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HTC Rhyme Officially Announced, Headed Exclusively to Verizon on September 29

A pre-order for the HTC Rhyme is starting exclusively at Target on September 21, but HTC just announced that it’s actually going to be available in stores on September 29, next Thursday.  The device, sporting a 3.7″ WVGA display, single-core 1GHz processor, 5MP rear camera, front camera for video chatting and Sense 3.5 can be had for $199 on a new 2-year contract.  Seems steep for a single-core phone without 4G LTE?  Well, HTC is throwing in a docking station, charm indicator, and tangle-free earbuds into the box, three accessories that would normally run you upwards of $50.  No Beats by Dre integration and possibly a non-removable battery – interesting.

For a whole bunch of videos and pictures, hit the jump.  

Fancy unveiling video:


All about design:


Accessory lineup:


It has a really nice camera:


Lastly, from the words of HTC themselves:




HTC Rhyme integrates sleek new design, a refreshed HTC Sense™ experience and a family of integrated accessories with advanced smartphone features
HTC Rhyme to be available globally in October; exclusively in the U.S. from Verizon Wireless in the coming weeks

NEW YORK CITY – September 20, 2011 – HTC Corporation, a global designer of mobile devices, today unveiled HTC Rhyme™, a new kind of phone created for people who require advanced features but want a phone that is sleek and fits seamlessly into their lives. The result is the elegant HTC Rhyme that delivers a fresh approach of integrating distinct colors, HTC Sense™ and complementary accessories for a natural personal experience.

“HTC Rhyme represents an entirely new approach, based on recognition that there is a substantial group of consumers who want their phones to be more personal and complimentary to every moment of their day,” said Scott Croyle, vice president of design, HTC Corporation. “HTC Rhyme is focused on delivering this through a fresh new style and experience that includes a family of innovative accessories like the HTC Rhyme Charm and Docking Station that are meant to naturally integrate into people’s lives.”

Sleek, Fresh and Stylish
HTC Rhyme offers a smart, elegant unibody design with every detail carefully crafted to deliver a unique sensory experience. The materials, the curves, and the dimensions are all designed to feel great in your hand, without sacrificing advanced features. HTC Rhyme comes in three colors: Clearwater, Hourglass and Plum, the color Verizon Wireless will be offering in the U.S.

“The HTC Rhyme is an exciting new approach to the mobile lifestyle that integrates hardware, software and accessories in a unique way,” said Marni Walden, vice president and chief marketing officer for Verizon Wireless. “We believe this clean, intuitive experience and signature design is a testament to HTC’s ability to interpret what customers have said they want in a mobile device. We are thrilled to offer the HTC Rhyme exclusively on the nation’s largest, most reliable network.”

HTC Sense
HTC Rhyme is not only defined by its soft, simple design and distinct color scheme but by the refreshed HTC Sense experience. This unique twist on HTC Sense carries over the visual language of the hardware design and includes an all-new home screen that provides a clean and uncluttered way to interact with the essentials. The home screen enables quick, uncluttered previews of your appointments, messages or whatever is important to you. HTC selected custom wallpapers to offer a variety of original art to complement the HTC Rhyme experience.

With a beautiful 3.7-inch WVGA, super LCD display and high-quality stereo sound, HTC Rhyme also offers advanced imaging capabilities that begin with its 5-megapixel camera that includes auto focus, power LED flash and instant shutter for capturing those memorable moments whenever they arrive. In addition, the camera features a number of photo-taking and sharing elements, including face detection, which ensures that friends are always in focus, action burst scene, which automatically takes five consecutive shots of a scene, and panoramic mode, which lets users stitch several photos for those larger-than-life views. The HTC Rhyme’s locked home screen can be customized to display the most important content, making it quick and easy to see social updates, photos, snapping a photo or the weather forecast by simply turning on the display.

HTC Rhyme makes entertainment come to life through HTC Watch, which features a wide selection of movies and TV shows that can be downloaded for instant viewing.

Integrated Accessories
HTC Rhyme’s suite of accessories is designed with the same sensory focus in both function and style. Created to help you experience HTC Rhyme as a natural part of your life, the integrated accessories make your phone more personal than ever before.

· HTC Rhyme Docking Station – The Docking Station simultaneously recharges the phone while turning the Rhyme into an alarm clock and music center so you can wake to your favorite songs played directly from the built-in Bluetooth capable speakers.

· HTC Rhyme Charm – The Charm is an innovative approach for discretely alerting you to incoming calls or messages while the HTC Rhyme is deep in your bag. The Charm is a small light-emitting cube that attaches to the phone by a cord that can dangle from your bag and also be used to quickly pull the phone out of your bag. It also makes it easy to find your phone buried in your cluttered purse or backpack.

