the DX to the DX2, my SwiftKey X hasn’t worked right. The beta fixed this.

  • http://twitter.com/wormeyman Eric Johnson

    I wish they had Chinese simplified keyboard, we host exchange students and it would very convenient for me when they are searching for a word to be able to type it in Chinese into Google translate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Forte/542650247 Michael Forte

    Not that this has anything to do with the article, but I just noticed I hit over 2000 likes on Droid-Life!

    • Anonymous

      that’s intense.

    • Anonymous

      Make that 2006 =D!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but you’d be in the red if there was a dislike button. /jk

    • Anonymous

      I’m personally fairly proud of my 3:1 like:comment ratio, especially considering when I post, I tend to vomit posts all over articles!

      Congrats sir!

  • Anonymous