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HTC Vigor / Thunderbolt 2 Battery Pops Up at Accessory Stores

At first we thought this HTC Vigor battery was just a placeholder from a bunch of shady accessory sites looking to get pageviews.  But if you actually Google the part number (35H00168-02M), all you can find is references to the Thunderbolt 2 / Vigor.  It’s a 1620mAh battery, so it’s larger than the one we saw in the Thunderbolt, which is a good thing.  There has been a lot of chatter surrounding this device and whether or not the battery life on LTE will be improved especially with its dual-core processor.  It looks like HTC is at least going to give it a shot with a slightly bigger battery than they have used in the past.

We have two potential launch dates:  October 13 and October 20.  Pretty tough to tell if either are the actual date, but we are fully expecting to see this beast next month.

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Cheers Borgey!

  • Guttatae22

    I could care less about the HTC Thunderbolt as of this point this is my 5th replacement and this phone was over priced and over hyphed SMH the next next generation phone they said it was supposed to be what a joke and to top it all off there is STILL no gingerbread on this phone well HTC Vigor/Thunderbolt 2/Whatever its goin to be called lol…is next in line because I have had the most headaches dealing with this damn phone

  • nyfg56

    this battery work with OG thunderbolt?

  • Anonymous


  • Drummer609

    sorry if my ignorance shows here but if the battery is the same width and height as the tbolts battery couldnt u just throw this guy in the tbolt?

  • Mmoreimi

    Is there any reference to HDMI? mirroring?

  • Ppeklak

    isn’t this using the older generation ARM cortex?

  • Godfrey2009

    The single core thunderbolt couldn’t handle at 1400 mah battery? How will the duel core/ lte vigor handle a 1620 mah battery? Epic fail htc…

    • Anonymous

      Dual core is supposed to conserve battery just by it’s nature of easier processing. However, Android isn’t optimized for dual core just yet, so you might be right, and you might be wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I hate to say it, but if this phone bombs, a lot if people will jump ship and go down Apple ave….

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • DjunkD

    ok my question is will this work in the Thunderbolt?

    • Anonymous

      probably but i doubt it would fit

  • Anonymous

    its not going to be called thunderbolt 2. it doesnt even resemble a thunderbolt at all, not even a little. it would atleast have a kickstand if it was a thunderbolt. obviously its more likely to be incredible branded. stupid kellex.

    • kw

      even though the evo 3d never had a kickstand but its still an evo..

  • Anonymous

    The inc2 only has a 1450 battery and I get like 18+ hrs. VZW needs to figure this LTE battery life shit out. It makes me never want 4G. Battery life is too important.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not the LTE radio that drains battery, it’s the fact that both radios for LTE and 3G (CDMA) run together at the same time.

  • Anonymous

    This device will disappoint a lot of people.

  • tomNasty

    if this has sense 3.5 im all over it

  • Azndan4

    Have fun with your locked bootloaders motorola fanboys 🙂

    • Anonymous


      • T.O.

        Too bad my thunderbolt last all day on 4G so have fun with the locked bootloader

        • Anonymous

          never said it didnt, i fail to understand your point.

    • Wunderwaffe

      Have fun plugging in the charger all day HTC fan boys. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Same size as the FCC documents said, could be the one that comes with the Vigor

  • The battery still isn’t that big. The Bionic’s stock battery is 1735 mAh . I wouldn’t expect the battery life to be any better on the Vigor than the Thunderbolt. Dual core at 1.5 GHz, HD screen, bloated Sense…you can bet battery life will be poor.

    • Wunderwaffe

      I did say that already you know…

    • David_Brent

      exactly, dual core doesn’t really help that much in battery savings.  Just look at the Droid X and Droid X2.  Same size battery the Droid X2 has pentile screen and dual core on 3g and the battery still sucks on it.  

      The Vigor really needs to have a bigger battery than even the Bionic.  Bionic has dual core, pentile screen which are “suppose” to help with battery life but LTE just sucks the juice out of it, and it’s battery is even bigger than this Vigor’s battery.  So unless the Vigor’s battery is in the 2000 mah, I see either short batter once again or extended batteries that make the phone look like bricks.

      Yeah, I see disappointment with HTC once again.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice…yea, I ain’t getting fooled again.

      • Anonymous

        According to some recent research you’ll find that Super AMOLED + screens are supposedly 18% more energy efficient than Pentile (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SUPER_AMOLED_Plus). 

        I don’t think the Vigor needs a larger battery, it just needs software that handles it’s hardware properly. 

        The Bionic is having battery issues because for whatever reason having wifi, or blue-tooth turned on causes a drain on the battery.  A couple other software issues are causing the battery to drain as well and they have no answers for the problem. 