· HTC Rhyme Sports Armband – The Sports Armband allows you to work out in style while keeping your apps and music close to you.

· HTC Rhyme Tangle Free Headphones – The Tangle Free Headphones take the hassle out of listening to your favorite music.

· HTC Rhyme Bluetooth® Headset – The wireless headset follows the same design cues as the phone itself and enables for easy hands free use.

· HTC Rhyme Bluetooth® Car Speaker – The wireless speaker clips onto sun visor in your car for easy and safe driving.

HTC Rhyme will be available in the coming weeks in the United States, exclusively with Verizon Wireless, and across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific in October. In the U.S., the Docking Station, Tangle Free Headphones and Charm will be included in the box.

About HTC
HTC Corporation (HTC) is one of the fastest growing companies in the mobile phone industry. By putting people at the center of everything it does, HTC creates innovative devices that better serve the lives and needs of individuals. The company is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under ticker 2498. For more information about HTC, please visit www.htc.com.

  • How does the charging dock have power to charge the phone if you dont need to charge anything?

  • Anonymous

    This had better mean that the Bolt and Inc2 are getting Sense 3.5, because they’re on the same carrier and are superior phones from a specs standpoint.

  • My girlfriend has a *SHUDDER* … Okay, I think I’m goo *BLARGHELAHTLGHRGHL*… Alright. I got this. My girlfriend has a … a Kin. …. Hooo, okay, I got through that. It’s all uphill from here.

    I showed her this last night, and she flipped.  She’s finally making the jump into smartphone territory! OH YEAH!

  • Mimeo Ink

    Again, pass. It’d be one thing if this came out alongside the DI2 (there are good arguments to be made for pixel density), and I could see practical applications for the charm if it didn’t rely on the headphone jack. My house gets crap for signal. I’d love to keep the charm by my laptop to make sure I don’t miss calls while the phone’s charging in the other room. For that matter, if I could tether the charm to my messenger bag, I’d be less likely to miss calls in high ambient noise situations.

    The charm has great potential applications. Relegating it to a tethered bauble on a pink ghetto phone is a mistake.

    My upgrade comes up in a couple of weeks. I’m waiting for the major October/early November announcements to come through before choosing my new unit. The idea of walking into a Verizon store with this on the shelves doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence. (Yes, I could order whatever I order online. I need hands-on time with a unit before deciding.)

  • Its funny to me that HTC is geting sued like krazi by Apple but they have all MAC workstations

  • Anonymous

    ,.. awesomee ..
    I just got a $827.89 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HTV for only $251.92, they are both coming tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prîces at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
    I use http://alturl.com/vuz3b

  • Anonymous

    Does Oprah approve of this phone?

  • Anonymous

    Did they seriously pull up a war movie on a phone marketed to women?

  • Anonymous

    Man, this phone just gave me a period…and I am a man!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if the “Lifetime Network” comes pre-installed?

  • That guy

    Does it come pre-loaded with cookbooks and GPS that always leads to the kitchen?

    • babadush

      ^ bazinga!

  • Firelight

    Seems like more of an Android Life story …

  • Anonymous

    I won’t be buying this, and there is a rhyme and a reason why.

  • Bob Jenkins

    October headline. “HTC gets sued by Apple for releasing a phone with a non removable battery”

  • Anonymous

    I think this phone is great for some people, more specifically women because I can’t think of too many guys who would want to rock a slow purple phone that has a light up charm on it. I’ll be waiting for the next powerhouse.

  • Anonymous

    No LTE and it is $200?

  • Anonymous


    • I know it’s a spam link.

      Tall building. Find it. Jump.

  • Anonymous

    so really a little smaller, purple, female version of Droid Incredible 2? got it. Waste.

    • EC8CH

      ZOGM! It’s Purple!

      Nothing else matters.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        And it comes with a thingy that tells you when you got some calls while the phone is in your purse, like totally OMG!

        My best valley girl impression. Did it sound good?

        • EC8CH


      • Anonymous

        Besides the color and matching charm, I’m sorta jealous.  This phone has the camera I wished my Android phones always had, some really unique cool features (watch the vids) and has a decent design.  Now if it came in different colors that a man could actually use as well as the purple for the ladies, it would be game over for the iPhone.

    • Anonymous

      To you it’s a waste, to females who don’t care about phone horsepower(all of them except tbaybe)…its spectacular…daughters, wives, gay guys with a penchant for purple…I see a lot of potential.  What a negative nilly you are.

      • Anonymous

        …except it has the same internal specs as DI2, so your horsepower argument fails. And if adding the color purple required all this promotion and a press conference….I am at a loss for words. Buy a purple case. The phone is a gimmick, unless you GOTTA have Sense 3.5 plain and simple. 

        • Anonymous

          Read through the press release, it’s definitely worthwhile for females who aren’t into phones, but want a smartphone.  DI2 has a light up charm?  I personally don’t like cases on my phones, I don’t like the added bulk of a even a thin case.  If they made a halfway decent orange phone, I’d buy it.  And the horsepower argument is only to preempt the single core comments.  You don’t have to like it, maybe it will surprise you, but they will make money despite your feelings.

          • Anonymous

            “it’s definitely worthwhile for females who aren’t into phones, but want a smartphone. “”
            That’s a horrible argument for two reasons, it’s basically a .3″ smaller version of a phone already in existence and 2 that market is VASTLY held by the iPhone. That’s essentially Apple’s cornered market.   

            So a light up charm is worth all this fuss? Sorry can’t see it. Meet me in 3 months when they EOL the thing early. This isn’t the first time they’ve tried to target women. Everyone must have short term memory loss when Verizon had that huge women’s campaign a year or so ago (around Mother’s Day?) and that ended in a failure. Android is still predominantly male, and that’s not a purple and charm problem, its a platform problem, but that’s a different topic.

          • Anonymous

            We obviously don’t agree.  I say we meet back here in 3 months and see how it did!

          • You sure are defensive about a throw away gimick phone. You must insist on having the last word.

          • jason6g

            for what its worth techdeft, i agree with you. $199 is a bit steep – i would have guessed more like 100, but eh its new and cool.

            i wouldnt get it myself, but not everyone wants to own multiple sports cars, some people own suvs, minivans, trucks, etc

      • Mimeo Ink

        All of them except one person?



        • Anonymous

          It was hyperbole, don’t get your panties in a twist.

          • Jak_341

            You said panties…

  • Anonymous

    My 12 year old daughter is due for an upgrade from her LG Vortex and her birthday is coming up.  I used to think it was going to be difficult finding a present for a 13 year old girl.  Problem solved.

    • Couldn’t agree more.  Although, I’m thinking for my wife (who by the way has NO use for cutting edge technology).

      The accessory package is a deal sealer.

      • Jak_341

        My GF is using a 5 year old flip phone. I’m thinking I am going to show her this (although she has an aversion to smartphones.)

    • Anonymous

      “I used to think it was going to be difficult finding a present for a 13 year old girl”

      An IPhone? Isn’t that what all teenage girls have now? LOL

      • Firelight

        No, for some reason all the kiddies want Blackberries now. Maybe b/c all the ‘rents have i*hones & Androids?

        • Mimeo Ink

          BBM. It’s all about BBM.

          • Blood

            BBM is still alive?

  • Anh

    zomg it’s purple!! What are the specs again? 😀

  • Murphy

    I woke up for this?

  • Marlo

    that’s interesting…they made a phone exlusively for women. 

  • Jak_341

    “The HTC Rhyme’s locked home screen can be customized to display the most
    important content, making it quick and easy to see social updates,
    photos, snapping a photo or the weather forecast by simply turning on
    the display.”

    Locked homescreen?

    • Keith Sumner

      Lock screen.

    • Anonymous

      More importantly…when can this be ported to other phones?  Widget locker isn’t an option for me because I have Exchange enforced security(unless Widget Locker has fixed the double unlock)….I’d love this option.

  • Kevoskee

    weak. Single cores are so last year. bring the prime or Vigor. No HTC MP3

    • Irl panda

      Lmao. I can’t believe anyone is waiting for the Vigor. You guys know it’s running an overclocked processor based on old architecture, right? Can you say slow And battery hungry. Not to mention it has sense running on top of it, LTE, and possibly a 720p display. That means worse battery life and worse performance because the crappy processor they decided to use is old and inefficient. Have fun though with your Sensation 1.25. xD Leave this phone alone. Unless you’re a woman, this phone isn’t meant for you anyway.

      • Jason Lee

        Hmm are you sure? I thought rumors were indicating that the HTC Vigor uses an Snapdragon MSM8960 which has an integrated LTE modem. Also it has an Adreno 225 GPU rather than the Adreno 220 found in the Sensation. And it has a dual core 1.5 ghz dual core Krait CPU and not the old Scorpion CPU. The phone isn’t even out yet, so don’t bash it until it comes out. I’m not trying to start an arguement; Im just laying down some facts.

      •  Where are you getting your info smarty pants?

  • jimbob

    *insert misogynistic comment here*

    • EC8CH

      Nice color… it’ll match the black eye I give her for spending more of my money.

      Now go wash some dishes…. does it have an app for that?

  •  I only checked looking for news about the Vigor