        4G LTE is a problem, but it’s not THE problem.  Having the phone search non-stop for 4g LTE if you’re not close to a 4G LTE tower is ridiculous, the software should know this, switch to a 3G tower and stop looking to prevent severe battery drain while not in use. 

        Again, it’s not the new hardware (dual-core, 4g lte, super amoled + screen ect…) it’s the fact that manufacturers continue to produce terrible software that makes the hardware perform poorly, resulting in huge battery drains. 

        That’s why you often hear people saying they have incredibly improved battery life when they switch to a different ROM.  This was seen with the Thunderbolt in a huge way.

        Everyone points to the excessive hardware in these new devices with their small batteries, but I think we’re missing the point, if the hardware was run by properly coded software, then we’ll see improved battery life.

        Sure lithium batteries are way behind the other hardware in terms of technology, but it’s mostly the wasteful and poorly coded software causing these huge battery problems.

  • Anonymous

    Best bid tonight…

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if the slim extended batteries for other htc such as the evo/evo3d would work with the vigor in the stock battery cover

  • Eh

    After the crappy Thunderbolt, my next phone won’t be from HTC. I’ll re-evaluate when it’s time to get my next next phone. 

    • Anonymous

      im going with samsung as my next device, never going back to motorola. *cringes*

    • Anonymous

      After my thunderbolt I want to get the nexus prime

  • Jason Purp


  • Wunderwaffe

    With the BIONIC having a 1735mah battery, and this phone having htc sense+ an HD screen I think this could be another Thunderbolt when it comes to battery life.

  • Jboogie1289


  • Mike Mike

    as a launch day TB owner I’m kind of bitter that this is replacing the it only 6 months after it was released. Eff you, HTC & VZW

    • Q

      What’s funny is this phone will probably be out before the TB gets GB.. oh well, Im done with HTC.  Im content to rule all machines with the Bionic right now..

      • Cwpit81

        Lmao dead on

    • Anonymous

      Hey man, be glad you weren’t an HTC Droid Eris owner at launch, remember the incredible replaced it, then the inc 2, then the thunderbolt, now the Vigor.
      I will break down release dates for HTC Verizon Android phones:

      Droid Eris – November 6th,2009

      Gap – 5 months and 23 days

      Droid Incredible – April 29th,2010

      Gap – 10 months and 19 days

      Thunderbolt – March 17th,2011

      Gap – 6 months and 3 days

      HTC Vigor – October 20th,2011 (assuming that the later of the two dates given are correct)

      I was going to put the inc 2, but it doesn’t really count imho because it doesn’t replace the thunderbolt whatsoever, it only really replaces the Droid Eris, because anyone who bought the incredible or the thunderbolt would not buy the inc 2.

      I currently still have my Eris running 2.3.4 and cm7. Toss up between the Vigor and the Nexus Prime.

      As it stands I am going with the Vigor, because I have no problem with HTC even though my phone was replaced about 6 months after I bought it.

      • Jim Ortmeier

        Had the Incredible, went to the Tbolt, had a lot of issues, went to the Inc2. At this point I’d take the Inc2 over the Tbolt any day. But I am looking at the Vigor/Tbolt2/IncHD. Only this time I’ll wait for reviews on it (like I shoulda done with the Tbolt).

      • I got my Eris in Feb of ’10.  🙁   

        Still using it too, but running 2.3.5 CM7.  Despite it all, I really like HTC and am looking forward to the Vigor too.

  • Bewara2009

    I returned my DROID bionic for this baby… can’t wait..

    • Anonymous

      I would of kept the Bionic, HTC has lost my respect with the thunderbolt. 

      • Keith Sumner

        would have *

      • Xoxo

        MOTO lost mine with Droid X and Bionic.

    • Keith Sumner

      wow, you’re a fool. You’ll be complaining about the battery life in no time 🙂

      • I’m Kick-Ass!

        WTF are you talking about. It’s not even released yet. Talk out your butt much?

    • Good move, I did the same. I refuse to support Motorola until they change their stance on developing (bootloaders). It’s OUR phones we should choose what we want to do with them. Even tho Motorola does make some pretty damn good hardware.

      • Not only that, but there’s also the whole thing about them not keeping their word on updates–Cliq XT (to Froyo?) to and Xoom LTE are the two biggest examples–so I’m not going to buy another Moto until it’s unlockable like the Xoom.

        • Wunderwaffe

          Let’s not forget the thunderbolt to gingerbread.

  • Anonymous

    It’s red

    • Jason Purp

      Maybe that’s part of the Beats partnership thing.

      • Wunderwaffe

        Original incredible and Evo batteries were red too

        • Which phone was it that had the crazy yellow battery and under-the-back-cover body?

          • Anonymous